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China Shoots Dead 8 Tibet Protestors – Olympics Right On Schedule – Everything Wonderful

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Should Barbados Boycott The Opening Ceremony?

Fears that tomorrow’s Olympic flame relay through London could be disrupted by violence intensified after it emerged that eight Tibetan protesters had been shot dead by Chinese police.

Campaigners vowed to redouble their protests after hearing of the deaths yesterday during one of the bloodiest clashes since pro-independence protests began last month…

… from The Times Online (full story here)

Let’s face it folks, as a beggar nation to China, we can’t afford to insult our benefactors – even though they have a slave labour camp system where millions toil to make all those cheap goods we love so much. Even though they imprison people for offenses such as possession of a bible and praying in a house instead of a government-sanctioned church.

How different our standards were when the subject was South African apartheid.

Why, thank you soooooo much for those new computers and boats for our Coast Guard, Massa.


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