Blogging Around Barbados: Pit Bull Chased By Chickens, Who Is This Fashion Model At Mullins Beach?, Penguins and The Death Of Bajan Cricket…

Looking around the net this morning we found some excellent articles – including some we really disagree with. Here’s a sampling…

Bajan Reporter has the story of a cowardly pit bull that is regularly beaten up by a chicken – but on another story we have to strongly disagree with Ian Bourne, who seems to admire Jah Cure for standing up to “adversity” while forgetting the woman he raped at gunpoint. (Bajan Reporter article on Jah Cure here)

Over at Barbados Underground, David proclaims Barbados Cricket At Death’s Door and we couldn’t agree more. Frankly we think there is an excellent case to be made that Cricket World Cup did more harm to the sport than anything else in recent times – or perhaps CWC was merely a symptom of a deeper malaise. If you love what cricket used to be, and could be again, have a read of David’s article.

Looking at the official blog of the governing DLP Democratic Labour Party, we see…

…Nothing. The DLP shut down their blog on January 13th and haven’t bothered with their online readers and community since. Yup, all that two-way communication with voters is of no further use now that they have power. Poor show, DLP.

At least the BLP Barbados Labour Party blog is alive – even if the party and its co-leaders are in disarray while former government ministers worriedly consider their Swiss bank balances.

Keltruth Blog asks How many Bajans can afford Sandy Lane? as it considers a new move by the Cuban government to allow citizens to stay at tourist hotels.

Famous Model At Mullins Beach?

Mullins Bay Blog has an excellent photo spread of the damage to Mullins Beach during the recent big storm and then a story of things getting back to normal with a fashion shoot involving some famous woman who we don’t recognize. Hey… the place where she’s staying is $12k a night (gulp!) so maybe you’ll be able to recognize her. We can’t. When you arrive at the blog, click on the small photo “Picking Up The Pieces” and you’ll be taken to a large photo of the model and fashion shoot.

Mullins Bay Blog articles – Mullins Beach Washed Out To Sea, Picking Up The Pieces

Amazing Nature Story At Living In Barbados Blog

We’re not big fans of nature documentaries etc., but you really have to see the trailer for a BBC Documentary linked to by Living in Barbados Blog. With the advent of new, smaller video cameras we’ve seen all sorts of new discoveries on TV lately – from animals that we thought were extinct to behaviours never before seen. (I remember last summer seeing a documentary where they put a tiny video camera on the back of a cockroach. Who’d have thought that watching an hour of a cockroach crawling around in a kitchen would be so interesting?)

Anyway, Living In Barbados has linked to a simply amazing documentary showing video of penguins like you’ve never seen before. Absolutely breathtaking. You simply must have a look. Living In Barbados Blog


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6 responses to “Blogging Around Barbados: Pit Bull Chased By Chickens, Who Is This Fashion Model At Mullins Beach?, Penguins and The Death Of Bajan Cricket…

  1. Jerome Hinds

    Blogging Around Barbados: Pit Bull Chased By Chickens, Who Is This Fashion Model At Mullins Beach?, Penguins and The Death Of Bajan Cricket…
    Hi BFP,

    You can always be counted on to ‘ twist ” the spot light on your intended targets !

    * The Pit Bull you refer to……is the woman in red at the top of this page !

    * No doubt the Chicken you refer to… that podggy gentleman next to her !

    * The fashion model you refer to…….is Owen Arthur cooling out at Mullins beach with a bottle of Mount Gay Rum !

    * The Penguin you refer to……is no doubt Clyde Asscoll who has suddenly being forced to ‘ fly ” from the BEE – HIVE !

    * The death of Bajan cricket you refer to…..has to do with the indecisive nature of who owns Kensington Oval after Owing scandalised $$$$MILLIONS in it’s re-development !

    I like this thread ….BFP !

  2. Hard driver

    Hey Guys .. been following the goings on in Zimbabwe .. here is a good blog.

    These bloggers and you guys have a lot in common though I suspect they live under considerable more danger.

  3. Um, the accusations made at Jah Cure are based on one site, but if I agree or disagree with you all? I usually does try to look for more than one qualification… I believe you all call it ITAL?


    BFP says,

    Hi Ian,

    We’ll just have to agree to disagree then… but our “accusations” about Jah Cure would seem to be based upon more than one website. You know… considering he did heavy time for rape with a gun.

    Meanwhile, about that beer…

    Maybe someday! 🙂

  4. By the way, ur delightful acquaintance has been spamming my site, thank God I moderate before comments appear – less said the better, unless you wish to e-mail me and confer?


    BFP says,

    Hi Ian,

    Robert here. We’ve been getting many hundreds of spams from our old friends who seem to be reinvigorated. The IP pattern says it is the same old gang. It must hurt to be out of power and so lost to be a nobody once more.

    No need for emails as we’ve all been through this before.


  5. They are busy, they gave you a new staff member and called me a sissy, boo hoo. They should stop writing crap in the Nation’s Business Authority, it makes them easier to find…

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