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A New Way To Get Rid Of Downs Syndrome People…

If you speak to the old folks you will find that villages and families looked a little different some 50 years ago. One family would have a little girl who had Downs syndrome, and a few homes down would be a boy with spina bifida. Auntie Moses remembers “Old Lloyd” who used to help his parents in their Bridgetown store until the mid-1960s. Old Lloyd was about 50 years old and “not quite right”, but he was a gentle soul who would sweep the floor and never speak.

In the year of Our Lord 2008, there aren’t many children left in the “first world” who have Downs syndrome.

What did you think happened to them? Did you think that downs syndrome had been cured? It is something that we don’t like to think about, but yesterday’s news made me think of Downs syndrome children anyway.

Yes, I am horrified – but not really surprised – to learn that terrorists in Iraq strapped bombs to two retarded women and then sent them into a crowded market where they detonated them by remote control.

Cruel. Horrible. Evil.

… but not the only cruel, horrible or evil thing that happened in the world yesterday.

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Bajan Laser Sailor Gregory Douglas – Set On The Olympics


Back in July of 2006, we told you about an impressive young sailor named Gregory Douglas. At that time, Gregory was 16 years old and had just moved up to a new level of competition.

It looks like Gregory might be moving up again. Way up…

All At Sea Magazine: Countdown to Beijing: Gregory Douglas from Barbados

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“We are Afropolitans: not citizens, but Africans of the world.”


The blog is called The Afropolitan Network and I think she is from Kenya via London. I think.

Her friends are from Nigeria, Lagos, Los Angeles, Accra, Toronto, Poland, Romania and Houston. They are mostly black, and sometimes the second generation away from Africa.

She can write.

I think her name is Beve. I don’t know her…

But I wish I did. (sigh)


Meanwhile on the other side of the world, Coconut Girl from Hawaii linked to our story about British Airways banning of surfboards.

What an interesting world we now live in.


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