Blogger As Journalist – Barbados Underground Moves Up A Notch…

David at Barbados Underground has interviewed the Chief Marketing Officer from Barbados Light & Power about their policies, price structure and plans for the future.

This is just one more incidence showing that Barbados blogs are not ignored by those who wish to communicate ideas to a wider Barbados audience.

Good work, David.

Barbados Underground: Barbados Light & Power (BL&P) Educate The Bajan Blogosphere~National Energy Policy Needed


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3 responses to “Blogger As Journalist – Barbados Underground Moves Up A Notch…

  1. Reanna

    Useless BFP idiot.

    Talk about the DLP announcement that they will no longer be introducing minimum wage legislation immediately as they had promised to do.

  2. Bajanboy

    I heard different from the throne speech.

  3. Straight talk

    No awards this week for you, Reanna.

    Minimum wage is slated in for this parliamentary session.

    You might wish to try a yellow umbrella as a better antenna.