Greenland Dump Undermined By Springs But The Lies Continue

As of February 21, 2008 at the Greenland garbage dump site, the underground springs had been breached and attempts to pump dry had failed. During digging of the cell, the mechanical digger broke the underground spring which flows downhill from the 800 foot escarpment overlooking Greenland valley. There are five springs which run from the escarpment through the valley.

Labourers working on Greenland Plantation recall the springs broke the surface at several points and they could drink water from these springs.

A large diesel pump (in the Williams’ Construction blue and gold colours) with a six inch intake hose attempted to pump the water off into the Greenland river system but it kept flowing. After days of pumping, failing to get rid of the water, the engineers of J.R. Burnside of Toronto, Canada who did the retrofit study of the first attempt to build the dump site, (which had been designed and supervised by Stanley Engineering of Edmonton Alberta Canada – now trading as Stantec) ordered a large quantity of granite boulders brought to Barbados from Dominica at considerable expense.

(One can see the large pile of volcanic boulders by the flour mill near the shallow draft of the Bridgetown port next to the pile of white sand which is covered by black plastic with tyres which was imported for the beach reclamation along the south coast.)

We are told that this retrofit of Greenland had come in on time and under budget. THIS IS A LIE.

No contract for the building of a leachate tank or system for treating leachate has been awarded to date. The estimated cost is $25 million. No civil engineer will design and sign the plans for the foundation for the leachate system as this area has a long history of landslip and storm washout. This leachate will then drain downhill into the Greenland River and enter the sea at Green Pond on Morgan Lewis Beach: destroying marine life. It will also endanger the people and livestock living in or near Shorey Village.

I recommend that Ricardo Marshal and Stanton Alleyne of the Solid Waste Department, Ministry of Health, Government of Barbados – be frank and fair with the Hon. Prime Minister David Thompson and his Cabinet advising in writing the dangers of siting a garbage dump at Greenland.

Professor Robert Speed, geologist who worked on the geology of Barbados and is acknowledged worldwide as the authority on Barbados’ geology, has stated both verbally and in writing that he cannot tell the Barbados Government where to site a garbage dump but Greenland is the worst location in Barbados due to its long history of landslip and storm washout.

Professor Hans Machel, Geologist of the University of Alberta, Canada, with seventeen years experience of fieldwork in Barbados has also spoken and lectured on the dangers of siting a garbage dump at Greenland. Records show that there were storm rainfalls of over 20 inches in 24 hours in the years 1900 to 2000 and that massive landslides followed.

Prime Minister Thompson, please demand that the full scientific truth of the hazards of siting a garbage dump at Greenland be revealed to you so that you and your cabinet can stop the garbage dump at Greenland. To date $80 million has already been spent or committed. The government should adopt the recommendation of the Landis Report of 1984 which said that Barbados was too small a land area with a tourist economy and too large a population to site a landfill anywhere on the island.

Incineration which converts waste to energy, along with sorting, composting, recycling and incineration of 40% of the 1100 tonnes of solid waste produced in Barbados daily is the recommended system. Unless you take this fundamental decision, Barbados will suffer financial and environmental disaster.

Richard Goddard


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31 responses to “Greenland Dump Undermined By Springs But The Lies Continue

  1. Wonderful to hear good common sense from Richard Goddard again.

    How can we be sure that this message is heard by the Prime Minister and Minister of Health?

    Will The Nation print it as a Letter to the Editor, or is it too politically sensitive?

  2. Green Monkey

    Sad that we have to be still having this debate and fighting this senseless battle after all this time and so many millions of hard earned tax payer dollars have been p1ssed away for nothing by the incompetent and corrupt BLP administration.

  3. iWatchya

    Interesting reading… I agree with this article.

    There are HUGE forces in play in these areas.
    If you talk with the old folkes they will tell you about the massive flooding, erosion and major land slides that have happened over their lifetime.

    The possibility of liquifaction occuring during an eathquake is also very real.

    One of the things that alot of these (GOB) reports may be missing is proper historical analysis.

  4. iWatchya

    Green Monkey:

    Yes it is sad that our governments missmanage projects all the time.

    When will the DLP goverment implement their viable options to the Greenland Dump?

    Isn’t the GOB going with the same Greenland project? So, who is calling the kettle black?

    Are you going to tell me that there is NO other option available to the GOB?

    Will they start a goverment unit to oversee, plan and implement capital projects transparently?

    What is a crying shame is that the DLP is doing the exact same thing with this project!

  5. Hants

    Greenland can be safely used as a landfill no matter what Richard Goddard says.We have the Engineering Technology in this world to do it.

    However, a layman’s estimate would put the cost at a Billion repeat Billion dollars to do it properly.

    From the time “I know myself”, the Scotland district was a “dangerous area susceptible to land slippage and slides.They taught us this in school.

    Richard Goddard is the same Bajan as the rest of us so how come he has to fight this battle on his own.

    BFP you can do Barbados a favour by putting this issue in the Graphic at the to of this blog.

    I think part of our problem as Bajans is that we grew up thinking of the sea as a Garbage dump and that anything we throw in it will disappear.

    The idea that we can destroy a reef with chemical leachate from a dump is a difficult concept for some of us to grasp.

    We have to find a solution to the Garbage problem without destroying our environment.

  6. Permres

    In a recent post on another thread on this subject, Vision Alert asked,

    “Any chance of exporting our garbage as an interim/emergency measure? I know it would cost, but so would a hurricane disaster, there must be some money somewhere, we hope. A nearby recycling plant might even give us a few dollars for it, to offset the cost a tiny bit.”

    I did not see any response to this idea. Is it totally absurd?

  7. Thewhiterabbit

    Shipping garbage is costly, but can be done. It is, however, an unsatisfactory solution for the long term. The answer to the dilemma has been before us, ever since, when Bizzy and the boys offered to build and operate an incinerator. Incineration can be made to produce electricity, thus reducing the importation of expensive oil. The ash, contrary to BLP propaganda, is not inherently toxic and can be used in a variety of building projects. It can also be disposed of at Greenland for a short term fix while a better long-term repository is prepared. All of the above can be done by year’s end, IF GOB gives the go-ahead. Why GOB’s, of various shirt colors, cannot make this simple decision is beyond me. Perhaps the problem is the color of something other than the shirts?

  8. Rumplestilskin

    But no one is looking at the reason behind the absurdity of the previous administration pushing Greenland?

    I go back again as to why St.Lucy is being rejected for incineration/ dumping.

    It is apparent that there are big plans afoot by the ‘big developers’ for St.Lucy and this is what is determining the refusal to turn to the obvious, by the ‘powers that be’.

    Those big boys have got strong arms to twist with.

    As I have said before, if anyone has land in St.Lucy, do not sell for cheap!

    Plain as day.

  9. Green Monkey

    It is apparent that there are big plans afoot by the ‘big developers’ for St.Lucy and this is what is determining the refusal to turn to the obvious, by the ‘powers that be’.

    You mean St. Lucy has been set aside to be used for COW pasture?

  10. only me

    this article is garbage ,,throw mr goddard into the landfill or the mental hospital

  11. Rumplestilskin

    Green Monkey, nice turn of phrase!

    Yes, alla dem big guns.

    Looks so to me, not you?

  12. Floyd

    I hate to say this, but as the revelations continue to mount up it is clear that somebody needs to spend a day at Dodds.

    The auditor general’s latest comments are shocking.

    Where was Owen Arthur the great economist and manager?

  13. reality check

    “this article is garbage, throw mr goddard into the landfill or the mental hospital”

    You are right its only you

    any one sane with an ounce of common sense knows that Greenland is an economic and environmentally insane choice.

    then again maybe its a form of civil service or tribal insanity based on some form of infallibility like the Pope and Barney Lynch.

  14. Jeppa

    Green Monkey
    March 25, 2008 at 6:28 pm

    It is apparent that there are big plans afoot by the ‘big developers’ for St.Lucy and this is what is determining the refusal to turn to the obvious, by the ‘powers that be’.

    You mean St. Lucy has been set aside to be used for COW pasture?

    I heard that it is Oprah that buying up St. Lucy. Anybody else heard this one?

  15. The Truth

    Could you include some photos with your text for your readers….

  16. Biscuit

    Over the years we have read and listen to Richard Goddard’s fight against the Greenland dump so rightly he got concerns about the site with the many reasons he flagged up for the public to made aware of the downside of the dump.
    Going the other direction by installing incinerators is this going to be the best option for a small island state with limited funds .There just as many problems with incineration as at Greenland . to me its like going from the frying pan into the fire !!

    The way to go recycle

    With the help of outsider agents we could get some funding for the educating the public in recycling

    35%Kitchen and Garden waste
    11% Plastic
    9% Glass
    9% Metals
    11% The rest
    these % may change for Barbados the source UK
    all these areas need to be researched to find what is the best solution for our Island .
    for nonreturnable glass bottle and plastic bottle banks at the supermarkets/gas station .
    Once month a green collection so householders , hotels and businesses would trim trees and bushes for composing and resell back to the public rather than importing.
    Use old fashion shopping bag or supermarket sell green bags to shoppers to stop using plastic bags. none returnable bottles to the bank. Metal cans sorted and source market .
    The rest food boxes and poly plates and cutlery put a tax on these item and supply more garbage bins in public areas use reusable plates and cutlery clothes shoes ?

  17. Rumplestilskin

    I eagerly await new Land Zoning, Ownership and Use Legislation.

    Such would be the first step to a better way in the way things are done in respect of real estate ownership and use in Barbados.

    This is essential to ensure a future fair Barbados without significant social unrest.

    And it is essential, now!

    Can we expect this?!

  18. John

    March 27, 2008 at 10:21 am

    I eagerly await new Land Zoning, Ownership and Use Legislation

    … aka the PDP due since 1991 by law!!

  19. what is?

    What is “PDP”? How could something be “due since 1991 by law” and not be done? I don’t know “PDP”

  20. John

    PDP=Physical Development Plan
    Defined in Town and Country Planning Act.

    oops, ….. think last one was in 1991, so due since 1996 by law is probably more correct.

  21. Rumplestilskin


    Thanks for referring to the legal requirement.

    I was looking it from purely a socio-economic development viewpoint.

    So, as it is required by law and not done, we can assume negligence on the part of the previous administration, if not deliberate?

    How much grace period does the new administration have to get this in place?

  22. Green Monkey

    Garbage to power 20,000 Sydney homes
    28th March 2008, 8:30 WST

    Sydney’s garbage will be converted into enough green electricity to power 20,000 homes, the NSW government has announced.

    EnergyAustralia has agreed to buy the 25 megawatts of electricity which will be produced by Veolia Environmental Service’s Woodlawn bioreactor, a landfill site located at a disused mine site near Goulburn.

    Energy Minister Ian Macdonald says bioreactors like Woodlawn are better than normal landfill sites because they maximise gas production.

    “Landfill gases contain methane, which is 21 times more potent in its greenhouse warming potential than carbon dioxide,” Mr Macdonald said.

    “The Woodlawn bioreactor captures the harmful greenhouse gas produced and uses it to generate electricity for homes and businesses.

  23. Permres

    I would like to bring to everyone’s attention the excellent paid advertisement by Richard Goddard on Greenland, published in the Barbados Advocate of April 9th, 2008.

    Sorry cannot provide a link yet, and cannot be sure that this has not already been mentioned in any of the blogs here.


    BFP says,

    Hi Permres,

    Yes, we saw it and SOMEONE (shona) said she would scan it. So we’ll probably have it up by the end of today… won’t we darlin’?

  24. permres

    We have gone a bit quiet again over Greenland, and I have lost the blog where a Dutch (I think) company was offering to install a waste management system. An offer, they said, which they had already made in the 90s.

    When things go quiet how DO we find out from government what progress they are making? Do we telephone a minister directly?


    BFP sasy

    Hi Permres,

    We will put up Richard Goddard’s advert today – later this afternoon when I get to work.

    You can always use our search box at the top… type Greenland and you’ll see many old articles.

  25. Thistle

    Huh! Call a minister directly?? You’re really reaching for the moon! Leave your name or a message? THEY DO NOT RETURN CALLS! Write a letter? It gone straight in File 13. Sorry to be such a wet blanket, but its the truth.


    BFP says

    We need a Freedom of Information Act that has real penalties for government officials who refuse to adhere to the law.

  26. Thistle

    Please release my comment, BFP! Nothing derogatory in it, surely?

  27. Thistle

    Freedom of Information Act, yes, I agree, but more than that, we need the Big Ups (not just politicians, but business persons and others who consider John and Jane Public “beneath” them) to learn some basic manners. Who remembers when way back in the 1950’s, and maybe beyond, the RBPF motto, which was displayed on their vehicles, was “Manners Maketh Man”? If a minister or other Big Up is too snowed under with work to take all phone calls, then designate someone with common sense and a “listening ear” to take some of the calls and try to help solve the problem. It would go a long way to making the enquirer feel noticed, at least. LEARN SOME MANNERS, you lot!

  28. Thistle

    Oh, Lord, I’m in moderation, AGAIN??


    BFP says,

    Apparently, six minutes in moderation is beyond your patience level. 😉

    I’ll have a look at your last post to see what touched off the filters. Nothing that I can see offhand. I’ll let you know.


    Back… OK, I had a look at the spam filter but I can’t see any words on the list that were in your comment. Sometimes the thing has a mind of its own. Sorry Thistle, I can’t see why it grabs you and John much of the time.

  29. Thistle

    Okay, thanks, BFP. John and I must be VIP’s!!!

  30. no name

    I agree, Thistle, but we are at a disadvantage as long as we are beneath them and they like it that way.

    What makes these people so “big up” is the power they have and abuse (arrogance we see every day). They are no different to anyone else.

    If information is not recorded then no Freedom of Information Act will get anyone anywhere and because of this, our country is floundering.

    The root of the problem lies with those responsible for making sure the information we seek is recorded so that we can see it. This is when “power” will be tested.

    We are in for the long haul and are getting somewhere.

  31. Gilly

    Forget all the talk about land erosion and slippage. Who in their right minds puts a landfill in one of the most beautiful parts of a country where tourism is the biggest economic driver?

    Hey, Mr Minister – I have some ideas to integrate the landfill with tourism:
    – Landfill tours for cruise ship passengers
    -Cesspool snorkeling
    -Poopview Parasailing