Barbados Greenland Dump Project Killed By Government – Thank You Richard Goddard

david-eswick-angel-barbados.jpg Health Minister Dr. David Estwick

New Barbados Government Takes First Steps Towards Modern, Responsible Waste Management

Barbados Minister of Health and Social Security Dr David Estwick announced yesterday that Greenland dump will not be used as a sanitary landfill because of the risk that garbage posed to aquifers in the area. (See Nation News article Dump Halt)

Wise decisions become relatively easy when our government ministers are intelligent and honest. It certainly beats stupid and corrupt anytime.

The previous BLP government wasted almost 60 million dollars or more trying to make the site work in the face of 150 years of overwhelming evidence that the soil at Greenland is unstable, prone to landslip and that it would be an ecological disaster to continue.

Both outside and Bajan experts warned of massive damage to coastal areas and beaches if the project continued and no engineer could be found who would sign off on the design of the leachate holding tanks because they were sure to crack on the unstable soil. Yet, the BLP government continued to spend tens of millions more dollars having their construction friends move sand and rocks from one area to another for no purpose other than profit.


Richard Goddard Carried The Flag For Us All

For almost two decades Richard Goddard sounded the clarion about Greenland dump. He organised, wrote letters, sought out experts, took photographs, lobbied the government and the media and researched the long history of landslips and disasters in the area surrounding the Greenland. When the Barbados news media would not print the truth, he printed flyers and sent emails in a person-to-person campaign to educate and warn his fellow citizens.

When the Barbados Labour Party persisted with the folly, he took the government to court. And when the courts did the government’s bidding and many others gave up, Richard Goddard continued the battle.

This is not to take away anything from the many others who fought the war of ideas and truth about Greenland dump, but it was Richard Goddard who was the public face of that war, and as such he was ruthlessly attacked by the government of the day.

Harassed, Vilified, Crops Torched, Business Audited…

Goddard was vilified by many BLP Government Ministers. His crops were burned several times to the point where he no longer planted because he knew his fields would again be fired. His business was audited in a manner that left no doubt that the BLP government was sending him a message. On national television, BLP Cabinet Minister Liz Thompson dismissed Goddard as being “Caucasian” in a racist attack that had nothing to do with the issue of the Greenland dump. (BFP article & video here)

And still he persisted in his campaign to stop a national disaster in the making.

The Work Must Continue

At this moment it appears that Richard Goddard and his fellow citizens have won a great and just victory for all of Barbados. And, judging by the new Health Minister’s comments about the need to stop the dumping of cooking oils and other liquid waste at Lonesome Hill and to start treating garbage as a resource, the message of environmental responsibility has been heard loud and clear by the new government.

We must remain vigilant and active to ensure that the new government does not falter on the path, and there is still concern about what will happen to Greenland and other irreplaceable natural areas on Barbados…

… but for a few days we can take the time to say prayers of thanks, to celebrate this victory – and also to say a sincere thank you to the man who stayed the course.

Every person on this small island owes Richard Goddard a great debt.

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To list all the Greenland Dump articles at Barbados Free Press, type “Greenland” into the search box in the upper right.


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53 responses to “Barbados Greenland Dump Project Killed By Government – Thank You Richard Goddard

  1. Wishing in Vain

    I would like to sing the praises of both Mr Goddard and Minister Estwick for showing good judgment and sense in their handling of this matter.
    While praising the above I also must share licks to the former Minister liz thompson for her bull headed approach to this matter and many other matters relative to the welfare of this nation.

  2. 2 Cents

    I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate this Minister for his no-nonsense approach so far in managing the various departments under his care.

    I hope that as you continue to battle and expose the wastage, corruption, fraud, inefficiencies and down-right criminal behaviour within these departments and the former administration that you will use your passion to knock the Richard Sealy’s within the cabinet out of the PR, nicey nice spin that they seem to be in.

  3. Green Monkey

    Every person on this small island owes Richard Goddard a great debt.

    If anything that is an understatement. Thank you Richard Goddard, and thank you Dr. Estwick.

  4. Red Lake Lassie

    Thank you Mr. Goddard. I didn’t know that they burned your crops or audited you for harrassment but it does not sound unlikely for the past government.

  5. peltdownman

    I doubt if many of us can really understand what Richard Goddard went through during the days of the Scotland District Association’s challenge to the building of a dump at Greenland. You have described much of it above, BFP, and you must be congratulated for that. They tried to finish-off his pig farming business, and, because the press refused to publish his comments, he was forced to spend a large amount of his own money on paid adverts. Richard Goddard is a strong man, both mentally and physically, and he is also as stubborn as a mule. He could not and would not be moved. All Barbados owes him a great debt, and I hope that one day he will be rewarded tangibly for the stand that he took.

  6. passin thru

    The same type of government attacks on Mr. Goddard happened against others too for other reasons and over other issues. We must never forget the oppression that happened under the BLP government.

    Mottley’s statements about the internet needing to be censored and her part in the past government should be painted on walls so we never forget. Dale Marshall’s whitewashing of the corruption that happened when the jail was built should never be forgotten.

    We must not forget!

  7. Hants

    What bothered me most about Barbados in recent years is that a lot of things we were taught or experianced has been forgotten by most.

    Richard Goddard must be commended for the stance he took and David Estwick is performing as expected.

    Garbage dump,Clay soil, the sea. In layman’s opinion was a disaster in waiting.

    I have another concern and this time it is Flooding in Holetown but I will deal with that later.

  8. peltdownman

    It’s now time to move on with Greenland, and I was a little disturbed by the Minister’s comments that it could be used to dispose of “non-toxic residue”. Surely, there are many sites that would be suitable for such a purpose without destroying Greenland. That site has such potential for eco-tourism, and even as an open-air amphitheatre, with a lake! I would beseech the government not to condemn this site forever as a disposal for any kind of waste. The Greenland valley is one of the most beautiful, peaceful, and spectacular valleys in the Scotland District – what an opportunity we have to make the previous disaster into something special.

  9. Praise the Lord and Richard Goddard that sanity has at last prevailed over obdurate BLP stupidity. Mr Goddard deserves a medal for fighting so long and so hard for our island’s best interest.

    But it should also be said that Barbados Free Press has been a stalwart supporter of this cause, as have a good number of us who have continued to hammer at what we believed to be the truth.

    The archives of this blog bear witness to the efforts that I and others have made over the past eighteen months to highlight not only Mr Goddard’s views, but also the expert opinion of Prof. Machel who was brought from Canada for an analysis which was then ignored.

    One has only to look at what Prof. Machel says in his three-part treatise to see his recommendations where the alternate dump-site should be until we get to grips with the scientific methods of re-cycling and incineration which are the acknowledge long term solution.

    All credit to Richard Goddard for his crusade, in the face of governmental calumny, and to those of us who supported him. God is still in his Heaven watching over our precious Rock.

  10. Time will Tell

    The Year: 2012

    The Month: June

    The Event: BLP returns to Govern

    The Pork barrel projects remove: NCF, others

    The Terminated: Entire Cabinet, Adrian Loveridge, Senator Haynesley Benn, Undine Whittaker etc.

    The Prosecuted: Leroy Parris, Lawrence Duprey, Leonard Walters, Sir Roy Trotman,

    The Arrest Warrants Issued: Tony Hall, Ikael Tafari

    The Businesses Seized: Barbados Advocate, Simpson Motors, CLICO Holdings, BFP & others

    The Governments Prosecutor: Elliott Mottley

    The Feeling: Priceless!

    I’m already excited! How about you?

    Just Kidding!


    BFP says,

    Time Will Tell is assuming that the crooked members of the last BLP government will be out of the new prison by 2012.

  11. This is MARVELLOUS news! **Applause**

  12. Bajanboy

    Richard Goddard and Adrian Loverage have a lot to teach Barbadians about standing up for what is right, even in the face the most hostile circumstances. Barbadians have become too selfish and self-centred in that if something does not directly affect them, they do not care about it.

  13. Jerome Hinds

    A very considerate decision taken by a caring DLP gov’t led by His Most Excellent, PM Mr. David Thompson.

    It is a pity the former PM refused to go on the WARPATH when the health of all Barbadians were in danger due to his obdurate decision Re : Greenland Dump and its location .

    Even in the face of his lilliputian…George Payne referring to such a decision as ” Environmental Madness ”

    I am now further convinced that Barbadians after 14 years……are seeing the workings of ASTUTE LEADERSHIP…post 15th Jan 2008 !

    Bravo….Comrade David Estwick & David Thompson !

    DAVID….has indeed slew GOLIATH !

  14. Thistle

    Now that we can all breathe an enormous sigh of relief over Greenland (for which thank you, Richard Goddard and Dr. Estwick), would the Government perhaps consider the plight of Graeme Hall? I know we have to take one step at a time, but might not time be running out for Graeme Hall?

  15. no name

    Bajanboy said “Barbadians have become too selfish and self-centred in that if something does not directly affect them, they do not care about it.”

    And they watch their “brothers” being oppressed and victimized in the worst way and do nothing.

    Congratulations to Richard Goddard for continuing the fight in spite of the stumbling blocks. We salute you Sir.

    Thank you to the DLP and Mr. Estwick for your common sense and choosing not to let ego dictate.

  16. Time will Tell


    Never in the history of Barbados, was there a Goddard who was an environmentalist.

    Richard Goddard, Environmentalist.
    Joseph Nathaniel Goddard
    Joseph Goddard
    Victor Goddard
    Colin Goddard
    Geoffrey Goddard
    Mr. Patterson

    If you (BFP) are to be taken seriously, then you must address them for who they are. “Barbados’s oldest and biggest family clan”

    Not bad for a bunch of former plantation owners!

    * Airport Restaurants Limited � Barbados
    * Goddard Catering Group (Antigua) Limited � Antigua
    * Goddard Catering Group (Barbados) Limited � Barbados
    * Goddard Catering Group Caracas S.A. � Venezuela
    * Goddard Catering Group Bogota Ltda � Colombia
    * Goddard Catering Group GCM Ltd. � Cayman Islands
    * Goddard Catering Group El Salvador S.A. � El Salvador
    * Goddard Catering Group Guatemala S.A. � Guatemala
    * Goddard Catering Group (Cayman) Limited. � Cayman Islands
    * Goddard Catering Group (St. Lucia)Ltd. � St. Lucia
    * Goddard Catering Group St. Maarten N.V. � St. Maarten
    * Paradise Springs – St. Lucia (A division of Goddard Catering Group (St. Lucia)Ltd.)
    * Goddard Catering Group (Guayaquil S.A.) – Ecuador
    * Goddard Catering Group Uruguay S.A.- Uruguay
    * Goddard Catering Group Bonaire N.V.
    * Goddard Catering Group Margarita, C.A.
    * Goddard Catering Group Curacao, N.V. – Curacao

    Manufacturing & Services

    * Caribbean Label Crafts Limited � Barbados
    * Goddards Shipping & Tours Limited
    * Hipac Limited � Barbados
    * Industrial Canning Company Limited � Barbados
    * McBride (Caribbean) Limited � Barbados
    * Purity Bakeries Limited � Barbados
    * The West Indies Rum Distillery � Barbados

    Import and Distribution

    * Corea & Co. (1988) Limited � St. Vincent
    * Coreas Hazells Inc � St. Vincent
    * Courtesy Garage Limited � Barbados
    * Fidelity Motors Limited – Jamaica
    * Hanschell Inniss Limited � Barbados
    * Hilbe Investments Limited � Barbados
    * Hutchinson (Antigua) Limited � Antigua
    * Independence Agencies Limited – Grenada
    * O.D. Brisbane & Co. (Antigua) Limited � Antigua
    * O.D. Brisbane & Sons (Trading) Limited – St. Kitts
    * Peter & Company Limited � St. Lucia
    * Tropical Battery (A division of Courtesy Garage Limited) � Barbados
    * W. B. Hutchinson & Company (St. Lucia) Limited � St. Lucia
    * Jonas Browne and Hubbard (Grenada) Limited – Grenada
    * Sunbilt Limited

    Associated Companies are:

    Airline Catering

    * Allied Caterers Limited � Trinidad & Tobago
    * Goddard Catering Group Paraguay S.A. � Paraguay
    * Goddard Catering Group Quito, S.A. � Ecuador
    * Industrial Catering Services Limited � Jamaica
    * Inflight Caterers (Grenada) Limited � Grenada
    * Goddard Catering Group St. Thomas Corporation � St. Thomas USVI
    * Tobago Inflite Catering Limited � Trinidad & Tobago
    * Versair In-Flite Services Limited � Jamaica
    * Goddard Catering Group Bermuda Limited
    * Island Grill (St.Lucia) Ltd. – St.Lucia

    Manufacturing & Services

    * Anti-Septic Limited � Barbados
    * B.E.V. Processors Inc. � Guyana
    * Bridgetown Cruise Terminals Inc. � Barbados
    * Precision Packaging Inc. � Barbados
    * Country Road Investments Inc. � Barbados (trading as Tropical Laundries)
    * Lazy Lagoon Ltd. St. Lucia
    * Casuarina Beach Club Ltd. – Barbados
    * National Rums of Jamaica Limited – Jamaica
    * The West Indies Sugar & Trading Co. Ltd.

    Import and Distribution

    * Trimart Inc. – Barbados

    Financial Services

    * Sagicor General Insurance Inc. – Barbados
    * Globe Finance Inc. – Barbados

    And to think it all started in Barbados is scary!

    That’s who you should put in the new prisons…..


    BFP says,

    Now let me get this straight. You think that Greenland dump should go ahead? Are you saying that your BLP government hated Goddard for his family’s businesses and therefore continued with the dump to somehow punish him? Or that people who are successful in business should be put in jail?

    What is your point, Time will Tell?

    Frankly we’re a little hard-pressed to get your point – except maybe to cloud the issue and remove attention from the criminal activities of your BLP government.

  17. John

    I am not trying to be difficult but ……… it is worth remembering that it was the DLP who put Greenland as a site for the landfil.

    The BLP went after its implementation in a singleminded fashion and flew in face of local knowledge.

    It is the DLP now who apparently has made the decision to remove Greenland from the list of sites as a landfill and signalled its intention to look again at incineration.

    While Governments come and go, we Bajans are the ones to feel the results of poor and good decisions and it is we who need to stand up and be counted when faced with idiocy.

    We also need to let our feelings be known when we get a good decision. It doesn’t hurt to give jack his jacket, because it is his.

    We need to remember that when we sit quietly by and let foolishness happen it is left to a few who will go the distance to battle for their beliefs.

    Thank heavens there are some Bajans who still have the backbone to say no when it is unpopular to do so, ….. and thank heaven especially for Richard Goddard.

    The DLP is taking the right path where garbage is concerned.

    There is big business in garbage and it will work out in the long run if wisely treated.


    BFP says,

    As always, John’s historical perspective and knowledge provide insight on just about anything that happens on this rock. Any chance we could persuade you to run for office next time, John?

  18. Sam Gamgee

    I kept wondering what was going to be done about greenland. I feel better now. Not 100% satisfied but I feel better now.

    John, you sure you worded that sentence right? I understood/understand that the DLP had looked at Greenland as a possible site. You used the word put.

    I guess the new gov’t is truly behaving like a new broom. But I would still offer a word of caution; take it easy, think and work everything through so that there will be less room for blunders.

  19. Hear, Hear, Thistle on your suggestion that Graeme Hall National Park be refreshed as a topic for consideration/implementation.

    Arthur’s turning down Matthew Kerins “Caribbean Splash” application (for a water fun park on ABC Highway) just before he was kicked out was wonderful news for those 7,000 of us who signed the petition against it. It could well be that O$A knew what would come to light in his dealings with Kerins if he was not reelected.

    It really had seemed that Arthur was determined to honour his cozy deal with Kerins despite the public outcry against it. On Brass Tacks the PM bluntly stated in respect to “Caribbean Splash”that he alone would determine what was best for the nation! This in the face of Town Hall meetings unanimous in opposition to it.

    The Friends of Graeme Hall developed the concept of a national park which would incorporate the lands occupied by Min. of Agriculture, supplemented by Graeme Hall Swamp. Government never responded to this initiative so far as we have been told.

    Peter Allard then came forward with a very generous proposal to donate the major part of his Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary to the nation if Government were to create a national park in the remaining area, which is the last remaining major tract of green open land in the Greater Bridgetown area.

    No government official ever acknowledged Allard’s offer, or commented on it, such was the apparent animosity existing between Arthur and Allard.

    It seemed as if the politicians must have had plans of their own for the land, including development for residence, commercialisation or tourist oriented use such as hotels. The land was taken away from Min of Agriculture and vested in a separate government-owned company so that the politicians could do as they please.

    Faced with such egregious insolence and ingratitude it was not surprising that Mr Allard decided he had had enough of Barbados, and put the Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary up for sale on the international market. So far as we know there have been no takers. Perhaps the door is still open to us, now that we have a new Government with a better idea of what is good for the country, judging by Greenland?

    It therefore appears timely to revive this whole issue before it too late. The Friends of Graeme Hall committee should reaffirm the strong reasons for this venture which will give Barbados a national park with many peripheral activities readily accessible to the people of Greater Bridgetown- the bulk of the population.

    There is another national park initiative around Codrington Nursery, but this would be costly, involving the acquisition of private lands. The beauty of the Graeme Hall location is that it already belongs to the nation, and the donation of the Nature Sanctuary would be a tremendous plus.

    We must all endorse this great concept before further enthusiasm for it is lost.

  20. Jukecheckedeyskirt

    Hahaha, A Greendland we did go, a Greenland we did go, hear o and merrily so, A Greendland we’ll not go.

    These are early days Mr. Estwick and I know you does shout hard and truthfully you got the look of a bully. But if you remain on this path of correctness I think I will finally look at you differently. Truthfully I really thought you were just a lot of long talk with a ‘gully bore’ mentality but I really starting to like you. Mr Thompson please I beckon you do not stray from the path of uprightness to foolishness. A lot of people are expecting much from you and so far you seem to determine to make a difference. Look to the people’s business and level the playing field a bit so every Barbadian and not just a few can reap some prosperity as well. Thank you so far. I hope I do not have to eat my words….

  21. Lady Anon

    TWT…there is always a black sheep in every family.

  22. reality check

    Common Sense wins out for the Citizens of Barbados

    Vicious Divisive Tribal Politics that seperate us as Human Beings loses.

    Thank God for the likes of Richard Goddard and many others who soldiered on through Barbados worst example of one man tyranny to date.

    Time Will Tell

    I see a family who has contributed nothing but good to the prosperity of Barbados. For all they have contributed, they are humble and a hard working lot. They deserve nothing but praise for their leadership and love of country. Thank-you for bringing their contributions to our attention.

  23. Time will Tell

    BFP says,

    Now let me get this straight. You think that Greenland dump should go ahead? Are you saying that your BLP government hated Goddard for his family’s businesses and therefore continued with the dump to somehow punish him? Or that people who are successful in business should be put in jail?

    What is your point, Time will Tell?

    Frankly we’re a little hard-pressed to get your point – except maybe to cloud the issue and remove attention from the criminal activities of your BLP government.

    Time will Tell…….says

    Not at all my friend.

    I am merely highlighting the fact that Richard Goddard had a vested financial interest in apposing this dump site.
    To ceremoniously declare Richard Goddard as our “knight and shinning armor” is also misleading. He understood very well, that such a project represents many years of guaranteed revenue for his family.

    Lastly, your continued effort to brand the past government as “criminal” clouds your judgment and hinders your ability to be objective. Therefore, the broader question is, can you give the previous administration ANY credit for ANYTHING that was well manage or executed?

    And what then are your long term, Waste Disposal Plan and it’s inexpensive cost ?

    Don’t keep us waiting too long…..

  24. John

    Sam Gamgee
    March 4, 2008 at 10:07 pm
    I kept wondering what was going to be done about greenland. I feel better now. Not 100% satisfied but I feel better now.

    John, you sure you worded that sentence right? I understood/understand that the DLP had looked at Greenland as a possible site. You used the word put.

    I guess the new gov’t is truly behaving like a new broom. But I would still offer a word of caution; take it easy, think and work everything through so that there will be less room for blunders.

    Don’t want to take away from what is a good move by the Govt of the day but my understanding was that the then Govt of the day sent the consultants back to the drawing board with their shortlist and specific instructions to consider Greenland.

    That is how Greenland got put into the mix and weighted to drop out as the choice. It doesn’t say much for the consultants.

    Think this happened around the time of the UN conference on Sustainable Development in 1994.

    The funding agency didn’t help matters either by refusing to consider incineration.

    All that is water under the bridge.

    We need to look to the future and we need to realise that there is alot of work to be done now which should have been done a long, long time ago.

    There is no room for fraudsters, three card men and miraculously birthed companies.

    The pressure is on, the issue is serious and there is no room for blunders.

    All we can do is hope and pray the Govt of the day exercises the highest possible duty of care and gets it right.

    Enough foolishness has already occurred.

    No one looks good, even the local contractor who didn’t have the courage to go with local knowledge.

  25. Jerome Hinds


    Who is that ” FINNY – HAND ” scroundrel you have at the top right of this page ?

    It is a pity the rum ” eat wey ” his teeth !

  26. Pat

    Jerome, rum does not destroy the teeth. I know lots of old dunkards who died with all 32. Drugs do – cocaine and crack. It rots and loosens the teeth and they eventually fall out.

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  28. Paradox

    Wake up Sir Richard Goddard! It’s not all a dream.

  29. Hants

    Help me out here.

    Greenland is in St.Andrew. Land in that parish, ie the “scotland district” has clay soil and is subject to landslides.

    I don’t think I have to read and spell for anybody
    on this blog but…

    Greenland was a potential disaster waiting to happen.

    It is dangerous to substitute logic and common sense with “Engineering theory” when the risks are so high.

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  31. goldenbead

    Great news! Well done to Mr. Goddard and well done to the new government.

    Barbados needs to look at garbage as a potential money earner. Reduce, reuse, recycle is the way to go.

  32. Jerome Hinds

    March 5, 2008 at 3:06 am
    Jerome, rum does not destroy the teeth. I know lots of old dunkards who died with all 32. Drugs do – cocaine and crack. It rots and loosens the teeth and they eventually fall out.

    Dear Pat,

    It was an oversight on my part for not indicating as you did that the other 2 substances you have identified also contributed to the loss of the FINNY HAND man’s……teeth !

  33. Just wanna know

    If by chance Hillary Clinton becomes the President of the USA, what would be Bill’s title?
    Would it be
    1) 1st Gentleman
    2) 2nd President
    3) Vice President

    No matter how we all see it, he’ll be back in the white house……. and giving orders, food for thought…….

  34. Pablo

    Good to hear the news about Greenland. Thank you Richard Goddard, David Thompson ( PM ) and the DLP and a special thanks to Thistle for bringing back the subject of Graeme Hall Park, which greenage followed through on and now BFP have highlighted I agree Richard Goddard has carried the Flag for all Barbadians to that person who wrote under Time Will Tell you should leave out The Goddard family they have done you nothing well done to Richard Goddard for highlighting environmental issues in Barbados.

    I Gone For Now

  35. Duppy Lizard

    Re Time Will Tell and his/her comments about the Goddard family being plantation owners. I would suggest that this individual do some more research into their origins. In fact, the Goddards are descended from the poorest of the poor in Barbados – the much maligned poor whites, ecky beckies, redlegs or whatever derogative term gives the user power. They came from the Cliff. The founder of Goddard’s Enterprises would walk barefoot into Bridgetown, sick with chiggers and hookworm. No bank in Bridgetown would lend him money to start his business. It therefore is a credit to this family and to Barbados when you review Time Will Tell’s list of their accomplishments. Shame on you for trying to take away the credit that is due Richard Goddard.

  36. penny for thought

    I think having the dump stopped was very good work, and was the better desion for barbados and barbadian alike. However i do not think that they should let the 50 million dollars that they have already spent on it go to waste. I think that they should use the sight f0r composting. Think about it, greenland is the perfect sight. The facilites are already there, greenland is always damp prefect conditions for composting. Most of all dont let 50 million dollars of bajan money go down the drain.


    BFP says,

    Your thoughts are not worth much more than a penny. Composing also produces leachate (liquid) that will penetrate into the water table. Greenland is not suitable for any such activity and we will have to (and should) kiss that money goodbye.

  37. Anonymous

    so what do you think the 50 million dollars that was already spent on greenland. Please tell BFP. This is where Barbados will always be lacking. People like you like to just stop things and leave it. Oh how wonderful greenland would look in the next five years. once again becoming barbados most expensive mosquito breading facility. They should try and do something with the place.

    And if you BFP have all the answers why don’t you run for prime minister i no i wont vote for ya

  38. outer limits

    Can we know please where the $50million went to? That is a lot of jack for nothing much.

    Public audit would be a good start.

  39. John

    Before Owen had it rezoned like the other land in St. James which earned him the Piggies at the Trough award, Greenland appeared in the physical develpment plan as a potential source of water.

    It never stopped producing water, lets figure out how much and see how we can use it.

    It is a brand new unused source of water!!

    Not much, if any, activity in the catchment.

    Perhaps an effect from the Wildlife Reserve, agriculture at Nicholas Abbey at the top and the odd marijuana farmer in the bush on the slope, but suspect not much else.

    It is probably the purest water available in Barbados right now!!

    Maybe the $50million will be of some use.

    It bugs me too that we spent that money.

  40. Mathilde

    Shame on Time Will Tell. Sound like he has a grudge against the Goddards. That family didn’t come from Plantocracy. Hope TWT doesn’t suffer from Liz Thompsons stupidity.

  41. peltdownman

    Time Will Tell
    What an appropriate name! Time has finally told us what the residents living near Greenland have known for generations – that there is so much water there, it could never work as a garbage dump. There are just some situations that you cannot engineer your way out of, and Greenland is a perfect example. Whatever you do in the Scotland District, it will most likely come back and bite you. I am sure that a good, non-garbage use will be found for the site, and it makes good economic sense not to throw good money after bad. I also need to know from Time Will Tell, exactly how the Goddards will benefit finacially from “the project”, whatever he means by that. As far as I know, Richard Goddard in now in his 70’s and long retired, though I’m sure that he has shares. So come on, Time Will Tell, let us know how the Goddards will benefit…..don’t keep us waiting too long!

  42. Pablo

    All power to the person writing under Duppy Lizard he/she has hit the nail on the head it is great to see that the History of the Goddard family is pointed out and to let Bajan’s realise that the Goddard’s are born and bred bajan’s who have contributed to Barbados upholding our Motto “Pride And Industry ” from humble ecky beckies to proud and well established business people so don’t put them down for trying to make their homeland a better place to live.

    I Gone For now

  43. If I recall correctly Richard Goddard took legal action against the Greenland Dump because it was part of the area designated and legislated to be the Scotland National Park.

    Nobody had mentioned this, but surely that is what the original plan was, and to revert to the national park concept would be compatible with its use as a pure water catchment area?

    Where’s the catch?

  44. rumboy

    Time will Tell –

    Whenever I read your comments, I know without any doubt what so ever that I voted correctly. The Goddard family started from nothing and in less than 75 years have achieved what each of us would have been proud to do.

  45. Maat

    There are many possible alternative uses for the greenland area. Before the site was chosen for garbage the lands were leased to small farmers.
    One farmer in that area invested thousands of dollars in crops and irrigation with the intention of hooking up to the brand new (at the time) water storage and pipe line system that the ministry had set up.
    This farmer ended up having to move due to the crop destroying dust from the development of a huge hole that has now cost $50 mil.
    Around this time Richard Goddard help set up a Sunday afternoon farmers market on the East Coast and encouraged locals to come out in a positive manner and get involved. He encouraged that disadvantaged farmer to continue farming and participating in the E Coast market for as long as possible.
    At one stage the Ministry of agriculture offered to lease Richard some 100 acres of land which he intended to sublet to local people who were keen to farm, with the intention of guaranteeing them a market for at least one acre of each farm, that they could grow in sugar cane. This initiative never came about, but it did lead (in a round about way) to the eventual opening up of the St. Andrews Small Farmers Association and for land in the area to be designated as a part of the land for the landless farmer program.
    Goddard knows that we only lose, or waste our time, when we give up on a worthwhile cause.
    Let us plant the hills of Greenland with trees and food.


  46. Jinx

    Time will tell makes a great point.
    I’ve actually spoken to R. Goddard in the course of historical research and found him to be a lovely, helpful man. I got the impression he was retired but if you’re a Goddard, do you really need to do anything but sit and smile as the bucks roll in?
    I don’t see (reality check) how a vast monopoly in all sectors translates as doing Barbados good. ‘Doing well in busines”, BFP, is not the same as ‘controlling everything that we eat, import, use’ lord, Just now we will have to pay the Goddards for breath!
    Again thanks for pointing that out Time Will Tell-don’t let people try to confuse the issue. By listing the ‘family business(esssssss)’ it doesn’t mean the Greenland issue is one we aren’t glad RG fought for. Thanks to him and thanks to you.

  47. Goodevening to all,let me say thanks to all those that save greenland from impending disaster.but one gentleman i will never forget,was an old man 82 yrs old at the time,when gov’ment made proposal to put the site there in 1997.
    the man was interviewed by reporters on his thoughts on greenland ,he said these words “It is impossible to put a dump at greenland,I can carry gov’ment and show them every spring from turners hall to greenland can’t go there.” had those assorted nuts listen they would have save the country time & energy.

  48. John

    Jinx and Time will Tell

    Do us a favour. Please put up another list of businesses, those owned by BS&T. Do you know if BS&T is bigger or smaller than Goddards?

    If you can, list the shareholding in Goddards, a public company owned by many interests and compare it to the 95%+ ownership by Neal and Massey of BS&T. You don’t have to go to the individual shareholder as I think the list will be too long.

    I have not got a clue what you will find but I suspect that you might find that Goddards has a sizeable Barbadian shareholding, including the Goddard family, maybe including Richard Goddard himself.

    I also think that you will find that Goddards is more diversified than BS&T but I could be wrong.

    Maybe you could help us to get an appreciation of whether it is likely to see a foreign takeover of Goddards, or indeed, if it has happened already.

  49. peltdownman

    Suddenly, out of nowhere, now that BS&T has been passed to the Trinis, the new monster is Goddards. Whilst BS&T were concentrating on monopolising at home, Goddards has been the only major Barbadian company to spread its wings overseas. I suggest that Jinx takes a good look at the list of companies that Time Will Tell has supplied and find out just how many of them are in Barbados. Goddards is a truly multi-national company. I have already asked Time Will Tell to advise us as to how Goddards will benefit from the abandoning of Greenland as a dump. So far he has failed to produce an answer. Jinx has to explain just what he means by “a vast monopoly in all sectors”, because relatively speaking, in Barbados, they have a smaller market share than BS&T and Ansa McAl in competing businesses. In the end, however, none of this has anything to do with Greenland. Richard Goddard is a hero.

  50. no name

    In Barbados ego and power often win out over common sense or business sense.

  51. Citizen First

    I am perplexed, in today’s (15 March) Nation newspaper, Minister Estwick is quoted as saying

    “I am happy I came to Greenland because now . . . I can appreciate fundamentally where Greenland needs to be used and how.

    “So unless Barbadians want to keep the garbage at home, we have to find some place to put it.

    “I will say this, I am going to be looking at what we are going to be doing to get that leachate treatment plant built. That is what I am going to say because I understand the problems at Mangrove landfill,” he reasoned”


    It seems that we celebrated a bit too early. I expect the silence from the new government’s apologists to be deafening.

  52. John

    Citizen First
    March 15, 2008 at 1:30 pm
    I am perplexed, in today’s (15 March) Nation newspaper, Minister Estwick is quoted as saying


    Remember who put Greenland on the list?

    Expediency is the name of the game.

  53. Citizen First


    Expediency ? …as in “conduciveness to the need of the moment; that which is opportune; self-interest” [from Chamber’s Twentieth Century Dictionary].

    may I suggest ‘perfidy’ as possibly a more precise description.