Breaking Story: Barbados Car Rental Company… Oh Oh!

This Could Happen Anywhere… But It Happened In Barbados

You bring your family to Barbados for the vacation of a lifetime and you decide to rent an auto to have a little independence as you tour the island. So… you call up a local car rental agency and soon they deliver an auto to your hotel or bed and breakfast.

They give you the car. What do you give them?

You give them your credit card number, the hotel where you are staying, your home address and phone number and the date that you want to return the car.

You have just informed a perfect stranger that you are away from your home and when you will be returning.

Our source says that the Royal Barbados Police Force have recently investigated four incidents where tourists rented autos and then returned home to New York and New Jersey only to find that their homes had been broken into while they were in Barbados.


Maybe. Maybe not… but at least one tourist doesn’t think so, and they also believe that they are getting the runaround from the RBPF.

Stay tuned folks… we’ll provide more details as they come our way.


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31 responses to “Breaking Story: Barbados Car Rental Company… Oh Oh!

  1. gunslinger




    u know how many peoples homes get broken into when they are away?

    right- the rental car company is calling its “agents” in new york to say “hey. guess who is in barbados? go break in their house and steal stuff”

    of course its not any of the dozens of people in new york who know these people are away for dozens of reasons.

    maybe even the travel agent that booked their holiday. the taxi driver who took them to the airport. the guy at the airline check-in desks LOL

    what next

    u really scraping the bottom of the barrel with this one.

  2. TMS

    I agree, a total non story

  3. TMS

    the rental company has to either

    a) have “agents” all over the USA (or the world)


    b) sit and wait for someone to rent who happens to from where their “agents” are located (NY ?)

    all this coordination between a team of people to share an unknown loot.

    Please !

  4. banned

    Please refer to the previous post.

  5. banned

    Let’s keep that one going, otherwise the BFP will rightly accused of complicity

  6. reality check

    lets see 4 different Barbados visitors from New York and New Jersey and 4 break ins.

    Was it the same car rental agency or differnt agencies???

    If it is the same car rental agency, those percentages and coincidences seemingly defy the odds

    Sounds like something that should be followed up on.

    This may be a non story to Barbadians but our tourists deserve a full and thorough investigation.

  7. deathknell

    This is one stupid story….the first poster said everything.

  8. deathknell

    In fact, how do you know this isn’t some scam those people came up with?

  9. Pat

    This story is plausible. However, I would not blame the car rental company. They are a business and have thier reputation, confidentiality and trust worthiness to maintain. I suggest the police look at the ’employees’. At least every second Bajan has a relative/friend in New York.

    Those of you who think it is a non-story, have to start thinking like a thief and not jump to conclusions that it is THE COMPANY.

  10. Bajanboy

    This really could happen. It does not have to be the car rental company per se, but rather just one of the employees with relatives in New York. Such scams have been going on for years.

  11. TMS

    I think it is a non story because we have not even been told it is the same car company in each case

  12. TMS

    why not a hotel employee?

  13. reality check


    you wouldn’t be part of the organization selling non existing lottery tickets on CBC would you?

    we need more information but you appear to be a little too quick to call this a non story.

    If you were one of the four families whose house was broken into while they visited Barbados, you might not be inclined to come back if The RBPF appeared not to be too interested in the coincidence and a possible connection.

    It could be anyone or no one.

    By being proactive we demonstrate we care and want these people to come back.

  14. Technician

    Hey….for all we know it could be true.
    Remember..these ‘could’ be regular visitors who use the same company everytime….then their travels become a pattern…..dont take a whiz to hack out a plan.

  15. Tony Hall

    I understand that this can happen. It could be a scam. It is also possible that somebody can be relaying information back to the USA. For those who say it is a non-story be careful. It is very much possible. It was mentioned by BFP that the RBPF seem to be giving the victims the runaround. In good conscience what can the RBPF do? It is difficult for the Fraud Squad to determine if someone at the car rental place or the hotel is passing information back to a relative in the USA.

  16. Anon


    How can we be sure that you are not part of this ring and you are trying to get the story drop so that you will be safe?

  17. TMS

    reality check,

    from the second paragraph on you make fair comment.

    But your first point ???

    Why would you accuse me of being part of the fraudulent selling of lottery tickets???? Bit sad if on a blog making a post leads you be accused of fraud. I have no part in any fraud of any king whatsoever thank you.

    I call it a non story because the story as presented is just that. Now if we are given some more evidence that it is a rental company then we might have story. Who knows what else these visitors did. All we are told is they rented cars. That is nothing. Maybe the story will eventually have some merit

    We need more on the RBPF side. Are they really not cooperating ? or have they been presented with a far fetched story from one visitor (note we are told only one of the four is complaining). It will appear far fetched if it involves more than one rental company.

    More importantly, the first line of attack in solving this crime is with the NY police. They will have much more to go on than a hunch.

    No one would deny the RBPF should be helpful as possible but there is only so much they can do if they have no evidence

  18. TMS

    of any kind………..

    (sorry for the typo)

  19. gunslinger

    good one ANON


  20. gunslinger

    my point is there are so many other people in New York / Jersey that would know these folks are away. to try and suggest that it is someone here in BGI is a real stretch.

    if u went to NY for 2 wks and came back to find yr house broken into- are u really going to think someone in NY called back to BGI to say u were away. or is it more plausible that someone here realised u were away because yr house shut up for days.

    come on

  21. Rumplestilskin

    It is sooo easy to tell when folks are away.

    Simple changes in pattern, cars in the driveway etc.

    Anyone who thinks otherwise is fooling themselves.

  22. Anonymous

    I read on a cruise ship forum that a lady who was standing in line at Heathrow or Gatwick to fly to her cruise out here in the Caribbean… a fellow cruiser saw her luggage tag, read her name and address, used his cellphone to ring a Burglar-Buddy and the lady’s house was broken into before the plane’s wheels had left the UK airstrip!
    Today is hi-tech devious crime.Anything goes.
    It happens.
    Careful who you travel with.

  23. Tell me Why

    What about these people trying to hoodwink insurance companies. This could be a plan with these travelers to set up these burglaries to get insurance money. It is beyond the imagination regarding the linking of the Car Rental companies.

  24. Peltdown Man

    Never, ever, put your home address on your baggage when travelling. Airports everywhere are known to be dens of thieves. I just put my name, “Barbados”, and a telephone number (not my home number). This is enough to trace you if the bag is lost, but not enough for potential conspirators to bother to find out where you live. This story will only hold water if the car hire company is the same in each case, and if the premises burgled are roughly in the same area.
    The real scam with car hire companies in Barbados is with the gasoline. Two methods prevail, both of which leave the hirer out of pocket, with employees of the car hire firm getting free gas. Firstly, there is “we give it to you empty, so you can return it empty”. Give me a break. What person is going to risk running out of gas with a flight home to catch? The result is that car hire firm gets the car back with anything up to a quarter of a tank of gas, which is then siphoned-off before the next rental. The second is the method of noting the level on the fuel guage at hiring, and then”calculating” the difference based on the level of the fuel guage on return. Anyone who owns a car knows how inaccurate a fuel guage can be, depending on how full the tank is. This scam leaves an employee of the company to “hit up” the hirer for gas that he hasn’t used. These things in total will add up to much more being stolen from car hire patrons than any burglaries, and put the good name of Barbados at risk. It’s time for regulation of the car hire business in order to prevent this kind of fraud.

  25. Car renter

    Surely there are travel agents airline employees hotel employees taxi drivers and friends who know of travel dates etc. why dump on car rental operator or employees.

    Peltdown man some rent them full and ask youreturn them full… this is the fairest way don’t you think.

  26. tyler is here

    just another petty crime on a traveller only this time it is back home

  27. Peltdown Man

    Car renter

    Peltdown man some rent them full and ask youreturn them full… this is the fairest way don’t you think.

    Absolutely – it is the only fair way. In some countries the car hire company offers you a deal to fill-up at special prices. It works so long as you have time, but most airports have a gas station very close, and returning it full is easiest.

  28. The Devils Advocate

    It is too much of a coincidence but it may not be the companys fault. If the records are on computer it is usually very easy for hackers to aquire the information you need. It could be a deportee who already has experience with identity theft. Amazing crimes are being committed using technology. We have to be very careful about who gets access to information. the person(s) who thought of it may be counting on our inexperience with such crimes so we cannot dismiss anything the seems out of order or else we will make it even easier for hi tech criminals to operate.

  29. adeqmain

    lets be real,ok .because they houses got broken into does not mean it was set up from here.because giving the information needed for the car rental,does not mean that the house is empty. as that would not be ask .
    my belief it is a coincident or a fabrication

  30. Likeitis


    Comment removed by editor.

    IF a reader wants to castigate a business here at BFP, you’d better have more than just broad statements. Write an article, show us the photos… provide details and we might publish it after giving the other side a chance to reply.

    Your type of comment is not allowed.

  31. jim

    i want to visit