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Sale Of Holetown Chefette For “$40 Million Plus” Highlights The Killing Impact Of Condos Upon Tourism And Local Businesses


Chefette Sells Off Holetown Location Because Condos & All-Inclusive Resorts Killed Tourist Traffic

Down with the old, and up, up, up with the new condos. We can’t blame Chefette for selling off a location that wasn’t profitable any longer, but the article about the sale that appears in the Nation News gives us some issues to ponder.

First we should be asking ourselves if the changes that are occurring on Barbados are managed and planned – or is the whole thing out of control? Are we content to have a wall of high condos built around the perimeter of this island? Are we content to have our coastal views and beach access blocked by walls of foreign-owned concrete?

The last government never produced or followed any land use plan – only the dollar talked. Increasingly we are living with social and economic changes that are the result of all this willy-nilly building. We the people should be demanding that some sort of plan be followed. As it is, there are no rules for those with money.

But these changes in building types and patterns are producing unmanaged and unforeseen social and economic changes. From the Nation News…

While the company did not give a price or the name of the new owner, it stated Chefette Holetown had been “underperforming”, and that the hundreds of “tourists visiting the area to dine [had] declined due to the numerous all-inclusive hotels along the West Coast, in addition to the change of the community into a more upscale condominium and townhouse-based one”.

The company added that declining sales coupled with “an attractive offer” by the investor, led to the sale of the 80,000-square-foot prime beachfront property –one of the few remaining “windows to the sea”.

Have The New Owners Already Received “Wink & Nod” Approval To Build A Highrise Condo?

Have The New Owners Ever Given A Political Donation Or Gift To Any DLP Government Member?

The article goes on to say that the new owner of the $40 million dollar property wants to remain secret and that the Land Tax, Land Registry and Corporate Affairs departments also showed no record of the sale.

As our friend at Push! Pull! Blog says (oh sorry… thats Pull! Push! I can never remember)…

“I Ain’t No Lawyer”… but something tells me that as fouled up as our land registry system is, ownership information is supposed to be made available to the pubic.

Gosh, I thought all this non-transparency and backroom deal stuff was supposed to end with the election of the DLP and David Thompson?

Am I a fool or what? Let’s hear it folks!

What Happened To Thompson’s Promise Of Transparency & Integrity Rules?

The Nation News: $40 Million For Chefette


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Map Collection For Sale – But Are They THIS INTERESTING?

We don’t usually print ads or commercial messages, but we were poking around one of our favourite blogs the other day – Strange Maps Blog

Where else can you find maps of…

– The paths and areas of the moon walked upon by Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin

Ludacris’ Rap Map of areas in the USA where he has “hoes”. Really.

– A forged Nazi map of South America produced by the British to cause the USA to believe that Hitler had plans to invade that continent. This was supposed to push FDR and the USA closer to entering World War II.

– A map of early 20th Century Balkan territorial aspirations (That’s for Cliverton!)

Which Brings Us To An Advert Request We Received Today…

I have a small collection of MAPS to dispose of. They fill two cardboard boxes, plus. Some are new some are old, some are National Geographic maps.

Maybe there’s something more interesting/valuable in there. Barbados maps, Guyana maps, Caribbean island maps, etc. Even a Jet-Nav map covering Miami to South America.

Please get back to me, if you’re interested.

David Hunt.

3, Erdiston Drive,
Pine Gardens,

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