Zimbabwe: Enough Is Enough


Statement By Morgan Tsvangirai, President of Zimbabwe’s Movement For Democratic Change

The challenge of giving birth to a new Zimbabwe founded on restoration and not on retribution; on equality and not discrimination; on love, not war; on tolerance, not hate.

After Saturday 29th of March 2008, Zimbabwe will never be the same again; the people have spoken with one voice.

I would like to thank the millions who came to reclaim their dignity and invest in the change they can trust.

I’d like to thank the thousands in every corner of our country who braved the cold to come and make a statement on Saturday 29th March: from the mothers in Bikita, grandfathers in Tsholotsho, widows in Mpopoma, sisters in Kwekwe, school teachers in Zhombe.

In those minutes inside the polling booth, each one of us re-wrote the history of Zimbabwe. For that particular moment we each held the destiny of our country in the pen we used to cast that vote.

The votes cast on Saturday was for change and a new beginning. It was a vote for jobs; it was a vote for food, for dignity, for respect, for decency and equality, for tolerance, for love, and for trust.

Our people, therefore, cannot wait for the execution of that mandate.

I know that in moments such as this there is a temptation to short-cut processes, and to resort to opportunistic pathways. We will exercise restraint, and leadership, as we have exercised over the years.

Indeed, for years we have refused to resort to violent and unconstitutional methods of achieving democratic change.

Against great seduction and temptation, we refuse to be swayed away from the paths of democracy and social justice. That commitment to those values will not be betrayed now…

… continue reading Mr. Tsvangirai’s statement at This Is Zimbabwe Blog

Our thanks to BFP reader Hard Driver for pointing us to an excellent blog.

And to give you a better appreciation of Mr. Tsvangirai’s words, here is a photo of him on March 11, 2007 after his torture and beating by soldiers loyal to Mugabe. Touch the photo to read the Wikipedia article…



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6 responses to “Zimbabwe: Enough Is Enough

  1. reality check


    Does this man and country ever have their work cut out for them.

    They can only go up.

  2. Deuteronomy

    Yeah, even Lice-rodge, doth he sleep soundly tonight?

    Inshallah…. his filthy snores shall soon pollute this land no more.


  3. reality check

    Thanks to Deuteronomy, aided and abetted by Cable and Wireless and a neutered RBPF we are reminded that the Mugabe-like thugs who do not believe in free speech and democracy are alive and well in Barbados.

  4. The Truth

    There is nothing to fear but fear itself……
    Stay strong !!!

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  6. peltdownman

    Actually, I find Deuteronomy’s contribution so puerile and infantile, I wonder if it was posted by an adult. This is the sort of thing teenage boys dream up to try and give themselves a sense of belonging .