Bermuda Government Puts Pressure On Royal Gazette Newspaper – Advertising Revenues As A Weapon To Control The Press

Bermuda Government Kills Advertising Contract With A Newspaper That Won’t Keep Quiet

The Bermuda Government has axed subscriptions and advertising contracts with The Royal Gazette – a newspaper that describes itself in this way…

“The Royal Gazette aims to cover the whole community fairly and accurately ands to act as an independent voice. It is not affiliated with any political party.”

Apparently Premier Ewart Brown and his crones consider The Royal Gazette to have been acting a little too independently and they are now seeking through financial extortion of the island’s only daily newspaper – to control the news that citizens read.

We on Barbados can sympathize with the Bermudians as our news media was under the same extortion for years of BLP government. Whether things will change significantly with the new David Thompson DLP government remains to be seen.

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6 responses to “Bermuda Government Puts Pressure On Royal Gazette Newspaper – Advertising Revenues As A Weapon To Control The Press

  1. Hants

    Prime Minister David Thompson and the DLP are fortunate to be in a position to create a legacy as the most open and honest Government Barbados has ever seen.

    After the abuse the press is believed to have suffered under Owing and the BLP, all he has to do is let them write any and everything they want.

    I will bet that they would be forced to print only what they can prove to be true.

    If you are honest there is nothing to fear from the truth and you can sue those who lie about you.

    Let ITAL and true freedom of a truthful and honest “mainstream” press be the cornerstone of our democracy in Barbados.

    Blogs will continue to be where one can publish truth, lies, innuendo and then extract what we choose to believe.


    BFP says,

    Two points we would mention in reply, Hants…

    The mainstream media both in Barbados and worldwide have shown many times that they can publish “truth, lies, innuendo”.
    Your admonition to folks that “we should extract what we choose to believe” applies not only to blogs, but to the mainstream media too.

    Point two…

    Would the “transparent” government of David Thompson please publish the information on the bizjet flight that he took to and from New York City. Thompson’s failure to address this openly has started his term off with anything but transparency.

  2. John

    March 30, 2008 at 7:19 pm
    Prime Minister David Thompson and the DLP are fortunate to be in a position to create a legacy as the most open and honest Government Barbados has ever seen …….


    … since just before independence.

    I suspect the previous houses of assembly got up to mischief too but the further back you go you will find a term was only one year, ideal for keeping Governments in line.

  3. Wishing in Vain

    The reality of the situation is that even on the 31 st of March 2008 the NATION NEWSPAPER has not yet woken up to the fact that there was and election held on the 15 th of January 2008 and the ruling party of the day were evicted from power and control of this great island we call home.
    Since the election the paper has shown a clear bias towards positive coverage for the blp, not sure how they manage to spin it that way as they are totally out of sync with the citizens who charged the blp with arrogance and corruption and gross misconduct in office, but their effort to make the blp look good is ongoing, what a job they have on their hands made even harder with the reports being filed on things such as HARDWOOD HOUSING, Urban Development, National Sports Council, explain how Booza King could charge the organisation he is part of and involved in $48,000 for catering for less that 120 persons at an event held by the N S C or where did the container of donated shoes from the gov’t of China to the people Barbados get sold by these same bastards, this is only the tip of the iceberg these are some among others.


    BFP says,

    Please provide the details about the shoes, WIV. Names, dates, where etc.

  4. Wishing in Vain

    Stay tuned to this station, trust me as real as it comes.
    The reality of the extent of the reach of this corruption is unreal.


    BFP says,

    We know how bad it was, WIV.

    What we don’t know is whether people will go to jail for it or not. We don’t know if the Government will launch wide-ranging international lawsuits in attempts to recover the offshore funds… or if it will hesitate because that knife cuts both ways.

    We are also extremely disappointed with the lack of transparency and accountability shown by the PM over the bizjet issue, and his broken promise to immediately adopt the Ministerial Code as he said he would.

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