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A Bit Of History Remembered: Joe Walcott – “The Barbados Demon”


At the end of the day, the original Joe Walcott proved to be very much the epitome of the Pound-for-Pound fighter taking on all comers, no matter the record, reward, or size. Walcott is reported by some to have actually coined the popular piece of folk wisdom, “The bigger they are the harder they fall.” Though that is a hard claim to corroborate, it is known that Walcott once told reporters, “Since no Welterweight or Middleweight will fight me I am compelled to go to the next class. Will any Heavyweights fight me?” He issued challenges to Tom Sharkey, Gus Ruhlin, and Jim Jefferies, though none bothered to RSVP to his open invitation.

From 1890 to 1911 he took on any and all, from lightweight to heavyweight, and won more than he lost; a truly remarkable feat for any day and time. Sadly, he waged many of his wars before the advent of “Moving Pictures” so there is scarcely little, if any, footage of what can only be described as one of the greatest to ever lace’em up, and that is a loss we should certainly all feel…

… excerpt from Ringside Report Looks Back at “Barbados Demon” Joe Walcott

Ian Bourne has an excellent story up about Joe Walcott that we didn’t know about when this was written. (oops!) You can read all about Joe’s trials and tribulations at Bajan Reporter


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UPDATED: How Many Deaths Happened Because Then-Health Minister Philip Goddard Purchased Baxter Dialysis Machines?


UPDATED: February 9, 2008

An anonymous reader sent the following in response to questions raised in our original story…

A. The machines were brought in by Brydens, who are the agents for Baxter.

I do not know if Philip was associated with Brydens at that time.

B.  Philip got advice from PAHO not to purchase the Baxter machines, but he rejected it.

C.  Dr Estwick can easily review the files and read the advice if is is really interested in making sure it does not happen again.

D.  Dr Estwick can also try in vain to find any good reason why Philip ignored the technical advice.

E.  If Philip rejected technical advice, then he assumes liability for any decision he made.  Why would he do such a stupid thing?

F.  Many suffered because of his decision.

G.  I do not know how many died, but Dr Estwick can ask any nurse or doctor on that ward if he really wants to know.

Let justice be done!

Original Story As First Published… 

We hadn’t heard much about this issue, but one of our readers sent us the following article, which we print here without any changes…

If the DLP are interested in dealing with corruption, then let’s start with this.

Fact and public knowledge – Philip Goddard was the Minister of Health

Fact and public knowledge – Philip Goddard received advice from QEH and from PAHO not to purchase the known faulty Baxter dialysis machines.

Fact and public knowledge – Philip Goddard ignored the technocrats’ advice, without explanation, and unilaterally selected the Baxter machines.

Fact and public knowledge – The Baxter machines broke down within one year as expected.

Question: Was Philip Goddard’s family business given the lucrative contract to bring in the Baxter machines?

Question: Was Philip Goddard’s family business given the contract to maintain the machines?

Question: Was it in Philip Goddard’s personal financial interest to make sure that the dialysis machines were the most expensive to purchase and maintain?

Question: Was Philip Goddard’s financial interests not in conflict with what should be the Minister of Health’s interest?

If Philip Goddard’s family business was responsible for bring in the Baxter machines, then:-

1. Philip Goddard’s family business should pay back the all money paid to them.
2. Philip Goddard should pay the medical bills or funeral bills of all of those who suffered and died because of his decision to choose the Baxter machines.

Let justice be done.

Comment by Barbados Free Press

At the heart of this article is the question of Conflicts of Interest. IF Health Minister Goddard’s family business had anything to do with the dialysis machines, it puts him in a serious and indisputable conflict of interest. When patient deaths are brought into the story, it raises Mr. Goddard’s responsibility to a new level.

Prime Minister Thompson… If Mr. Goddard’s family business had anything to do with the dialysis machines, this is only one of a hundred unethical situations that occurred under the previous BLP government.

Mr. Prime Minister: Whatcha Gonna Do ‘Bout All This?

Further Reading

CNN Health: Dialysis Product May Be Behind Patient Deaths

Baxter Dialysis Equipment: Baxter Website

New York Times Article via Wisconsin Government: Baxter Finds Possible Link In 53 Deaths


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Barbados Sanitation Service Authority Teaches The Little Ones


What A Great Job By The SSA!

I wonder who at the SSA first had the foresight to know that we need a culture change on this island when it comes to waste. This programme to start changing the attitudes and habits of children is a very worthwhile strategy and the folks who created and implemented it deserve the community’s thanks.


The following is from the SSA Press Release…

The Sanitation Service Authority (SSA) was recently invited to the Eden Lodge Day Nursery to teach their infants how to be cleaner at all times.

Lorryloader Hyacinth Rodgers told the class you have to be very careful with broken glass and told the little ones that glass must be wrapped in newspaper before bagging it for collection.

The pupils also learned that all refuse must go in a bin and placed in that bin on the night before collection, they also discovered how containers should be rinsed before placing in a bag and any cartons should be flattened when disposed.

Driver Darnley Callender showed the children a hands-on experience of sitting at the steering wheel and letting them pull the loud air-horn.

The youngsters especially loved the chance to sit inside the vehicle in addition to actually seeing how a compactor works.

The SSA is also inviting all primary schools and nurseries to call us for similar talks each Wednesday on what is best for the environment, and the SSA will organise accordingly.


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Nitin Amersey – Sea Cotton Story: When The Barbados Government Sent In The Military To Overrule The Barbados Courts!


Nothing Angered The Previous BLP Government More Than An Honest Judge! Could The Same Be Said Of The Preceding DLP Government?

When foreign investor Nitin Amersey won a judgment in the Barbados Courts entitling him to the physical assets of the Caribbean Sea Island Cotton Company Ltd., the government of the day didn’t like that…

So what happened? Did the government appeal in court? Did they file a motion?


Why bother with that judicial system nonsense when the Barbados Defense Force will do the government’s will without considering those bothersome details about laws and court orders?

Keltruth Blog has the story about the day that the 300 armed soldiers of the Barbados Defense Force violated the constitution and the courts at the behest of a despotic government. The action sent shivers through the foreign investment community and to this day probably has a greater impact in restraining foreign business ventures on our island than we realise.

What we want to know is who ordered the BDF action, and will they ever be held to account for their crime?

Keltruth Blog: The Day the BDF Seized Nitin Amersey’s Company


Editor’s Note: We had originally indicated that the army action was taken under a BLP government. This is incorrect, but we also understand that the BLP had some part in the ongoing dispute with Mr. Amersey. We are awaiting confirmation as to which parts of the Nitin Amersey story were played out under the respective DLP and BLP governments.


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Ikael Tafari Equates Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr. With Fidel Castro!


(Tafari: Do you know her name or how she died? Do you care?)

Ok Folks… you KNOW what we think of Ikael Tafari

Here is his latest piece of Ikael Tafari trash published at The Nation News

“On the other hand, even in the field of politics, history unmistakably attests to the human ability to rise to the highest heights of civilisation. Great political leaders of varied ethnic origins, gender and ideological backgrounds, like Malcolm X, Martin Luther King Jr, Mahatma Gandhi, Winston Churchill, John F. Kennedy, Golda Meir, and, in our region, Errol Barrow, Michael Manley and Fidel Castro – all dedicated their lives, albeit in starkly contrasting styles, to the liberation of their fellow humanity from oppression of one kind or another. Their deeds are written in history.”

“Their Deeds Are Written In History”

Castro’s deeds sure are written in history… and photographed too. Ikael Tafari has obviously been smoking more of that wacky weed.

Don’t click on the articles or the small photos unless you have eaten breakfast and have a strong stomach.



BARLOVENTO: The Massacre of Cuban-Chinese

BFP – Cliverton: A VCR Travels From Barbados To Cuba – In Vain

… I could go on for the next few hours and post hundreds of photographs and first-person accounts, but any educated person knows the truth of the Castro dictatorship so I’ll take a walk and try to think of something else.

Tafari should move to Cuba immediately and establish himself in one of the paupers’ barrios outside of Holguin where children play in open sewers while their mother’s entertain tourists and old men from the city in hope of making enough to purchase shoes for the children. No Shoes…No School!

Tafari comforts himself with government trips to Cuba where his hosts show him only what they want to be seen…. and Tafari is happy to see only that.


A very angry Cliverton


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FBI Probe Of Barbados Jail Builder VECO: CEO Bill Allen – 1995 Cover-up Of Sex With 14 Year Old

Underage Sex, Cocaine Ring… What Was The BLP Government Thinking Hiring VECO? 

When Attorney General Mia Mottley was supervising the building of the new jail, did she ever take the time to consider just who her prime contractor was? (Or… maybe she did.)

We know from the ongoing FBI investigations that Barbados jail builder VECO Corporation made bribing government officials a matter of standard operating procedure.

Now it turns out that VECO CEO Bill Allen was also mixed up in the world of child sex and cocaine parties.

We Have Two Observations…

1/ Attorney General Mia Mottley… What the Hell were you doing associating yourself and your country with this type of company and low person?

2/ Prime Minister Thompson… Whatcha gonna do about all this? Doing nothing is NOT an option!

Further Reading…

Anchorage Daily News: Allen Teen Sex Enquiry Reopened

KTUU TV: Investigation reopened in alleged sex crime by former VECO chief

Barbados Free Press: VECO Executives To Name More Names: Corrupt Barbados Prison Builders Have Sentencing Postponed


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