Barbados Underground Again Blurs The Differences Between News Media And Blogs

Barbados Underground Exclusive Interview: Barbados Light and Power Representative Talks About The Future

Last Sunday we listened to the pathetic squealing of “professional journalists” on Down To Brass Tacks radio show – complaining that the Barbados blogs are destroying newspaper advertising revenues and upsetting the media’s control over what people are allowed to know and talk about publicly.

While they were moaning and groaning about constraints faced by “professional journalists”, David over at Barbados Underground was busy interviewing Chief Marketing Manager Stephen Worme of Barbados Light & Power Co Ltd. about future plans for alternative energy sources.

Why did Mr. Worme even bother to answer questions asked by one of those despicable (Carl Moore can spit upon de ground here) blogs?

Simple… Mr. Worme knows that thousands and thousands of Barbadians read the blogs each day, and that these internet-savvy citizens are a more upscale and thoughtful audience than is reached by the dead-tree editions of the local newspapers. He also knows that on the blogs he has more of a chance to speak directly to the citizens and that probably all of what he says will be printed. The newspapers tend to take a few words and that’s all the public sees, whereas the blogs usually print everything.

Smart man, that Mr. Worme.

Head on over to Barbados Underground and read what Barbados Light and Power has in mind for the future…

Barbados Underground: Barbados Light & Power Ready To Work With Government To Develop Viable Alternative Energy Solutions

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