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Why CARICOM Means More Murders In Barbados


CARICOM Isn’t Just About Economies – It Is About Homogenization Of Cultures

And yes, I used the American spelling of “homogenisation” to make a point… some cultural blending impacts us very little – while other cultural differences have the potential to do significant harm to our qualifty of life and to our economy.

Some of the benefits of CARICOM include a pooling of resources, economies of scale in production and marketing and the primary reason which is to increase the political influence of smaller nations through banding together.

But along with all that comes an increase in the free movement of Caricom citizens between the member nations – each of whom brings the best and the worst of their respective cultures to other Caricom nations. And some of those other Caribbean cultures are incredibly violent.

Barbados is known as a safe vacation spot in the Caribbean – if not the safest. How will our tourism industry be impacted if an increasing percentage of our population originates from more violent cultures than ours?

We can’t afford to have too many more bus loads of tourists accosted at gun-toting gangs before we lose our reputation as a vacation destination with no worries about personal security.

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Harems Pay Off For Muslims – Polygamy Now Legal In Britain, Canada

We were cruising around the internet this morning a saw that Keltruth Blog has commented upon the statement by the Archbishop of Canterbury that Sharia Law is unavoidable in Britain. (link here)

Well, aside from Hindus, Christians, Jews, atheists, artists, nature photographers, homosexuals, drinkers, intellectuals and women, we can’t possibly imagine anyone objecting to such a sensible suggestion.*

Then we discovered that Sharia Courts are actually up and active in Britain as the police and judges often cede the authority of British law to these kangaroo courts. Are Muslim women ever pressured into taking marital or spousal abuse cases before a group of men in a Sharia court instead of before the laws of the land? Ha! Do fish swim?

Check it out here: The British sharia “crime” court in a cafe where knifemen walk free

But the most interesting find of the morning is that polygamy is now effectively legal in both the Britain and Canada (click on the country for details). If you are a Muslim on the dole (welfare) with multiple wives in either of these countries, the authorities will knowingly pay larger sums for your extra wives.

If that doesn’t make polygamy legal, I don’t know what does.

Hmmmm…. Not a bad life for a man with four wives: multiple welfare payments, always someone to keep the house clean no matter what else is happening, absolute obedience otherwise the husband has the right and duty to physically discipline his wives, and certainly no wants for companionship on a chilly night.

Yup, I can see why some men might want to convert to Islam.

Me? Well, I can see some of the ….

Oh… wait a minute…

Yes Dear? Oh, I haven’t fixed that door yet. Oh, ok. sorry. yes, I’ll do it now sweeties… No, I didn’t do that either. Yes, I know you’re having some of the girls over later. Ok, ahhh, sure I’ll change his nappies. Yes, I hear his crying. Ok. I’m coming now…

Um… Look, I’ll have to finish this article later…

* I plagiarized that paragraph from another website The Religion of Peace


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Barbados Dialysis Machines: Update

More information has been developed about the decision by former Minister of Health Philip Goddard to purchase Baxter dialysis machines. You can read the latest from a reader in our updated original article…

Updated: How Many Deaths Happened Because Then-Health Minister Philip Goddard Purchased Baxter Dialysis Machines?


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Updated: Outspoken Barbados Blog Goes Down


UPDATED: Kadri Walcott (apparently) left a comment at Keltruth Blog indicating that he shut down his website in preparation for going overseas for a year. In our opinion, it is too bad that he didn’t just turn off the comments and leave it up.

Original Story… 

KadriWalcottOnline.com is gone. The outspoken blog set up by the former Royal Barbados Police Force officer turned professional musician Kadri Walcott has been taken down and a simple message has been posted…


Mr. Walcott sometimes spoke about alleged wrongdoing and was sometimes critical of the Royal Barbados Police Force on his blog and in comments on other blogs – so much so that some readers cautioned him to be more circumspect as he was using his real name.

Kadri’s Artist Direct website and profile is still up. (link here).

Does anyone know what happened?

A tip of the hat to Keltruth Blog for breaking this story. (Keltruth Blog: What Happened to Kadri Walcott?)


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