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Legal Polygamy Coming To Guyana? Already Legal In Canada and Britain… Is Barbados Next?

There’s Nothing Like Another New Bride To Make A Man Feel Young Again!

As Barbados Free Press pointed out in February, polygamy is now legal in Britain and Canada for certain religions – but not everybody. (BFP article link here)

David and the gang over at Barbados Underground have an excellent discussion going on now about Muslims in Guyana demanding to follow the polygamous beliefs of their religion. A few days ago David also had an article about Barbadian Mormons and polygamy.

The articles are well worth your time.

(And don’t worry darlin’… I couldn’t handle more than one wife and night shift too. I’d be dead, dead, dead in a week!) 😉

****** About the photo. We understand that she was born in Germany of Afghani parents and at 15 years old was dragged back to Afghanistan for a “vacation” and this is what her parents, or more correctly put – her father – did to her.

But hey, Mohammed married a six year old girl and had relations with her at nine years old… so who are we to say that is wrong?

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Barbados Fraud and Murder Suspects In U.S. News

Seibert Phillips Would Have Been Right At Home Under The Past BLP Administration!

While the top brass at the New York Evelyn Douglin Center for disabled children and adults were living large at taxpayer expense, $8-an-hour direct care workers were being gypped out of overtime pay.

Documents obtained by the Daily News show that during the first two weeks of July 2006, 33 employees put in for a total of 240 overtime hours worked but were denied the extra pay.

The boss, Evelyn Douglin founder and Executive Director Seibert Phillips, was forced out of the not-for-profit organization in February after a scathing report by state watchdog group that cited Phillips and his board of directors for grievous financial abuse, waste and fraud.

Seibert Phillips, once a rising star among those who care for the city’s 119,000 developmentally disabled, is a man of many faces, secrets and lies.

He is also a fraud, according to state watchdogs.

After a 12-year unchecked climb, the former $300,000-a-year executive director of the Evelyn Douglin Center for Serving People in Need (SPIN) is under a growing cloud of alleged corruption and financial wrongdoing.

The Brooklyn district attorney and state attorney general’s office are looking at how Phillips – who amassed $14 million in government grants – used SPIN as his personal piggy bank – including giving a friend $250,000 for a no-show job; allowing his son to rack up nearly $18,000 in gas charges on an agency credit card; giving illegal campaign contributions to a Queens assemblywoman; and spending tens of thousands of dollars on luxury cars, flat-screen TVs and travel for himself and staff.

Phillips was removed from his post in February.

Phillips, who founded SPIN in 1996, also lied about his credentials, claiming he was a certified social worker with bachelor’s and master’s degrees. Neither was true.

Yet he was able to start his own agency from his tiny Brooklyn apartment with a $27,000 government grant and grow it to a $14 million social service empire without any real scrutiny. The center now runs 10 group homes and day services for more than 300 adults and children.

April 6, 2008 – New York Daily News: Champion of Disabled a Fraud Who Cashed In

March 3, 2008 – Brooklyn Daily News: Evelyn Douglin Center shortchanged out of overtime, workers charge

Barbados Free Press Comments…

Millions in government grants, a government agency used as personal piggy bank, giving a friend a no-show job, relatives using the agency credit card; giving illegal campaign contributions and spending tens of thousands of dollars on luxury cars, flat-screen TVs and travel for himself and staff.

This man could do so well working for the government in Barbados!

Unfortunately for him though, he’s in America where, unlike Barbados, folks actually go to jail for such behaviour.

Bajan Murder Suspect Earl Victor Arrested At U.S. Canadian Border

A man wanted for questioning in a 2006 murder in his home country of Barbados was detained by American authorities as he attempted to enter the United States at the Rainbow Bridge in Niagara Falls on Tuesday, U.S. Customs and Border Patrol officials reported. Continue reading


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Barbados Windows To The Sea And Other Campaign Donations…

SOME YEARS AGO, upon this spot of land in Fitts Village, sat a tiny chattel house. In it lived a little old lady. To the left of the house was a view of the sea; to the right of the house was a view of the sea; over the shingle rooftop, a view of the sea. The little old lady was a faithful worshipper at St.James Parish Church. She took ill and called for a Reverend to administer Last Rites, or whatever. A Reverend trotted along to her bedside (false English accent and all). No doubt in his briefcase (or whatever Reverend fellows tote around) would have been documents galore relating to Windows To The Sea, for which donations were being requested for a fund to maintain windows to the sea in Barbados.

The little old lady died. Soon after that, the little chattel house was gone, and ….. BEHOLD! This is the mansion that sprang up in its place. ON A WINDOWS TO THE SEA! You want a view of the sea? Get a helicopter.

BFP Reader “ANON”

Barbados Free Press comments: Gosh, it is too bad that whoever that Reverend was that he was unable to convince the old lady to keep the Window to the Sea! 🙂


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China’s Olympic Soccer Balls Made By Slave Labour – But Barbados Doesn’t Care

The absurdity, the irony, is sometimes too much for me to consider. We are an island and a people with a history firmly rooted in the inhumanity and horror of slavery – yet we ignore the world’s largest system of slave labour camps and get down on our hands and knees in gratitude when the Chinese Communists throw some inflatable boats at our Coast Guard.

Everywhere we walk on this small rock we see traces of our past. We see plantation houses and touch carved walls that were made by hands of slaves. We go to the Barbados Museum and look at the chains and branding irons and think of the horrors that happened right here where our children sleep.

We worship in the same churches as others who were born into slavery. We visit the harbour and think of the slave auctions and tour the Amistad and talk the talk about how it must have been…

But for filthy money we are willing to ignore the largest slave-labour organisation on the planet: the Laogai slave labour camps of Communist China.

Show Barbados Boycott The Olympic Opening Ceremony?

Meet Pastor Cai Zhuohua, who spent the last three years in a slave labour camp making official footballs for the 2008 Olympics. His crime? Unauthorized possession of bibles.

It is outrageous that of this country named Barbados continues to fawn over the Chinese Communists.

Further Reading

China Aid: Chinese Christian Leader Released After Three-Year Imprisonment

Summer Olympian: Official Olympic Soccer Ball “The Great Wall Star” Unveiled

Hey… Let’s all buy some of these Adidas Soccer Balls!


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