Bermuda Police Service Suspends Blogging Police Officer

Another Reason For Small Island Bloggers To Remain Anonymous…

A Policeman has been suspended from duty after posting allegations of “misdeeds” in the Bermuda Police Service on his internet blog.

The Royal Gazette reported on P.c. Allan Palmer’s Crushing Fools site earlier this month, after he wrote a message urging the community to unite against violence.The St. Vincent father-of-three, who describes himself in his online journal as an “independent thinker”, posted another message on January 23, titled An Abuse of Power Stepping Back into the Stone Age of Policing.

The posting – since removed from the site – claimed that “ambitious people” within the Island’s Police service are trying to take it back into the dark ages by silencing officers such as himself and “perverting the course of internal justice”.

P.c. Palmer claimed there was a tight-knit “mafia” of Barbadian officers who attempted to manipulate issues to make sure things go their way. He alleged that he began to have a bad experience in Bermuda Police Service (BPS) after raising concerns about a “practice that was sanctioned by the … Barbadian Mafia”.

… from The Royal Gazette Blogging Policeman Suspended

Blogs, Police Officers and Drugs

As we related in our previous article on this subject Four Bermuda Blogs Shut Down – The Case For Anonymous Blogging Gets Stronger, we live on a very small island. The writers at BFP would be fired in a nanosecond if our identities became known. At least two of us would lose our mortgages and our homes. It would take about two weeks.

Constable Palmer should have stayed anonymous – like our police friend who advised us on the Ronja Juman blank search warrant.

Tomorrow, in honour of Constable Palmer, BFP will publish an article telling about how and why officers of the Royal Barbados Police Force target tourists for drug arrests – and leave the dealers alone.



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12 responses to “Bermuda Police Service Suspends Blogging Police Officer

  1. crossroads

    Police have one of the four wanted men in custody, after shots fired in wildey area.

  2. crossroads

    two men now in custody

  3. PiedPiper

    The contents of PC Palmer’s former blog speaks volumes as to what probably transpired with the Rebecca Middleton case.

  4. Bajanboy

    While you are on the topic of police, perhaps you can do an article of police drinking while on duty.

    Twice last year, I saw two uniformed police come into Players Sport’s Bar (now Roje’s) and order beer. The first time, they drank two Heineken’s each, and they then got a call on the radio, and tore off down the road with sirens blaring.

    These are armed police, and it is scary to think of the officers using their guns while under the influence.

    I was tempted at the time to make note of their numbers and report them, but mindful of the climate of fear that existed, I thought that was more trouble that it was worth.

    I think police in Barbados have a difficult job to do and are seriously underpaid, so I do respect and appreciate the job they are doing. However, armed police drinking on the job is dangerous.

  5. Barbados the Beautiful

    A few years ago off duty police officers were seen at Long Beach firing off their guns and drinking aplenty. The official story after was ‘no one made a report ‘ which maybe because the local residents didn’t want no drunken police with guns visiting them.

    There’s bad people everywhere even on the police force but we dont do nothing about that here. Boy shot in back of head by police so called escaping on his bycicle never explained or reported on ever again so same problem here as in Bermuda.

  6. Anonymous

    ” The writers at BFP would be fired in a nanosecond if our identities became known”


    perhaps you should seek different employers

    what exactly have you done that would cause your immediate dismissal? (thereby your employer risking severance liability or wrongful dismissal)

    I have hardly seen an employee lose a wrongful dismissal case in our courts ever

    “At least two of us would lose our mortgages and our homes. It would take about two weeks.”

    How exactly? even if dismissed you get paid to the day your work plus holiday pay and it would then at least 2-4 weeks to miss the first mortgage payment

    It takes a lot longer than 2 weeks that for a mortgagor to evict.

    Who is your mortgagor that peform this act so swiftly. Perhaps you should get your mortgage from someone else

    Sorry BFP but your claims ring hollow. Perhaps you can explain.


    BFP says,

    Golly, maybe we’ll just declare our names and see what happens then because you say it will be OK!

  7. The police have ‘anonymous informants for a reason’; PC Palmer appears to be naive and should know that telling the truth is best saved until you are a civilian.


    BFP says,

    Amen, brother!

  8. Bajanboy

    Another incidence of police drinking on duty occured at one of the scenic bus tours that a friend of mine was on. She said the uniformed police outriders were drinking all day and were being given alcohol by the people on the tour.

  9. Sundowner

    Few years ago I was asked to dance by an on duty police officer, (gun on hip) drinking brandy, in a St Joseph rum shop.

  10. TMS

    BFP says,

    Golly, maybe we’ll just declare our names and see what happens then because you say it will be OK!


    Thanks for answering the questions. you must be a politician

  11. TMS

    you sure i said it was ok?

    you would not misrepresent a post now would you BFP?

  12. De Original

    I have read the comments with interest but what strikes me most is this chap did not say why he was suspended. I also had a look at his blog its seems to be more of shrine of self importance than being imformative. I also note with interest that there have been one particular post which have been deleted. This blog cannot in anyway be compared to the likes of BarbadosFreePress. The blog is highly subjective and the adminstrator seem not not objective enough to publish any comments that are not in keeping with his way of thinking. I am one who any of the regulars of Barbados Free Press can attest that I am constantly calling for Integrity, Accountability and Transparency. I must say that Mr Palmers bolg is sadly lacking in the three above mentioned attributes. I wish to respectly suggest that the authors of BFP contact him and give him a course in objective blogging….with special reference to allow constructive criticisms of his posts. Then and only can I add my name to the list of persons who would stand in solidarity with him.