Planned Parenthood Accepting Donations From Racist Whites For The Purpose Of Aborting Only Black Babies

UPDATED: February 19, 2013

BLP drops abortion promoter George Griffith as candidate for St. Philip North

Klanned Parenthood and Black Babies…

Recently in the Bajan news media we saw a small article on Planned Parenthood of Barbados (Barbados Family Planning Association) that Nazi propagandist Joseph Goebbels would have been proud of. The story highlighted everything except the BFPA’s role in abortion and how personal choices have societal consequences. The story was effectively an advertisement for abortion…

And nevermind the scientific and medical evidence that the babies in the womb – even at 2 and 3 months gestation – feel pain as they are killed. That’s an inconvenient truth that the BLP hides.

So let’s once again remind ourselves that people bearing gifts are sometimes promoting philosophies that they don’t advertise directly. Remind me: why does Planned Parenthood base their operations primarily in minority neighbourhoods?

Original article…


Recorded Conversations Prove Everything

Will The Barbados Family Planning Association Now Refute The Award From Planned Parenthood And Return The US$25,000 Donation?

Last year the Barbados Family Planning Association and abortions manager George Griffith proudly received an award from Planned Parenthood for “safe” abortions.

Accompanying the award was a US$25,000 cash prize.

It has now been proven that the US$25,000 cash prize probably contained Planned Parenthood donations slated to be used only to abort black race babies. 


An undercover investigation has shown that Planned Parenthood accepts donations from racist whites on the condition that the funds are only to be used to abort black babies. A few of the conversations have been posted on YouTube by the UCLA Advocate, a student-run pro-life newspaper that last year posted undercover recordings showing that Planned Parenthood knowingly performs abortions on minors to cover up sexual assaults by adult predators.

This latest information that Planned Parenthood tags donations to be used against only black babies falls right in line with the historical roots of the organisation and its founder, Margaret Sanger. (More on Sanger at the end of this article.

If you listen to the recorded conversations you will discover that Planned Parenthood already had an account set up to receive racially-directed donations long before the current incident.

Further, Planned Parenthood’s support for the Barbados Family Planning Association is listed in their latest available financial statement. (link here)


Yup, if you are interested in aborting black babies to keep down the numbers of those pesky negros, Barbados is an excellent place to send those Planned Parenthood “black abortions only” donations. With the vast majority of our citizens being of the black race, white racists can rest assured that Barbados Family Planning Association will target their donations right where they want them used!

So once again we ask… now that it has been proven that Planned Parenthood accepts donations to be used only to abort black race babies, will the Barbados Family Planning Association…

1/ Refute the Planned Parenthood award.

2/ Give back the US$25,000 cash donation and any other monies received from Planned Parenthood.

3/ Publicly sever ties with this racist group.

Listen For Yourself…


Click on the above YouTube photo to listen to proof that Planned Parenthood accepts donations to be used to abort only black babies.

Klanned Parenthood

“How do the aggressive eugenic philosophies of Planned Parenthood play out in today’s America? Current demographic data only increases the racial concern: 79% of Planned Parenthood clinics are placed in target minority neighborhoods. Almost half of all African-American children conceived are aborted. And while accounting for only 13% of the population, African-American women submit to an enormous 35% of all abortions in the United States.”

… from the UCLA Advocate article Sander’s Legacy: Abortion As Eugenics (Website here, PDF copy here)

BFP: Warren Buffett Giving Away 42 Billion – How Much To Barbados Abortion Advcates?

BFP: Abortion As Election Issue Heats Up – Follows BLP Candidate And Abortions Manager George Griffith


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56 responses to “Planned Parenthood Accepting Donations From Racist Whites For The Purpose Of Aborting Only Black Babies

  1. justice

    But if abortion is legal and a black woman wants a safe abortion, and the IPPF can ensure it, why not use the donation? The money will also be used to abort white babies. If the quarrel is with abortion, you should say so! The caller’s motive is racist,but the end will be perfectly legal, unless the abortion is against the mother’s will.

  2. passin thru

    Barbados Family Planning should definitly give back the money. I used to hear talk about aborting blacks but I didn’t believe it until I heard the recording and read your links.

    It will be hard for George Griffith to explain this away.

  3. Red Lake Lassie

    Black babies are aborted at double the rate of other races. “justice” don’t you see anything wrong with that? I don’t think that jews would accept abortion donations from the nazis if they specified the money was to be used to abort jewish babies. Yet you have no problem with that same type of donations from racist whites. You sure are mixed up.

  4. justice

    But are these babies aborted against the will of the “mothers”. If you are you against abortion, then say so, but it is not a matter of race.

  5. passin thru

    Justice wants the Barbados Family Planning Assoc. to lobby the KuKlux Klan for funding! Justice you are warped!

  6. just asking

    Why are black women aborting their fetuses at double the rate of whites? Is it because the finances of Planned Parenthood is mostly directed at this one race? Why is that? How much money does Planned Parenthood give to Barbados every year to keep the black birthrate down?

    I’m just asking because I am disturbed by what I read here and at the links in the story. what does Barbados Family Planning Association say about this?

  7. I’m sorry. This has all the earmarks of a set up job to discredit the International Planned Parenthood Foundation.

    If it did happen as reported, I suspect the motives of the caller were to fabricate a platform which would enrage those against abortion, and whip up antiracial sentiments quite needlessly.

    There is no denying that American black mothers, often too young for the responsibilities of motherhood, seek abortions in far greater proportion that non-blacks. This is a reflection of the ghettoes in which they live, and the active sexual climate in which they seek their identity.

    One should not conclude from this that there should be proportional representation of abortions. That would be absurd. So would Affirmative Action for equality at abortion clinics.

    Equally absurd is the “theatre” of a donor trying to stipulate a donation be used only for blacks. Give us a break. This is not a realistic issue. It stinks of CONTRIVANCE.

  8. just asking

    deb you say “contrivance” I say “got caught”. Planned Parenthood changed its name in 1942 but never changed Margaret Sanger’s vision of controlling the birthrate of the “lower races”. Sanger spoke at Klan meetings too. that is in her published autobiography.

    Your excuses for the free sexual behaviour of black urban women ring hollow when you consider that Planned Parenthood targets black communities to spread their philosophy and worldview. They don’t just sell abortions, they sell a lifestyle and they sell that lifestyle to primarily one race.

  9. Sanger Was A Racist

    In 1932, Du Bois contributed an essay on birth control to Margaret Sanger’s Birth Control Review. In the article, he accepted the conventional eugenic wisdom that “the more intelligent class” exercised birth control, which meant that “the increase among Negroes, even more than the increase among whites, is from that part of the population least intelligent and fit, and least able to rear their children properly.” He intoned that African Americans “must learn that among human races and groups, as among vegetables, quality and not mere quantity really counts.”[18] Du Bois adhered so strongly to this notion that he allowed this article to be reprinted, unchanged, in 1938.

  10. Civilsociety

    I understand why this would be upsetting. It is wrong on so many levels that anyone would give to this organization with this type of motive. However, it is not an uncommon practice for people to donate to charities with very specific restrictions on where their money can go. Just check out the United Way. You can specify what you will and won’t support.

    This is an extreme example, and if I were in charge of the organization I would not accept the donation, but they do offer a very needed service. While abortion is always a very hard choice to make, if a woman makes it, I support her being able to have the procedure done safely.


    BFP says,

    And if young black women and men are brought up on a diet of propaganda that says abortion is not taking life, that babies in the womb do not feel pain or terror (when all medical science says they do)… is that choice “informed” or merely a directed outcome brought about by Planned Parenthood’s school initiatives?

    If young black women and men are brought up on a diet of propaganda that says abortion is for the convenience of all concerned, and that abortion easily relieves the male of responsibility for making a baby, and women are therefore pushed, cajoled and intimidated into abortions, is that “informed” choice?

    Planned Parenthood and the Barbados Family Planning Association don’t just provide a response for societal conditions – they create and influence societal norms. The BFPA has marketed a new set of societal values that has resulted in abortion now being held to be moral or justifiable by many folks – who would not hold this opinion without the intense marketing of the BFPA.

    The very availability of abortion coupled with the BFPA’s marketing of values that abortion is moral – virtually insures that abortion will remain a growth business in Barbados.

  11. The Truth

    This is a very dangerious development. I read some where that Africia has the highest rate of HIV in the world followed by the Caribbean. In fact it is said that with the present infection rate of 33.3% compared to the projected birth rate growth, the black race as we know it will be extinct in about 2000 years.

  12. nonsense

    Sorry, but you’ve fallen into what is, at best, a conservative set-up job to discredit Planned Parenthood and, at worst, a bare faced lie. Even if this conversation actually happened, the organisation as a whole is not racist – the President of the Planned Parenthood Federation from 1978 to 1992, Faye Wattleton, was an African American for a start. Margaret Stanger was a nut and her eugenics philosophy was despicable but she died in 1966 – before I was born. You have made your stance on abortion clear but this story goes too far.

  13. “My excuses for the free sexual behaviour of black urban women.” Well I never!

    Methinks I detect the odor of male chauvinism!

    I guess you need to have been a volunteer with IPPF to get the feel of where their priorities lie.

    Those who benefit from IPPF clinics, which include INfertility problems, know how less advantaged women benefit from the assistance they receive. They are truly grateful, too.

    And if you are worried that family life education as a whole is likely to mean a decline in black population proportions, just look at the numbers. The average size of black families is more than twice that of white, excluding Latins.

    But when you have a mindset there’s not much anyone can say, least of all little me, to raise your head from the sand. Too bad.

  14. just asking

    Deb you are the one that said “This is a reflection of the ghettoes in which they live, and the active sexual climate in which they seek their identity.”

    You are the one who equate being being poor and black with irresponsible sexual activity. You talk about “black families” in urban USA but these “families” are almost all single mothers who were born to single mothers who were born to single mothers. No fathers nowhere. But it was not always that way for the black and poor. Only since Planned Parenthood made it their business to target blacks.

  15. just asking

    Deb, you need to listen to the tape recording. The fund for receiving donations for to give black women only abortions was already set up before the person called.

    Should the Barbados Family Planning Association keep the money that Planned Parenthood gave them or give it back? Or ask how much is for aborting black babies only?

    You are upset about the fact that a conservative set out to “trap” Planned Parenthood, but PP already had an account set up for black babies only abortions.

    What should Barbados Family Planning do with that Planned Parenthood money? What do you think Deb?

  16. justice

    I maintain that this is about abortion more than it is about race. Whether abortion is moral or not is a matter for the individual; in some circumstances, it is perfectly legal. Should not the Tom Adams government and all other Governments since be equally condemned then for legalising abortion in a country with 95% of the population black? Was that racist too?

  17. TMS

    that babies in the womb do not feel pain or terror (when all medical science says they do)…


    How does the fetus feel pain if it is aborted before the central nervous system is developed?

    just curious

  18. Red Lake Lassie

    Justice you parrot the propaganda that “Whether abortion is moral or not is a matter for the individual…”

    You say so, but millions of others disagree. Should infanticide be a matter of individual morality too?

    Do you think there is a real difference in a baby’s ability to feel pain or terror between one minute before it is born and one minute after? Upon what do you base your position that the morality of abortion is only a matter for the individual and not for society? Because you say so?

    What crap propaganda.

  19. Red Lake Lassie

    TMS, do you then agree that the development of the central nervous system should be the cut off point for abortion? Is it immoral after that? Should the child in the womb who is about to be killed be drugged into unconsciousness before being killed?

    It is not as simple as propaganda pushers like justice like to make it out to be.

  20. justice

    So, RLL, is abortion immoral in Barbados or not? Cause it is sure as hell legal!

  21. Red Lake Lassie

    If all that is legal is moral because it is legal, then are all laws moral?

    Abortion is “legal” in Barbados for everyone only because the actual law is not complied with. We have abortion on demand, but that is not the law. (read it)

  22. passin thru

    The central nervous system is working at about 7 weeks gestation.

  23. TMS

    It is not as simple as propaganda pushers like justice like to make it out to be.


    Agreed. It is a very complex subject.

  24. PiedPiper

    Ms. Thomas, I am in complete agreement with you. The Anti-abortion movement will stop at nothing to discredit The Family Planning Organization. I have seen their methods before and you are right that this so-called recording is a contrivance and I would not put it past the anti abortion movement to plant one of their own in the Family Planning Organization for this very prupose.

  25. GreenBB

    IMO as a newcomer to BB…BFP (Family Planning) is getting it done, here in Barbados you have access to low-cost care. $50.00 for an exam, and $48.00 for a years supply of Birth Control Pills. In the US at Planned Parenthood your are looking at $120US for an exam and $240.00US for a years supply of pills. It should be mandatory for all young girls to be seen and provided with Family Planning counseling… before they buy mobile phones and jewelry and all of this other crap.

  26. TMS

    BFP it is clear you are anti abortion or pro life. Do all of you share this view if you dont mind me asking?


    BFP says,

    Like everywhere in society you will find a range of opinions on any subject among BFP staffers. Our most pro-life people are Shona and Marcus with Cliverton probably very close in position. Robert (me) and george are still very much pro-life but would argue some details. Auntie Moses doesn’t talk about this subject except to say it is sad.

    Oh almost forgot. Clive used to be strongly pro-choice. Strongly, but he changed his mind.

  27. TMS

    Ok thanks BFP, your writing was strongly pro life so naturally I was curious since as you rightly say opinions, particularly on such a sensitive subject, do tend to vary.

  28. White boy

    So you guys think the family planning should return the $$$ and then let more poor Black women die trying to abort with clothes hangers and back yard doctors. OK, that makes sense to me. NOT!

    I do agree with Deb that it is a setup in order to discredit Planned Parenthood. Who do you think recorded the call and published it???

    What if I was a rich black person and I wanted my donation to go to helping other blacks; would that be racist?

    Obviously Planned Parenthood has had similar requests before and in order to facilitate getting the donation to HELP people, they put some sort of system in place. As a donor, I should be able to decide where I want my $$$ to go and nothing is wrong with that. If the caller’s reason for deciding is racially motivated, then that is a matter for the caller to deal with not PP.

    I personally do not suport abortion but there are situations where it maybe neccassary and if we can use some dumb ass racist American’s money in order to make it safer for Barbadians, then GREAT!!

  29. just asking-

    In response to your “just asking” me what I think about Barbados FPA returning IPPF’s contribution to its annual budget, I personally agree with you that any money from whatever source that is donated with vicious racial provisos should be rejected on principle.

    The Planned Parenthood body involvedshould have said “No thanks” to that donor.

    However it does not follow that BFPA is obliged to say the same to IPPF. IPPF receives donations from thousands of benevolent donors without strings attached.

    When IPPF contributes to BFPA’s expenses there is no identity of funds from an original individual donor.

    Moreover only a fraction of family planning clinics’ efforts relates to abortions. Planned Parenthood through fertility counselling and the limitation of an over large family is the basic aim.

    It is the mother who has had five children and will have five more unless she is counselled how to avoid conception that is a main target. Followed closely by girls likely to be tempted into sexual activity through peer pressure, who have not been educated into the perils involved of casual procreation.

    Every abortion is an indication of failure in obtaining guidance beforehand. Family planning clinics do not relish abortions the way Pro Life diehards would have us believe. An abortion is provided with sorrow that proper steps were not taken sooner.

    Abortion is a last resort to avoid an unwanted child being born to an unwilling mother, more than likely still too young to be ready for responsible motherhood.

    To my way of thinking it is grossly immoral to force young girls who get pregnant by accident
    into bearing an unwanted child. It is likely to ruin that girl’s life, and very likely leave one more (potentially delinquent) child uncared for in a proper family environment.

    Our BFPA is providing a very worthy social service despite what its detractors may say. These detractors are sincere in their beliefs, however, and we must be thankful the law is not on their side in this community.

  30. regretfully yours

    peoples here ignore the fact that Planned Parenthood is first and foremost a business and the largest abortion supplier in the USA. No abortions = no cashflow and many abortion center personnel laid off. VISA and Mastercard get their cuts too. Same with the banks who finance the clinics. Abortion is a multibillion dollar industry first and foremost.

  31. I became aware of Sanger objectives when I read about the “Negro Project” in Harlem that was started in the late 1920’s.

  32. I find the deliberate baiting in this piece heavy-handed, and the whole thing smacks of “yellow journalism” in the case of the student newspaper.

    I just can’t get over the obvious ploy of a pro-life newspaper finding and using a link to racism to further their cause.

    Of course, if it is ultimately true, the no one should condone the use of this money ‘donated’, but deliberately making abortion an issue of racism, is like saying rape is an tool for or of sex, when in fact the sex in rape is a tool of POWER.

    Whether that makes sense to you or not, I do not like the blatant attempts at emotional manipulation I found in this piece.


    BFP says,

    But sungoddess,

    Respectfully, I point out that Sanger’s anti-black agenda as a founder of the organisation that is now Planned Parenthood, and her racist agenda, are indisputable pieces of history – as is her support and work with the Klu Klux Klan on the lecture circuit at their KKK meetings.

    Also not in dispute is the fact that Planned Parenthood of today allows donors to specify the race of the baby that will be aborted with their money.

    Neither can it be disputed that Planned Parenthood is a multi-billion dollar company that is the largest operator of abortion clinics in North America and that the vast majority of those clinics – true to Sanger’s vision – are located in black communities. Further, Planned Parenthood overtly seeks to change the values of our societies through social, legal and marketing campaigns to values that support the continued growth of their industry.

    Nor is it in dispute that the Barbados Family Planning Association received money from Planned Parenthood, or that just about 99% – probably closer to 100% – of abortions performed by the BFPA are on black women.

    The questions we ask in this article focus on the morality of a predominantly black country – or any country – accepting “donations” that are targeted for the abortion of only a specific race of fetus. (I would use the word “baby” but in deference to you I will use your preferred term)

    Proponents of abortion on demand often use emotion when arguing their case for abortion on demand. Only when the pro-life side uses emotion or evokes emotional scenes or circumstances do we hear calls to “keep the emotion out of the arguments”.

    The pro-choice abortion on demand proponents never talk about fetal pain or even of a baby learning, sleeping and exhibiting emotions in the womb. Even the language of discussion is controlled to remove all references to the humanity of the fetus from the discussion. A child in the womb who is slated for abortion is called a “fetus” no matter during what period of gestation. A child in the womb who is slated to be born is called a “baby” no matter during what period of gestation.

    And please, sungoddess. I don’t mean to hurt or to drag up bad memories for any man or woman who reads my words. Many many of us have been down that road and now regret it or have second thoughts. Or we would rather not think about it. I understand all that very well.

    But I refuse to accept the dictates of the proponents of abortion on demand who seek to control the discussion by removing our humanity and the humanity of the child in the womb from consideration.

    As always, my greatest respect to you.


  33. Thewhiterabbit

    People can argue the “morality” of abortion from many perspectives. But alas, the science of the subject is beyond doubt. The vast majority of world problems today relate directly to a vastly over-populated planet. There are more people alive today than the sum total of dead people, just to put it in perspective. This island is the most densely populated country in the western hemisphere, and way up the list world-wide. Do we need more Bajans, of any color? Every person in the developed world (that’s us) consumes a minimum of ten times the world’s resources in their lives as compared to someone in the undeveloped world. Why is there poverty, hunger, starvation, global warming, no land for Bajans in Barbados? Simple answer: far far far too many people everywhere. Want to be environmentally responsible? Have, as a couple, no more than two children (i.e. replace yourself and rely on the infertile, homosexuals, and those uninterested in reproducing to reduce the population) . Better yet have only one child. Best of all, none. Forget the color issue, abort them all. Cruel? Yes. But, we are all on spaceship Earth together, and we either turn on our brains NOW or we condemn our offspring to face the really nasty consequences later.

    In the best of all possible worlds people would practice birth control and there would be no need for abortion, a practice which is, admittedly, a horrible thing. The strength of the reproductive drive is augmented by really archaic religious teachings (“be fruitful and multiply” may have made sense five thousand years ago, but not now) to leave people in need of abortions. Until folks learn how to let their head brains control their genital brains the practice of abortion, as awful as it might be, is preferable to the consequences of unrestrained reproduction.


    BFP says,

    And soon, using the same logic, you and others will call for “euthanasia” (which is a euphemism for “killing”) of the old and mentally substandard here on Barbados.

    What was it that Hitler called them? Oh yes… “useless eaters”.

    The slope is so steep that it doesn’t have to be slippery at all.


  34. White Rabbit-
    On a point of detail, Barbados is NOT the most densely populated country in the Western Hemisphere. Bermuda is (unless you want to quibble that as a self governing territory it is not a “country.”)

    Bermuda with 63,000 or so people on 20 sq. miles is nearly TWICE as densely populated as we are.

    This in no way changes the validity of the points made in your comment, but I think it is of interest that Bermuda prospers despite its greater congestion.

  35. Bahamaislands

    I’m actually suprised as to who and what is call ‘white’ by some in barbados and other parts of the caribbean. I come from the Bahamas. and In the bahamas there is only black and white which is why black is still 85%.unlike some other islands we don’t have a seperate ‘mixed race -creole catagory” because once you have black blood you are counted as black and people may call you ”white boy” but will never see you as socially white.. we don’t have fairskinned black white. Our white population is 12% and hispanic and asian 3%. If you want to have less problems with race than maybe you shouldn’t be so concern about skin colour. peace.

  36. In my comment I purposely did not reference my own personal feelings or experience, but instead spoke to the piece from as objective a place as I could. My personal feelings, while I was tempted to speak to them, were in fact not important at all to the point I am trying to make.

    I merely point out that a pro-life organisation found links to a racist agenda regarding the ORGANISATION Planned Parenthood. THAT is the story… instead in your piece, it comes off as very moralising about ABORTION, rather than the actual issue in question itself.

    In fact, no Third World government or NGO would be able to accept accept any money at all from the developed world, in particular the US government, since de-populating the Third World for its resources has been its stated goal since the mid-seventies. Kissinger said it in a memo, mates.

    This is why I find all the hammering pro-life rhetoric unnecessary to prove your point of the immorality of donations in question. However, you are making the piece a statement about abortion and clearly so are many of your readers.

    This is what I mean about being heavy-handed. The writing was clearly inflammatory, but in fact I found it obfuscated the over-arching issue of RACISM.

    As for Planned Parenthood and its racist roots, please, the West is built on the backs of Black African people. Those of us living in the west are the remnants of a machine that no longer works for the rulers of the ‘democracy’. Numerous organisation’s so-called philanthropy is ultimate serving nefarious racist ends.

    I simply disagree with you making this an issue of abortion, and while you may not be conscious of doing so, emotionally manipulating your audience.

    Like you, I greatly respect what you’re doing here at BFP, but surely you can endure my criticism, it is gently given.

  37. sun goddess-

    Thanks for the biggest laugh in a long while, sister.

    Saying of our loyal Catholics at BFP “…While you may not be conscious of doing so, emotionally manipulating your audience.”

    That made me LOVL= Laugh out VERY loud.

    You are clearly new to BFP because the guys at the steering wheel have been doing just that from the start. It their prerogative, because this is their playpen. We just have to smile indulgently, and not get too vex.


    BFP says

    Hi Deb,

    None of us at BFP are Catholics. That is just the pro-choicer in you using the old “only Catholics are against abortion” lie so you can dismiss us.

    Now who is manipulating?

  38. PiedPiper

    Sungoddess and Deb Thomas: both of you are excellent debaters and I love getting your perspective on things. This is indeed the playpen of the people who head up BFP however, I still wish they would try to be a little more objective in their posts.


    BFP says… if you agree with us then we are being “fair and balanced”… if you don’t agree then we are “not being objective”.

    The Nation News is so objective that they still won’t talk about the police using a blank search warrant to raid Ronja Juman’s home in the middle of the night and then drag her off to the police station to search her vagina for the backrent owed to the Director of Public Prosecutions.

    And yes, we are generally against abortion and especially the targeting children of a certain race for abortion. Abortion on demand proponents who are of the black race are having a difficult time wrestling with this post.

    The best they can come up with is 1/ The whole thing is a lie. and 2/ Take the money even if the Klu Klux Klan gives it. Best of all they try to argue both positions at once!

    Yup… very difficult post for proponents of abortion on demand who are of the black race.

  39. marvin bareback

    One of the biggest issues facing the black community is the level of tolerance the community at large has for criminal behaviour in its midst. Everyone seems to know who does this and that and yet they don’t seem to insist on a better standard of behaviour and accountability for those who commit crimes right in their own homes. Here’s a case in point. Our government knows exactly how many childhood births and pregnancies there are. Sometimes these are even published in the press….so many 12 and 13 year olds getting pregnant, etc. Those getting abortions almost always get the deed done at the Polyclinics.

    What about the fathers? Isn’t it a crime to have sex with a girl under sixteen? Why is it that there are very few charges of “statutory” rape when the DNA evidence is there. We only hear of the charges of “unwilling victims being interfered with”. If mothers really want to make a difference in how their children turn out, they will have to stop letting their teenage daughters get pregnant and rear their children. They should seek out the fathers for criminal charges, not just more child support payments.


    BFP says

    We reported last year on the BFPA covering up minors who become pregnant by adults. See our story Source: Barbados Family Planning Association Provided Abortion To 12-Year-Old Girl – Parents Not Told

  40. marvin bareback

    I’ve just read through the comments on your link to the BFPA and it still seems to me that most of the comments are beside the point. The talk is of whether a 12 year old can make a decision of informed consent….but the real issue is that the “older” males are not criminally responsible (unless its incest say some). Where are the mothers of these men/boys who are having sex with the underage girls. Why are they putting up with having to pay for or raise these children and not making those males accountable. They get away too easy……they just go home to their mamas when the heat is on elsewhere.
    In many ways, I blame the mothers of Barbados for being too easy on their men. The do as they please with little or no consequence.

  41. “In many ways, I blame the mothers of Barbados for being too easy on their men. The do as they please with little or no consequence.”

    So true. TOO true!

  42. These days of working mothers it is very much harder to impose proper behaviour over teenage daughters than it used to be, but I agree many mothers do not try nearly hard enough.

    Nevertheless it seems the peer pressure on young girls to experience the thrills of sex is so great that few seem able to resist it, from what one hears.

    Most of such experience is more likely to be with kids close to their own age rather than with predatory adults, although such behaviour, even within the family, is far greater than we would like to admit.

    With so little stigma attached to teenage sex and pregnancy these days, girls really do not take casual sex and casual pregnancy seriously enough.

    They need every assistance from home and outside in learning how to avoid the related dangers, and should they slip up, society must not let their young lives be ruined in the process.

  43. Maat

    Perhaps we can reconsider this notion that the World is over populated by considering that there is more than a billion acres of land capable of providing residence for people.
    A couple of years ago it was reported that the entire population of the earth could fit into a state the size of Texas, with each person having around 5,000sq ft of property. The rest of the planet can be used to provide food, resources and recreation.
    Abortion is mainly a result of irresponsible behavior, before and after conception. When we learn to teach responsibility, we will have less abortions.


  44. vetlet

    That conversation appeared to have been a set up, by an anti-choice group, who got that man to ask these things to see if they would refuse his money, or whether they would accept it anyway to further “murder” the innocent.


    BFP says,

    “set up” or merely an undercover investigation revealing the truth?

  45. I’m inclined to suspect the former as opposed to the latter, but I won’t swear to it.

    This was in essence my earlier point.

  46. FreddieVee

    Large organizations like “Planned Parenthood” do not have one bank account for Black abortions and one for abortions for other races. In fact, they do not have one bank account for abortions and one for other forms of treatment. This story is a cruel hoax played on Black people to trick them into having babies they can not afford or are not able to take care of. The intent is to get Black women to block themselves from the abortions that they require, while the people who push this e-mail can stay at home rather than having to spend their time on abortion clinic picket lines.

    As far as the video is concerned, any two people with a tape-recorder and two phones could produce the YouTube video.

    Do not fall for this crap.

  47. Alicia

    It is shoking not so much that you can give money to kill or murder babies of a certain race, but it should be shocking to us all, that there is an association that you can give money to kill babies!. Yes, the mother wants to do so.. it is her “choice” and sadly is legal. But who is more gulty in this?… the one who sins for the pay or the one who pays to sin?… If the mother wants to murder her baby as a way of contraception… then let her pay her contraception herself. And suffer the concecuences of her irresponsability.. Don’t make the inocent baby pay for the sins of the mother… ! It is a very cruel way to get rid of a baby.. just because you don’t hear the screams… does not mean is not happening. Have mercy, not for what is cool, but for what is right!!. Do not give money to the “killing babies business”… PLEASE!!! Don’t support this cause.. there are many other causes that need your money and will help this world not destroy it. Those babies that we are killing, are the future of this world… if we are “overpopulated” as some may say… do your research and you’ll see is not true.. and if that is the case.. don’t kill the future adults… poison and cut the body parts of the elder and handycaps… to make room for the human race.. does that sound terrible?… it is!!! then why is wrong to think of doing that to elders and handycaps and not of babies in the womb?… Both are WRONG!!! Stop this massacre!. Stand up and be a hero to those who need you!.

  48. Jinx

    When will BFP stop using this blog to promote their anti-abortion agenda?


    BFP says,

    We will stop when the multi-billion-dollar abortion industry stops promoting their genocidal new morality to our young people.

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  52. Gibson

    How about replacing Race with Class/Social Economic Backgound.That would put an end to all the conspiracy theories. You either anti abortion or not. That should be the true debate and not once again race issues.

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  54. Well Well

    Unfortunately the Eugenics Corporation will remain operational indefinitely, only an asteroid can stop them. Pedophilia in Barbados starts at the top, no legislation will ever be put in place to end it. Our black males from Africa to the Caribbean and beyond will have to be re-educated to understand the importance and value of the black family. Our black females will also have to be re-educated to understand the value of self-love. The whole race will have to be re-educated to understand the useful role they play in continually enriching the same douche bags who are funding their demise. I am for freedom of choice, but we all know that the race continue to see themselves as inferior and until that mindset disappears will continually enrich others and depend on others making decisions for them and their future generations. The world’s population cannot be continued to grow much further due to the very small and extremely wealthy trillionaires who are running the show and have no intention of sharing that wealth.

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