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Bystander Accidentally Shot By Barbados Police – Left To Die By The Roadside


Jamelle King Shot In Head – Second Innocent Bystander Jamal Bowen Shot In Foot

There would have been hell to pay in New York City or London had two innocent citizens been accidentally shot by police who were chasing bandits – not to mention that after shooting the bystanders the police just drove off.

Yup… that is what happened. The Barbados police officers knew that innocent bystanders had been shot and they just drove off.

But let’s get one thing straight here: officers of the Royal Barbados Police Force are seldom held to account for anything. As a group, they know this and behave accordingly. It is part of the police leadership’s corporate culture that the Rule of Law, individual rights and freedoms and duty to the public are not exactly high on the priorities list.

We have long ago said that the best thing that could happen to our police is for Commissioner Dottin to retire. The RBPF needs LEADERSHIP that is principled, strong and independent enough to resist political pressure.

Don’t hold your breath waiting for any kind of responsible action about this shooting to originate from the RBPF Commanding officers. The public is still waiting for the explanation for the last time the police shot an innocent civilian in the head.

Is it any wonder that the majority of citizens consider the Royal Barbados Police Force to be an occupying army rather than fellow citizens who have taken on as their full time profession the duty that each one of us has to look out for the welfare and safety of others?

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The True Words Of Prison Superintendent John Nurse…

“Without a strong ethical context, the situation where one group of people is given considerable power over another can easily become an abuse of power. Thus the ethical context is not just a matter of the behaviour of staff towards prisoners but also how we deal with one another, including the relationships of management to staff and staff to management,” … Superintendent of Prisons Lt. Col. John Nurse to a graduating class of new prison officers.

It is about time that leaders at every level of our society started walking the integrity walk, but it has to start with talking about integrity and ethics. Such talk sounded foolish under the corrupt old BLP government, but at least for now our leaders throughout the government service are not handicapped by the bad examples shown by the political leadership at the top.

It warmed our hearts to hear what Lt. Col. John Nurse had to say to his new prison officers. We hope that Barbados can begin to undo the damage to our values that took place in the last ten or so years.

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Keltruth’s Secret Spot For A Barbados Sea Bath!


Ohhhh… the locals are not going to be amused!

Click on the photo to read the Keltruth story about their favourite little place on the rugged northeast coast.

At least they never told the secret of the beer hole that is at the south end of the pool…

Oh darn… 😉

Keltruth Blog: Secret NE Barbados Beach And Pool

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Defeated Cabinet Minister Lynette Eastmond Starts Consulting Business and Three Blogs – But What Was That Story About Her Office?

As a Cabinet Minister, Lynette Eastmond was one of the first BLP politicians to embrace the internet and blogging, (even coming onto Barbados Free Press before the questions about her conflicts of interest became too uncomfortable) so we are not surprised that she has continued to utilise the internet in her new life.

Her three new blogs Eastmond Parris Business Solutions, Eastmond Parris Law and Eastmond Parris Tax also show that she has learned some lessons about linking to popular content to gain hits.

Good luck to Lynette Eastmond.

… but remind us, folks. What was the story about Lynette’s office and public funds or something? Are we thinking about someone else? Help us out here. Thanks!

Tip of the hat to Barbados Underground for first picking up on Lynette Eastmond’s new blog.


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