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Closed Barbados Hotels

Dear Barbados Free Press

Mr Carlos Chase doesn’t seem to believe me, so perhaps you could post the list.

Many Thanks
Adrian Loveridge

A List of Closed Barbados Hotels

1. Tropicana Beach Hotel
2. Kings Beach
3. The Regent
4. Glitter Bay
5. Paradise Beach
6. Sierra Beach
7. Apple Experience
8. Oasis
9. St. Lawrence Apartments
10. Eastry House
11. Sam Lords
12. Windsurf Beach
13. Club Rockley
14. Caribbee
15. Inn of the Beach
16. Coconut Creek
17. Little Paradise
18. Sunshine Beach Hotel
19. Fairholme Apartments
20. Sunhaven Beach Hotel
21. Ginger Bay
22. Smugglers Cove
23. Villa Nova
24. Rainbow Beach
25. Ocean View Hotel
26. Saltash Apartments
27. Long Beach Club
28. Sandridge Beach Hotel (later this year)


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Mia Mottley Cheers As Zimbabwe Police Raid Opposition, Round Up Unlicenced Journalists At Hotels

HARARE, Zimbabwe — There are reports from Zimbabwe that President Robert Mugabe’s government raided the offices of the main opposition movement and rounded up foreign journalists — leading to fears he may use intimidation and violence to keep his grip on power.

Witnesses say police raided a hotel used by the opposition Movement for Democratic Change and ransacked some of the rooms.

Riot police also surrounded another hotel housing foreign journalists and took away several of them, according to a man who answered the phone there.

The CBC and The Globe and Mail both have reporters in Harare to cover the election.

But both news organizations told The Canadian Press their reporters were not at the hotel that was raided and are safe.

… continue reading the Winnipeg Sun (link here)

Foreign journalists charged in Zimbabwe: police

The Zimbabwean authorities have charged two foreign journalists arrested in Harare with breaching the country’s tough media laws by reporting without accreditation, police said Friday.

New York Times correspondent Barry Bearak, 58, and a 45-year-old journalist from Britain, were among four people picked up Thursday by police at a Harare guest house.

“They have both been charged for practising without accreditation but the other two will be released soon after screening,” national police spokesman Wayne Bvudzijena told AFP.

“We have so many other foreign journalists who have followed the laid-down procedures and are practising legally and here we have two people who thought they were a law unto themselves,” Bvudzijena said.

There was no information on the identity of the other two journalists detained.

… continue reading at All Africa (link here)


Blast From The Past

Barbados Deputy Prime Minister Says Internet Blogs “Marginalize…Parliament…”

Mottley, Castro, Chavez All Agree – Citizen Free-Speech Must Be Stopped


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Be Careful Out There!


What Is The Secret? 

Things can get a bit rough around the edges of this rock sometimes. Our thanks to an old friend for the photo this morning.

Can anyone guess where this is… and the secret?


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