Joran van der Sloot Says Natalee Holloway Was Dumped Into The Sea – Possibly While Still Alive


Undercover Journalist Befriends van der Sloot For Six Months – Obtains Video Confession

Back in February of 2007, Barbados Free Press wrote Say “Aruba” – Think “Natalee Holloway”. It was our position then, and still remains, that the death of Natalee Holloway will define Aruban tourism for the next decade, if not 20 years.

With the advent of the internet, recent noteworthy incidents will be preserved forever. I have no doubt that 15 years from now a Google search on “tourism Aruba” will bring up the name of Natalee Holloway.

Which is all to say that Barbados should well learn the lessons of the Natalee Holloway case so that our tourism and police officials can get it right when a similar situation happens on Barbados.

If Barbados doesn’t handle incidents involving foreigners with professionalism and compassion, our actions will haunt us forever on the internet.


Van der Sloot Says Holloway Went Into Convulsions

ABC News: Holloway Suspect “I Know What Happened”

In surveillance recordings aired on a Dutch TV special this evening, Joran van der Sloot, a former suspect in the disappearance of Natalee Holloway, said the American teen appeared lifeless on an Aruban beach three years ago during a romantic tryst, and “she’ll never be found.”

… Her body, van der Sloot said, had been dumped in the ocean by a friend with a boat.

“We’re on the beach,” he said on the recordings, according to the Dutch TV show. “Suddenly, she wasn’t moving any more.”

Nowhere on the recordings does van der Sloot display any emotion about the young woman he said he disposed of that night on the beach so far from home.

“I didn’t even feel bad about it,” he said at one point. “I didn’t lose a night of sleep over it. I thought, ‘I have to go on.'”…

… Read the full article at ABC News (link here)

… Read Breitbart News article: Footage Claims To Solve Aruba Mystery

… Watch the van der Sloot video confession at ABC News (link here)

… Original Barbados Free Press article: Say “Aruba” – Think “Natalee Holloway”


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16 responses to “Joran van der Sloot Says Natalee Holloway Was Dumped Into The Sea – Possibly While Still Alive

  1. ROBOT

    de man say he was telling the man what he wanted to hear——–de man says his account is not true

    what now ?

  2. PiedPiper

    He can recant all he wants but his admissions to the reporter will still be considered a confession of the events leading up to Ms. Holloway’s disappearance.
    This Van Der Sloot is proof positive that sociopaths live among us and outwardly appear to be “normal”. His coldness in describing the events shows very clearly that he shows no empathy for the victim or her family…..a classic trait of the sociopath.

  3. Anon...

    The (undercover reporter) went to great lengths to get to Joran’s slimy level– there is no indication from what I watched that he was pressuring him, I do wonder though if he was trying to impress him… I hope not. I am really now thinking that she was just unconscious, which is horrific– there are a lot of teenagers running around this world that need a cold dose of reality. Seriously this kid is a sociopath.

  4. GoodAfternoon,i don’t think van der sloot can get out of this one now.those admissions on tape can only seal his fate.Robot if mr sloot knew there were hidden cameras in the jeep,surely he would not made those statments,let us see how things unfold.

  5. Martin Saleus

    Joran’s Confession

    I saw Joran’s confession last Sunday and I have come to the following conclusion, based on what I saw and heard during the conversation in the car:

    Joran was alone with Natalee when she fell into a state of coma on that beach near the Holiday Inn. He panicked, like he said and tried to get rid of the body of that poor girl, he hardly had known.

    Because of the advice of his father he remained silent during his interrogations, but there was apparently a very strong urge to come forward with the true story to get some kind of relief.

    It took almost three years, an excellent journalist and a former crook to help Joran to get rid of his burden of guilt in order to reorganize his life and to get on.

    It seems that Natalee’s parents are somehow satisfied with Joran’s confession and I guess that an Aruban judge will sooner or later come to the following verdict: “Joran van der Sloot is guilty of the disappearance of a body.”

    And as you all know by now, that wouldn’t bring him behind bars, because it’s only a minor offence.
    I think we should keep in mind that Joran’s real punishment already took place: Being condemned by millions of people around the world is almost unbearable.

    – to forgive can be a solution –


    BFP says,

    To forgive unasked is a solution for the weak and victimised.

    Before there can be true forgiveness, there must be repentance – a making right as far as circumstances allow.

    Can one truly forgive a bicycle thief who still has your child’s bicycle?

    Can one truly forgive the person who murdered your daughter if he doesn’t not admit it to your face?

  6. lynne

    With all the information why aren’t Joran and his father in jail ? too many locals with greased palms ?


    There’s no real way to tell if this kid is on the level but if you had him and his buddies in private custody I bet you could get the truth from him… You may have to sever a few fingers/toes and execute one of his friends but after all that and he’s pissing himself I have no doubt he’d tell you everything he knows honestly.

  8. This is a Special ABlog I write for Nathalie and her Familly:

    My name is Peter Patry I am A Canadian Citizen

    I believe This is what I really belived happend to mrs.Nathalie Ann Holloway, She’s very much ALIVE Today because “think about it” for a minute Or secound, if there was A TRUE crime in this. they would have found forenzic evidence

    something by know if Nathalie was DEAD.

    It’s a big cover up Joran Van der Sloot, Sold

    Nathalie Ann Holloway for 10.000$ dollars to a

    Venezuelan man who ‘wanted a blonde girl’ at

    Tha time Jordan met that man at a Casino and

    he wanted a blond girl.

    Jordan is also involved in sex trafficking in

    Thailand as we speak. People!!! think about it

    This young lady is gorgious and very beautiful.

    The night Jordan met nathalie and her Friends at

    That BAR she was druged and out of it, then he made a Phone call to that person to meet him

    at the Beach, and that’s when he sold

    Nathalie Ann Holloway.

    Everyone she’s alive and I trully believe that

    We have the power the Internet to do everything

    in our POWER to bring back home Nathalie to her


    And I think they deserve that very much, for US People to Act NOW and bring her HOME, before it’s

    Really TOO LATE!! I am righting this STORY cause

    To ME I believe she’s very much ALIVE! till this

    Day February 08 2009 . we cant give up now, We

    Will find Nathalie Ann Holloway.

  9. Michella

    To the entire Holloway family, I do believe what happened in the case of your daughter’s disapperance was ruefully wrong and I hope and pray that wherever Natalee is she loves you. Be faithful that Natalee will come home soon and no matter where your child is God is with her. Just know that if not the rest of the world but I am praying for you.
    With Love,
    Michella W.

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  11. Alexis Carrington

    I love you Natalee Joran will die in Hell

  12. Crystal Carrington

    Joran is ugly piece of Aruban Trash who will never accomplish anything in his life. He is also a coke whore who could’nt get it up believe me I know. Natalee’s ghost will haunt you for the rest of your life

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    I think it is strange that Joran was involved in sex trafficing. I believe, because no evidence was found, that Natalee may of very well been sold as a sex slave and being held. What a nightmare!

    Joran was just making his story up to the news reporter. I believe if dumped in the ocean, something….bones or teeth or something woujld of been discovered with the enormous search they had, and all the equipment.

    I believe she vanished because she was sold. Maybe the girl Joran killed found evidence of this or something, and he killed her.

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