Child Of The Revolution Looks At Zimbabwe

“But you know how it is … sometimes, even rigged elections can turn out to be, well, real elections…”

Which is what has happened in Zimbabwe over the weekend.

Despite widespread fraud, and intimidation and harassment of opposition supporters, it is now clear that most Zimbabweans voted to get rid of Mugabe and his crew, according to the international media.

It seems that the vote was so obviously against Mugabe the regime has had second thoughts about announcing rigged results and declaring the old man re-elected, as they have done in the past.

Instead, there are reports that Mugabe is under pressure from his own side to face the inevitable, give up his throne and take his loot and seek refuge elsewhere as a matter of urgency.

I hope that’s the case.

… written on April 2, 2008 by Child of the Revolution – Growing up in Castro’s Cuba (full article link here)

A Man, A Child – Writes About Growing Up In Communist Cuba

Luis M. Garcia grew up in the 1960’s in Banes, Cuba as the embarrassed child of “counter revolutionaries”. He lives now in Sydney, Australia, and if you want to know what happened to him between his birth in 1959 and now, you’ll have to read his biography: Child Of The Revolution: Growing Up In Castro’s Cuba

Nope, I haven’t read it, but I want to. We somehow found Luis a few weeks ago and have added him to our blogroll.

Here is what one of his journalist colleagues said about his book..

“Child of the Revolution is Garcia’s first book (he has previously co-authored a biography), and the good news is it tells a compelling story. After being introduced to a frightened 12-year-old boy boarding a plane bound for exile, we backtrack to Garcia’s childhood, beginning with his birth in July 1959. Six months earlier, President Batista fled the country, leaving Fidel Castro’s rebels in charge. The timing is sweet: Garcia arrives six months after the birth of modern Cuba, making a memoir of his boyhood a neat parallel for the story of communist Cuba’s early years.

In the first person and in the present tense, Garcia deftly balances his own reminiscences with this larger history. In October, 1962, with nuclear war looming, Garcia tells how his mother goes to extremes to smuggle a leg of pork in the boot of the family car. With just as much detail, we take in Christmas, cigars and Carnival, all described by an innocent young communist embarrassed by his anti-revolutionary parents…”

…Read the full review here

Visit Luis’ blog here

Visit Luis website here


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12 responses to “Child Of The Revolution Looks At Zimbabwe

  1. Why do people conviently forget that it is the North that is starving Cuba, and the West that is starving Zimbabwe.

  2. So Long

    Bread Basket are not witnessing a sell out opposition come to power can not be easy after a history of struggle. Good leaders need a little idealism as fuel.

  3. JC

    i agree with you So Long

  4. peltdownman

    So Long
    I can agree with you on Cuba, but if you think that the economic meltdown that has happened to Zimbabwe is entirely the fault of the west, then you surely need to remove the blinkers. Mugabe came to power on a wave of idealism, but that has long since passed. He knows how the people of Zimbabwe are suffering, and that now, at last, they know why. If he really has the welfare of his people at heart, then he should step aside now. But he won’t, which just about says it all.

  5. Richard

    lol small minds grappling with big ideas.

  6. So Long

    Small man making small comments.

  7. 179

    Mugabe is starving Zimbabwe..once a country that exported food, he allowed and encouraged the takeover and murder of the white farmowners ..Now there is widespred poverty and starvation , and inflation of over 100,000%…!
    This week in a desperate attempt to hang on to power, the few remaining white farmers are being driven off their farms…more starvation and suffering to come.
    Its amazing that even ten days after elections, he has not allowed official results to be released…and the Caribbean leaders, and the rest of the world just sit and watch it all happen, in silence….
    Sorry “So Long”, but it is obviously NOT the West that is starving Zimbabwe…its Mugabe.

  8. The White farmers have been and still are at the centre of all of this. They are the problem. Blame Mugabe, but the crimes against the Africans took place years ago when no one then was saying anything as well. Change has to take place and rapidly, even if there is suffering as a result of a lack of technological wherewithal. The concept of gradual change is a crock, designed to maintain the status quo which has only maintained the African population as a maintenance force. Mugabe has tried to correct a wrong, and we are witnessing the result of a lack of support from his cowardly ACP brethren, as well as a starvation policy that was implemented by the West. If they do not like the leader they will bomb are starve the population (after demonising the head though their media houses). God this is too obvious to be detailing here.

  9. 132

    All of this proves that in the end (or the beginning) it does not matter what colour a man’s skin is. White or Black, he/she will screw you for whatever they can and this is most evident in Africa in recent years.

    Don’t forget … Africa is the cradle of mankind so therefore we are ALL African, regardless of skin colour which ultimately means that blacks would have made whites as slaves if the opportunity arose in the right time period.

    Just play around with the scenarios – bottom line is that we all the same and it would or could have happened either way.

    Same goes for ‘classes’ of people with the respective societies, so who are we really fooling with all this retoric?

  10. 179

    So Long, I guess you are right. Mugabe has nothing to do with the situation Zimbabwe finds itself in today. Its all the fault of the white farmers.
    And I would like to offer you for sale the Swing Bridge in Bridgetown. Only $20 and its yours!

  11. So Long

    Mugabe’s problem is that he is still alive. Yep he is cursed. To be around to witness this Morgan Crap guy and know that he will be in a position to determine the future of thirty year struggle would be sufficient motivation to conspire with who ever is available. Judge, Jury, JP, Press, dog in the yard, it just should not happen

  12. Donnie King

    It is evident that there was a plot to use Barbados in human trafficking. Very early knowledge had come to some people’s attention that the filght that brought the Africans here was not returning to pick them up. It is pity that people who should know better is heaping scorn on the Government’s effort to ensure a speedy fetrunof the africans to their homeland. When the investiagation is completed, it is hoped that those involved would suffer the consequennce, if there was any wrong doing. I am calling on the Government to release its findings when completed. I would like to see amendments to our immigation laws as there are clearly loophopes that are being exploited by visitors; regional and inernationals.