Robot Dog Is The Scariest Thing I’ve Seen Since Mia Mottley!


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You Must Watch This Video!

Ok, ok… we stuck Mia’s head on the robot dog for a laugh, but we had to do something because you won’t believe this technology.

Funded by (who else?) the United States military, this Boston Dynamics project is truly unsettling.

I have seen the future, and I don’t like it one bit!

(But darn, I wish I had the software and knowledge to put Mia’s head on the real video and have the thing walk around with her talking. Oh baby, that would be too funny!)



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17 responses to “Robot Dog Is The Scariest Thing I’ve Seen Since Mia Mottley!

  1. You all really sank your teeth in to preparing this item, huh?

  2. Adrian Hinds

    Bad comparison. The Robot’s four legs are equal to one of Mia’s. 😀

    I am Bored. 😀

  3. reality check

    actually the comparison is not that bad—something like the energizer bunny that keeps on running—the bunny and dog on battery power and Mia on some form of manifest destiny of historical entitlement with power and a government printing press as the motivator.

  4. ROBOT

    robot ‘s dog does not look like that
    my dog is not even close to that

    wtf is that anyway ?

  5. Babaloo

    A nice 4 legs soldier…

  6. Green Monkey

    A nice 4 legs soldier – One that doesn’t need to eat, sleep, or get rotated out of the war zone for a six month or one year breather from the action, and furthermore it won’t even complain about the grind of army life.

    If it steps on a land mine and has its legs blown off it won’t need months or years of expensive medical treatment and rehab, and, even better, if it gets wasted after taking a hit from an RPG there won’t be any relatives stateside to get upset over the loss of a loved one and add to the pressure on politicians to bring the troops home.

    Sounds like a winner all right. I just wonder how long the batteries last between charges.

  7. boom

    Slanderous – (Slander) harmful and often untrue; tending to discredit or malign

  8. boom

    Libel-Slander Defamation Lawsuit

    Defamation and libel are defined as a false statement that injures someone’s reputation and exposes them to public contempt, hatred, ridicule or condemnation. If the false statement is published in print or through broadcast media, such as radio or TV, it is called libel.

  9. Adrian Hinds

    March 20, 2008 at 10:53 pm
    Libel-Slander Defamation Lawsuit

    Defamation and libel are defined as a false statement that injures someone’s reputation and exposes them to public contempt, hatred, ridicule or condemnation. If the false statement is published in print or through broadcast media, such as radio or TV, it is called libel.

    awe haw we bettuh shut up, some faceless doppleganger is pointing the way to sudden destruction for talking about Mia. haha ha ha ha my guess is that um is bare lies and inuendo to say that Mia Mottley is fat, too obese, smokes, has smokers lips, has a baritone voice common amongst men, issued comments that precipitated a fierce public debate on homosexuality, which lead to the then PM calling on all to cease and settle, informing us that she was wounded and deeply hurt. Indeed how libelous is it to report on the national rumour surronding her sexual preference? Isn’t there such rumours? Rumours not being the truth, but the truth is that they do exist, and if stated as such, how does this defame someone? Do you even understand the word defame? How does someone defame Mia Mottley on something that every Barbadian has heard???? schhuupppsse.

  10. It is creepy, just looked at it now – in one way like two hind legs aimed at each other, in another? It is like two pairs of human forearms… Hopping, Skipping – jumping; uh, do you feel they have cloned humans yet and not admitted it? On the page was a startling comparison to US-Bush/GOP and Nazis in terms of advancing science via military…

  11. banned

    Hmm, a few steps from replacing people in the labour market. Imagine an immigration problem with these things. Would they pay NIS?

  12. A Cylon forerunner? Do they have plan? Tune in to Sci Fi Channel, Friday April 4th to find out! 😀

  13. Green Monkey

    Another case of better living through technology.

    Lamperd, a “firearm training system” company, has patented a bracelet that delivers debilitating shocks when remotely triggered. Their killer app for this is aviation safety: they’re proposing that the TSA could force everyone who flies to wear one of these and then flight-attendants could zap us into a stupor if we turn out to be Al Quaeda.

    A method of providing air travel security for passengers traveling via an aircraft comprises situating a remotely activatable electric shock device on each of the passengers in position to deliver a disabling electrical shock when activated; and arming the electric shock devices for subsequent selective activation by a selectively operable remote control disposed within the aircraft. The remotely activatable electric shock devices each have activation circuitry responsive to the activating signal transmitted from the selectively operable remote control means. The activated electric shock device is operable to deliver the disabling electrical shock to that passenger.

    At first I thought this was a joke. After all, April fools day is quickly approaching, but the Boingboing article includes a link to a patent including a patent number for the device at the US patent office.


    i see the terminator not very far over the horizon
    we are usually led to believe that certain devices are for use only on the ‘bad ‘guys, but with the creation of the right laws , we can very quickly become those very same ‘bad’ guys . a little scary . you can bet that if this has been released for public consumption , there is whole lot of other similar stuff already developed not being showcased . more scary . this might just be the litmus test for public reaction to such technologies.

  15. Green Monkey

    [b]Soviet Style Snitch Poster Being Used On Trains[/b]

    Many of the blogs have picked this one up.

    This poster is reported as being used on the MARC commuter train (between Baltimore and DC). Click the poster for an enlargement.

    If accurate, this is yet another visual reminder of how society is slipping back into a Stasi-like climate whereby everyone is trained to be suspicious.

    Click here to see the poster:

  16. Green Monkey

    Weaponizing the Pentagon’s Cyborg Insects
    A Futuristic Nightmare That Just Might Come True

    By Nick Turse

    Biological weapons delivered by cyborg insects. It sounds like a nightmare scenario straight out of the wilder realms of science fiction, but it could be a reality, if a current Pentagon project comes to fruition.

    Right now, researchers are already growing insects with electronics inside them. They’re creating cyborg moths and flying beetles that can be remotely controlled. One day, the U.S. military may field squadrons of winged insect/machine hybrids with on-board audio, video or chemical sensors. These cyborg insects could conduct surveillance and reconnaissance missions on distant battlefields, in far-off caves, or maybe even in cities closer to home, and transmit detailed data back to their handlers at U.S. military bases.

    Today, many people fear U.S. government surveillance of email and cell phone communications. With this program, the Pentagon aims to exponentially increase the paranoia. Imagine a world in which any insect fluttering past your window may be a remote-controlled spy, packed with surveillance equipment. Even more frightening is the prospect that such creatures could be weaponized, and the possibility, according to one scientist intimately familiar with the project, that these cyborg insects might be armed with “bio weapons.”

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