Map Collection For Sale – But Are They THIS INTERESTING?

We don’t usually print ads or commercial messages, but we were poking around one of our favourite blogs the other day – Strange Maps Blog

Where else can you find maps of…

– The paths and areas of the moon walked upon by Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin

Ludacris’ Rap Map of areas in the USA where he has “hoes”. Really.

– A forged Nazi map of South America produced by the British to cause the USA to believe that Hitler had plans to invade that continent. This was supposed to push FDR and the USA closer to entering World War II.

– A map of early 20th Century Balkan territorial aspirations (That’s for Cliverton!)

Which Brings Us To An Advert Request We Received Today…

I have a small collection of MAPS to dispose of. They fill two cardboard boxes, plus. Some are new some are old, some are National Geographic maps.

Maybe there’s something more interesting/valuable in there. Barbados maps, Guyana maps, Caribbean island maps, etc. Even a Jet-Nav map covering Miami to South America.

Please get back to me, if you’re interested.

David Hunt.

3, Erdiston Drive,
Pine Gardens,

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