Barbados Labour Party Blog Removes Link To Website Threatening Murder Of Adrian Loveridge

“Now that the next election is approaching in 2012/2013, some folks from the BLP have asked us to remove or modify our past stories of the threats.

To that request, BFP replies: NOT A CHANCE!”

UPDATED: March 15, 2012

For seven long months in 2007/2008 the official WordPress blog of the Barbados Labour Party linked to the BFPE blog (Barbados Free Press Exposed) that published threats against many people, including threats to murder Adrian Loveridge, to burn down his business, and to rape his wife. At the time in 2007/2008 the Barbados Labour Party was asked to remove the links from their blog to BFPE but did not do so for seven months until BFP and Keltruth blog focused on the story and wouldn’t let go.

The Barbados Labour Party blog was started by Dr. William Duguid, who was an MP and high party official but we don’t know who was in charge of the official BLP blog at the time that the editor decided to link to the threats at BFPE. It is a fact though that the Barbados Labour Party knew of the threats to murder Adrian Loveridge and was content that their official BLP blog should publicize and link to the blog where the threats were posted. The Royal Barbados Police Force shamefully refused to investigate the threats, and especially after information surfaced linking some of the threats to a computer in the Member’s Lounge of the Barbados Parliament!

Now that the next election is approaching in 2012/2013, some folks from the BLP have asked us to remove or modify our past stories of the threats.

To that request, BFP replies: NOT A CHANCE!

The threats, the history of the threats, the refusal of the police to do anything about them and the shameful promotion of the threats by the BLP official blog will remain on Barbados Free Press.

As a reminder of what happened, read the following story originally published by BFP on March 31, 2008…

Takedown Follows Keltruth Blog Story Linking BLP To Threats of Violence

Who says that blogs don’t have the power to force change in Barbados?

Just a few hours ago the Barbados Labour Party – BLP – came one step closer to ending a shameful incident in the history of the party and Bajan politics.

The official BLP Blog has just now stopped promoting and linking to a website that published threats to murder political opponent and hotel owner Adrian Loveridge and his wife.

It took seven long months for the Barbados Labour Party to decide to disassociate itself from people who call for the murder and rape of BLP political opponents!

The offending website is the Barbados Free Press EXPOSED (BFPE) blog that has been active since August of 2007. The operator(s) of BFPE threatened to murder Adrian Loveridge and his wife on several occasions by posting articles and comments on BFPE and by posting comments on other Barbados blogs. They also posted comments threatening to rape Mrs. Loveridge and to burn down the family hotel.

Any threats are always of serious concern, but these threats followed June 2007 incidents of arson, a break-in and a ladder placed against the Loveridges’ bedroom window at their home.

Knowing all this but not caring, the official BLP Blog in August 2007 linked to and promoted BFPE anyway – even printing an article by the same author. Even after a second arson at the Loveridge hotel, the official BLP Blog continued to promote the BFPE website and its threats of violence and arson against the Loveridges.

For seven months, Barbados Free Press, Barbados Underground and others have been questioning this shameful and unholy alliance between the Barbados Labour Party and the people who write BFPE and their other five associated websites. How could a legitimate Barbados political party in the year of our Lord 2008 continue to support people who called for the murder and rape of BLP political opponents?

Then on Friday, March 28, 2008, Keltruth Blog (link here) posted a dynamite article that clearly laid out and publicized the BLP’s shameful actions.

The hard-hitting article Yes, there is a link between the BLP and Threats of Violence obviously shamed the co-leader of the Barbados Labour Party, Mia Mottley, into ordering the party’s blog to cease and desist.

The BLP gave no explanation, notice or apology – but the takedown is proof that even the most evil plans shrivel away when the light of truth is focused upon those responsible.

And in this case, that light of truth came from a Barbados blog…

Well done, Keltruth Blog!


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19 responses to “Barbados Labour Party Blog Removes Link To Website Threatening Murder Of Adrian Loveridge

  1. Tourist Five Times

    It is difficult to believe that the BLP linked to those threats for seven months. Was this Owen Arthur’s style? Mia Mottley owes an apology to Mr. and Mrs. Loveridge.

  2. Keltruth Corp.

    Keltruth Corp. took these threats against the Loveridges personally. Identical and similar threats against them (and against Keltruth Corp.’s writer and family) were also delivered to Keltruth Corp.’s blog, some signed “BFPE”. This happened in spite of the fact that our only connection to the Loveridges is a great admiration and respect for their courage and their significant contribution to tourism and prosperity in Barbados. And an obviously shared desire for integrity and free speech.

    Mr. and Mrs. Loveridge are due an apology, but Keltruth Corp. also deserves an apology!

  3. Keltruth Corp.

    Thanks, BFP. We could not have done this without the support of BFP, BU, and others in the blogosphere.

    We were all affected, but we have effected a change for the better.

  4. bajanbat

    What baffles me is why would anyone want to murder Adrian Loveridge? He is of little significance in the political landscape despite his apparent wish to be the next Peter Rabbit.
    Much ado about nothing; BUT every threat has to be taken seriously and investigated. Glad it has gone.


    BFP says,

    Adrian Loveridge was an effective critic of the BLP Government – so much so that Tourism Minister Noel Lynch had him fired from his part-time job as a newspaper columnist with the Barbados Advocate. When he continued to publish his works online, he was targeted by BLP supporters.

    But you are wrong when you say that the threat is gone or that it was properly investigated.

    The BLP have taken down their link to the website threats, but the police have done nothing.

    See Adrian Loveridge Again Asks For Police, Cable And Wireless To Act In Death Threats

  5. justice

    What change for the better has Keltruth effected? What if BFPE were to write a similar piece to the BLP blogsite? Now if they accepted it, I would call that endorsement!

  6. bajanbat

    I have no axe to grind for or against Mr Loveridge, the BLP or the DLP. I have usually found his articles interesting but certainly with a distinct bias against the BLP. He could not find any good in their policies which he saw as doing nothing to assist Barbados. However, despite this he still manages to run a successful hotel on this island. He would not do so if he was not making a good living, there are other places to operate hotels in the Caribbean.

    I suggest that the reason why he had some success as a columnist/blogger was that he found eager ears when he criticised a government which was obviously becoming increasingly unpopular. Parasitically he fed off that energy! Like Gabby after his transformation, Mr Loveridge may now find little about which he may write.


    BFP says,

    What an attitude: anyone who disagrees with the BLP is a “parasite”. Next you’ll be telling us that there is something wrong with Mr. Loveridge because his hotel is always full of happy tourists, while the GEMS of Barbados Hotels go begging for what unhappy clients they can lure into their substandard establishments. Perhaps you should investigate how many millions of dollars of our tax monies have been thrown away on GEMS vs. not a penny to Loveridge’s place.

    Then talk about who is the parasite, and who is not.

  7. bajanbat

    Come on, BFP. How do you read my comment as saying that any critic of the BLP is a parasite? That is not a reasonable conclusion.

    I said he used the energy from the public eagerness to hear criticism of the BLP to feed his articles. Do you really think he would have got that exposure if he was praising the BLP at that time?

    Nothing wrong with him having a hotel full of happy tourists, he must be doing something right. What I questioned is if the government policies don’t encourage tourists to the island why would he stay here? There must be other places with better policies where he could do better. He obviously is satisfied with what he earns here, despite the bad policies.

    Are those comments too sensitive? I don’t have any side in this one, believe me so don’t let’s talk about attitude!

    For my own reasons I eagerly await the promised forensic examination of GEMS and some other projects of the last decade.


    BFP says,

    You are correct bajanbat… Adrian Loveridge could do much better on another island. He could probably make several times his annual income as any one of the best resort companies would love to have him run their places.

    But he stays because he loves Barbados. And that is the strange thing – his place is always full, so it is not as if the past government’s policies have personally hurt his business. Therefore he has stayed the course fighting for our country and our people.

    You make it sound as if he has received something other than trouble for his efforts. Heck, the last government established government funded hotels to compete with him!

  8. bajanbat

    Very true, no argument there.
    I am not as convinced as you and obviously many others are of his motives for stayiing. I may be cynical but I have seen too many similar persons who have used Bajan good nature and the advantages of our country to fill their pockets. At the end of the day I believe that Mr Loveridge is doing what he does for his benefit, which is right and proper but it would be difficult to get me to believe that it is for the love of our country.


    BFP says,

    Friend, everyone looks after their self and their family, but few go beyond that to look after neighbours and the community. Adrian Loveridge has put more into Barbados than most who were born here, and that is a fact. Some of the other “foreigners” who have come to Barbados and have given in some cases literally millions of dollars to the public good are also pilloried because of their entrepreneurship and success.

    Remember: without entrepreneurs we would be less like Barbados and more like the workers’ paradise of Holguin, Cuba…

  9. bajanbat

    Quite right. Many of the “elite” on the west coast who are frequently treated most shabbily on call in shows by callers and certain, not all, moderators give millions to the benefit of the lower income Bajan. I know this because I am in a position to see a little of what they do. They seldom seek any publicity, there is hardly ever a “grip & grin” picture in the press or on TV. Thus the public does not know of their generosity and kick them in the teeth at every opportunity.
    I can accept your comments about Mr Loveridge’s contributions to our island.
    No one who really loves freedom wants to live in Cuba ….

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  13. BFPE no longer exists, as pertains to the DLP blog – however BFPE’s “Editor” made threats at me (and my pets) too, so naturally I support the decision here not to mend or ameliorate previous entries – which comes back to why I objected to Zed Layson’s threat (still have his note on Facebook) and Free Press supporting ZL while animals suffer as Bajans engage in primitive practices – yet I must alter my entry while you remain unchanged? Already done but SMDH & BHOW 😦

  14. Hey tried leaving the remark, and I was told my email must register or Log In? Used the other address and now get published? Have I been BANNED? 😀 Did I offend the White Boys Network? (Oh, BHOW means = Bang Head On Wall)

  15. Greg

    LOL, if it’s one thing we can stand, it’s a damn foreigner telling us the truth about ourselves! Go for it, Adrian and Margaret, you’re a national resource!

  16. tedd

    political tolerance is the cornerstone of a democracy and the wall against facism. maybe we have become too pragmatic to worry about ideology but , respecting someones right to have a different opinion to ours is the same as our right to have an opinion. one cant exist without the other. let us not take the fast track to becoming an intolerant banana republic. history will show us the dangers of being intolerant

  17. boarcatrules

    bajanbat is Raquel B’S cyar do nuh wrong…porkpie she.

  18. Bill Gibson

    “Now that the next election is approaching in 2012/2013”
    Start a new party with young people who want change and throwing out the “old”!
    To change something in Barbados you have other options too.
    Such events must get out to the world. There is Wikileaks, Twitter and other.

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