Barbados Government Kills Sugar Cane Ethanol Scam – “Thank You Barbados Free Press. Without Your Revelations…”

Government Insider Thanks Barbados Free Press For Exposing Secret Ethanol Reports

The current Barbados Government has killed plans for a sugar-based ethanol industry – largely due to revelations by Barbados Free Press that the previous BLP government had covered up secret European Union reports showing that the Arthur-Mottley government’s ethanol plans were technically and economically not viable.

We are told that one of the first acts of newly minted Minister of Agriculture Haynesley Benn (photo above) was to ask to see ALL VERSIONS of the European Union sugar reports as first revealed in BFP’s article Secret European Union Reports Slam Barbados Ethanol Plan.

It didn’t take the Thompson Government very long to discover that the ethanol plan was a sham – and most likely just another scam to facilitate the transfer of tax revenues to greedy pockets with no appreciable benefit to Barbados and her citizens.

Our source who originally showed us the three different versions of one of the EU copies of the reports said…

“Thank you Barbados Free Press. Without your revelations the people who were pushing cane ethanol would have taken Barbados down the road to an economic and environmental disaster.”

Our Thanks To The Government Worker Who Risked Everything To Bring The Truth To Bajans

For three years as the mainstream Barbados news media jumped on the Arthur-Mottley Government’s cane ethanol bandwagon, a courageous government employee wrestled with the conflict between loyalty to the BLP government and duty to the people of Barbados. This government employee knew that cane ethanol was not viable for Barbados, and that the Arthur-Mottley government was deliberately concealing data and reports so they could justify a course of action that, according to our source, had the primary purpose of lining the pockets of certain very narrow interests.

By last August, the government employee decided that he must reveal the truth – but how? In the end he came to Barbados Free Press with his story, and the rest as they say, is history. When the new Agriculture Minister asked to see ALL VERSIONS of the secret European Union reports as mentioned in the Barbados Free Press article, that was the end for cane ethanol.

Here is part of what we said in our original story…

Three independent experts hired by the European Union and the Government of Barbados to assist Barbados with the restructuring of the sugar industry were fired when they each produced reports showing that Barbados government ethanol plans are technically and economically not viable.

A source tells Barbados Free Press that the Government of Barbados initially refused to accept the ethanol reports. One was sent back for “revisions” at least four times before the government “allowed” the EU report to be formally presented…

Our source states that the Minister of Agriculture and the Minister’s staff still have different versions of the various reports in their records, and that an examination would show that the reports were changed to better support government ethanol policies.

Barbados Free Press was shown three different versions of one of the Ministry of Agriculture’s internal reports. The original version mentions that a fleet of tanker trucks would be required to transport toxic and corrosive liquid waste from the proposed ethanol plant to the coast – for disposal offshore through a pipe and pumping station. The original report talks of the inadequate road system to support the thousands of tanker truck trips per month that would be necessary, and the obvious dangers to public safety, the environment – as well as the fact that the original government ethanol plan did not factor in the costs and risks associated with the disposal of this toxic waste.

Those facts are in the original report, but are watered down in the second version. All mention of tanker trucks is omitted from the final version of the report…

from the Barbados Free Press article: Secret European Union Reports Slam Barbados Ethanol Plan.

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14 responses to “Barbados Government Kills Sugar Cane Ethanol Scam – “Thank You Barbados Free Press. Without Your Revelations…”

  1. Jukecheckedeyskirt

    With all these disturbing revelations, tell me how can we feel confident knowing that the very people we elect to take us forward is seeking to take themselves forward financially; all at the expense of Barbados. Can we ever trust another BLP administration especially one that will be led by Motley Crew


    BFP says

    It is most disturbing that the current Thompson Barbados Government promised to adopt a Ministerial Code immediately upon being elected – and have not done so.

  2. Waterboy

    Extract from story on

    “……..There are doubts about how green ethanol really is (some say the production process uses almost as much energy as it produces). Some argue that using farmland for ethanol pushes up food prices internationally (world wheat prices rose 25% this week alone, perhaps as a side-effect of America’s ethanol programme). But one of the least-known but biggest worries is ethanol’s extravagant use of water.

    A typical ethanol factory producing 50m gallons of biofuels a year needs about 500 gallons of water a minute………….”

  3. Hants

    Small country.Limited land space. Grow food to eat.

    As individuals we can all conserve a bit even just by driving a little less and turning off lights etc.

    Government should encourage the production of Electricity from wind farms and solar energy.

    Good job BFP.
    Funny how your “wild accusations” keep turning out to be true.

    No wonder Missing In Action wanted to ban blogs.

  4. Green Monkey

    Now lets hope they do the same when it comes to making the decision whether or not to continue with the stupidity of planting a garbage dump in St. Andrew.

  5. Tell me Why

    Facts from Richard Hoad’s article: If one horse can excretion can produce methane gas for one household fuel requirement, we better start talking to the members of the BTC, members of the Polo fraternity, the RPBF mounted section and anyone with horses that would be ready to assist our high import bill. Something to think about, thanks to Bro. “Lowdown” Hoad.

  6. Tell me Why

    If one horse excretion can produce……….

  7. I told you so!. I told you so!

    Now let’s get the truth about growing cane to burn to save oil imports. Total rubbish.

    Also the fact that the cotton industry in totally uneconomic on the scale Barbados can produce.

    It’s food we have to concentrate on in the 30,000 to 40,000 acres of arable land we have left.
    Much of the world is looking starvation in the face with the recent jump in rice and grain prices. We don’t have much time to switch our priorities.

  8. Barbados the Beautiful

    Can anyone tell us now what happened to the US$10 million that the European Union gave to Barbados when they pretended ethanol production would work in Barbados.

    That money was for Barbados farmers not for pocketing.

    So tell us where is the money.

  9. Time will Tell


    While much praise has been mounted on (BFP) for inaccurately exposing the “ethanol scam”. One must truly wonder what role does politics plays in this buffoonery.
    With the most recent news that the European Union will again offer additional funding for the research and development of ethanol production, and our two largest caricom partners incresing their exports of ethanol to the US. I am left to wonder if our last chances of developing additional byproducts of our sugar industry are slipping away all because of our dislikes of the BLP.

    Here are the facts: NO POLITICS.

    Jamaica 2005 36.3 million gallons exported (US)
    Jamaica 2006 66.8 million gallons exported (US)

    Trinidad 2005 10.0 million gallons exported (US)
    Trinidad 2006 24.8 million gallons exported (US)

    Furthermore, the projections for 2008 are double that of 2006 for these small states.

    Jamaica is now producing more ethanol for export than Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Argentina ,Italy Australia, Japan, Pakistan, Sweden, Philippines, South Korea, Guatemala, Cuba, Ecuador, Mexico, Nicaragua, Mauritius, Zimbabwe, Swaziland and Kenya.

    All funded By grants and loans from the US and EU.

    But in true (BFP) (DLP) fashion, NOT BARBADOS, Because Owen Arthur’s administration was crocked.

    While these basic facts are public knowledge and available for all dummy’s to see, you continue to “pat yourself on your backs” .

    The DLP cannot and will NEVER lead this country into the new global era of prosperity. Not because of the lack of knowhow, but largely because of the need to spread propaganda and cater to the ignorant few.

    Now, in the true spirit of “pride and industry”, go and check the facts……

    You can learn a lot from these dummy’s readers….


    BFP says,

    Arthur-Mottley Government Received The EU Funds… Where Are They Now?

    In January of 2007, Barbados finally received $5.63 million in EU aid “to transform” the sugar industry, and the funds were provided without monitoring or accountability requirements.

    Perhaps Bajans will eventually learn how the funds were spent, but as our source says, “I wouldn’t bet on that pony.”

  10. Jason

    I notice that Time Will Tell gives credit to BFP for shutting down this disaster in the making. Time Will Tell strangely doesn’t refute the EU reports. I guess that is because what BFP says be true!

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  12. Anthony blackman

    It is disturbing to see that the Barbados Government spent so much money with International experts for a report that is so flawed. Ethanol from sugar cane is no more that high purity alcohol. Mount Gay rum has been producing alcohol at lower purity for human consumption for years. So is the argument that the rum industry has been polluting the country with industrial waste. I don’t agree. The newer experimental forms of alcohol will have that effect. My suggestion to the government is allow small producers to get into the business and regulate them and you will see the experts are wrong.
    If you doubt me, there is a California high tech company that is taking this approach and will be selling a product that does exactly what the so called experts said no to with out the waste they expect.
    Any respecting bush rum manufacturer can do this why can’t we.

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  14. iWatchya

    BFP : There are other types of ethanol which are viable for us.

    I believe that we are barking up the wrong tree when is comes to the technology being used in ethanol production.

    Imagine using cane waste, agricultural waste and landscaping waste for the use of producing ethanol?

    Don’t forget that we can build another Desalination plant for this ethanol plant and to allay the water woes in the north of the island.



    BFP says,

    The government should publish all four versions of the European Union experts report that said ethanol was not viable. But that will never happen because neither the DLP nor the BLP want the citizens armed with knowledge to intelligently discuss government decisions about anything.

    The second point is that successive governments have proven themselves totally incapable of successfully conceiving, designing and implementing complex projects of this scope. We don’t think they can do it. We can’t even clean up the island or fix a toilet in the hospital.