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Administration Problems At UWI – University of the West Indies?

Dear BFP.

I would love to see some sort of poll and subsequent article on the administrative problems in the University of the West Indies.

Wouldn’t current and former students love to report on them? I am almost certain that they would and they need to be exposed!

Currently, graduates leave this rock and go overseas to other tertiary institutions and have to apply to send their UWI transcripts to their new place of study – only to find their new institution asking them for the transcript and to contact UWI. When the student checks they find out that the transcript is “waiting for so-and-so” to send it or “so-and-so pun vacation”….

Inevitably, they are left in a rock and a hard place waiting for such a simple matter to be resolved. Why does it take so long?? Why do these helpless students have to lose scholarships, grants and approved placements?? I know of cases where students have lost MORE than one scholarship AND placement at universities because of the foolishness in the administrative department.

Even Masters students are at the mercy of these few backward thinking people at UWI; There are cases where masters students have completed their dissertation and then had to wait YEARS for the professor to publish their work. In one case it actually cost them their grant, scholarship and further funding. It ended up with him having to settle with another masters degree no PhD… in another Uni…. and with a huge amount of debt to boot! Complaints are made with no affect of the process or status quo. This same professor has gotten a promotion and no warnings. What will it take to correct these problems???

I understand that that same professor is doing the exact same thing to other students at UWI.

Please see if you can find others that have been through this torment and put together and artlicle to pressure UWI to change their backward ways.

I would love to hear from you.
Best Regards,

(a BFP reader – name withheld)


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UPDATED: Ping Yark Barbados Newsletter Now On The Web

UPDATED: 7:15pm Bridgetown Time – April 9, 2008

We have changed the file, so if you are one of the two hundred or so folks who downloaded Ping Yark before 7:15pm April 9, 2008, you might want to do it again for the final version. Leigh Bourne contacted us and apparently we were originally sent a draft version in error.

Original Article

In the U.K. there is an irreverent newsletter called Ping Yark – published by homesick Bajans for other homesick Bajans.

Leigh Bourne and a handful of others who refuse to surrender to Londontown publish Ping Yark quarterly in the U.K. … or to be more accurate…”more-less” quarterly.

Holding the newsletter in your hands, and turning each page, you will be rewarded with memories, current politics and many oh-so-secret secrets of the elites. Who was drunk at the British High Commission Christmas bash? Where is the next big Bajan party in London? Who is beside themselves over the results of the last Barbados election?

Just make sure you a rum in de other hand… ’cause you sure will need it!

We are pleased to see that Leigh and the gang have released a new edition – this time in Adobe PDF format so Bajans around the world can share in the information and mischief of Ping Yark. Previously Ping Yark has only been available in dead tree versions.

Leigh sent the PDF to us – we presume to post online. If we’ve got that wrong, I’m sure we’ll hear about it.

Fair Warning Folks… the newsletter is a biggy… coming in at 4.6mb. (Perhaps Leigh needs to work on adjusting the settings of Adobe to thin down the file size.)

Ladies and Gentlemen, download the April, 2008 edition of Ping Yark HERE


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Dear ABC News…

Dear ABC News Team,

Thanks for your interest in Barbados Free Press, but unfortunately we are not in a position to be interviewed either on or off the air for your upcoming “Freedoms” segment on your Cuba and the Caribbean series.

Yes, you may use portions (or all) of our article Cuba After Castro – What Does It Mean For Barbados? and any other original work that you find on Barbados Free Press without charge so long as you credit “Barbados Free Press”.

As to the photo of former Prime Minister Owen Arthur and Fidel Castro with their arms around each other, we do not own the rights to that photo and cannot recall where we found it, so we cannot provide you with a higher-resolution copy or video of that event.

Once again, thanks for your interest in our blog.

Yours truly,

Barbados Free Press
Marcus, Shona, Robert, George, Cliverton, Auntie Moses


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