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Ethically-Challenged Barbados Chief Justice Subject Of Talk Show

David Simmons Virgin Chief Justice Barbados

“There was a time when the Attorney General moved from Attorney General to Chief Justice. That was a big deal. It was a very big deal. We’re still feeling the ramifications of that big deal today. And you guys (Barbados news media) were mum. You said little. You did little. And if you were challenged to open your mouth to say something about it, I tell you! You turned left, you switched right. Man, you were smoothed over and made yourself irrelevant. That was a major issue then.”

David Ellis interrupted the caller and said “Is that still an issue to be pursued now?”

“It is still an issue, but then you’re not going to say anything. Here we go, Mr. Ellis, you’re going to smooth it over again. It still is an issue!

I mean, look at the acting Governor General. Is it still not an issue? Can you just imagine the present Chief Justice saying “My country will do this” as he delivers a Throne Speech?

…You could have said something. You could have done more. You could have!”

Sunday, April 6, 2008: A citizen lets Brass Tacks panel of journalists know what he thinks of their cowardly silence on the issue of Attorney General David Simmons being appointed as Chief Justice of Barbados.

Barbados News Media Looks For Public Sympathy After Years Of Silent Surrender To Corruption

Listeners to the popular Down To Brass Tacks radio show on Sunday guffawed as the panel of esteemed Barbadian journalists tried to discuss the impact of blogs upon the news media without actually mentioning any of the subjects that have inspired citizens to question the independence and credibility of the established news media and to set up blogs like Barbados Free Press and Barbados Underground.

Journalists Carl Moore, David Ellis, Ricky Singh, CBC’s Head of News Richard Cox, Nation News associate editor Eric Smith and Barbados Advocate journalist Nicholas Cox tiptoed around like they were frightened half to death of stepping on another political landmine such as when the cowardly station owner Starcom paid off that crooked and inept Tourism Minister Noel Lynch.

You’ll recall that Starcom prostrated themselves and begged forgiveness for David Ellis reading a letter from a citizen who dared to ask Noel Lynch how he became a millionaire in a few years on a government salary.

And ever since waving the cowards’ white flag of surrender, the local news media has been desperately trying to regain their credibility. (See BFP’s Cowardly Voice Of Barbados Radio Promises To Never Again Ask How Politicians Become Overnight Millionaires)

Keep looking guys. Maybe you’ll find your credibility again someday! Have you tried looking under the rug? That’s where you’ll find your credibility along with all those stories you’ve swept under there in the last ten years.

Citizen Rips Into Bajan Journalists For Their Silence

When Ellis finally stopped taking “calls” from professional journalists to discuss blogs without actually mentioning them by name, the first citizen caller ripped into the panel for their cowardly silence on Attorney General David Simmons becoming Chief Justice.

You could just hear the panel thinking “What do we do now?” and one of them spun the call into a concern that our Constitution needed revision etc etc etc.

But listeners heard what happened and also heard the journalists going through all kinds of contortions so they would not have to discuss the ethics of David Simmons’ decision to take the post of Chief Justice.


Ricky Singh actually said it best towards the end of the show as they were trying to fathom what happened to the public trust in the news media. Singh said…

“The local media gave a free ride to the governing party…”

…Journalist Ricky Singh

Yup, they sure did Mr. Singh.

And the Barbados Media are doing it again with the current government.

We’re not sure who will be more uncomfortable as the DLP’s 100 day ITAL deadline approaches… the government or the news media who are too frightened to mention it.

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Child Of The Revolution Looks At Zimbabwe

“But you know how it is … sometimes, even rigged elections can turn out to be, well, real elections…”

Which is what has happened in Zimbabwe over the weekend.

Despite widespread fraud, and intimidation and harassment of opposition supporters, it is now clear that most Zimbabweans voted to get rid of Mugabe and his crew, according to the international media.

It seems that the vote was so obviously against Mugabe the regime has had second thoughts about announcing rigged results and declaring the old man re-elected, as they have done in the past.

Instead, there are reports that Mugabe is under pressure from his own side to face the inevitable, give up his throne and take his loot and seek refuge elsewhere as a matter of urgency.

I hope that’s the case.

… written on April 2, 2008 by Child of the Revolution – Growing up in Castro’s Cuba (full article link here)

A Man, A Child – Writes About Growing Up In Communist Cuba

Luis M. Garcia grew up in the 1960’s in Banes, Cuba as the embarrassed child of “counter revolutionaries”. He lives now in Sydney, Australia, and if you want to know what happened to him between his birth in 1959 and now, you’ll have to read his biography: Child Of The Revolution: Growing Up In Castro’s Cuba

Nope, I haven’t read it, but I want to. We somehow found Luis a few weeks ago and have added him to our blogroll.

Here is what one of his journalist colleagues said about his book.. Continue reading


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