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Your Rihanna Stock Portfolio… Really!


Rihanna is arguably the most popular singer in the world right now and business recognises her brand and customer draw with all kinds of product endorsements. Together with her song and concert revenues, the endorsements have made Rihanna one of the richest young people in Hollywood – and her face is making gazillions for the corporations.

Ahhh… but which corporations is Rihanna boosting? Will they be more successful while riding on her image?

Should you consider buying some “Rihanna” stocks?

That’s the question being asked at the popular financial website TheStreet.com – and some of the answers are interesting. For instance, I’d never heard of Hennes & Mauritz, a Swedish clothing company that Rihanna is endorsing, but the numbers don’t look bad…

“Another company that she is working with, along with rapper Timbaland and rock band Good Charlotte, is Hennes & Mauritz, a Swedish clothing company that trades on the Pink Sheets in the U.S. The stock had a net profit margin of 20.4% for the latest quarter and a return on average equity of 62.3%.”

Darn… I shoulda thought of “Rihanna Stocks” about two years ago.

The story of most of my investing life: woulda, shoulda, coulda…

Oh well, at least I had enough sense to dump MicroSoft last November when the VISTA horror stories reached a crescendo, but as my friends always remind me…  I only tell them about my successes!


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