Adrian Loveridge Appointed To Barbados Tourism Authority Board


“If tourism is doing so well, why are we losing so many of our hotels, so many jobs in tourism?”

…Small hotelier Adrian Loveridge of Peach and Quiet Hotel, Christ Church, Barbados commenting in 2007.

New Government Should Be Commended For Appointing A Critic They Will Not Be Able To Control

A strong and vocal critic of the previous BLP Government’s tourism policies has been appointed as a board member of the Barbados Tourism Authority.

Adrian Loveridge is the co-owner of the award-winning small hotel Peach and Quiet at Inch Marlow on the south coast. His “2 star” hotel thrives in an area where many other small hotels have failed – and has won many awards including Fodors First Choice and “Best Bargain Caribbean” by TripAdvisor.Com. (That’s Peach & Quiet Hotel in the photo.)

Mr. Loveridge was so feared as a critic by the previous Barbados Government that the BLP Tourism Minister Noel Lynch had him fired from his part-time job at the Barbados Advocate newspaper. (The cowardly editor and publisher said “YES MASSA” when the Tourism Minister gave a choice of firing Loveridge or being cut off from government advertising revenues. Story here)

The same BLP Tourism Minister also arranged to have Adrian Loveridge excluded from a radio talk show panel where he was appearing. (That didn’t work out so well as public pressure forced the Starcom Radio Network to reverse that decision. During the show, Minister Lynch famously stormed out of the studio when the host asked him how he became a millionaire on a government salary. Listen to that exchange here)

The Nation News also banned Adrian Loveridge, either in self-censorship or upon request of the government. (See BFP’s Barbados Government Mouthpiece Newspaper “Nation News” – Refuses To Publish Column By Adrian Loveridge)

And Now The Spineless Lapdog Nation News Prints The Name “Adrian Loveridge” In A Story

We found out about Loveridge’s appointment when we read the Nation News article Taylor Taking Over At BTA and saw the list of new board members.

Didn’t the editor/publisher at The Nation News feel just a tiny bit embarrassed and ashamed to print the name “Adrian Loveridge” after all these years of censorship? Or perhaps the editor/publisher doesn’t really care because she knows her paper is a journalistic prostitute at best anyway?

Adrian Loveridge Can’t Be Bought, Bribed Or Forced To Bend To Government Policy

What can you do with a person who has proven himself to be both a big picture thinker about our tourism industry and incredibly successful at running his own business in the industry?

That’s easy if you are a government that is trying to make some positive changes and bring the best talent it can find to the BTA table: you hire Adrian Loveridge.

And have no doubt: the government knows that they are hiring a man who has already being banned in the news media, threatened with death, fired from employment, had his business broken into and arsoned and still would not be silenced.

In short – the DLP Government knows that Adrian Loveridge will give them and the public the unvarnished truth along with the best effort he can make.

And if anyone has any doubts about Adrian Loveridge holding back the truth about anything just because of a government appointment, they should read his latest comments about how the useless so-called detectives at the Royal Barbados Police Force have done nothing about the death threats against Adrian and his wife. (Adrian’s comments can be found here.)

We at BFP and our readers have some questions and suggestions for Adrian but we’ll leave those for another day.

Right now we just say to Adrian “Thanks for caring enough about Barbados and our tourism industry that you would accept a position with BTA”

Our best wishes and thanks also goes out to the other members of the Barbados Tourism Authority board. Here is the complete list…

Chairman: Ralph Taylor

Deputy Chairman: Austin Husbands.

Board Members

Denis Roach, Roseanne Myers, Adrian Loveridge, Dr Jeannine Comma, Eric Mapp, Shelly Williams, Michael Yearwood, Sunil Chatrani, Alvin Jemmott, Dean Jean-Marie, Steve Alleyne, Bernard Weatherhead; and a representative of the Barbados Association of Retailers, Vendors and Entrepreneurs, the Barbados Workers’ Union; president of the BHTA or his nominee; and the permanent secretary in the Ministry of Tourism or his nominee.


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49 responses to “Adrian Loveridge Appointed To Barbados Tourism Authority Board

  1. (6 for a 9)

    Congratulations Adrian. What you have done for Peach and Quiet may you do for the entire Barbados hotel stock.

  2. Red Lake Lassie

    Thank you Mr. Loveridge. Good luck because Bim’s hotels need your help.

  3. Red Lake Lassie

    “the editor/publisher doesn’t really care because she knows her paper (Nation News) is a journalistic prostitute at best anyway?”

    The Nation News reporters should read that a couple of times so they know what Bajans think of them!

  4. BFP- Congratulations to you too!

    This blog payed an important role in providing Mr Loveridge with the platform he deserved in the face of unmitigated hostility, criticism (racial) and threat from the previous administration.

    We, your bloggers, gave you full support in this, for the most part, altho there were some determined detractors who stooped to the lowest calumny to try and besmirch his character and threaten him and his wife with death, rape and destruction by fire!

    We were not able to get him the seat as Minister of Tourism (yet) that we talked about so often e.g. in drawing up the shadow government in waiting.

    You know as we do that his fully informed stance and experience is just what the BoT needs at this time to get it moving in the right direction, which probably means away from beach-front condos like that those under construction at Dover on the former Dover Convention site.

    His fellow board members won’t adopt everything he recommends, but they will know that he speaks with a clear and honest heart. He may not have been born here, but he has become a dedicated son of our soil. He has proved his love for his adopted home and will serve it well, just as Peter Morgan did before him with his hotel in St Lawrence Gap.

    Wonderful news!

  5. 2 Cents

    Congrats to Adrian Loveridge on his appoitment to the board of the BTA. It is unfortunate that he is not in the chair of this corrupt and wasteful entity. Personally, I think that the people have lost a true champion, as I cannot imagine that Mr. Loveridge will be able to continue to post on this site in the very probing and insightful manner in which he has for a very long time. Can you imagine a silent Adrian Loveridge during CWC 2007. He will be a voice in the wilderness on the BTA’s board. I must ask you Mr. Loveridge, how will you serve the BTA and the industry in light of your views which this entity clearly intends to perpetuate, e.g Best of Barbados etc.

    I must say that once again I am extremely disappointed in this Minister, it is clear that this industry will struggle with his leadership and judgement?

    Roseanne Myers??? Jeanninne Comma??? unequivocal lackies of Noel Lynch.

    Then he appoints the Franklyn boy, his friend and school-mate as Deputy at the BTI.
    When will the investigation into the operation of the BTA UK office commence??

  6. Bimbro

    I don’t wish to boast but you might recall that I urged Adrian to apply to the new govt. for precisely, such a position, on more than one occasion!!

    It’s comforting to know that he took my advice!!!!

    P.S. If only, you all, would!!!! 🙂

  7. BFP-
    Many thanks for letting me get my word in. I had not seen the (misguided) banning of “dt” at that time, and was hurt that my plaudit could be rejected.

    I may not be able to convince you you have erred in this instance, but I will sure try. I only touched on the subject because Bimbro disputed the Islamic hostility angle.

    I really can’t blame you, I suppose. Your motives are correct, and I would not have said what I did if I thought you would suspect my intent. Shame.

    I realise you won’t print this, but its the only way I know to get aheartfelt message to you. I’m NOT him.

  8. Cliverton Not Signed In

    Hi allowed once,

    BFP has discovered from bitter experience that allowing any such talk no matter how academic or well intentioned results in every nazi on the web coming to this site in a matter of 15 minutes.

    We value your input, but that particular subject is a lose/lose proposition for everyone.



  9. reality check

    lets hope the government added Adrian as a Director of the BTA for the valuable knowledge and advice he can bring to the table rather than as a bought off or silenced pawn as was exemplified by the previous governments “politrix of inclusion”.

    Barbadians need a growing tourism product and value for their money. Time will tell.

  10. Adrian L on behalf of the BU household we heartily congratulate you on your appointment to the BTA board. Our only disappointment is that your prolific writings on tourism matters may now be curtailed given your collective responsibility to the the BTA .

  11. Clive- As intimated on the “Hillary” blog, I understand and fully accept your stand. No prob.

  12. Hants

    Congrats Adrian Loveridge.

    I hope you can do something about the pathetic effort by the BTA in promoting Barbados in Canada.

  13. PiedPiper

    I am delighted Mr. Loveridge. Perhaps it is true that what goes around comes around?

  14. Rumboy

    Disappointed that they could not find a seat for Mr H. Watson on the BTA board.

  15. 2 Cents

    The Politrics of Lynching has been vile and destructive to the reputation of Adrian Loveridge along the corridors and in the boardroom at the BTA.

    It will be extremely difficult for Mr. Loveridge to obtain the respect that he deserves both as a brilliant thinker on tourism matters and as a gentleman. I am willing to wager anything, that the telephones of BTA personnel at all levels both in Barbados and overseas has been abuzz all day with the news that the Adrian Loveridge is on the board.

    How will those that have painted this name in cuss, now work with him. How will those that have perpetuated hate and open the door to threats of violence against Mr. Loveridge by their open animosity now welcome his contributions.

    As the general Mr. Loveridge would have been very effective even without that respect indicated above, however, as a Sargeant, I am afraid that he will be dismissed by those with the real power and influence.

  16. Wishing in Vain

    I would like to express my thanks to Mr Adrian Loveridge for being the lone voice in exposing the extreme poor management of the Board and Ministry of Tourism and for having the guts to stand out and make your valued opinions know to the public.
    It is with great pride that I learnt of your selection to the Barbados Board of Tourism, I trust that you continue to make a valuable contribution to this sector of the economy and to the well being of Barbados in general, my congrats to you Sir.

  17. Shoreline exec

    Congrats Adrian. You earned my respect years ago for standing up to Lynch, short man and his BLP bullies. I question why likes of Hamish Watson and May Hinds not included. I dont recognize anyone from my sector the airlines either.

    Why were Jeanine Comma and Roseanne Myers from prior BLP board not fired? They were high profile lackies and gophers for Noel Lynch. Our new government has to be careful in keeping BLP yardfowls on boards. While this may show a soft side it runs the risk of confusing and alienating core DLPites. The country voted for change.

  18. Donald Duck, Esq

    What about mr weatherhead? Was he not a BLP follower? Is Thompson also practicing the politics of inclusion?

  19. Bimbro

    I only touched on the subject because Bimbro disputed the Islamic hostility angle.


    ‘allowed once’, I wish I knew what u were talking about!! R u sure that you’ve the right poster in quoting, me!! Really, I have n’t the foggiest what you’re chatting about!!!

    As for Islam!! Please, I’ve got to try and have my breakfast, in a minute!!!!

  20. Bimbro

    A belated, thank you, to me for suggesting him for such a role, would n’t go amiss, either and would possibly, suggest that he has some manners!!!!

  21. ??

    Action speaks louder than words. Lets see how Loveridge handles himself. He is full of ideas but will Mr Taylor’s monster ego allow him to make a valuable contribution?

  22. Thistle

    I really did not wish to be the one to say it, but now that Donald Duck has questioned the appointment of Bernard Weatherhead, I can assure you that he not only WAS, but very definitely IS a BLP supporter (in fact my information is that he is actually a MEMBER) and was a very close buddy of Tom Adams. I was surprised and shocked at his appointment. I don’t think it’s a case of politics of inclusion on Thompson’s part, because from what I can understand, his Ministers have freedom of choice and he doesn’t interfere with their decisions. Bernard Weatherhead – according to a member of his own family – is a very shady character.

  23. Thistle

    BFP: I think your spam filter has grabbed my comment. I don’t think it was offensive. Could you free it up, please?


    BFP Says,

    good Sunday morning to you Thistle. I don’t know why it grabbed it but it is approve now.


  24. Jukecheckedeyskirt

    Hahaha I just love Barbados and at the same time it makes you just wonder. A man of such tourism brilliance (regardless of what his adversaries may say or think) is ridicule, malign and discredited for telling the truth. What do we do, we attack the colour of the man’s skin, sought to discredit him and use intimidation tactics to silence him. Why?Because as soon as our will is not forced upon another the way we would like it, we resort to cowardice approaches.

    Our articulators know fully well that fictatious facts only fool the- not- so informed but when in the presence of those who know the truth; skillful rhetoric does not prevail. What is the truth here, that Adrian Loveridge knows more than a thing or two about the industry of tourism and believe me a whole lot more as well. Why then was his skills not utilized because it was better for then administration to simply demoralize.

    Man I just like so far what the new Prime Minister and his cabinet ministers are doing (like I said… so far ). The progress of mending damaged and broken fences and bring healing to afflicted wounds seems first on the agenda of this new administration. The only negative I can bring to bear is that Mr. Prime Minister you just got into power, you should have known better relative to the private jet thingsiebobsie. Mr. Prime Minister you should have known such a move would have brought you into disreptute.

    Be that as it may, Mr Loveridge you deserve to sit on that board. Prove now to all your critics and those with the Tourism Ministry who also may have oppose you because of political oppression of affiliation why your reputation as a tourism guru proceeds you. Good move Government of Barbados

  25. Wishing in Vain

    What about Mr Weatherhead, I think that you will find that the same Mr Weatherhead is more disgusted with Owing, Odle and Lynch than most of us would every be, he has a role to play after all he has been around tourism all his life.

  26. Thistle

    Thanks for freeing up my comment, George. You can now delete the other one that’s awaiting moderation, as its the same thing. Thanks.

  27. De Eagle

    How can the Minister of Tourism and the Prime Minister appoint that Board after commenting on the low moral of Staff in the House. You are telling the public of Barbados that you could not find new honourable people who could step up to the plate and make a contribution to this important industry. This new Board led by Lord Taylor garantees the likes of Noel Lynch, Hudson Husbands, and all the other Tourism Bandits jobs as consultants. Note to Adrian Loveridge there is the Board and the then there is the “de inner Board” which will be making decision he will never be privilleged to.

  28. littleboy

    Congrats!!! Also to the members of the new BTA.
    While I would like to have seen some other names (May Hinds, Hamish Watson, Timothy Boyce) I guess that there can be no quarrel with the make-up and different skills that are brought to the BTA.
    Adrian will have his work cut out, but at least, Minister Sealey did not think that he was not “indigenous enough” to sit on the BTA board.
    Congrats to Minister Sealey for choosing knowledgeable people, and for including the vendors representative. It is time that we in Barbados allow all talented people, regardless of background, colour, social standing etc to make their contributions.

  29. littleboy

    Is the new deputy chairman Austin Husbands related to Hudson Husbands?

  30. 2 Cents

    Mr Loveridge,

    After 24 hours of consideration, I am of the view that you should refuse this appointment. This is really a no win situation. Certainly you know enough about this industry and the BTA in particular to know that Stuart Layne has had your name on the toilet rolls and on the doors mats for the past 3.5 years. I will not even touch the stink of the Oliver Jordan/Hudson Husbands period. The ultimatum given to the Advocate by Lynch had it genisus in the boardroom at the BTA, you should know this. Meetings are consumed with Arrivals/Budgets and Adrian Loveridge.

    WHEN you are forced to resigned your reputation will suffer enormously.
    Some will say that you cannot work with anyone.
    If you remain on this board, some will question, how can you?

    If you were in the chair you would be able to mute the power and cliquish influence of Myers, Comma and Taylor.

    Withdraw today to be in a position to fight the good fight tomorrow.

  31. Observer

    Interesting posts 2 Cents/De Eagle.

    When you add Oliver Jordan of BTII to Roseanne Myers, Comma, Sue Springer(BHA rep), Jemmott, Taylor, the Noel Lynch axis of evil remains. The new Minister was adamant not enough Barbadians felt part of and benefitted from tourism. Then what does he do? Instead of bringing fresh personnel from the plethora of qualified Barbadians he reinstates almost all of MMLynch’s appointees. Is this what the hard fought election about?

    Fourteen years in opposition to reward the very people who propped up the corrupt Owen Arthur regime. Give me a break. Somewhere on a plantation verandah Blarney Lynch has a wry smile as he watches polo. He maybe out of office but he knows his dodgy legacy lives on.

  32. Congratulations Adrian!

    I wish you well. BTA needs a new perspective, especially in the North American market, and the small hotel market on the island.

    You’ve definitely got your work cut out for you with that group, but again I wish you nothing but success.

  33. Adrian Loveridge

    I would like to sincerely THANK Barbados Free Press and Barbados Underground and all its readers and contributors for both allowing me a forum to commentate on matters where I have concern and sharing your opinions in response to those observations.

    Your best wishes on my appointment to the board of the Barbados Tourism Authority are heartfelt and very welcome and I will try and do everything within my ability not to disappoint anyone.

    However, I am under no illusion that being part of the board will have its challenges.

    I have pondered many times over the last 20 years spent on Barbados, whether its better to be on the outside and totally objective or whether being on the inside can bring about positive change quicker.

    I have two years (at the grace of the Minister of Tourism) to demonstrate that I can contribute to what I know, can be a more successful tourism sector.

    I hope that everyone on the board or within the BTA and Ministry of Tourism can put aside any pre-existing prejudices they have about me and actually get to know any abilities and capabilities I possess.

    Likewise, I am more than willing to work ardently
    with anyone, that like me, thinks we can do things better in the tourism sector.

    On reading the front page of the Barbados Advocate today headlined ‘PM for Free, Fair Press’,
    it brought a smile to my face.

    FOUR long publishing days after the new BTA board was announced, unless I have missed it in microscopic print, the Advocate has neither printed there is in fact a new BTA board or its composition.

    We all owe an enormous amount of gratitude to Barbados Free Press and Barbados Underground for allowing the truth to be told in a timely manner.

  34. peltdownman

    Congratulations, Adrian, it is a well-deserved appointment. However, I’m afraid that I must agree with De Eagle and 2 Cents. It is well known that Ralph Taylor will tolerate nothing but his own opinion, and his relationships with Hudson Husbands, Lynch et al go back years. Go to some of the CHA conference jollies overseas and see for yourself the groups that form socially. I see “plus ca change, plus c’est le meme chose”. I believe that a real opportunity for a sea change at the BTA has been spurned.

  35. nonsense

    North America arrivals down 8% vs last year. UK arrivals up 8% vs last year. What on earth is happening in the US market ?

  36. Me

    Lol….I dont see much change going on with these appointments!

  37. Lets give Adrian Loveridge the chance he wants to work from the inside rather than as an outspoken critic on the outide (on the radio, in the press and on this blog).

    His experience, common sense and persuasiveness will serve him well on the Board. I am sure others on the Board who have played the fool in the past will listen to what he says, and give it full respect.

    He won’t get his way on all fronts, obviously, but his sane voice can do nothing but good to his colleagues. Let us give him time to achieve improvement, not expect wonders overnight.

    And let us not be too quick to condemn him if he doesn’t produce miracles. We know his heart is in the right place for this responsibility.

  38. Rumplestilskin


    Firstly, congratulations. I am sure that we can expect honest and strong servive from you.

    Secondly, please remind the Board that we still need those GEMS financial statements for the past xxxx years.


  39. Kathy

    Congratulations to Mr. Loveridge, and congratulations to the DLP for having the good sense to appoint him!

  40. Adrian Loveridge

    Thank you all.

    Interesting, a new F&B director at Sandy Lane warrants a third of a page today in the Advocate but still no mention of a new BTA board.

    Objective reporting?

    Congratulations to Richard Goddard for his tenacity and to the new Government for halting the Greenland Dump.

    As I mentioned before, pethaps now we can persuade Duraplast Inc, to manufacure colour coded recyclable bins from old plastic bottles and all start playing our part in responsible waste disposal.

  41. Shalendra Baldeo from Guyana

    Hi Adrian, Wonderful news! I am indeed thrilled that they have appointed you to their Tourism Board. You are indeed deserving of such a position and great success to you as you go about promoting tourism in their country. Some day I might visit that country and stay in your most delightful hotel. We love you Adrian and God Bless

  42. Adrian Loveridge


    Thank you.

    I may be wrong, but I get the feeling that some of your tourism industry people in Guyana are deflated and discouraged from the recent tragic events that have taken place there.

    Please encourage them not to give in. Guyana has an incredible tourism product with almost limitless potential.

    As tourism markets become more and more sophisticated, the demand for dual destination holidays involving activity and interest like a Barbados/Guyana combination will increase.

  43. Shalendra Baldeo from Guyana

    Hi Adrain, You are indeed welcome! Yes, some sectors of our fledgling tourism industry are feeling the effects of the recent crisis to grip our country and this have led to cancellations in most (if not all) of our eco-tourism resorts. In this sector of the industry there is usually only a 20% occupancy at any give time, so you see the current siutation has really taken a toll on this sector of the industry. However, I am quite confident that we will rebound, for as you know in August we host the Carifest 2008 cultural event, which is an opportune time to showcase what Guyana has to offer. Thank you for the kind words. And continied success to you in beautiful Barbados. Bye

  44. Donald Duck, Esq


    The BTA has no control over the release of the financial statements of the Gems of Barbados

  45. Donald Duck, Esq


    Please define what is meant by Free press??? Is it a press that only sings to the tune of the DLP????

  46. De Eagle

    Austin Husbands and Hudson Husbands hummm!! not sure if they are related. Not to worry Austin will be keep Lord Taylor on a short rope.

  47. Jerome Hinds

    Donald Duck, Esq
    March 4, 2008 at 11:54 pm

    Please define what is meant by Free press??? Is it a press that only sings to the tune of the DLP????
    Donald Duck……you still quacking ?

    Hurry up and lay yuh egg !

    I have a feeling it gine…….ADDLE !

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