What Happened To The Police Investigation Of Death Threats Against Adrian Loveridge?

Readers of Barbados Free Press will recall that as the election approached during the last half of 2007 and into 2008, numerous death threats were posted on the internet against various persons including local hotelier and citizen journalist Adrian Loveridge.

Also, within one 24-hour period, there were suspicious happenings at Loveridge’s home and business – a nighttime break-in, a fire and most chilling: a ladder left up against Adrian’s bedroom window in the small hours of the night as a none-to-subtle message.

Barbados Free Press and other blogs supplied Adrian Loveridge with the IP numbers of the person(s) who had posted the threats against Loveridge, his family and his business.

These IP numbers would allow the police and Cable & Wireless to immediately identify the physical address and internet account from which the threats were made – and if they really were interested in knowing the identity of the criminal – to monitor the criminal’s internet activities to catch them in the act as the threats were ongoing for months.

On December 29, 2007, Mr. Loveridge wrote a letter to then Prime Minister Owen Arthur that we published on December 31, 2007 in our article Barbados Death Threats: Copy Of Letter From Adrian Loveridge To Prime Minister Owen Arthur.

On January 2, 2008, Adrian Loveridge faxed a letter of complaint to Commissioner of Police Dottin – which included enough information for the police and Cable and Wireless to know the identity of the person making the death threats.

We have no doubt that Cable and Wireless and the Royal Barbados Police Force are now fully aware of the identity of the criminal(s).

So… what happened?

Nothing at all. That’s what.

Then Mr. Loveridge received a fax from the police, but only after we published criticism of the police in our January 9, 2008 article Barbados Police Ignore Death Threats Against Hotel Owner – How Will Other Offshore Investors React?

Here is what the letter from the police said as contained in a comment posted by Mr. Loveridge on January 11, 2008…

Yesterday (10th January 2008) I received a faxed letter dated 9th January 2008 from the Office of The Commissioner stating,

‘Subject Death Threats – I wish to inform you that the matter is being investigated and you will be informed of the progress in due course’.

Your faithfully

Jedder Robinson Supt.
Head of Special Branch
for Commission of Police.

I am grateful for the response and sincerely hope that with the assistance of Cable and Wireless, the Police will be able to identify and prosecute the sender (s) of the various threats.

Comment by Adrian Loveridge (original here)

Tell Us What Happened, Mr. Loveridge

Did the police go to Cable & Wireless with a warrant or some legal document to compel C&W to reveal the identity of the criminal? Were charges laid? Did the police explain their actions to you and keep you informed of the progress of their enquiries? When do you testify in court?

Tell us, Adrian…

What happens when an investor and business person on Barbados is threatened by a criminal whose identity can be known in five minutes with the records from Cable & Wireless? What happened, Adrian? 


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18 responses to “What Happened To The Police Investigation Of Death Threats Against Adrian Loveridge?

  1. marvin bareback

    It would be interesting to know if Mr. Loveridge filed a complaint. There is a distinction between providing information for police to follow up on (in their own manner and timetable) or whether a charge of common battery (also known to include threats) was filed by the complainant. One course of action leaves the police to their own devices to determine if a charge should be laid (DPP determines that) whereas the other course of action compels the police to act.


    BFP says,

    Ahhh yes… the old “didn’t report the death threats on the proper form” defense for the police doing nothing. I’m sure that will impress any other investor who is thinking about establishing a business in Barbados.

    Thankyou Commissioner Dottin.

  2. ROBOT

    man this is bubados (barbados)
    wha’ yuh expect ?

    nine day wonders happen
    hot and sweaty happens
    (nato) no action talk only happens

    nuff talk
    nobody really want to do anything
    we dont want to be bothered

  3. Tony Hall

    I think you should find out from Adrian what course of action he took before jumping to conclusions. If the Police have convincing evidence they are required to act. They might have evidence but this evidence must be beyond reasonable doubt before a prosecution can be carried out.


    BFP says,

    Prosecution? Hell… the police never even performed a basic investigation!

    Asking Adrian when he was going to testify in court was some dark humour.

  4. reality check

    This whole matter is a complete farce.

    The threats are in writing on the internet–time, date and IP address.

    In any other country the computers would be seized and shut down in five minutes with people being charged.

    The perpetrators were the previous government with the complicity of the Police who do what they are told.

    Don’t you get it? Adrian Loveridge is white and a throw away with no rights as were most of the DLP supporters who complained.

    Where indeed is the new government on this issue?

  5. Adrian Loveridge

    Since the call from Sup. Rudder I have heard absolutely NOTHING!
    It is very difficult to understand that if the technology exists and both Cable and Wireless and the Royal Barbados Police Force have authorisation to identify the culprit (s), why charges have not been made or the victims notified.

    While I did not want to draw the conclusion that these threats were politically motivated, they have ceased since 16th january 2008.

    I think that this should concern every right minded citizen in the country.

  6. Straight talk

    Congratulations on your appointment to the new BTA board, Adrian.

    Your cries from the wilderness have been heard.

    Seems like a very industry-professional setup, and here’s hoping your input will be appreciated at long last, helping to get our tourism product back on track.

    I’m sure you realise that the hopes of the majority on this blog are riding on you, and I for one have every confidence in your vision and ability.

    The pen is mightier than the sword.

  7. Adrian Loveridge

    Straight Talk…

    VERY many thanks.

    I am very grateful (and humble) to the Cabinet, the Prime Minister and Minister of Tourism for this opportunity.
    In my opinion, my inclusion on the BTA board shows a refreshing open-minded change in Government policy with a certain risk factor.

    I intend to contribute to the best of my ability and knowledge and not to let down anyone that has demonstrated their trust in me.

    Tourism has been my life and passion for over 40 years and I really hope that I can make a positive difference to the Barbadian tourism industry.

  8. (6 for a 9)

    hi bfp
    why the four hour time difference ?


    BFP Says,

    Our blog’s timer is set to Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) or “UT” Universal Time as it is sometimes called.

  9. Dracula

    Adrian Loveridge,

    YOU SAID: “While I did not want to draw the conclusion that these threats were politically motivated, they have ceased since 16th january 2008.”

    That sounds very idiotic coming from you… a man who used this blog for all sort of political attacks on the former government.

    Interesting enough that 16 January 2008 is also the same date YOU suddenly started singing a different tune.

    You have been politically rewarded… but with several BAJANS dominating the board of the BTA there will be plenty of people keeping an eye on you to ensure that you do not use your position to enrich yourself via your Peach and Quiet Hotel.

    Your recent post on Barbados Underground complaining about government policies who create competition for Peach and Quiet is a perfect example of your less than honorable intentions.

    We will continue to watch you… what goes around comes around.

  10. Dracula


    “government policies who create competition”

    That should be…

    “government policies which create competition”

  11. The Truth

    This blog is great fun….

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  13. Bimbro

    The Truth
    March 1, 2008 at 2:07 pm

    This blog is great fun….



    Am I missing something, here!!!!

  14. reality check


    “That sounds very idiotic coming from you… a man who used this blog for all sort of political attacks on the former government.”

    blogs expose stupidity to the light of day.

    Adrian was forced to compete with government money that was pissed down the drain with no accountability as if it was free.

    If this common sense business approach was “political” then the BLP fully deserved to be flushed down the toilet by the electorate on January 14th.

    Dracula—stealing money and wasting it without accountability will never withstand the light of day. You need to withdraw to the darkness where your underhanded nefarious activities are done in the backrooms of our nation. Hopefully the blogs will be able to expose you to the light at every opportunity.

  15. marvinbareback

    Glad to hear that many viewpoints will likely be expressed on the new BTA board. Let’s all hope that the deputy chairman can raise his standards of discourse as most know him to be an abrasive sort with a major league chip on his shoulder.

  16. Tell me Why

    Blogging in Barbados is extremely interesting, it can raise your pressure when you see endless diatribe by partisan writers and it also have the effect to make you laugh wondering the ability of some commenters in creating stories that can rival Hollywood producers. If you didn’t know better, you would believe every story written forgetting what is right from wrong.

    BFP post some interesting blogs after the election, especially with the policing, Rihanna, Prince Harry and even tourism. But you know something, scarcely any partisan propaganda commenter found time to give views on those subjects, but alas, a story on Owen and opposing partisan writers in combative styles, jump back out of the woodworks to crucify and execute, put to death, criticise, pick apart and terrorised this individual.

    This type of behaviour resembles an individual who was nurtured, fed, schooled and clothed by someone and after obtaining wealth, he lambast, criticise and that same individual. Regardless of the lack of governance, integrity and transparency by the previous administration, we were still able to out-perform the majority of resourced-countries. Let’s analyse our present situation and allow the present administration to correct the wrongs, remember, the s**t we write on these blogs are seen by the world and these potential guests will always have a negative feeling of our country. Again, let’s move forward on an intellectual path for the sake of our children and grand children.

    Peace be unto you my people


    BFP says,

    No matter how eloquently the argument is made, we will never be in favour of amnesty for the elected and appointed officials who have mortgaged our country’s future to line their own pockets. This “out-performance” that you talk about was a matter of borrowing and spending.

    And now it must be paid for by the next two generations.

    Arthur’s legacy will be evident in the next ten years – and it won’t be pretty.

    Barbados should never name a roundabout or other public place after Owen $ Arthur, but if we build a new sewerage treatment facility we might reconsider our objection.

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