Ikael Tafari Should Have Asked, “Can Barbados Help Africa At All? Can Anyone?”

When our friend Cliverton railed on at Ikael Tafari the other day I stayed quiet because like all of Clive’s friends, I know that he gives no quarter when anyone holds up Fidel Castro as being worthy of praise. (Clive’s article is here)

Clive’s friends understand his personal reasons for the reaction to Tafari’s article. We respect his passion for a free Cuba, his knowledge of Cuban revolutionary history and even his stand that anyone who disagrees with him about Castro is unworthy of consideration.

And we’re no fans of Ikael Tafari ourselves, you know!

But by targeting in on the fawning reference to Castro, Cliverton missed the point of Tafari’s Nation News article African Crossroads – The Human Condition.

As I read Tafari’s piece, I see his argument that all races do evil, and have done evil on a mass scale. Further, he relates that some folks attempt to point to the cesspit that is Africa as an indication that the black race somehow has a predilection to violence, chaos and authoritarian government – and that this racial construct is false having regard to the history of the world.

So far, I agree with Tafari – but then he begins to wander down a path that is no doubt clouded by some fragrant haze hanging in the air. Tafari says that the “white-controlled international media” ignored our recent peaceful Barbados elections because of some racist views. Here is what he said…

If a predilection for authoritarian government was something inherent in Blacks, this triumph of democracy could hardly have happened here. Doubtless this is why the white-controlled international media have not accorded any worldwide attention to the Barbadian election – the political maturity displayed during the recent campaign confounds the kind of racist assumptions underpinning the Euro-centric world view which they systematically construct through selective presentation of the “news”.

… Ikael Tafari in African Crossroads – The Human Condition

Hmmm. I think that Ikael Tafari’s own racist views have coloured his vision.

Did the “white-controlled international media” ignore the Barbados election? Google search “Barbados election” and you will see about six thousand returns including many news articles and blog commentaries from Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom and many other countries primarily served by the “white” media.

But Tafari would have been happier had the international news media done major stories saying “Hey… look at them darkies down in Barbados. They had an election and didn’t slit each other’s throats like we expected.”

I have news for Tafari… THAT would have been a racist response from the international news media – but again, Tafari expects and demands international praise and recognition that Bajan black folks had a peaceful election.

There is a cruel saying in the newspaper business: “If it bleeds, it leads”. Tafari doesn’t get it. Peaceful elections in tiny countries are not news unless violence was expected.

Thank goodness that the world’s attention doesn’t focus on Barbados elections!

The World Does Not Revolve Around Barbados – And It Has Nothing To Do With Race…

Mr. Tafari also fails to consider that while we are proud of our country and our peaceful elections – we have a population of less than 300,000 on a good day. And that, my friends, is less than the population of a large town in many countries. It is a sad but true statement that most of our larger neighbours consider our Prime Minister to be of less importance than the mayor of a small city. In fact, there must be hundreds of mayors in the world who control city budgets that handily exceed our country’s annual budget!

No, Mr. Tafari – the world media didn’t ignore our elections because of racism… they ignored our elections because they probably can’t even find us on a map.

Again, it is not what our proud citizens want to hear, but it is nonetheless true that for most of the world’s population if they were asked “Do you care at all about Barbados?” they would reply “No” or more likely “Where..?”

Back To Tafari’s Rose-Coloured View Of Africa…

For Tafari with his romanticized notion of Africa, all the troubles of that tortured continent flow from the colonial occupations and abuses by Europeans. To listen to him, tribalism, wars, famine, slavery and various savage cultural practices never existed in Africa until the whites set foot on the soil.

OK… although we think such a perspective is idiocy, let’s say that Tafari has it right. Let’s say that all of Africa’s troubles are due to colonialism. Now what?

“What can the rest of the world do to help Africa?” That is the question that Tafari should be asking.

Tafari will probably be incensed about the solution to Africa’s problems as put forward by Eric Grover – who suggests armed invasion followed by the re-colonizing of Africa as the only way to save that continent. It is not about race, argues Mr. Grover – it is about culture and democracy and only Western culture, human rights and Western democracy can save Africa.

Grover might be as blind as Tafari in his own way, but there is some food for thought in some of what he says…

Daily our calloused senses and consciences are assaulted by the African tragedy: starving babies with bloated bellies, bloody tribal and sectarian genocide, massive government corruption and pillaging, military coups, endemic AIDS, resurgent tuberculosis and malaria, UN employees and blue hats buying child prostitutes and French protégé the Central African Republic’s Emperor Jean-Bédel Bokassa credibly accused of cannibalism.

There is not a single state on the African continent that would not today be better off administered under a colonial regime, as Hong Kong was by Britain. If the West genuinely cared about Africa and wanted to make a difference rather than more charity, it would send soldiers to overthrow corrupt and despotic regimes, and constitutional law experts and administrators to architect and operate governing legal and economic systems there patterned after our own.

The West –principally Britain and France – abandoned Africa…

… from Eric Grover’s article Africa needs tough love, not more aid poured down a rat hole


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69 responses to “Ikael Tafari Should Have Asked, “Can Barbados Help Africa At All? Can Anyone?”

  1. Bajanboy

    Like all news, bad news gets greater coverage than good news. Being a stable democracy that can hold violence free elections would get less coverge than if we had a politically motivated killing or two.

  2. Bimbro

    With regard to my view on africa and africans, please see my latest post in the, ‘We are afropolitans’ forum!!

    Racism and corruption, sums them up in a nutshell!!!!

    Nuf said, and worthy, of nothing!!!!

  3. I agree with you that it’s silly of Ikael Tafari to say the “white-controlled international media” ignored the election because of racist agendas. That’s a really foolish statement he’s making. Not to mention that the elections received coverage in the Economist magazine, one of the most respected weekly international news journals in the world.

  4. Anonymous

    “The World Does Not Revolve Around Barbados”???

    What fresh hell is this? Tell me it ain’t SO.

    I need to remind you of Barbados’ encouraging message to Britain, back in the days of World War 2, when we urged Britain to stand firm: Barbados is behind you.

    That encouragement resulted in the Allied forces winning WW2, I’ll have you know!

    The World revolves around Barbados

  5. Anonymous


  6. Bimbro

    Insufficient to say that, Anonymous!! What’s wrong with it?!!!!

  7. Bimbro

    I recall, some years ago, having a conversation with an african about the appalling state of affairs in their country at that time, and suggesting the conferment of a west indian as titular, leader of their country, with obviously, no tribal alleigances would be a good, idea!!!!

    He did n’t say anything at the time but I never saw him, again!!!!

    I don’t, for a moment, doubt that the appointment of a WHITE person would have been a far, more acceptable option but, I was n’t interested in pleasing him!!!!

    They’re paying for it now, though!! Their country’s at war again!!!!

    And, Anonymous, tells ME, to shut-up!!!!

    My dear fellow, it’s because more people don’t pay attention to what I say, that the world is in such a state of misery!!!!

    Listen and learn!!!!

  8. Tony Hall

    It does not matter whether the news media report on the Barbados elections. The news media in general thrive on bad news. Barbados has enough good publicity already. I do not agree that many persons around the world would ask where is Barbados or never heard of the country. That held true about 10 years ago but now with the internet and other digital access that belief goes out the window.


    BFP says,

    A bit of what you say is true, but let’s try this…

    Fiji has about 3 times our population. Without google or some other reference, can you place it on a map within 1000 miles of its true location?

    When did it last have and election, and who won?

  9. John

    Is there such a country as Africa?

    I am familiar with the continent of Africa but am not familiar with the country of Africa.

    The African Continent is artificially divided by boundary lines into countries.

    Within each country there are some tribes who hate each others guts and who may not even speak the same language.

    It is said these artificial lines were set by countries in Europe dividing up Africa.

    While territorially this may be true, it is also true that the dividing lines of tribe, language and ethnicity have been there long before countries in Europe even got to Africa.

    This is one of the reasons why the transatlantic slave trade worked.

    How can help be given to Africa?

    What is Africa?

    Who runs it?

    Should that help come from Europe?

    I am not sure if there is even a country called Europe.

    Spain still has ETA and we know what happened in the Balkans.

    Division and mistrust seem to be a human conditions that are never solved.

    Nothing wrong in trying, but accept that the effort has to be at a micro level, not a macro level and as a result it is going to be tough, if not impossible.

  10. Citizen First

    I am not generally a supporter of the ideas of Mr Tafari but I wish to present this little tidbit for your readers.

    There is a book called “IQ and the wealth of nations” by Richard Lynn and Tatu Vanhanen (who is the father of a Prime Minister of Finland) which postulates that economic development is correlated with IQ. In the interest of brevity, the authors suggest that the North Atlantic nations are wealthy because their citizens (read “white”) possess high average IQ’s and conversely Africa is poor because their citizens (read “black”) have low average IQ. I do not know how they were able to measure the average IQ of the people of all these countries.

    Anyway, three countries stand out as “anomalies” to their views, by their own admission – Qatar, South Africa and (surprise !) Barbados. The average IQ of these three countries (according to Lynn and Vanhannen) is too low given their high economic and (in the case of Barbados) social development. So how do they account for this inconvenient truth? I am not sure if the authors explicitly answer the issue but it is suggested that the high development is the result of the work of (hold your breath..) the small but significant white portion of the population.

    So my point is this… it does not suit the views and propaganda of the white supremicists of the world for a successful, peaceful, developed BLACK-led nation to exist. Tatu Vanhanen is a noted social scientist in Finland holding a professorial chair at a reputable university.

    I think the point that Mr Tafari is trying to make is that Barbados confounds the stereotypes of black nations and so may be deliberately ignored by the media of the north.

  11. Anonymous

    Bimbro says:

    My dear fellow, it’s because more people don’t pay attention to what I say, that the world is in such a state of misery!!!!

    Listen and learn!!!!

    Ok ,ok ok……get down from your pedestal now.

    You have no credibility with me at all sir!!
    One only has to look at your earlier post to see exactly where you are coming from.
    You hate Guyanese,Indians,Pakistanis,Jamaicans……..and the list goes on.You obviously know nothing about modern Barbados and even our dialect give you a challenge.
    Aren’t you the same one who wanted to kill your Pakistani neighbor for hanging out a carpet?
    One who looks at every one in your apt building with suspicion?
    The same one who dismissed Asafa Powell, after winning the 100 m race purely because he was Jamaican?
    The same one who could not bring himself to even acknowledge the feat of the young pilot who flew solo around the world, just because he is Jamaican?
    And you now wonder why I tell you to SHUT UP!!
    If anyone here has the time , let them read your earlier posts and then they will decide on what to tell you!!

  12. John

    Division and mistrust seem to be a human conditions that are never solved

  13. Bimbro

    You have no credibility with me at all sir!!


    Anonymous, I could n’t care less whether I’ve any credibility with you, at all, or not!! I accept there’ll always be a percentage of people who prefer to live their lives with their head buried in the sand, and clearly, you’re one of them!!!!

    As for the Jamaican, pilot – well we in the UK, don’t usually celebrate an achievement which has been performed before, and probably, many times!!!! I have n’t done the research but would n’t be surprised if the world was n’t circumvented by air as long ago, as the 1920s – was n’t her name Bernhart, or something!! Anyway, I’m sure it had been done before, so what was the big deal!! Just because he was black, or Jamaican, or because you have a Jamaican wife/girlfriend, or whatever!!

    Give me a break, Sir!! You can return your head to the sand, now. Maybe the young Barbadian who was killed in Britain last week, had the same attitude?!!!!

  14. Anonymous

    Typical answer from a bigot and a racist not to mention an idiot!

    Are you taking your medication?

    You are such an idiot…the world 100 m has been broken many times but it especially sweeter when it is done by a son of the soil ….fool!

    Many people won bronze medals at the Olympics before ,but it was much sweeter to see Obadele Thompson doing it for little small Bim…..goat!

    I could go on but I am not sure how long you can stay focussed on a topic……You see it doesnt matter how many times the feat is accomplished (though you cant break the same record twice .dum dum), it matters who does it, where the person is from and most of all the challenges and the chances of it being done by the person,especially if resources are limited…..catch my drift yet?

    Further to your ignorance..you dont know anything about the young Bajan who was killed to even comment on his death….clown!

    I will now go bury my head in the sand ,while I leave you to your obviously miserable life, living in an apt complex surrounded by the very people you hate and despise so much……what a life indeed!!

  15. marvin bareback

    It’s interesting to note that pointing out a racist view usually invokes a racist frame of mind in reverse. It would be so refreshing to see some local press where race didn’t seem to dominate the pages. I’ve been to Africa and they don’t care about race, just tribes and white people are all just from one tribe.
    The best thing that ever happened to our Bajan ancestors was to be brought to the West Indies as slaves. After many generations we are now just free Bajans without tribal allegiances and rid of the murder and mayhem.

  16. jodiperry

    The continent of Africa is not a victim of it’s poverty, but on the contrary of it’s wealth.

    The wealth:
    The land is replete with petroleum, diamonds, gold, uranium, manganese, cobalt, zinc, iron oar, phosphates, copper, potash, bauxite, coal, titanium, chromium, asbestos, clay, tin, lead and coltan.

    The problem:
    There’s Africans living on it.

    How do you get your hands (or paws) on these resources.

    1. Pay a corrupt leader to allow your company to drill for petrol. (Nigeria) Shell (Dem Rebublic of Congo) Mobutu

    2. No 1 doesnt work. Assasinate him (Burkina Faso) Thomas Sankara, (Dem Republic of Congo) Patrice Lumumba

    3 Military Coup backed by western intelligence services in the name of protecting their countries ‘interests’ (Ghana) Kwame Nkrumah (Dem Republic of Congo ) Mobuto ..again

    4. Create a civil war over control of vital resources (finance and arm all 3 or 4 sides) Dem Rebublic of Congo, Darfur.

    5. Get your appointed friends at the World Bank to loan money to your target African country for some project like a railroad or highway. Give the contract to build the railroad to your other friends who own a contruction company and ensure that all materials are imported from your country. This way the Africans never see a cent of that loan since the funds from the loan never leave your country or bank. (Mali plus others 2 numerous to mention)

    6. After the railroad is finished get your other friends at the IMF to come in and ‘advise’ the target African country to restructure their economy by privatising the railways , airports, schools, hospitals to reduce civil servants salary expenses and then have your other friends put in bids to manage those institutions. Again the Africans countries end up paying twice for these services. (Mali plus others 2 numerous to mention)

    7. When public outcry becomes too loud and your ‘Aids’ policies are exposed, hold a G7 or 8 or 9 summit in Gleneagles or some random European city with a funny name. Proclaim to the world you will forgive Africa’s debt.

    8. Go home and do absolutely nothing of the sort.

    9. Make frequent trips to Africa, hold speeches telling them colonialism is not responsible for their misery and reassure them you’re here to help while ‘casing’ the area for business opportunities for your failing industries back home.

    10. Force Africa the Caribbean and Pacific countries to sign an Economic Partnership Agreement in response to the Chinese threats on your countries monopolies on Africa’s natural resources. So for the next 100 years they are locked into buying your overpriced goods in the name of free trade.

    There you go Eric Grover. 10 easy ways to plunge an entire continent into a vicious cycle of poverty war and desperation.

    Note: Coltan (columbium-tantalum) is used in computer and cell phone chips. The Democratic Rebublic of Congo has more than half the entire worlds supply making it a causualty of points 1, 2, 3 and 4

  17. Pat


    Everyone is seeing you for who and what you really are. How is your African ex-wife doing and your African children? Having been castigated on your own forum, on the Nation’s forum and Barbados forum, you come on here without changing your attitudes to be castigated again. You never learn. Now who is burying their head in the sand?

  18. Pat


    I myself, wonder about Africa. I learnt in school that it was a continent and all people on that continent could be called Africans. So, I was completely dismayed at the start of the African cup last week, when an Egyptian player referred to a Ghanian star player as belonging to one of the “African teams”. It seems that Egypt is now on the planet Mars. At least Ghadaffi knows where Libya is.

  19. John

    I agree Pat, but while you were taught that all people in African could be called Africans, the fact is that they are not Africans and don’t regard themselves as Africans.

    South Americans are not Americans!!

    They are Barazilians, Venezuelans, Chileans, ……. but don’t tell the native Indians this!!

  20. samizdat

    “the world media didn’t ignore our elections because of racism… they ignored our elections because they probably can’t even find us on a map”.

    Just the point I was making myself on the other thread (modest cough) three days ago….

    February 5, 2008 at 11:35 pm
    February 5, 2008 at 4:28 am

    So the fact that the BBC and CNN didn’t consider a peaceful election in tiny Barbados as particularly newsworthy is a sign of white hegemony again, is it?

    In all seriousness, please explain to me what is globally newsworthy about a trouble-free election in Barbados?

  21. Victor Callender

    Look, all this talk about Afri(k)a is really moot. The continent of Afri(K)a is ran by buffoons who qualify the European stereotype of what these clowns act like. Afri(k)a the cradle of civilization has been conquered not just by physical invaders, but by emotional invaders as well. Afri(K)an leaders like those two idiots in Kenya and Mugabe in Zimbabwe have done more to destabalize their countries than any colonial powers could have done. The across the board selfisheness of Afri(k)an dictators, who have continually robbed, raped and pillaged their countries is emblematic of wholesale black on black crime. Afri(k)a has given to the world the greatest minstrel cacophony on the planet. The continent of Afri(k)a has led me to ask, were our ancestors better off in the belly of slave ships rather than to have remained on the continent of Afri(K)a? I continually search out the answer to that question. If I could enthusiastically point to one Afri(k)an success story I would be filled with some form of hope for that continent. However, all that I hear from the maladministrators of Afri(K)an affairs is how bad the white colonials have left Afri(K)a. I am filled with disdain at the attitudes of these European educated Afri(k)ans who emigrate to european style education and luxury, yet criticising the west. I don’t want to hear no argument about no Afri(k)a, tell me about Barbados and I would be prepared to listen.

  22. samizdat

    “in Gleneagles or some random European city with a funny name”

    Jodiperry, the above quote has outed you for what you are.

    Your (understandable) anger – which I partly share – at the historical fall out following the European scramble for Africa has turned you into the very thing you hate most: a sneering bigot.

    Despite your eloquence and erudition (and in fairness you do make a number of incisive points which I think it’s a shame BFP has chosen not to respond to), your ideological stance as a whole comes across as essentialist and fundamentalist – with its over-simplistic Animal Farm-style “four legs good, two legs bad” binaries.

    I don’t disagree with everything you say by any means. But I don’t have much respect for (never been to Cuba, yet valorizes Castro!) armchair radicals like you.

    Have you ever travelled to Africa, by the way? If so, which countries, and for how long and under what circumstances?

    In case you’re interested, I’m of Jamaican/Irish extraction, lived and worked for many years in Nigeria, am currently residing in Barbados.

    What’s your story?

  23. Victor Callender

    Ikael Tafari’s assertion that whites brought mayhem to the continent of Afri(K)a is inpart true. Mr. Tafari would best be served to look at the migratory patterns that occured on the Afi(k)an continent during antiquity which led to miscegenation. Contrary to popular belief, extensive tribal warfare existed throughout the Afri(k)an diaspora, and can be extensively referenced by reading the writings of “Cheik Anta Diop.” Diop writes extensivesly on antiquity and how the Europeans colonized Afri(k)a. Like Diop Chancellor Williams the great South Carolinian encapsulate’s in his book “The Destruction of Black Civilization” the vastness of Afri(k)a’s fall from the apex of civilization’s greatest continent to a shadow of its former self. Mr Tafari whites alone cannot be blamed for the cataclysmic descension of “Mother Afri(k)a.” It is grossly erroneous for any one to infer that Afri(k)a’s failure is due only to white colonialism. Afri(k)a’s demise is due inpart to Afri(k)ans colonizing Afri(k)ans and pretty much behaving like they are today. Mr Tafari “We black people are the most comfortable Slaves on the Planet.”

  24. Bimbro

    That’s it, Anonymous. You return to hiding your head in the sand and take your anti-BLACK-Barbadian views with you. Do you think I’m VERY, BLACK?!! Do you think that’s why it’s ok to rubbish eveything I say?!!

    Well, don’t worry!! I light skin!! So it’s ok to agree with me!!!!

    Something reeks of reverse-racism about many of your comments and it hints at the huge, problem about life in Bim, which many of you are unable to address – light skin/black skin racism!!!!

    Yep, you go on recording every detail about me, instead of facing the arguments!!!

    FO!!!! You can guess what that means!!!!

    ‘Pat’, and likewise!!!!

  25. Bimbro

    Victor, you dare not say anything critical about africa or they’ll be telling u about going and take your pills etc!!!!

    Lord, even, THE AFRICANS THEMSELVES, are running-away from africa at the rate of knots which you can’t catch dem & idiots like some of those above would rather hide their head in the sand!!!!

    What people!!!

  26. Citizen First

    I sent a post yesterday around 1:00 pm but it has not appeared. What was the problem with my comment?

  27. jodiperry

    Victor Callendar,

    There are sucess stories in Africa. Botswana is one. It’s notable that it was never colonised to the extent of its neighbours but viewed by the British as a strategic Protectorate.

    Thus Botswana escaped the deculturisation and reeducation that took place in other European colonies in Africa. Botswana held (probably still do) the world record for most rapid real GDP growth 16% between 1970 and 1974 and enjoys a growth rate of 7.7 % per annum.

    Click to access Acemoglu-Botswana.pdf

    How many of you have heard of the Royal Bafokeng Nation an ethnic province in South Africa? Another interesting story in Africa.

  28. Bimbro

    The same one who dismissed Asafa Powell, after winning the 100 m race purely because he was Jamaican?


    Lorddddddddddddddddd!! Asafa Powell win de 100 metres race & I gun jump up and wave my knickers in de air!!!! Lorddddddddddddd!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Please, doan mek muh, laugh, boa!!!!

    You follow me roung de internet, poking yuh nose in everyting I do an den yuh come an say dis, dat & de oder.

    ‘A’, how about getting a life?!!! Nobody doan want yuh?!!! Well if yuh spen some ugh dah time yuh spen watching me going instead to one a dem lonely-hearts clubs yuh might fine somebody stupid enough to be interested!!!!

    Why suh touchy bout de JAs!! Had children by one till she tell yuh wha tuh do wid yuhself?!!!!

    You keep following me roung, but pick up a brain first before yuh say anyting to me, again!!!!

  29. Anonymous

    Bimbro says:
    ……and take your anti-BLACK-Barbadian views with you.

    Wow…….my anti black Barbadian views……hmmmm…now that is funny,seeing that I am a young black man.
    Bimbro, you have been called out for who and what you really are.

    I do not ‘keep details’ on you (BFP does a great job themselves).What I do is read a persons posts and try to get a feel of where they are coming from.Sad to say that the feeling I get from you ……well ….you can tell.

    You talk of problems with life in Bim in relation to black skin /light skin racism.

    When were you last here?

    Do you have any friends here?

    Only you would think that our problems here are directly related to racism.Try these other issues on for size…Corruption, Elitism, Accountability, Lapdog media houses, Lack of Transparency, Abuse of power…….get it yet?

    I detest the way you always try to portray on this blog that racism is the reason for our problems. If you had a bad experience with someone of another color, class or creed, then tough…..get over it.

    Racism is every where but I can guarantee, that right now ..it is a small issue here in Bim.

  30. Anonymous

    Bimbro …..
    Your feeble attempt at Bajan dialect is hilarious.
    Read a couple of articles from Lickmout’ Lou and come again.
    I only know of you on BFP and BU, thanks to Pat for that other information though.
    As for a life….I am a satisfied and contented small business man with a loving family and a group of ambitious and progressive friends both black and white with various nationalities.
    Sadly to say sir ..it is you who needs a life, you need to know what true love feels like.What it is to have friends from different cultures.
    To get to know them as opposed to fearing them and becoming paranoid in the process.
    You need to experience the diversity which is found in our group of friends,then you will truly understand what living is all about.It has nothing to do with money, cars ,big mansions etc.
    It comes from the basic functions of love, respect ,trust and honor.Traits which are sadly lacking in todays world.
    You stay in your apt complex with your racist attitude, all alone and angry with everyone else.
    Your pc has become your comfort zone and your tool to spout your hatred but we dont buy it for one minute.
    What you need is a hug, this fear and paranoia you have is the result of selfishness, wicked thoughts and vile comments,compounded by age, towards people you dont know.
    Take a chance…get to know people ….and then you might realize that all are not bad regardless of color , class or creed.
    Stay in that shell and I promise you, you will die the stubborn, lonely, angry, racist old fogey that you have allowed yourself to become.

  31. Bimbro

    Anonymous, young man, that’s the problem with people being allowed to use the name ‘Anonymous’. You can’t be certain just which ‘Anonymous’, you’re addressing!!

    Anyhow, if you’re telling me that the brown/black racism issue is n’t a problem in Bim, then I’m sure you’re joking or not very, perceptive!! Like other, racism, it is a problem, everywhere!!!!

    Anyhow, if u suh young, got no time to discuss with you. Live life some more, first!!!!

  32. Bussa Goddard

    Hate to sound trivial, but the part of this piece that shook me is the reference to Africa as a “cesspit”. Did Tafari say this or is this BFP’s view.


    BFP says,

    Africa is a cesspool of violence, corruption, chaos and despair. We can debate the whys, but not the reality of the situation. You may not like the term “cesspit” but it aptly describes the situation. It is a word chosen by Marcus in writing the article and I agree.

    I’ve been to Africa and the Middle East many times (Robert here) and there are fine people there and bad people there in the same proportion as anywhere else, but there is no hope for peace and progress from within. The bad guys are in power everywhere and put down opposition with a brutality that cannot be imagined unless you’ve been there.

    There is no longterm indigenously-developed tradition of democracy or civil rights anywhere in Africa. “Free at last” South Africa is probably the most dangerous country I’ve ever set my feet in.

    You may not like the word, but it is appropriate.

  33. Technician

    To Bimbro:

    The posts dating Feb 7,2008 @5:06pm,Feb 8,2008 @11:49 an and Feb 8,2008 @ 2:19 pm are all mine.

    I am abiding by the rules of BFP, which we all know was done after you complaining emails.Talk about a cry baby!!

    Back to the point as I have asked you before…
    When was the last time you were in Barbados for any extended period?

    I have never said that racism is not a problem here.What I have said, is that it is not as big an issue as you would have this blog believe.

    There are far more important issues which need to be dealt with in this country than racism.
    A lot of what people like you call racism, is actually an inferiority complex we have in us.

    If being young disqualifies me from this discussion (as you have said),then it only goes to prove my point about you and that past generation’s way of thinking.

    I am sure young people like myself and my friends have broken more racial and social barriers than any from your generation.

    My point is and will continue to be this…..get to know people before you cast judgement on them.All are not going to be good and certainly all are not going to be bad.To paint all with the same broad brush is to be ignorant.

  34. Bimbro

    Anonymous, please, you’re boring me, now!!!! I gine sleep!!!!

    I doan need to read ‘Lickmou Lou’!!! Dere were Lickmout Lous all aroung me when I was living day in Bim!!!

    Lorddddddddddddddddddddddd!!! 🙂


    A lot of what people like you call racism, is actually an inferiority complex we have in us.


    My dear fellow, people make all sorts of excuses for racism and attribute them all sorts of exotic names and phrases to conceal their evilness!! Does that ring a bell, with you, perhaps!!!! Are you a victim or perhaps, more likely, a culprit!!!!

    Have a nice life in Bim but when de sun burn yuh up, doan come ova hay!!!!

    Lorddddddddddddddddddddddd!!!! 🙂

  35. samizdat

    Technician, your comments are thoughtful, lucid and above all, sane.

    Thus, it’s a complete waste of your time trying to argue with friend Bimbro.

    Best to think of him as one of those crazy old men who like to shout at traffic down in Bridgetown…

  36. Pat



    You have Bimbro in the nettles, so he is giving you his “stiff upper lip”. lol.

    Bimbro left Barbados at the age of ten some 49 years ago and has never returned. Not even on one of those cheap Virgin flights from London. If he has family still in Bim, he does not appear to be in touch. He was wondering where to stay on the island and what to do once there. That was two years ago and he still has not gone. Maybe we should pass a hat around to help him out. He will be in for a big surprise.

  37. jodiperry


    The quote that exposes me as a sneering bigot was an attempt at satire to highlight the repetitive and cyclic destructive nature of Europe/USA’s relationship with Africa. It seemed to be totally lost on you. I actually live in a European city with a funny name. Paris.

    As to me being the essentialist, fundamentalist, armchair radical and a valorizer of Castro (though never been to Cuba), I have never been to the moon either and I can bet your house that the NASA moonlanding was faked.

    Neither of us have never been to the early 18th century either but we form opinions from the accounts of historians (and revisionists) who were.

    The gist of my argument was not whether Castro was a saint or sinner. Good or bad is not for me to judge. I really dont care. It was that in regards to the Caribbean and Africa he has our interests at heart. And that I give him credit for. Just as I give the Mandela’s credit for liberating South Africa while overlooking how they dealt with the traitors in their midst (necklaces and bombings etc).

    Like FDR alledgedly said of Nicaragua’s Somoza, ‘He may be a son of a bitch, but he’s our son of a bitch’.

    What confuses me with the BFP post is that they dont seem to be concerned with atrocities or oppression in general, but Fidel’s (and China’s) atrocities and oppressive methods in particular. Our two main sources of aid in the Caribbean.



    BFP Says…

    Hey… we all pick our causes, usually for a reason.

    Cuba… because Cliverton knows Cuba and the revolution… and left a piece of his heart there before he knew it was gone.

    China… because Mao and the despots who have followed him make Hitler and Stalin look like raw amateurs.

  38. Citizen First

    to the BFP moderators: my comment has been awaiting moderation since yesterday. Could you either post it or delete it please?


    BFP says,

    We didn’t like your comment because it advertised a Nazi-like book. I realise that you only used it as an illustration, but we don’t allow such discussion on our blog even by those who are as appalled by it as we are. If we posted your comment we would spend the next week fending off the worst dregs of society.

    Thats our position.

  39. Citizen First

    I do not agree with your position. At least, you understand that I am appalled (horrified) by the views expressed in such books but the more significant point is that such views are held and disseminated by otherwise “reputable” academics (the father of Finland’s Prime Minister” and who knows who else…maybe those that control the media houses? In fact, reading some of the comments on Africa and Africans by some of your posters would make a white supremicist proud.

    What about a compromise… post my comment without the title of the book?


    BFP says,

    Hi Citizen First,

    As Clive says, we’d better post this answer to you soon because there are four of us here now and that means a party is likely to be in full swing shortly. Plus I’m not working tonight. (Aside to Auntie: Yes we will be good boys and see you in church tomorrow. Yes, we know we promised. No, we won’t overdo it.)

    Ahhh…. cross out “party” and replace it with “editorial committee meeting”. 😉

    OK Citizen First, we see your point. We’ll post your comment as written without any changes and see what happens. Our concern remains that even in an academic discussion of such issues the worms crawl out from under their rocks.


    … and Robert… make that a double please! 🙂

  40. Citizen First

    While it is not unreasonable for BFP to tread carefully with regards to extreme/racist views, it is important to note that contrary to your view that our small size makes us “invisible”, Barbados is actually very well known for its high level of development and civility as compared to most other nations of the world. This contrasts sharply with the negative stereotypes associated with black-led societies, so much so, that absurd “explanations” are given to deny the truth – that black people can establish, manage and develop successful, peaceful and properous societies.

  41. Citizen First

    Thank you BFP. I hope that the worms stay away! To those that may be interested in this little exchange, the original post is waaaaay up the thread (about 30 posts up). I gone (really I promise) cheers.

  42. Victor Callender

    These so called Pan Africanist kill me with their foolishness. They take a few trips to Africa, read a few books about Africa, buy a few Daishikis and at the end of it all a Pan Africanist is born. Africans over the years have wanted nothing to do with any black person not idigenous to the African Continent. The fact that I am black is owed to my parents and not Africa. I am vehement in not permitting anyone in the USA to call me African American, and no ethnic questionaire can give me any African American designation. Purely stated I am Black. I refuse to allow myself to be associated with a continent or a people who refuse and deny me a connection to their heritage. I am Victor, I am Barbadian and proud like hell to be a Bajan. If anyone would like to talk about developing Barbados I am all ears, as far as Africa is concerned those Africans don’t even know we in the caribbean exist. I heard Bob Marley talk this back to Africa foolishness in the 70’s and about repatriation to Ethiopia. Let me tell all of you something if you don’t already know this fact, Ethiopians would rather associate with their former colonial masters Italy, than with other Blacks in this world. Next to Asians in particular Japanese, Ethiopians are the most prejudiced individuals on the planet. So you see watching a few episodes of roots, does not influence me about my connection to Africa. By the way didn’t the USA try to repatriate black slaves to Liberia? That form of repatriation didn’t work then and can’t work now. Like the Edi Amin said “Africa is for Africans.”

  43. Victor Callender

    Recently at work a celebration commenced for Black History Month here in the USA. Six pictures of famous Black Historical icons were posted on elevators and throughout the federal building in which I work. I took an unscientific poll of my co-workers, all graduate degree medical professionals as to the names of the persons in those six pictures, to my amazement none of my co-workers were able to name any of the persons except Martin Luther King. Curiously, I asked the Senior Executive Service (SES)officer, the person in charge of a multi-billion federal agency if he knew the six individuals on that poster, he retorted hell if I know. You see, here in the good old USA I constantly thank Barbadian educators for my education and their many kindnesses. But for the will of god I could have been miseducated in this good old USA. How on earth can these so-called Americans be so immersed in this patriotic garbage, when they can’t even identify six Black historical icons whose indelible contributions have brought America into international prominence. It is said “That a person convinced against their will is of the same opinion still.” One cannot hope to legislate morality or racial equality. If some US Supreme Court decision had not ensued (Brown v Board of Education 1954) segregation might still be in effect. Most white Americans are completely oblivious to the plight of blacks living in America. Black Americans for the most part are treated like the proverbial “Spooks who sat by the door,” and an air of invisibility is usually the norm. To understand this pervasive behavior one only need look at the “Psychopathic Racial Personality.” That “Psychopathic Racial Personality” only sees and understands its needs, the needs therefore of blacks to be intrinsically part of the American Diaspora is relegated to second class citizenship. The gist of my argument is that white America or Europeans as a whole could not give a damn about Black History or blacks living in America. If you showed me pictures of America’s founding fathers I would know them. However, if I showed most whites I worked with “Shaquille O’neal, or Diana Ross they would be able to identify with those persons. Black Athletes, Black entertainers and the likes happen to be where white America places its interest in Black Americans. I understand the truth of my bajaness, and my feet are firmly planted.

  44. samizdat


    No, I got that you were trying to be satirical all right. In fact, you sounded just like those witty Europeans. You know, the ones who think it’s funny to mock African names like Ndabaningi Shitole.

    That’s an irony that seemed to be totally lost on you.

    As for the matter of where we get our information from and the limitations of empiricism: I take your point. But if you have the capacity to experience in person something that interests you and that you want to talk knowledgeably about (ie Africa, Cuba), shouldn’t you make the effort to do so? Your polemic would gain in substance and credibility. And you’d avoid sounding like – forgive me – yet another silly Rive Gauche revolutionary.

    This is the point BFP’s making, I think. Your rather naive and uncritical gushing about Castro as being a ‘friend to the Caribbean’ (aren’t the victimized Cuban dissidents Caribbean people too?) could only be made by somone who’d never lived there. Or perhaps by a tourist…

    On the matter of the moonlandings, however, we’re absolutely on the same page.

    A NASA fake. No question…

  45. Bimbro

    February 8, 2008 at 11:00 pm
    Technician, your comments are thoughtful, lucid and above all, sane.

    Thus, it’s a complete waste of your time trying to argue with friend Bimbro.

    Best to think of him as one of those crazy old men who like to shout at traffic down in Bridgetown…


    Samizdat, you know me!!!!

    Laaaddddddddddddddddddddd!! 🙂

    You have old men shouting at traffic down in Bridgtown?? Why???? Don’t they like the colour of the cars?!!!! 🙂

    ‘Pat’, u been following me around the internet for a long time, have n’t you!! Poor, sad, lonely cow!!

    I, persoanally, have got better things to do with my life!!!!

    Whether I’ve returned, not returned, or whatever, you shall never know because you’re obviously, a nosey old bag!!!!

    BFP, in relation to ‘Citizen First’!! Wha dis book is!!!!

    It might assist me in the perfection of my views concerning our ‘friends’, the africans!!!! 🙂

    My god, BFP, are you denigrating the importance of worms to our well-being!! You might be surprised at what an important contribution they make to the planet!!!!


    Victor Callender
    February 9, 2008 at 4:39 am
    These so called Pan Africanist kill me with their foolishness. They take a few trips to Africa, read a few books about Africa, buy a few Daishikis and at the end of it all a Pan Africanist is born. Africans over the years have wanted nothing to do with any black person not idigenous to the African Continent. The fact that I am black is owed to my parents and not Africa.


    I take my hat off, to you, Victor!! You’re the first Barbadian who I’ve read on any of these blogs who is n’t living in a self-induced, LSD-type, africans-are-wonderful stupor! It’s reached the point that I don’t even try to debate with them, rationally, anymore!! Well said, Victor. I’m glad that you, at least, fully acknowledge that africans could n’t care less about us, except, if they could get their hands on it, to steal everything we’ve got and then give us the ‘Kenya-treatment’!! You know, the cutlasses, as in Rwanda, and just about every, country on that god-forsaken continent!!!!

  46. Bimbro

    And Victor, don’t think that it’s just the Ethiopians. It applies to ALL of them, unless, of course, they can USE us for getting nationality, money or both!!

    The people on here either don’t know what they’re talking about or prefer to fool, themselves!!!!

  47. jodiperry


    “I refuse to allow myself to be associated with a continent or a people who refuse and deny me a connection to their heritage.”

    I see the divisive tatics of the Europeans alive and well. I was waiting (in vain) for the ‘They sold us into slavery’ bit.

    To define oneself is a personal choice to me. However one can choose their friends but not their family. How blacks are viewed in the US, Caribbean is a reflection of how we are viewed on the African continent as a whole. There is no escaping that.

    I have never seen any evidence besides the brainwashing propoganda that the exists animosity between Africans and blacks in the west. In France the Africans go as far to learn West Indian French creole so as to ‘fit’ in with their caribbean counterparts.

    “Ethiopians would rather associate with their former colonial masters Italy, than with other Blacks in this world.”

    Saying Ethiopia was an Italian colony is saying France was a German colony. Italy conquered Ethiopia in 1936 and were defeated and driven out 5 years later. Ethiopians don’t speak Italian and their is little or no vestiges of Italian culture.

    Why are we so quick to deny our Africanness under the pretext that Africans do not want to associate with us. Even if it were true to which I disagree, so what. Why not reach out and bridge that disconnect?

    The Europeans spent the first half of the 20th century killing one another at home and abroad with reckless abandon. Now they are on the road to being a super state. You don’t here the French refusing to work with the Germans because of some long time gone gripe whether real or imagined.

    I agree with your second post and your definition of ‘Psychopathic Racial Personality’.

    But isnt there a correlation between our invisibilty and our intrinsic need to be validated, accepted and recognized by the anglo saxson culture? Why did you not ask the Chinese or the Indians at the company if they recognized the black heros. Why should it matter to us whether they know them or not?

    I bet if you asked the average black they would not know who Leonard P. Howell is. He should be mandatory in our schools. As should be Marcus Garvey and Franz Fanon. We are feeding our children the irrelevance of Shake spear instead.

    We have allowed the europeans/US to become the axis around which our lives, thoughts, perceptions, mores and ‘needs’ revolve thus giving them control over our future. Their enemies becomes ours by default. The anglo saxons see us all, whether you are a proud Bajan or a Senegalese as poor imitations of themselves, why should they respect that.

    Why is the bare thought of this prodigal returning home (not literally)so abhorrent. Why so we insist on this union that does not and never will work. Why not return to the source? What do we have to lose?

    Like you said ‘ A person convinced against their will is of the same opinion still’.

  48. Technician

    It is exactly that way of thinking that shows me just how brainwashed most black people are.

    Victor Callender have you ever lived on the African continent?

    You ask Americans to identify Black heroes….what reply did you honestly expect?
    Most of them dont even know their own Presidents.
    I would like for you to name the six pictures that were in the Federal building which they did not recognise ,as you say except for MLK Jr.

    While I agree with some of what you say, there are parts that just sound like pure ignorance on your part.

    1…The fact that I am black is owed to my parents and not Africa.
    And where did your parents and their parents parents get their ‘blackness’?

    2..I am vehement in not permitting anyone in the USA to call me African American,
    Then you better start packing because that it how you are seen in their eyes and there is nothing you can do.

    3.The gist of my argument is that white America or Europeans as a whole could not give a damn about Black History or blacks living in America.
    We all know this …..but does it mean that we as Blacks have to swallow that and conform?
    Do we not have our own unique history and heritage to preserve,whether or not it is comfortable to us?
    It is so obvious that white Americans would know nothing of black people unless they are making money .To expect more is futile.

    This is just MY opinion….whether we like it or not, history has shown us that we are direct descendants from slaves, who were brought across the Atlantic.
    We had a history then, and we have a history now.Even though the African continent is in turmoil for many reasons.It still remains the place of origin for most blacks.Whether or not you choose to admit this is purely up to a person, but it is a fact.

  49. Technician

    Bimbro says:
    It applies to ALL of them, unless, of course, they can USE us for getting nationality, money or both!!
    Geez man……she must have really taken you to the cleaners.
    Get over it man this is a discussion on world issues.

    You need to write to Dear Christine ….or go on Dr. Phil.

    So you got used ,dumped and robbed………move on!!
    Now we understand your hatred for them.

  50. samizdat

    Jodiperry says:

    “The anglo saxons see us all, whether you are a proud Bajan or a Senegalese as poor imitations of themselves, why should they respect that?”

    All Anglo Saxons? All Bajans and Senegalese? Please…

    Do you actually believe this essentialist, totalizing rubbish, or is it merely lame rhetoric?

    If you do believe it, you’re talking like a fool. A fool who has a very insecure sense of his identity.

    Which makes me wonder:

    Is Jodiperry actually Ikael?

  51. Roy Boy

    Mr Tafari;
    had nothing to offer since taking his office at Pan African Commission until his government lost office.

    Now he is talking about planes from Gahna. I am reliably informed that these flights are illegal DRUG flights, moving drugs around Europe and left to Mr T – the Caribbean!!!

    Stop smoking! Quit spouting rubbish and get a real job for once Mr. T!!!!

  52. Bimbro

    ‘Technician’, you are such a bore. Please stop trying to be some sort of mind reader. You can’t read my mind. As it happens, my all-time favourite girlfriend is an african, plus my favourite all-time three or four girlfriends are african, so please stop talking crap!! They, combined with a host of other experiences is why I have the knowledge to make the comments which I do!! Do you? I doubt it very, much!!!

    I’ve asked you before not to bore me with your nonsense. Gees, man!!!!

  53. Technician

    ‘As it happens, my all-time favourite girlfriend is an african, plus my favourite all-time three or four girlfriends are african’………….

    Yes sir!……but are any of them CURRENT?

    One does not have to be a mind reader to see that you were hurt in a very bad way, hence your anger towards people.

    The point to you is simple…..you cannot speak for every Jamaican, African, Pakistani etc just because you had a bad experience with one or maybe even a few.
    You are just a spiteful old man with nothing to offer,whose only recourse is to put all of these ethnic groups in one category .
    What knowledge can you possibly have with that mentality.Or is it the 50+ years in the same place that you are alluding to?
    That is not experience sir….that is habits.
    You need to get away sometimes and see the other parts of the world, meet people with an open mind.
    Better yet …we will pass around the hat to see if we can get a cheap flight on Virgin or BMI……get a room for you in Wellington St.
    That way we will open your eyes to life outside that apt complex.
    What say ye?

  54. Bimbro

    ‘Technicians’, please go away. Have n’t the time for your foolishness.

  55. jodiperry

    Rive Gauche revolutionary? You’re beginning to sound dangerously like Sarkozy.

    I agree also there is absolutely no substitute to one putting feet on the ground in their quest for knowledge.

    You give BFP too much credit by saying they are ‘making a point’. What they are doing is specifically targeting and selecting the atrocities they champion.

    Its not naive or gushy for me to credit Castro for what he has done for us in the Caribbean, its gratitude and being realistic. Becoming a doctor is a attainable goal to low income students in the Caribbean now not just the upper class wealthy families.

    That point I guess however, is lost on Barbadians who have the luxury of having the Cave Hill faculty of tertiary education next door, and can afford to be indifferent to Cuba’s efforts and sacrifices.

    The smaller islands do not enjoy and cannot afford that luxury. To them having equal opportunity education is integral to their development and no opportunity can be turned down in the name of some greater moral cause.

  56. Bimbro

    As I’ve said, before; what do we have to learn from Africa? NOTHING!!

    What do they have to learn from us? Most things!!!!

  57. Victor Callender

    Technician my dear friend, thanks for your careful and intelligent insight. I cannot identify with what I am not. I am Barbadian of Afri(k)an extraction, had my place of birth been Nigeria and my ancestors Barbadian, would I still be Babadian? Of course not! I am not Afri(k)an American because most blacks born in the USA are “Afri(k)ans in America and not Afri(K)an American. Ancestry though biological can also be a state of mind. Many who claim Afri(k)an ancestry continue to be dark on color but white in manner. Techician, I ‘ve learned to never be imprisoned by my beliefs. Afri(k)a as a continent has across the board had very little meaningful contribution to the caribbean diaspora. If you were to poll most Afri(k)ans living on the Afri(k)an continent as to where Barbados is located, they could not give you a satisfactory answer. Although some of you have asked if I’ve ever lived in Afri(k)a, my anwer is no. I have however lived in Europe (Germany) where I have been privy to Afri(k)ans denial of anyone who is black and not idigenous to the Afri(k)an continent. I am bajan first technician, and Afri(k)an only through ancestry. “To thyself be true.”

  58. Mathilde

    damn jodiperry, you rock! Even if not all of that is true it sound like de truth to me!!

  59. Mathilde

    of course Im referring to your 10 ways to capture Africas resources, not sure about the rest…
    What happened to Africa reminds me of what happened to South America, still I guess in modern times these countries should be able to help themselves by now… God knows there is no excuse for the level of poverty in such natural resouces rich countries.. but Africa as a continent has had some serious environmental blows that cant be blamed on Europeans.. Sahara dessert has grown double its original size, Lake Victoria shrinking, Mt Kilimanjaro’s ice melting…

  60. Mathilde

    Citizen First… I dont think its right to use one book to exemplify how all of Europe and the ‘white’ media thinks about blacks. Every European city I went to had a very sizeable black population that looked pretty happy to me.. and in any case, generalisation is never a good thing when discussing human relations

  61. Rumplestilskin

    Victor Callender has made very insightful and valuable comment.

    Thank you.

  62. Citizen First


    You have made some valid points. Admittedly, the cited book represents a very extreme view but softer, more subtle variations on the theme of the hypotheses of the book are often expressed, sometimes even tragically by Black people themselves. The example that I gave was not to characterise all or even most “white” media but to buttress the probability of some truth in Dr Tafari’s position. That is; that a successful, peaceful Black country may confound the stereotypes tacitly and not so tacitly held by many people and so it may be inconvenient to highlight Barbados’ successes. Contrasting with BFP’s view that our small size makes us invisible to most of the world, Kofi Anan the former UN Secretary-General commented that “Barbados is country that punches way above its weight”.

  63. jodiperry


    Thanks for the compliment. I agree that Africa should have been able to come to grips with their reality 60 years after independence. However their independence was political as opposed to economic. Their major industries are still in foreign hands. We in the Cbean are in a strange way lucky not to have been rich as they are in natural resources or else we would not have had the economic growth or political stablity we take for granted.

    This article below pretty much sums up Europe’s (our friends) involvement in keeping Africa on its knees.

    Note that the British administration ADMITTED to having prior knowledge of this coup and did nothing to try and stop it.


  64. Ikael Tafari is dead folks…

    He died in Port Of Spain, was due to give some lecture

  65. Rumplestilskin

    His soul has moved on to further existence.

    May his journey be good.

  66. Justice

    May he rest in peace. He was faithful to his beliefs.

  67. Margaret Knight

    Sincere condolences to the Hutchinson and Hynam families.

  68. Thomas Gresham

    It is true that Europe underdeveloped Africa. And that while many African countries obtained political independence, the colonizers maintained ownership of land and resources and left their religion and deep scars of a slave-trade system. But this was the case for many countries and some have shown that it is possible to shake off the yolk of colonialism, new and old.

    The lessons from these countries was to be independent of aid and preferences – more so than we in the Caribbean opted for – and focus on education at home, as we did, and an outward orientation and openness to trade, which we are reluctant to do. We even fear other Caribbean people. The most successful developing counties have been the small states, countries which did not back down the road of “vulnerability” that we often do, or the insanity of self-sufficiency in a tiny state, but chose the path of opportunity and opennes. Singapore in the East and Bermuda in the West are two of the wealthiest countries in the world with GDP per capita, higher than the former colonialists. In 1960, Singapore was one of the poorest countries in the world.

    Many emerging economies are growing in the high single digits while operating under similar disadvantages as other less successful emerging economies and not all are giants like China and India or natural resource rich like Brazil and Russia. They include: Bermuda, Colombia, Egypt, Korea, Mozambique, Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey and Singapore.

    We in the Caribbean and our African brothers need to look at examples of success and see what can be learned and copied from that experience. The widening gap today is not between the former colonialists and the rest, but between successful emerging economies and the rest.

  69. This is a website in Dr Ikael’s Memory – Please leave your kind words here THANKS