Zimbabwe Latest: Mugabe Not Going Quietly, Looks Like Trouble

Friends, it appears that strongman Robert Mugabe is digging in his heels in Zimbabwe.

It doesn’t look good at all. There are conflicting reports about the margin that Mugabe’s party lost by and that no official results have been released.

Here’s a link to this minute’s latest news, but after a half an hour you had better try Google for the latest. Things are that unstable.

Reuters: Mugabe Won’t Go


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29 responses to “Zimbabwe Latest: Mugabe Not Going Quietly, Looks Like Trouble

  1. Razor-Mout


    Your comments are not an accurate reflection of the situation as being reported out of Zimbabwe.

    Mugabe’s Zanu-PF has lost the parliamentary elections.

    There is set to be a run-off presidential election.

    There. Sounds so much simpler without your usual embellishments, eh?


    BFP say,

    Not 30 Minutes ago CNN was talking on the tely about bloodshed started. As we said, thing are not stable.

  2. reality check

    This was a given

    Too many years in power by party members. They will not release power easily. Democracy is a very strange concept to those who have been exercising arbitrary and dictatorial powers for some time now.

    Just get down on Barbadian soil and kiss the ground that Owing and pals didn’t get to continue their reign of terror.

    In the meantime there are 12 days left for ITAL. The civil servants who will be fighting this tooth and nail must be included.

    Lest we forget, power corrupts absolutely and the DLP must have their feet held to the fire and to their commitments or we will get another Owen in the making.

    This means next month if we have no whiff of ITAL, BFP should help target a new set of individuals who actually believe in the concept of ITAL and not just merely pay lip service to it.

  3. Hants

    BLP supporters are jumping on the BFP ITAL bandwagon and attacking the airwaves trying to distract the Thompson administration from the task at hand.

    Find, fire and prosecute all those who have stolen taxpayers money during the last administration.

    Any civil servant who has been doing his job honestly should be treated with respect regardless of their political leanings.

    I heard a caller on brasstacks talking about “witchhunt” and in the same context he said “watch Zimbabwe”.

    Even Brasstacks moderators are “free” since Owing gone.

    BLP operatives are now in attack mode because they probably see Thompson as “weak”.There is no “fear factor” in the PM’s office anymore.

    I hope the DLP will fast track Integrity legislation for MPs and senior civil servants and the top brass of statutory corporations etc.

    There should be no witchhunt.
    Just transparency with regards to the spending of taxpayers money.

  4. akabozik

    There are three separate issues.

    Number one is putting ITAL in place now so we can stop the tiefing.

    Number two is to investigate the corruption of the recent past so we can recover OUR COUNTRY’S MONEY.

    Number three is criminal accountability of the people who stole the country’s money but that might not be possible because our anti-corruption laws are almost nonexistant.

    The BLP peoples don’t want anything done about number two and three!

  5. The Truth

    PM David Thompson will speak softly and beat them with the big stick……
    We all know who has robbed the people of Barbados and David coming for you all.

  6. reality check

    There is nothing worse than “born again” human rights and environmental advocates who have finally figured out that Barbadians aren’t going to tolerate any more abuse of their monies and their freedoms.

    Hants is right. These BLP “born again” hypocrites have morphed into self-righteous attackers of the DLP. They are as about as obvious as a ten ton truck.

    They need to cleanse their own party first and replace the corrupters with representatives of substance who really believe in such things as transparency and accountability.

    Meanwhile let the rest of the bloggers try and keep the new party honest and on the right path

  7. peltdownman

    Check out this hilarious video

  8. Duppy Lizard

    At 4:00pm it is reported that police have surrounded a hotel in Harare where foreign journalists are staying.

  9. Razor-Mout

    The height of stupidity… a topic on Zimbabwe elections and the dimwits of BFP come talking about BLP in Barbados.

  10. Banned

    The Truth
    April 3, 2008 at 6:07 pm
    PM David Thompson will speak softly and beat them with the big stick……

    The comment is of an amendment to the Monroe Doctrine (US assumed right to invade any country west of the Atlantic), an approach that New World Blacks have easily accepted. Hmm… maybe they do not know any better.

    Mugabe’s Zimbabwe is being starved by Western countries. No trade, no nothing… that’s what you get for taking on whites in your country, even if it is for the right reason. Rest of the “New” world take note.

  11. Banned

    I really hate this modration thing. Is there no way to reverse censor this thing and ‘done it’ where it is not needed

  12. Banned

    April 3, 2008 at 7:38 pm
    Check out this hilarious video

    South Africans, sorry South Efricans made the **** video. There is nothing about it other than the fact that someone in this neck of the woods would be amused by it

  13. Banned

    I’ll try my previous post again.

    The Truth
    April 3, 2008 at 6:07 pm
    PM David Thompson will speak softly and beat them with the big stick……

    The comment is of an amendment to the Monroe Doctrine ( our northen neighbour’s assumed right to invade any country west of the Atlantic), an approach that New World Blacks have easily accepted. Hmm… maybe they do not know any better.

    Mugabe’s Zimbabwe is being starved by Western countries. No trade, no nothing… that’s what you get for taking on whites in your country, even if it is for the right reason. Rest of the “New” world take note.

  14. Rumplestilskin

    CNN – ”HARARE, Zimbabwe (CNN) — Zimbabwean government forces Thursday began cracking down on the main opposition party, raising fears of a political crisis, according to witnesses and an opposition spokesman.

    Zimbabweans listen to a radio in Harare, the capital, as they await results of the country’s elections.

    The forces raided at least two hotels in the capital, including one that houses foreign journalists, a witness told CNN.

    Four journalists unaccredited by the Zimbabwean government were taken away, he said.

    New York Times Executive Editor Bill Keller confirmed that Barry Bearak, a Pulitzer Prize-winning correspondent based in Johannesburg, South Africa, was taken into custody. ”

    Now that the Zimbabwe Government has taken hostages, this is a reason for the UN to immediately send forces to intervene, both for the sake of the citizens being victimised and to protect democracy, both of which were reasons for the US intervention in Iraq.

    Unless, unless….Zimbabwe does not have oil, does it.

    So, what is the verdict, will the UN send in forces now…or not?

    Whatever semblance of a chance at a future Zimbabwe may have had with a new Government will be gone if the Zimbabwe Government does not accede to the will of the people, immediately.

    But, too many pigs are eating at the trough, no?

  15. Rumplestilskin

    The international community should immediately give a deadline for the return of its citizens.

    In the meantime a large peacemaking force, including Pan African forces, can be established with mobility within a few weeks.

  16. Banned

    BFP let my comment go tru’ nuh……..

  17. Banned

    let the previous comment go tru… I touch your nerves amny times. Dis time ain’ na diffrent

  18. Rumplestilskin

    With the end in sight for Mugabe and his fellow piggies, I wonder how much money is now being spirited out of Zimbabwe’s international accounts into private accounts in Switzerland and Lichtenstein et al.

    Account transfers must be moving like lightning.

  19. Banned

    David (BU) I hope that you is a mut like me caus’ I gun try with you for a while

  20. reality check

    “Mugabe’s Zimbabwe is being starved by Western countries. No trade, no nothing… that’s what you get for taking on whites in your country, even if it is for the right reason. Rest of the “New” world take note.”

    no this is what happens when you expropriate property from large long term productive white farmers who knew what they were doing. The so called “repatriations” of land was badly and stupidly executed.

    They could have worked out some sort of cooperative sponsored farming on half of the land under the supervision of those who knew how to farm. Now the only ones that have suffered are the poor black starving Zimbaweans.

    Dumb, ignorant and savage are the words that come to mind.

    don’t worry about Mugabe —40% of all international fundings end up in Swizz Bank accounts. He has already stolen oodles of money.

    Who were the civil servants in Barbados who assisted Owen in taking money in excess of his salary?

  21. Banned

    One last comment. Leroy is the Prme Minister of Barbados with the blessings of Cow and Co. Will there be change? … I don’t think so..!

  22. Banned


    comment deleted by moderator.

    I guess we remembered why we banned you, banned.

    So long!

  23. Rumplestilskin

    So. Three questions.

    At what point does a freedom fighter or fighter for political change himself become a despot and hater?

    Is it on the realisation of his or her own ideals in his or her own lifetime may not be achieved, thus by ‘faster’ aggressive action it can be?

    Or is it true that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely?

    Or, is the person always inherently a seeker of power aka despot and the means becomes eventually becomes available?

    Secondly, why are such individuals so blinded as not to see their imminent political end? Or do they care?

    Has too much personal and ‘party’ prosperity been put at stake and thus it is a desperate hold for power and money?

    Or is it that such individuals refuse to go down as not achieving the ‘ideal’, thus struggling to the last to maintain some semblance of an impression of support?

    Finally, is this yet another example to illustrate a view that those involved in the early and ‘violent’ stages of a political revolution should not then go on to continue the long term change, as their ‘attributes and personal outlook’ are not suited for long term peaceful changes?

    What say you?

  24. .253

    Mia is a sick puppy…a sick sick puppy…both in her professional and private life.
    wouldnt trust her as far as I could throw her, if I could!

  25. cooligan

    the west can’t starve Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe was the bread basket of Africa. A 10,000 acre farm managed properly may provide grain and foodstuff for 30 or 40,000 FAMILIES but when you take that same farm and encourage militants, who have no idea of farming, to seize it as is their ancestral right then you have 5,000 new land owners with 2 acres each but the difference is that the lots don’t even produce enough to sustain its inhabitants far less the urban population. Utter madness, he starved his population to remain in power because hungry bitter people can always be aimed at the white population and the west and kept blind as to their greatest enemy; Mugabe

  26. Rumplestilskin


    Yes, Mugabe is a despot. We can all accept this.

    However, thinking about this carefully, would anyone in their right mind not know the direction in which they are headed?

    Is this act purely by vindictiveness greed? Or is there something more sinister behind this?

    Does this not ensure that Zimbabwe and by extension Africa are pushed back into time?

    Who would benefit? Are there greater forces behind Mugabe, either manipulating by greed alone or by threat?

    One is always reticent to consider and be accused of considering ‘conspiracy theories’.

    However, the more I see the activities in Africa and Middle East, the more I think that leaders just ‘cannot’ be that stupid.

    Are we seeing only what has been designed that we see?

    Have you heard of the concept of ‘One World Government’?

    Think about it, if Africa and the Middle East can either be brought to its knees, or each be brought under a common leadership umbrella (‘ella,’ella 😉 ..sorry could not resist), surely it makes for easier transition to one world government?

    Is it possible? My main point is, that these leaders are all well educated, many in the UK or Europe and you cannot get better than that.

    So, what is the reason for such outlandish policy decisions?

    I have become very wary and while these decisions and resulting activities lie at the feet of these leaders and the blame is theirs, I believe that this ‘One World Government’ accusation is worth considering in all its entirety.

    Food for thought.

  27. So Long

    These leaders are not stupid. How do you cast the yolk of modern day colonialism off in time for supper? They are not stupid, maybe desperate not to have sell out opposition parties come to power.

  28. milpas gad

    bob is like the chasis of a bicycle, now every thing has gone down but amaizingly he is still up. but what i edge tsvangirai to do is to continue hammering 1 position you there my prime min

  29. the man is now wounded, for your own infor wounds of elderly age wont heal so dont worry very soon he will die