Venezuela Says War Has Started – Colombia Says Chavez Funded FARC Terror Base In Ecuador


Photo: 13 year old girl – kidnapped and made a child soldier by FARC. See Human Rights Watch report You’ll Learn Not To Cry: Child Combatants In Colombia

On The Edge Of War

In case you haven’t noticed, a few of our neighbours are making noises that sound very much like war. The short story is that US-backed Colombia raided a FARC terrorist base in Ecuador without asking permission of the Ecuadorian government.

Of course, the reason that Colombia didn’t ask for permission first is that Ecuador has been looking the other way (at the very least) while FARC uses their country as a base for carrying out thousands of murders and kidnappings in Colombia.

Leftist Hugo Chavez had aligned Venezuela with Ecuador against Colombia and sent troops to the Colombia border for some saber-rattling when the big news broke…

FARC Laptop Computer Points To Venezuela Funding FARC Terror In Colombia!

Colombia says that when it raided the FARC base last Saturday and killed 24 guerrillas it recovered a laptop computer showing that FARC had received over $300 million dollars in support from Venezuela. Ecuador and Venezuela say this is nonsense, but reporters who have seen the data from the computer say it is compelling.

War cannot be dismissed, and neither can the potential scale of war be shrugged off as both Colombia and Venezuela are armed to the teeth.

Will This Impact Barbados?

Even if one does not become involved in neighbour disputes, you have to pay attention when gun battles take place on your street. Barbados is not next door, but we are close enough that we should be concerned about the economic and social consequences of an area war.

What do you think folks? How does this developing situation impact Barbados?

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41 responses to “Venezuela Says War Has Started – Colombia Says Chavez Funded FARC Terror Base In Ecuador

  1. Bajanboy

    BFP, please delete the previous post as it includes text and should not have been included.


    BFP says,

    Hmmmmm, Bajanboy. We deleted it, but it was posted for some time. I wouldn’t be surprised if someone grabbed a cut and paste. Now what?

  2. Bajanboy

    Chavez is a madman and an egomaniac whose grandstanding will not win him any friends. He has strong support among the poor who have benefited from his social programmes. The country is very corrupt and very violent, and I can see the American’s using this event, should it deteriorate into a serious conflict, as an excuse to try and topple Chavez and put in place a more a more moderate President who will keep the oil flowing. Thank God we are not getting any oil from PetroCaribe.

  3. rumboy

    America cannot topple anyone or any Goverment. The days of it being a superpower are long gone. It cannot even defeat a band of rebels in Iraq so how could it topple a goverment, Chavez or otherwise. Wake up Bajanboy.

  4. Bimbro

    Bajanboy, I agree with u. Chavez is very wealthy now, because of the oil, has been itching to put his military to work and has now obtained the opportunity. He might well regret it. As you intimated, if Uncle Sam kicks him, militarily, he might be very sorry that he ever thought of getting, ‘above himself”!!!!

  5. no name

    Any talk of war will mean talk of refugees.

  6. Mathilde

    Im glad to read this. I am Venezuelan and i hate when I read the Chavez-sympathetic $#!% in the Nation. Those ‘journalists’ have no idea what it’s like living in Venezuelan now. Crime has escalated to never before seen levels. There is no more middle class, he destroyed it. You are either dirt poor or you are his buddy getting some blood money. When the Opposition tried to have rallies he gave out MACHINE GUNS to his ‘fans’ so they could have their say too. He went to primary schools and asked the children to pray to God to give them milk. Of course no milk appeared. Then he told them to pray to him for milk and while their eyes were closed gorvernment lapdogs put little tatra packs of milk on their desks. YOU NEVER HEAR ABOUT THIS IN THE NEWS. And yet even with this brainwashing campaign he has in place (it gets alot worse, parents are scared of sending their children to school because they will turn into little monsters that happily tell on their parents who may have reasonable complaints against the Government – it is like the Big Brother in 1984) there is no milk in the supermarket, no toilet paper, basic necessities are scarce, people have to wait in line to try to get into supermarkets that do have, only limited numbers are allowed in because fights breakout for food. Alot of people think,”oh the USA will help” that is rubbish. the USA cannot help, they need that oil, and they dont have the resources to help anyone anymore, they will get criticized for not ‘minding their own business’ too, so why should they help. We dont expect anyone to help, who can? The man is psychotic, he can only be taken out from the inside. But thank you for publishing this because the Nation will probably spin it in some way to make Chavez a hero.

  7. cherry2enpowered

    America is no longer a superpower, true but you are assuming that America is in control of its own destiny.
    [Internationlists bankers] have secure the oil pipeline in afganistan after us invasion and the opium trade have been revived.
    Iraq invaded under the pretext of weapons of mass destruction[ still to be found], again securing oil interests.
    Seems like they are itching for a war with Iran over nuclear program[ time will tell on that particular agenda] and last but not least
    US have hinted on the issue of being invovled in the US back Columbia/Venezuela issue. Not forgetting that Chavez have cut back oil exports and not sufficently affecting OPEC, that would not go down to well with the internationalists bankers.

    Yes, Iran and Venezuela are next on the list.Chavez being so predictable have bit the bait. The conflict will increase, Venezuela will be invaded and the oil secure with a puppet g’ment.

  8. Sam Gamgee

    Just goes to show what little in this world we have control over.

  9. reality check

    the divisive politics of playing one segment of society against another such as rich versus poor, white versus black, all in the name of power has many many examples in our history in the past number of years.

    The only people who suffer in this kind of power politics is the general population who lose their freedom and their purchasing power through lack of stability, people moving out and the economic pie getting smaller and smaller.

    This kind of politics happens in every part of the world including the US, Canada and Europe. Fortuneately, checks and balances in government institutions and transparency laws prevent these situations from becoming dire.

    Owen greatly admired Chavez and Fidel because of their power. Chavez, unfortuneately has ruined his country’s economy and freedoms for the sake of power. The only thing that is keeping him in power is the presence of oil and guns.

    The US needs to transfer its energy direction immediately to nuclear and alternative energies with a whole host of strategies so that their foreign policy is not dependent on dictatorships.

    This whole strategy of increasing dependence on energy supplies from unstable and autocratic regimes shows terrible leadership and direction by the Bush administration.

    This fundamentally flawed thinking including outsourcing jobs with taxpayers monies, Iraq etc, will leave Bush a legacy of one of the worst Presidents in US history. Owen will have earned the same kind of legacy.

    Barbados needs to move its embassy to democratic regimes that increase our trade and commerce and don’t simply try and ingratiate themselves with more dictatorships.

  10. Is it really so hard to spell COLOMBIA correctly?

    It must be one of the most common spelling errors in use.

    Just because the country is named after ColUmbus we can’t spell it with a U. His Spanish name after all was Cristobal ColOn, as in “colony” and “colon cancer.” In his original Genoa, he was Cristoforo ColOmbo.

    “Columbia” is a university, a big river , the capital of South Carolina, etc. But it is NOT that big Caribbean neighbour to the southwest which the U.S.A. only spends billions on because it is the source of most of the illegal drugs going into North America.


    BFP says…

    We plead guilty to the dangers of cut and paste. In our favour, we got it half right. 😉

    Now where I did left dat dicshunairy?

  11. cherry2enpowered

    I am patiently waiting.

  12. cherry2enpowered

    Okay nitpicker, ColOmbia is correct. Wrong vowel.

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  14. Banned

    When you compare the known ills that American presidents have caused over the years, in particular the current one, I mean the ridiculous prices that are now being set by American companies (and not OPEC as many neophytes would have the brainless understand) are a direct result of the selfish and unjustified invasions by the US in Iraq and Afghanistan. US companies control the price and delivery on oil in the world, not to mention that all trade in the mineral must take place with the use of US$ only. The venom heaped on Chavez when so much of the criticism comes from the local upper crust and US sympathisers. After all of the verifiable good that the man has done, I mean which of you nincompoops can truly define a “terrorist”. Many of you people need to get out more.

  15. Hants

    What percentage of Venezuelans were living in poverty before Chavez and what was the lifestyle of the Rich?

    Leaders like Chavez usually emerge because of poverty inflicted on the masses by the Rich.

    I know very little about Venezuela so I await answers to the above.

  16. Pat


    Iran opened an oil trading stock exchange about six weeks ago. It was practically ignored in the western press. The results of this: Iran’s oil will not be paid for in US $, but in Iran currency or an alternative specified by Iran. Many oil producing countries are moving to trade on this exchange. The high cost of oil is in part reflective of the sunken value of the US $ (inflation). Most US oil companies are reaping mega profits in the neighbourhood of $ billions a quarter. This is net income. It is highway robbery. There is no reason to charge $1 a litre so that they can make mega profits and pay unseemly bonuses to top management in the neighbourhood of $30 million.

    Everyone with money should go out and buy some oil shares. Preferably a Canadian company , in a stable country with stable government.

  17. Bush Tea

    Chavez is probably the best thing that has happened to Venezuela in the last 50 years, but he is not a US lackey -so I guess he must be the devil.

    Despite oil revenues, Venezuela will continue to be challenged until they can solve the fundamental problem of national poverty – MASS EDUCATION. Unfortunately this is a one- generation project at best.

    Last time I was there I concluded that while he was no Errol Barrow, his heart was in the right place for Venezuela….

    To my mind, his strategies leave much to be desired, in that he is too confrontational as a national leader. (but so was our short man…)

    …. but If you are familiar with the typical South American temperament this would be no real surprise….

  18. Banned

    Saddam Hussein two decades ago decided to lead the African and Mediterranean oil producers away from trading in US currency. That was the foremost reason he was invaded, not once but twice (No Kuwait, no WMD’s but protecting the US $). He also lost his life, or so we are told. Iran understands the threat that the Euro poses to the US and has a better chance of success than Hussein who at the time had probably only Sterling as an option.

  19. Banned

    Bush Tea

    Chavez is a Military man. He is confrontational, in a much polarised environment sometimes that is what is needed. (Churchill). And E.W. B would never have witnessed the magnitude of distress and despair that exists in those very exploitative South American countries.

  20. Mathilde

    Both Banned & Bush Tea are completely ignorant of the reality of Venezuela. Chavez controls ALL the media and you will NEVER hear the truth. Every year for the last 30 years things in Venezuela got worse, but in the last 4 years the avalanche has quadroupled in speed. How is giving machine guns to his poverty stricken voters a good thing?

    How is stealing farmlands and turning them into his own private recreational ranch a good thing? how is allowing the Avila, the last bit of green mountain in all of Caracas to be consumed my the disaster-waiting to happen mud houses a good thing?

    HAVE YOU BEEN HERE RECENTLY? OR EVER? The parks and public areas now have Indios from the Amazon living on them, their naked children running around dodging the human feces on the ground, begging and if not begging, stealing. This is NEW. Sabana Grande, a once lively and pleasant shopping boulevard has become a cesspit of crime and human waste.

    People are TERRIFIED of Chavez. and its not just the rich, anyone with eyes and a brain can see what is happening. Since he gave out those machine guns, the crime, which was horrible to start, has worsened, everytime I think this poor country has hit rock bottom we somehow manage to find an even worse despot. He wants to change the constitution so he can stay in power INDEFINITELY. and the two towers that blew up.. no, not in NYC, in Caracas, that had documents of a questionable nature that were going to be used against him… I know alot of this stuff doesnt reach the international world but I thought enough did for even idiots to realise something is VERY wrong with Venezuela.

    But maybe you would like a war to break out in South America? let them kill themselves off.. I’ve heard that before. Chavez promises every election for miracles, the poor and uneducated, who are desperate, fall for it each time, and he never keep those promises, he will make 1 thing happen and flog it in the media, touting what a wonder he is, but has it really made a difference, NO! Instead of giving all of Venezuelas money to buy himself political allies in other countries he COULD actually use that money in Venezuela, I am sure the populace would LOVE to suddenly have FOOD again. Or even perhaps negotiate to free some of the Venezuelans who have been kidnapped, but wait, would that get international recognition and win him a Peace Prize?

    No, Chavez has an agenda and everything he does has an ulterior motive. My family may be poor but even my uncle who liked Chavez at first and saw him as a saviour has realised this man is the worst of a long line of despots.

  21. rumboy

    Mathilde –
    You are obviously writing with a lot of passion and your observations if correct and honest are eye openers but was Venezeula any better of ten years ago. I spent quite a lot of time there back in the 90’s and I still can remember looking out of my hotel and seeing the shanties up the mountain side and realized that people actually occupied those little huts. I bet nothing has changed and it never will. That is the crux of the matter and if and when he goes another will take his place. This is the fruit from the tree that America planted in the 50’s and 60’s and for them to become involved again would be even more detrimental to all except the rich. Anyway you don’t have to concern yourself on yankee involvement as Iran will finish them off. Hopefully they will last long enough to when Mr Obama takes over as I totally believe that he and not necessarily the Democrats will save America. Good luck to you and your family and most importantly remember that this little island can be your home.

  22. Mathilde

    Thanks rumboy. Venezuela has been a mess for as long as I have been alive, its true, but it has gotten alot worse recently. Any good Chavez does is spoilt by his violent leanings. The shanty towns are all over, like I said, even the Avila is being consumed now. But there was always a middle class buffer. That has been destroyed. And the Government donated weaponry has not helped at all. We even have a police ‘eye in the sky’ for crime now. Anyways the way I see it, it would take a miracle from God and no mere mortal to fix this country.

    I like Obama alot but I have a bad feeling the Bible belt will backlash against him and ‘cut off their nose to spite their face’ and vote for McCain. Neither of the Democratic contenders are the ‘safe norm’. When I read the insults slung at Hillary based soley on her gender I am horrified to think these people have mothers and wives (haha, I am a woman as you can probably tell now). However between the two I think Obama has more of a chance, he has a clean record, nothing they can really dig up for mud slinging except the Muslim background. But the poor guy is going to have his hands full cleaning up his own house first before looking at his neighbors backyard..

  23. rumboy

    The bible belt is not large enough to stop the tide of change and remember that more than half of the belt is Afro American. With Hillary,she will probably spend more than half of her working day saying something like ‘ Bill, I’m the President now ‘. Take care of yourself and your family.

  24. Mathilde

    haha, well lets hope so!! Im tying up loose ends here and I will be back in Barbados for good soon.

  25. Cooligan

    I only have one comment to make and that is when i think of these countries with these high levels of desperate poverty and i see leaders buying guns and bullets and tanks and planes i think they must be insane.

    Does the average BFP reader know the cost of a plane or tank? It is quoted in millions.

    Does the average BFP reader know that when you take the maintenance costs, training costs and personnel and support costs the price doubles in less than 3 years and continues to double?

    So I cannot praise leaders who build insanely large military forces to satisfy their own egos. Venezuela has no traditional enemies. She has no realistic chance of becoming a world superpower and has nothing to gain from a hegemonistic attitude. So why waste money that could feed the poor. Say what you will about America and Britain but very few go hungry there.

    The sad thing is the unneccesary armies built to fuel a despot’s ego are inevitably used to sustain him in power if not overtly like Castro in a subtle way by negating the natural checks and balances provided for in a democratic system.

  26. Troubled

    I say let his neighbours attack him….then it will be over….he is a sick man!

  27. Hants

    Banned…thanks for the link.

    I wish all the BFP bloggers would read that article.

    It still amazes me how Rich people try to justify paying employees starvation wages.

    It must be difficult to have to walk past your Employer’s 1/2 million dollar Bimmers and Benzes and you only making $50 per day as is the case in Barbados.

    Word to the wise. Pay yuh maid well and treat her properly .

  28. Straight talk

    Venezuela got oil.

    USA needs oil.

    Venezuela gets targeted by USA.

    It may be by proxy, e.g. Colombia, but sure as eggs is eggs, some reason will be found for regime change in Venezuela.

    The land of the free !

  29. Bush tea


    You sound like one of the old rich elite in VZ who enjoyed the good old days when the poor were lost away out of sight and could do no more than to suffer in silence.

    I am sure that you enjoyed the good old days when ‘Indio’ labor was dirt cheap and only the rich had guns.

    Chavez must be a real pest to people like you….seeking to treat these ‘masses’ like real people… building their expectations, finding them work and places to live (in your precious parks).

    I apologize for the unfair disruption caused to your lifestyle…. to why would he waste precious resources buying guns and tanks? …. same reason as Castro – George Bush would have had him dead years ago had he not done so…or at least lost away in a US prison on a trumped up charge like the former Panama President…
    ..what you coming to Barbados for…? massa days done here too…

  30. Mathilde

    Bush Tea you’re ignorant so I forgive you. My grandmother is one of those Indios and my grandfather emmigrated from Lebanon. I am not Oligarchy, I just have a brain.
    And as for your massa days crap, I can say as the descendent of the original inhabitants of this region to shut up. People like you need to look before you leap.

  31. Mathilde

    Chavez didnt tell the Indios to live in the Parks, they are starving and illegal miners keep bombing their rivers filling it with mercury and killing their livelihood. They came to the city to beg for help they have not received, Chavez to busy starting wars.

  32. Mathilde

    oh and p.s. I think the current USA administration is just FINE with him, their puppet Carter came here and told us everything was extremely democratic when I have heard eyewitness accounts of the new fangled voting computers messing their votes.
    Not surprised, I believe Ive read Carter had a big part to play with Iran and what it has become.

  33. Bush Tea

    Read again, Mathilde.

    I said nothing about your grandparents, I said that you SOUND just like the Oligarchy (and you do)…if indeed you are Indio ….then you have even bigger problem than I imagined.
    … anyway, thanks for your forgiveness….

  34. Mathilde

    I sound like oligarchy because I dont like Chavez? geez. but have you even read my posts? I havent liked anyone whose lead Venezuela for years and years. And I am sorry, but the things that have happened here do not paint a pretty picture of our current leader either. I cannot close my eyes to what I see. We had hope for him but he has yet to deliver. At least before we were not on the brink of war and it was always possible to find food.
    My cousin has scurvy and has lost many of her teeth at the age of 30 from malnutrition. My uncles family of 4 live in a one bedroom apartment and the children are left alone 5 days a week because the parents have to work in the country t make any money. We have never been rich but it was never this bad before. I am lucky because my father is Barbadian and I can leave but I worry about those who cannot. To compare me to oligarchy because of that is an uncalled for insult.
    But I cant expect you to know the whole story since you dont live here. I dont even know it all myself. I would however, expect an open-mind at least.
    Anyways, I dont like to fight, but I do get upset about this situation, its frustrating how little of the big picture gets out there and how much the Chavez media control has deceived the world. Remember that history is written by the victors.. It is not all roses here. He is no saint as he likes to portray himself. You may choose to think he is God’s gift to mankind in the end but as a person on conscience and intellect I hope you will leave room for doubt and perhaps if possible research the topic from all angles before you make up your mind and quarrel with someone who has to live with the facts, please!
    I am done, I only posted originally so some people could hear the things that are hidden, not to fight. Thank you for your time and I hope any of what I have said sheds some light on a shrouded subject. Goodnight!

  35. Bush tea

    I hope you do not stop now…

    You certainly have presented a whole new perspective to me. One always got the two views of the traditional wealthy class feeling threatened by Chavez who enjoyed the support of the poor masses because he promised hope; and actually attempts to provide resources never before enjoyed or even dreamed of by the working class.

    …and I apologise, but you sounded like oligarchy – not because you dislike Chavez (remember that I also dislike some of his tactics and strategies) – but because of WHY you said you disliked him. (sounded to me like you disliked his empowerment of the poor with their naked children playing all over the previously pristine parks etc)

    I would be very interested to know (genuinely so) why a product of the poor working class would be against the only leader in over 50 years to articulate AND DEMONSTRATE (even if somewhat flawed) intentions to uplift the masses of poor?

    You sound like an intelligent person, so I am sure that it is not because Chavez has obvious weaknesses….who doesn’t?
    I am also sure that you understand that as a military strongman, guns are his symbols of power – and without them he would have been long gone in that US led coup attempt or otherwise.
    I am sure that you know that no matter how much oil money is thrown at the poor in VZ by Chavez, the attitude of poverty will not be addressed for at least a generation…and only through mass education.
    …and I am sure that you know that the elite are unlikely to view the changing status quo favorably…
    ….just a small point – My grandparents were first generation freed slaves / plantation laborers, but I would be hard pressed to describe myself as anything less than ‘oligarchy’ some 60 years later…this was made possible through our own ‘Chavez’ of that time (E.W. Barrow). His ‘weapons’ were aggressive leadership -which riled the then oligarchy, and mass education…. fortunately we had no valuable oil reserves to attract the world’s policeman’s attention at the time, and to further complicate matters.

  36. fyah

    yet Still the Dominican Prime minister is signing onto some deals with that man. he ready for the US and super powers to put a banned on dey citizens to stop entering Dominica.

  37. Cooligan

    Bush tea , with or without the guns and tanks if the US wanted him dead he would be dead. they tried in the early days with Castro but realised after a while that sometimes assassination simply creates martyrs and larger than life figures, eg JFK and Martin Luther King, they can wait, eventually Castro and Chavez must go and they will go without having made substantial strides in improving the prosperity of their people. i pose a question but before you answer know that i am not a US apologist and I fully acknowledge that “all countries act in their own selfish interests”.

    i also acknowledge that the US has been a dominating bully with hypocritical double standards in their foreign policy and actions. BUT does that give Chavez and Castro the right to deny people the choice to fairly select the direction they wish to go in? Does that give them the right like Mugabe to remain in power by any means because the other options may succumb to the lures of the western world namely capitalism? Does that give them the right to waste hundreds of millions on arms when the poor are hungry and the young seek advancement and education? The answer can NEVER be yes.

    With regards to negating the power and strength of the traditional elite classes the answer can be found in Barbados and the USA; redistribution of wealth through progressive taxation as in Barbados and providing Educational opportunities so that successive generations can lift themselves socially and economically. Barbados can boast of a middle and upper middle class whose parents were fishermen, canecutters and menial labourers and the easiest place to go from piss poor to being a millionaire is the USA. Say what you want about them but if you work hard or are brilliant you can make a fortune there.

    Chavez, Castro and Mugabe deny their poor and downtrodden that chance. the only way you can make it to the top is to align yourself with the ruling regime. all that is done is that a new elite has been created and that is the failing of totalitarian regimes; they purport to save the people from imperialism and the elitist classes but they simply crush them under the weight of a new elite.

  38. eureka

    While I accept your general point, you have to bear in mind that democracy is for the lack of a better word, a misnomer. It really doesn’t exist.

    All political parties are controlled by the same power base so in effect it is like changing from a grey suit to a brown suit; the change is merely cosmetic; same old same old. In short, whatever ideology is in control, whether it is capitalists, communists, socialists, whomever; all that means is: control of the masses by the few.

    Also, going from piss poor to being a millionaire, the reverse process is also very common. The very same persons who went from rags to riches, many of them ended up in the same old rags again. The american dream is really no dream at all; it is more like a dangling carrot.

    Rihanna had better be very careful and keep her head on as she is sure going to be targetted by this said very system.

  39. From what I hear on CNN the sabre-rattling threat of war against Colombia is over.

    All it took was an apology from the president of Colombia to his Ecuadorian counterpart for having trespassed into his territory to hunt down FARC military rebels, or terrorists, depending on your point of view.

    This was suspiciously similar to Turkey “invading” northern Iraq to hunt down Turkish Kurd “terrorists” encamped across the border in Kurdistan.

    One suspects that the U.S. State Department may have told the Colombian leader, “The Turks got away with a mini-invasion in Iraq. Why don’t you try the same thing? We’ll back you up.”

    Ecuador was honour-bound to protest vehemently that its soverign boundaries were breached, but it could only blame itself for having allowed FARC forces to operate from the Ecuadorian base for so long, and done nothing about it. Tacit support in effect.

    As for Venezuela’s StrongMan Chavez, he was glad for a chance to earn points with his Ecuadorian colleagues, and twist the tail of the mighty U.S. at the same time. Having a boundary dispute served to distract his Venezuelans from their other problems, for which he is loth to bear the blame.

    Thank the Lord we are an island and only have to worry about economic and immigrant invasion from our neighbours. That’s bad enough!

  40. Rojo

    The FARC-EP have been continously slandered against in the Colombian and first world media.

    La FARC-EP do not kidnap children and would never force people to fight.

    The laptop scandel concerning Chavez and Correa is bogus. It is obvious tampering has been involved as well as deleting information regarding the paramilitaries and illegal narcotics.

    The FARC-EP does not participate in drug smuggling, that would again be the paramilitaries. Look in the news where they were recently caught, and then shipped to the US overnight because they were going to reveal a trail all the way to Uribe. Funny how his cousin along with everyone surrounding Uribe has been convicted or wanted on corruption charges but no one seems to think he would be involved.

    Colombia is the most corrupt government in Latin America.