Letter From Africa – Six Maasai Warriors To Run London Marathon This Sunday

Barbados Free Press received the following letter from an old friend. Of course we’ll run the story…

Hi everyone!

I know it’s been quite awhile since I’ve spoken to or seen some of you, but I just wanted to pass this on.

The Maasai I was living with in Tanzania, along with Greenforce (the organization I originally went to Africa with), hatched a plan to run in the London Marathon to raise money and awareness for their village. They’re hoping to be able to build wells to get access to clean water. They actually came up with the plan while I was there, but it’s taken a couple years to finally come to a fruition. At one point, even (name deleted) herself was involved, as there were plans to make an accompanying documentary and I thought she might be interested or know some contacts. (I’m not sure if the doc ended up happening, but at one point BBC was interested.)

Anyway, the 6 Maasai warriors have arrived in London to run the Marathon this Sunday. It’s a pretty unbelievable story. I’m linking a short CNN video that has some great scenes of them navigating the wonders of London (keep in mind they’ve never really left their village, which consists of a few spread-out huts in the middle of nowhere!). I lived with and taught English to 3 of the guys in the video (including Isaya, the one who taught us Maasai when we first arrived in Arusha, and the one speaking in this video), and met the other 3 while I was there. It’s hard to believe they’re now in London as we speak!

Apparently, and not surprisingly, they’ve been getting a fair bit of media attention since their arrival.

Given your help in getting me to Africa in first place, I thought you might enjoy seeing the Maasai I told you about in the (video) flesh, and at the very least, it’s quite a fascinating story. Hope you enjoy!

And here’s the link to the story behind the marathon, and what a success it’s been so far (they’ve raised more than £26,000 so far!!).


The CNN video is HERE or click the photo above

Hope everyone is doing well!
All the best,


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5 responses to “Letter From Africa – Six Maasai Warriors To Run London Marathon This Sunday

  1. So Long

    President Robert Mugabe pumping his fists in the air like a strong man (Saddam Hussein, Manuel Noriega style), Morgan Tsvangirai seated at a board room table like a CEO, and the only member of the electorate that could be found to make a comment to the press was a White female. This is typical yellow journalism from the BBC no less.

    Tsvangirai is the man for the West. The BBC has proven that tonight on the news. This rat really stinks.

  2. Natural Mystic

    “The Maasai 6, in partnership with the BTA, do Run Barbados 2008”.

    That would be something.

  3. So Long



    BFP asks,

    How on earth do you say that this article is “yellow journalism”?

    Please explain your comment.

  4. So Long

    Not the article, just the BBC news report on TV yesterday on Zimbabwe. Nothing wrong with the article. Didn’t mean to twist your knicks.

  5. PiedPiper

    Mystic, I agree wholeheartedly………BTA should give it some thought. Masai are known for their endurance in running long distances and their appearance would surely bring some much needed interest to the event.