Administration Problems At UWI – University of the West Indies?

Dear BFP.

I would love to see some sort of poll and subsequent article on the administrative problems in the University of the West Indies.

Wouldn’t current and former students love to report on them? I am almost certain that they would and they need to be exposed!

Currently, graduates leave this rock and go overseas to other tertiary institutions and have to apply to send their UWI transcripts to their new place of study – only to find their new institution asking them for the transcript and to contact UWI. When the student checks they find out that the transcript is “waiting for so-and-so” to send it or “so-and-so pun vacation”….

Inevitably, they are left in a rock and a hard place waiting for such a simple matter to be resolved. Why does it take so long?? Why do these helpless students have to lose scholarships, grants and approved placements?? I know of cases where students have lost MORE than one scholarship AND placement at universities because of the foolishness in the administrative department.

Even Masters students are at the mercy of these few backward thinking people at UWI; There are cases where masters students have completed their dissertation and then had to wait YEARS for the professor to publish their work. In one case it actually cost them their grant, scholarship and further funding. It ended up with him having to settle with another masters degree no PhD… in another Uni…. and with a huge amount of debt to boot! Complaints are made with no affect of the process or status quo. This same professor has gotten a promotion and no warnings. What will it take to correct these problems???

I understand that that same professor is doing the exact same thing to other students at UWI.

Please see if you can find others that have been through this torment and put together and artlicle to pressure UWI to change their backward ways.

I would love to hear from you.
Best Regards,

(a BFP reader – name withheld)


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  1. 1

    I recently completed a program of study with the understanding that on completion, I would be able to practice my craft, only to find out that this was not the case, and the UWI never actually addressed the issues that would allow me to apply for a license. Yet, the program is being advertised as being eligible for licensure on completion.

  2. Asiba-The Buffalo Soldier

    when will black people learn to treat black people properly

    when they learn their history
    this would be a very liberating experience but it is going to deal with slavery–a bad word in barbados—taboo if i might say so

  3. Caroline

    The administration need to get their act together urgently. It’s a pure lack of responsiblity and because of this, the students will become quite frustrated with the system. Why offer Scolarships and not have follow-ups? Not acceptable!

  4. I am currently applying for a masters in the CARIMAC program at UWI Mona. What can I expect? The matriculation process has already been almost a year and I have not yet recieved an acceptance or denial.

  5. Shame

    To make a long story short- the UWI Cave Hill Campus is BACKWARDS. And the people that run the institution have no brains.

  6. Big Rock

    stated above ”There are cases where masters students have completed their dissertation and then had to wait YEARS for the professor to publish their work. ”

    What is so unusual about that? People does go into the QEH emergency, with serious problems including heart complaint and not get seen until the next day, if that, could dead right dey in the emergency.

    So, you tink dat a lil paper goin bodder someone hey?

    Cha man, dis is BIM and evvyting going down.

    No more service bout hey, only rent.

    Many wid brains up an leffing. Only we so dat did love de place tumuch stick around.

    You dig?

  7. Thomas Gresham

    UWI is becoming an embarrassment in academic circles.

    Thirty years ago, UWI academics would routinely get their research published in internationally accepted peer review journals. In the fields I follow, they would be published in Tropical Agriculture, Agricultural Research, Development Economics, even Tropical Medicine. Today, their work is not considered high enough quality and it is rare indeed for them to be published outside their own journals, which they edit themselves and which do not have international ranking.

    And yet we pour millions into new buildings. We have the hardware but not the software.

    And then there are the missed opportunities. Given we are an inter-island University, we had the opportunity of being pioneers in distance learning, in virtual teaching. Given our University of London background we could have had partnerships where people came out with joint degrees with great international credibility. Given our loss of academic standing we could have become a more vocational, technical place, teaching practical/professional subjects. But they are not interested in that.

    There are many, conscientious hard working academics and administrative staff at UWI, but it aint working and needs a radical re-think.

  8. Georgie Porgie

    It is very sad to hear these things about UWI, and to realize that like the WI cricket is going to the dogs.

    Way back in 1974 when I told a certain Professor of Organic Chemistry from Bristol(now deceased) that a certain student from St Lucia had been accepted into the medical school at Mona, his abrupt comment was “Over my dead body!”

    Well the professor is dead, and the St Lucian lad has been serving in his country for more than 25 years.

    There were many of our contemporaries from Barbados and the other islands who came to Barbados for pre- med whose transfers forms were not signed, and who did not therefore make it into medical school.

    It seems that the issues described in this thread might be longstanding maladies.

  9. Avatar Girl

    Love Barbados!


    It ain’t only the people wid brains, dey got money too! I have wanted to leave here for YEARS and I can’t…you know why? MONEY!

    If there is a way of leaving Bim cheaply, PLEASE let me know! To be quite honest, we going the same way as China & Zimbabwe, no matter HOW civilised we appear! I don’t want to be in that boat! Not for ANYTHING…not even PATRIOTISM!

    It’s only a matter of time, people! If you can, GET OUT! If not, BRACE YUHSELF!

  10. Sad Stories

    My brother missed a prime opportunity to study Civil Engineering at a Canadian university because his transcripts were not sent to the university in time. He indicated on the appropriate form that it was urgent. Would you believe that a month later after inquiring if they sent the transcripts, the dimwit said that she did not know that it was urgent.

    I really extend my sympathy to all who have been messed up by the “lack of doings” by this so-called higher-learning institution. It’s a sad story.

  11. I HERE.

    I am a first yea student and am considering transferring to UWI Cave HIll but after reading these blog entries, I have changed my mind!

  12. tru jamaican

    I applied for a transfer from mona to cavehill, due to my transcript not being online i was unable to register for level 2 courses in the specified time period, can u believe that I was charged for late registration after my application for transfer was done since feb.

    I mean cavehill and the other campuses all have their advantages but the problem they all face is administration and proper dissemination of information. I mean theses ppl will send u from 1 dept to the next only to end up at square 1!

  13. At the mercy of University

    All de talk UWI administration still aint as bad as a certain Jamaican institution called UTECH!!! At least you can submit your transcript request via email and doesn’t cost $20 US and up PER TRANSCRIPT! Not to mention the cost to mail in the original transcript request cause they don’t accept faxes! Now tell me that aint backwards…