Best Of Barbados Tourism Promotions: Using Your Tax Dollars To Harm Small Businesses


The Barbados Tourism Authority has brought back the Best of Barbados programme for summer 2008, which will run from 1st May until 15th July and then again from 1st September until 30th November.

Head on over to Barbados Underground and read The Economics of the Best of Barbados Programme by Adrian Loveridge and then decide whether you think that the new government should continue the BLP government’s policy of subsidizing substandard government hotels that can’t make it on their own.

Barbados can never compete with Cuba and other bargain destinations for the bottom-feeding “price is everything” tourist trade, so why do we continue to spend our tax dollars trying to attract this type of tourist?

Barbados Underground: The Economics of the Best of Barbados Programme


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11 responses to “Best Of Barbados Tourism Promotions: Using Your Tax Dollars To Harm Small Businesses

  1. Bajanboy

    This is one of the games that the BTA and government play to make it seem that everything is going well with tourism in Barbados.

    I remember when they used to add the number of long stay and cruise arrivals together to give the total number of visitors to Barbados, which is as meaningless a statistic as you can get.

    The Best of Barbados promotion will allow the BTA to trumpet that summer arrivals are up, without allowing a true understanding of the impact of those arrivals on the economy of Barbados. The economic impact of tourism (both in terms of daily visitor expenditure and jobs created) is the only thing that matters when measuring how the industry is doing. The government has been manipulating statistics forever, and they are unlikely to stop now which is unfortunate because it limits any real debate in tourism that could help us become more competitive.

    Adrian mentions a good point in that the Best of Barbados programme sucks the wind out of the better and more competitive hotels that would normally do better during the discount periods and only supports the more mediocre properties out there. Another issue that will arise is that discounting forces hotels to cut corners. For example, guests will be given the cheapest breakfast possible with as few staff as possible to serve it to minimise the costs of that aspect of the promotion. The staff themselves may be less motivated because there will be no service change to be had for breakfast.

  2. reality check

    Barbados has long since proven that it is incapable of running businesses.

    What it needs to do is go out to 20 or so well run hotel management companies and ask for proposals to own and manage some or part its hotel assets.

    This way proven players will be in charge of making their own success without taxpayers dollars. They could also help guide the formula for new hotel units being built in Barbados.

    These companies and the smaller boutigue hotels could give guidance to the BTA on how to get the best value for the dollar rather than have government pretending that it knows what it is doing or worse, paying off incompetent friends.

  3. Rumboy

    A new board of the BTA should already be in place. What is happening with this one of our more important sectors. We should already be planning for the coming winter as this one is close to the end.

  4. Dracula

    The same foreign goat Adrian Loveridge is a member of the BTA board which took that decision.

    He has no business making statements such as this on the internet. If he cannot abide by the decisions of his peers, he has no business making public dissent about something, especially on the basis that it will cause him competition and reduced earnings at his own hotel.

    He should be FIRED immediately.

  5. Thistle

    The name ‘Dracula’ suits you down to the ground. You and your BLP people sucked the blood of Bajans for 13 long years. You need the silver bullet! RIP.

  6. Dracula


    Obviously, and unfortunately for you, we are very much alive…. and we have a lot of haunting to do.


  7. Rumboy

    Congrats on the new BTA board. Mr Taylor has proven himself successfully and in my opinion he is the right person to lead.It is also good to see Bernie Weatherhead back and like Mr Taylor he has also proven himself. Best of luck to them all.

  8. peltdownman

    It was interesting to go to the BTA website to check on what Best of Barbados has to offer, but I noticed one thing that could constitute false advertising. The opening page has a picture of part of the Green Monkey golf course, and the the Green Monkey is also mentioned in the golf holidays section as if anyone could play there. Surely, the Green Monkey golf course cannot be, and never will be, part of the Barbados tourism product. This is one of the most exclusive golf courses in the whole world. Barbados has given over hundreds of acres of prime agricultural land to what is, in effect, an exclusively private golf course, which will be played only by the owners and their guests. I understand that guests of Sandy Lane are able to play the course if they cough-up an enormous amount of money. So to all intents and purposes, it is not part of our tourism product. For goodness sake, even though there is hardly ever anyone playing on the course, local residents are not even allowed to take a stroll there. I doubt if Apes Hill will be much better.

  9. sylvia

    That is not entirely true. Although the Green Monkey remains an exclusive product, it still attracts quite a lot of visitors interested in playing the course. The Green Monkey would be an ideal fit to Barbasdos’ upscale demographic.

  10. Hants

    Peltdownman says
    “Barbados has given over hundreds of acres of prime agricultural land to what is, in effect, an exclusively private golf course,”

    It can be easily returned to agriculture if a recession/Depression hits Barbados.
    Ask the Cubans.