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Tragedy Strikes Barbados Family – Halton McCollin Jr. Gunned Down In UK “Mistaken Identity”


Our Condolences To Halton’s Barbados Cousins & Extended Family

20-Year Old Halton McCollin Was An Up and Coming Footballer With Flixton FC

from the Manchester Evening News…

A PROMISING young footballer gunned down in a Manchester takeaway could have been the victim of mistaken identity.

His heartbroken family have now issued a plea – begging for people to give the police information to help catch the killers.

Halton McCollin, 20, was hit in the back of the head by a single bullet after two masked men burst into the China Garden, in Stretford, and fired three times.

Halton (pictured) – who was not a gang member – died three days later in hospital. Tragically, he was due to leave for a family holiday to Barbados on the day of his death…

… continue reading this article at Manchester Evening News

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Ikael Tafari Should Have Asked, “Can Barbados Help Africa At All? Can Anyone?”

When our friend Cliverton railed on at Ikael Tafari the other day I stayed quiet because like all of Clive’s friends, I know that he gives no quarter when anyone holds up Fidel Castro as being worthy of praise. (Clive’s article is here)

Clive’s friends understand his personal reasons for the reaction to Tafari’s article. We respect his passion for a free Cuba, his knowledge of Cuban revolutionary history and even his stand that anyone who disagrees with him about Castro is unworthy of consideration.

And we’re no fans of Ikael Tafari ourselves, you know!

But by targeting in on the fawning reference to Castro, Cliverton missed the point of Tafari’s Nation News article African Crossroads – The Human Condition.

As I read Tafari’s piece, I see his argument that all races do evil, and have done evil on a mass scale. Further, he relates that some folks attempt to point to the cesspit that is Africa as an indication that the black race somehow has a predilection to violence, chaos and authoritarian government – and that this racial construct is false having regard to the history of the world.

So far, I agree with Tafari – but then he begins to wander down a path that is no doubt clouded by some fragrant haze hanging in the air. Tafari says that the “white-controlled international media” ignored our recent peaceful Barbados elections because of some racist views. Here is what he said…

If a predilection for authoritarian government was something inherent in Blacks, this triumph of democracy could hardly have happened here. Doubtless this is why the white-controlled international media have not accorded any worldwide attention to the Barbadian election – the political maturity displayed during the recent campaign confounds the kind of racist assumptions underpinning the Euro-centric world view which they systematically construct through selective presentation of the “news”.

… Ikael Tafari in African Crossroads – The Human Condition

Hmmm. I think that Ikael Tafari’s own racist views have coloured his vision.

Did the “white-controlled international media” ignore the Barbados election? Google search “Barbados election” and you will see about six thousand returns including many news articles and blog commentaries from Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom and many other countries primarily served by the “white” media.

But Tafari would have been happier had the international news media done major stories saying “Hey… look at them darkies down in Barbados. They had an election and didn’t slit each other’s throats like we expected.”

I have news for Tafari… THAT would have been a racist response from the international news media – but again, Tafari expects and demands international praise and recognition that Bajan black folks had a peaceful election.

There is a cruel saying in the newspaper business: “If it bleeds, it leads”. Tafari doesn’t get it. Peaceful elections in tiny countries are not news unless violence was expected.

Thank goodness that the world’s attention doesn’t focus on Barbados elections!

The World Does Not Revolve Around Barbados – And It Has Nothing To Do With Race…

Mr. Tafari also fails to consider that while we are proud of our country and our peaceful elections – we have a population of less than 300,000 on a good day. And that, my friends, is less than the population of a large town in many countries. It is a sad but true statement that most of our larger neighbours consider our Prime Minister to be of less importance than the mayor of a small city. In fact, there must be hundreds of mayors in the world who control city budgets that handily exceed our country’s annual budget!

No, Mr. Tafari – the world media didn’t ignore our elections because of racism… they ignored our elections because they probably can’t even find us on a map.

Again, it is not what our proud citizens want to hear, but it is nonetheless true that for most of the world’s population if they were asked “Do you care at all about Barbados?” they would reply “No” or more likely “Where..?”

Back To Tafari’s Rose-Coloured View Of Africa…

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Will The Barbados Government Open Greenland Dump Without Leachate Treatment Facilities?

Greenland Dump: An Environmental Disaster In The Making

Ok folks… for the last two years we have presented all the evidence that the previous BLP government chose to ignore. Any fool can see that the unstable area at Greenland is just about the last place on the island that a sane person would build a garbage dump.

At the end of this short entry, you will find a few links to our previous articles and there you can read the background of this horror story.

In today’s Nation News we find the strangest two paragraphs about the leachate treatment at the Greenland dump. Leachate is the poisonous liquid runoff from a garbage dump and the reason why placing a dump on the unstable soil of Greenland is folly.

Anti-dump activist Richard Goddard says that the government can’t find any engineer willing to sign off on building a leachate treatment bed at Greenland. Today’s article in the Nation News makes me wonder if Goddard hasn’t got it correctly.

Below are the two paragraphs and a link to the full Nation News article. Perhaps I’m merely stupid, but to my knowledge a “leachate treatment plant” doesn’t “sort and prepare the garbage for transport to the landfill” as the Nation News article states. A leachate treatment plant treats the liquid leachate. So says the website for Enviros, a company that has built over 60 leachate treatment plants around the world. Here is their website: Enviros

In light of that knowledge, can anyone explain what these two paragraphs in the Nation News article are supposed to mean?

Alleyne explained last week that a leachate treatment plant, which was not part of the $20 million project, “is in but the plant for cleaning up the leachate is being tendered and evaluated.”

The leachate treatment plant would sort and prepare the garbage for transport to the landfill.

… from the Nation News article Planned Landfill Opening In Doubt

It would be wise of the new DLP Government if it didn’t believe a word from anybody connected with the engineering or construction at the site and chose to reexamine everything about the Greenland dump project. Those civil servants who are currently in charge of the project – acting general manager of the Sanitation Service Authority (SSA), Stanton Alleyne and Ricardo Marshall, project manager of the Solid Waste Project Unit – have too much of their credibility invested in the Greenland site to now make any kind of rational decision about the project. Like the last BLP government, these two are married to the project and cannot be trusted to make a correct assessment now.

In short, their career and personal credibility is tied directly to the continuance of the project.

Some Previous BFP Articles About Greenland Landfill

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To list all the Greenland Dump articles at Barbados Free Press, type “Greenland” into the search box in the upper right.


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