The Strange Disappearing Court Cases Of Barbados – And How The News Media Keeps Silent

“When an incident happens in Barbados – any incident – we knowingly look to the status of the people involved and can usually predict the outcome. Is the victim a nobody, elderly, poor or especially a woman – and the other person one of the elites? We all say… tough luck sweetheart – you haven’t a chance of seeing justice!” … from the BFP article Roy Morris & Nation News Train Wreck Continues

Secret Trials & Court Appearances, Dropped Charges, Bribes And Backroom Deals

Have you ever noticed how many court cases just disappear from the public record in Barbados – especially when the upper classes or public figures are involved?

Sometimes certain cases are remanded forever until the public memory fades. During that time the victim is paid some money, or perhaps finds that an employer suddenly offers an excellent job right out of the blue. Other times when the police or prosecutors have made mistakes or been heavy-handed, the charges are quietly dropped – but for some strange reason the victim keeps silent and does not sue the police even when all reason says they should handily win in any fair court.

There are two levels of accused in our justice system – those who can afford to pay off the victims and those who cannot.

We all know how it is ’bout here.

Of course, this “disappearing” of court cases can’t take place without the cooperation of the “professional” Barbados media like the Nation News, the CBC and the rest.

Hopefully the new DLP government will return the rule of law and the concept of “justice must be seen to be done” to place of importance that these two concepts should enjoy.

Whether there is any hope that the cowardly lapdog Barbados news media will find its cajones… who knows?

Meanwhile folks, let’s test our memories …

How many important court cases can you name that were in the public eye and then disappeared – or simply never made it into the Barbados media?

Here are a few of the disappearing court cases of Barbados


Mark Winston Goodridge

Way back in October of 2006, lawyer Mark Winston Goodridge and his son Simon Mark Goodridge were jointly charged with causing serious bodily harm to a dark-skinned 15 year-old teen. Father Goodridge was also charged with incitement to racial hatred, assault and discharging a firearm within 100 yards of the highway.

Pretty serious charges on this little rock.

The island was all abuzz over the incident which had racial overtones because of the charges and the players. The Goodridges were more/less white, while the teen was more/less black.

What happened at trial? Was there a trial… or just a backroom deal?

What… you think that’s the public’s business? After reporting the incident daily for a week in a series of stories, the Nation News disappeared all mention of the case. The paper’s last article was published on October 19, 2006 just a few days after the charges were laid.

See BFP’s Barbados Lawyer Wanted For Beating Of Teen – Thoughts Of Racial Tension, White Privilege & Black Attitudes


Roy Morris Rape Charge

Back on Tuesday, August 14, 2007, veteran journalist Roy Morris was charged with rape by the Royal Barbados Police Force. He was released on bail after appearing in court.

As BFP detailed in a series of articles, Morris had been on the run from the police while wanted for the alleged rape of a young 16 year old woman who may have been an intern at The Nation News.

Barbados Free Press and Barbados Underground broke the story over a month before Morris surrendered to police.

What happened to the case?

The last article about the case was published by the Nation News on August 15, 2007 – the day after Morris’ arrest. We heard that the case was adjourned to November 1, 2007 and then sometime in January, 2008… but the media has not said anything about it since August 15th of 2007.

Was there a deal? Will there be a trial?

Who knows!

BFP: Roy Morris Rape Charge In Court On Thursday, November 1, 2007


Reporters Roughed Up, Arrested & Charged

On Friday, May 25, 2007, CBC Reporter Jimmy Gittens was roughed up and arrested by officers of the Royal Barbados Police Force as Gittens was covering auto accident victims at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital. Police thugs thumped two other journalists but didn’t charge them. Cameras were broken.

The police charged the newsman and he was released on bail after appearing in court. There was general outrage in the journalistic community and Gittens’ lawyer said that a civil suit would be filed against the police.

So what happened? Who knows!

The last the Nation News mentioned the case was on July 16, 2007 when the paper showed a photo of Jimmy Gitten’s shaking hands with the Police Commissioner at an awards ceremony while still out on bail.

Shhhhhh! Its another case of disappearing criminal charges… if the police won’t say anything, neither will the victim!

BFP article: Barbados Reporters Visit Queen Elizabeth Hospital – Arrive In Zimbabwe Courtesy Of Royal Barbados Police Force

Ronja Juman – Corruption By Director Of Public Prosectutions Charles Leacock

In the early hours Tuesday, December 19, 2006 officers of the Royal Barbados Police Force descended like a gang of wild thugs upon the sleeping family of Mrs. Ronja Juman.

Her offense was not having paid back-rent to her landlord – who happens to be Charles Leacock, Queens Counsel, and the Director of Public Prosecutions.. One of the most powerful men on the island, Mr. Leacock arranged to have officers of the Royal Barbados Police Force collect his back rent from Mrs. Juman – in particular a corrupt police officer named Sgt. Paul Vaughan.

The police used a blank, pre-signed search warrant to come in the middle of the night and dragged Ms. Juman off to the police station where her vagina was searched – for the purpose of terrorizing her into paying the back rent to the DPP. When she couldn’t pay, she was charged with a trumped up criminal offense.

Despite the fact that BFP has posted many of the legal documents that prove what happened, the Nation News and the other Barbados media haven’t mentioned the case!

For the details, see BFP’s We Publish All The Documents: Barbados Director Of Public Prosecutions, Police Sgt Paul Vaughan And The Blank Search Warrant Scandal

I’m getting a wee bit tired at work tonight (coming up to 3am… I hate night shift) so I’ll throw in the titles and references for a few more stories that have “disappeared” from the radar. I’ll flesh out further details tomorrow…


Chief Justice David Simmons, Prime Minister David Thompson, Former PM Owen Arthur facing charges of land fraud in a Canadian civil court.

BFP: Barbados Police In Political Cover Up – Fail To Investigate Violent Threats Against Witnesses In Chief Justice’s Land Fraud Trial

Stefan Griffith Shot In Back of Head By Police

BFP: Man Apparently Shot In Back Of Head By Police As He Was Running Away. Police Say “It Was A Confrontation”

Geoffrey Knights, the violent boyfriend of British television actress Gillian Taylforth Knights was arrested for assaulting a female desk clerk at the Tamarind Cove Hotel

BFP: Two Laws In Barbados – One Is For Rich And Famous Visitors…


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89 responses to “The Strange Disappearing Court Cases Of Barbados – And How The News Media Keeps Silent

  1. Mr. Know

    While the Barbados Fre Press has touched on something and is going in the right direction, you have also diverted from off the track by making accusations. As you know I am one of those who provided information in one of the cases mentioned. Even you were surprised at the accuracy of the information provided. Before I go further, please stop accusing the media of this and that before checking, since you also could be accused of some things that you wouldn’t like.

    Therefore let’s get to the crux of the matter.

    When I said you were on the right track I was referring to examination of the court system. The court system is too slow and this is where (forget the new government) the administrators of justice need to do something. The system is too slow because magistrates still have to write evidence by hand. In the high court judges have to write cases by hand except murder cases, where reporters (not from the advocate or nation) are employed. More court reporters need to be trained to used a special machine to type the evidence.

    There needs to be a clear rule in relation to the number of adjourments rather than leaving it to the discretion of the magistrate. To be fair sometimes the adjournment is a result of both sides.

    We need also to remove the role of prosecution from the police. A police officer can mess up a case if he is paid properly to mess it up (Ask those in the drug comunity about a now retired police prosecutor). By messing up he can say the files have gone missing without having to provide any proof (as was the case at one stage with the files relating to the three policemen charged with beating the surfers).

    The poor payment of police, including prosecutors leaves them susceptible to bribes. In addition in a small society police come into contact with much more people than say a prosecutor in the AGs office and thus has friends from all strata of society. We need to discontinue this practice of police prosecutors and have some of the young lawyers in the Attorney General’s office cut there teeth on some of these magistrate’s cases.

    Thus to the Nation and the Advocate – even they are restricted by the resources at hand. Court is so overwhelmed that they also do not have the resources to cover all of the important cases. Sometimes the reporters that cover court have to rely on lawyers and prosecutors to find out what transpired in a particular court. The newspapers cover the Magistrates’ Courts, The High Court and the Court of Appeal. You cannot be in every magistrates’ court. Almost all high court cases are covered and almost all Court of appeal cases – this is so because the latter two courts are more structured and because these latter two are within the precints of coleridge street. magistrates’courts are all over the country.

    To get the backlog out of the system we need to have night court (which might be better for the witnesses by the way).

    Now to some of those cases.

    The Roy Morris case is not one of cover up. This is till at the magistrates level. It has been adjourned for different reasons. The newspapers reported on it up to the november adjournment. Sometimes in cases you are awaiting reports from the forensic laboratory; sometimes one or two of the expert witnesses are in other courts. There is a jurisdiction hierarchy. The Highest court of Barbados is the Trini based CCJ. Then you have the Court of Appeal. If a prosecutor or lawyer has to appear in the Court of Appeal since that takes precedence because it is higher in heirarchy then if a matter clashes in High court or Magistrates’ court then the matter has to be adjourned. Likewise if these is a matter simultaneously in the High Court and the Magistrates’Court the High Court takes priority. Therefore more experts need to be trained all over, within the police force, in forensics etc.

    There is no way with the escalation of gun crimes that there are only two or three firearm experts. The Roy Morris case still – if the case is bought out that would be sad but it would not be an indictment on the judicial authorities – it would be an indictment on the family who took the money. In the final analysis you need the evidence of the victim and if the victim does not give evidence there is nothing you can do. While Morris had police friends high up there were many in the rank and file who wanted the self righteous S.O.B. In addition some senior members of the force argued that the case had to run its course.

    The case with the reporters – Jimmy the cameraman obviously was placated by the commissioner. If he has come to an agreement with the force there is nothing that can be done – it is him who felt it. Slinger was not beaten, slinger sat down in protest – no policeman would beat slinger, he has two many police friends and sources – it would have to be a junior who does not know slinger. Slinger was more upset at not being allowed to cover the matter. Maybe the commissioner recognise some of his officers acted overzealously and that is why Jimmy was placated.

    The Mark Goodridge case – there was talk that there was more in the mortar than the pestle, but this also was at the magistrates’level. If the younster or his family takes money this also is not an indictment of the judicial system (as I pointed out in the Roy Morris accusation).

    Lawyers also play a part in this delay in the judicial system hoping for an amicable settlement so as to avoid having their client face a jury. Thus a lawyer who knows that one of your agents are negotiating with a girl’s family in a rape case would find excuses for adjourments so that the outside the court negotiation could have more time. However the process in the magistrates court has to be concluded since a matter such as rape is indictable (you cannot plead at magistrate level – it can only be thrown out in the high court).

    Thus if negotiations are concluded before it reaches High Court the complainant (girl) would come and say that she does not want to continue with the matter and use an excuse such as she does not want to relive the traumatic experience To be fair to judges they would ask questions such as : were you paid to say such; were you intimidated, threatened (to which the girl syas no). With such answers there is nothing the court can do. I could go on and oon but this blog is already too long.


    BFP says,

    Thank you for substantiating everything we said in the article.

    The bribes. The secrecy. The fact that the media is no longer covering the Morris case – only up to November… because there have been at least one date since then.

    The fact that the Goodridge paid off the victim to drop charges and that the news media let it disappear.

    The fact that the police and the reporter “came to an agreement” … and that has disappeared now too. What pressure was brought to bear on the man? Who made what decisions? The police officer who arrested him was clearly operating outside the law as a bully. Is he to get away with it?

    You seem to think that if the victim can be bought off there is no larger societal interest in seeing that justice is done.
    This is a corruption. Rape victims bought off and pressured by family and others and the rapists put out on the street because they can pay and you see nothing wrong?

    That is the old way – pay off the rape victim, the woman and “everyting be fine”.

    You, my friend, are as much a part of the problem as those who are directly involved.
    Perhaps you are directly involved.

    And why is all of this being hidden from the public? The answer of course is because it is a corruption of justice that cannot exist in the cold light of public scrutiny.

    These cases JUST DISAPPEAR and the news media is complicit.

    No Wonder the public does not trust the news media, the police or the courts!

  2. Sargeant

    These stories not only disappear from the mainstream media but they also disappear from blogs. When the story about Morris was all over BFP and BU the writer of Notes from the Margin wrote that “we chose not to run with it given the potential consequences for the Journalist’s reputation if it turned out to be a smear campaign. The Journalist in question is known for stepping on people’s toes in the pursuit of his job and this would be an easy way of extracting revenge. We would urge our fellow bloggers to show a little restraint before possibly being made a tool in someone’s vendetta”. Too date I haven’t seen a follow up from. “Marginal”

    Also BFP now that we have a new gov’t has the censorship wing of the RBPF been disbanded? The wing that seizes photographer’s cameras, blocks their shots and deletes their photos?


    BFP says,


  3. Anonymous

    How many courts cases is a newspaper supposed to cover, you insufferable idiot?

    I see more on the pages of the Nation than I see anywhere on this blog.


    BFP says,

    The Nation covers cases because they are major. They drop coverage when victims are paid off or the authorities pressure them to do so… and the public never hears another word from these frightened lapdog editors…

    When you see coverage of what happened to Ronja Juman, Goodridge, Gittens, Morris and the rest, please let us know!

  4. Can Barbados be saved?

    In Barbados, the judiciary, police force, politicians and media outlets are one and the same. There are no independent arms of government or checks and balances because the pay cheques normally all come from the same place and integrity has been put on hold.

    This means the same shady bunch of characters lurking in the background manipulate the system on a 24/7 basis denying the citizens their due process and Rule of Law. While you chose a few disappearing legal cases, you forgot about the regularly disappearing court and government documents on sensitive cases.

    You can bet the BLP operatives that have abused the system for many years are now trying to use it to their advantage, crying foul and demanding their legal rights.

    This is why Thompson needs to send a clear message and clean house of a few of these people from the top on down. The alternative is more of the same.

  5. Tony Hall

    I very well understand your concerns but if a case is before the court, and I am going to say (except a murder case) the complainant can state that he or she does not not wish to offer any evidence in the said case regardless of whether there is a monetary settlement or not.

    There is nothing that can be done about that unless the laws are changed. Even if it is a sexual assault case against a minor the parents or guardians will more than likely accept a monetary settlement if it is right sometimes to protect the said minor from scrutiny even though such cases will be tried in camera, but being that the Barbadian society is intertwined information gets out. There is nothing the media can do if these courses of action are taken, and the media would be going down a dangerous road trying to delve into a matter if it has been resolved. We might not like it but that is the reality.


    BFP says…

    There are two issues that you raise… one is that we are a country without modern and effective laws. This is a legacy of the BLP government that was so busy lining its own pockets that it couldn’t even pass legislation about breathalizers and prohibiting the dumping of chemical waste!

    We will pay the price for decades to come.

    You say “There is nothing the media can do if these courses of action are taken, and the media would be going down a dangerous road trying to delve into a matter if it has been resolved. We might not like it but that is the reality.”

    The North American and British media prove the falsehood of your statement. The Barbados media has totally forgotten what journalism is supposed to be about – if they ever knew.

  6. more of the same

    To: Can Barbados be saved?
    How can things change if the same people are calling the shots? The government may have changed but when we look at each of these cases nothing has changed.

  7. more of the same

    To: Anonymous who said “I see more on the pages of the Nation than I see anywhere on this blog.”

    There are not many people around here who would agree with you so perhaps you should stick with the Nation. I will not. I’ll keep reading BFP.

    Thanks BFP.

  8. Mr. Know

    Dear BFP administrator, you seem not to have good understanding. I give you scenarios and from that you accuse me of being part of the system; you accuse me of thinking justice is done if people are bought off; you accuse me of being directly involved – these things upset me but when you look at it objectively there is nothing that can be done. By the way I did not say that these cases have already been bought out – I pointed out the possible scenarios.
    I gave you suggestions but yet you want to accuse without analysing. What can I say about 99 per cent literacy – sometimes I regretfully think it is wasted on many.

  9. Mr. Know

    “To say that the Nation drops coverage when victims are paid off or the authorities pressure them to do so… and the public never hears another word from these frightened lapdog editors…”, shows your ignorance.

    When a case is paid off it is not paid off in sight of anyone besides the interesting party therefore how could the eNation drop it because of this.
    This is so woeful I am unsure if I will ever provide you with information again. It is really pitiful just for the sake of criticising the Nation. Yes they warrant criticism otherwise but this is not one of them.
    By the way it did not slip me when you took down the post by Who Dat because it was critical of you on Sunday. tchhh tchhh.


    BFP says,

    Dear Mr. Know,

    You say “When a case is paid off it is not paid off in sight of anyone besides the interesting party therefore how could the eNation drop it because of this.”

    How about when the case never appears in court again? Golly… wouldn’t the newspaper be able to deduce that something happened with, for instance, the case against the Goodridges. You see, WE know that “something” happened BECAUSE it disappeared.

    And we’re not even smart like you and the “real” reporters at the Nation News! 😉

  10. Tony Hall

    If you caused grievious bodily harm to me, offered me a monetary settlement and I decided to accept. I go before the court and decided to offer no evidence.What corruption will be proved if the media decided to probe and found out that you offered me money not to take the matter any further? Suppose I decide that the money offered is enough to pay my medical bills plus other enumerations. What corruption is that?


    BFP Says

    It is a corruption when wealthy criminals can avoid accountability for their actions just by giving back what they stole, or paying off the witnesses.

    Under this, victims become victimized twice and society loses because it fails to deter the criminal from re-offending and also because there is no general deterrence when criminals know that if they are caught they can pay off the victims.

    It simply isn’t permitted in countries with a real justice system.

  11. anonlegal

    “After reporting the incident daily for a week in a series of stories, the Nation News disappeared all mention of the case. The paper’s last article was published on October 19, 2006 just a few days after the charges were laid.”

    I think you are mistaken on this. I read in the Nation Newspaper that the charges were dropped. That probably isnt enough for you guys. Whilst It was not the front page but it was reported.


    BFP says,

    Really? When? Why were the charges dropped? And why, when the case received national attention, was the outcome not better reported. Firearms were involved. Someone went to hospital. What happened?

    You are the only person we have heard from that says they read it in the paper – and about 5,000 folks have read our article since it was published. Are you sure?

  12. These questions sound familiar… BFP. Where are our real journalists? Is reporting a dead art in Barbados? Why are journalists kow-towing and salaaming instead of protecting the public’s interests? Where are Barbados’s watchdogs? All blogging I suspect… but then, we’ve talked about this before, haven’t we?


    BFP replies,

    Yes, and we recall that you wrote an excellent piece on that not so long ago.

  13. anonlegal

    Mr. Know, I could not have said it better myself…..eventhough I have tried.

  14. “The simple fact is, BFP is NOT a news organisation. You depend largely on what the Nation publishes, otherwise you would not be providing links to their articles so often.”

    Someone needs to go look up blog in Wikipedia.

    “Your loud mouthings about the media in Barbados is simply a shallow and futile attempt to divert attention from the fact that BFP really has very little to offer Barbadians in terms of REAL NEWS.”

    Have you been reading BFP long? In fact, have you seen the local news media recently?

    I suddenly had this image of a ostrich with its butt feathers streaming in a fierce wind, an its head below ground.

  15. Mr. Know

    Just to let readers know. I sent a subsequent blog but BFP refused to put it up. So much for freedom of expression


    BFP says,

    Dear Mr. Know….

    Please read the tab at the top about “comment moderation”… then apologize.

  16. tstt

    But it doesn’t bode well for a society when cases like the Morris case can be paid off (if not as yet done) and the little Joe Smo down the road ends up in jail for the slightest of offenses. Sorta like the politicians paying people for their votes. the money is gone in no time, and the politician and the criminal is then free to repeat prvious deeds. Sad situation.

  17. Brutus

    Mr. Know,

    The Chief Justice recently announced measures – including fining attorneys for repeated adjournments – to help speed up the process and clear the back log of cases. I think there was also talk of night court. Any comment on this?

    Also, why could cases not be tape recorded and then transcribed later?

    Are transcripts of court proceedings freely available to the public?


    BFP says,

    In the normal courts there are no court reporters except by permission of the judge and no recordings are made. This is so there is no mechanism available to ordinary citizens to monitor court activities except to be there.

    Court reporters were originally introduced in North American courts so that everyone (judge, prosecutor, defense) would have an accurate record of the proceedings made by an unbiased outside party.

    Can’t have that in Barbados!

  18. anonlegal

    what the chief justice is talking about is new Civil procedure rules. These rules will put in place strict deadlines that, if breached, an attorney could be sanctioned (amongst other things). They were drafted in 2004 or so but not in force yet.

    Seminars are currently being held to instruct attorneys and Judges about how they will operate.

  19. anonlegal

    Mr. Know said:
    “We need to discontinue this practice of police prosecutors and have some of the young lawyers in the Attorney General’s office cut there teeth on some of these magistrate’s cases.”
    This is actually the case in Jamaica (I am not sure about the other jurisdictions). Each Magistrate court has a clark of the court who handles prosecutions. I think it is better that way.

  20. Mr. Know

    Brutus, you are thinking. The Chief Justice, although coming into a position because of a political appointed is trying to make the system work. This is a good move by the CJ but will it apply to Magistrates’ Courts? I have my doubs given the chaos that the Magistrates’ courts are in.

    Transcripts are available to attorneys and the prosecution. Then in time they are published in the Caribbean Law Journals.

    With regards to tape recording this is forbidden in court. Once enough court reporters are trained that will even be faster than recording to be transcribed later. The machine that the court reporter uses produces a transcript as he or she types the evidence that is being given from the stand. The judge just has to look over it for accuracy. Providing court reporters will also provide more jobs.

    No one has commented on the situation regarding police prosecutors. Imagine you bring a case ebefore the courts and you prosecute it also. Where is justice?

    While we are at it – did you all know that there is provision in law for statements by accused persosns to be video recorded. More than ten years now. Do you know what the police officers who prefer the old system have told authorities – that police stations are not equipped for such – because they know that magistrates and judges will always take their word instead of the accused. They love to produce a statement saying it was given by the accused of his own free will. If the law provides for videotaping the public should call for it in the name of justice not leave the doubt lingering as to how freely the statement was given.

    By the way remember the headline CJ knocks Magistrate in the 14 February 2007 edition of Nation when the CJ knocked Valton Benn, a senior magistrate, for not providing written proceedings in cases before him. Most of you would know what is his problem I don’t have to say it here. But this is what you get and it is hard to get him out of the system unless you send him home medically unfit.

    One of the consequences of cases being prolonged in the courts is that the younger people are taking the law into their own hands. If a man chops you and the case takes six years before there is justice, when it is finally played out most times you couldn’t care less. remember – justice delayed is justice denied. So what do you young guys do —- wait and chop you back or shoot you. We definitely need to speed up the cases.

  21. no name

    Nobody has mentioned that the police, in at least one of the cases, lost all the information in relation to that case. What did the judge have to say about that? Who was held accountable?

    Whether the victim was paid off or not did not bring back the police file.
    Why didn’t the judge reprimand the police? Why didn’t we read about it in the press?
    This, as far as I am concerned, is very big news and we should demand answers.

    Pity we have to assume names other than our own to speak our minds. Says a lot about our system here in Barbados. Others who have commented using their real names have had their lives and those of family members threatened.

  22. Anonymous

    Mr Know, I read your comments and understood them. Maybe BFP needs to read them again since they seem to have completely ignored your musings. Hmm.

  23. Beefcake

    Regretfully, the BFP in its article and its subsequent comments to Mr. Know demonstrate that they have lost touch with reality and perspective. Perhaps too much idle time with not having the BLP to pursue?

    The BFP seems to posing the quesion on Justice being Served. In some jurisdictions, out of court settlements and arbitration is deemed Civil Justice and there is no desire to pursue Criminal Justice.

    However, perhaps the BFP is only concerned with Criminal charges being laid, or perhaps they only desire justice of biblical proportions?

    At the end of the day, the problem with news stories reported in Barbados is the poor quality of journalists who cover those stories. We have seen that they fail to ask the hard questions that need asking, or they are allowed to use colourful adjectives and adverbs that create bias in their article (making it into an opinion as opposed to reporting the news).

    A proper journalist would be assigned to a story, and they would continue to follow it and report the news surrounding it. Who knows, even investigative reporting would help share proper facts about the cases, as opposed to giving one-sided commentary.

  24. Anonymous

    “How many courts cases is a newspaper supposed to cover, you insufferable idiot?”


  25. Rumplestilskin

    Mr.Know made excellent and I believe accurate and thought out arguments.

    However, I see BFP’s point that a greater good needs to be served.

    In my mind, the only two ‘areas of blame’ that can be identified are those who accept the system as is, such as victims being paid of and secondly the Government for not putting adequate resources in place to ensure that the judicial authorities and police have appropriate funds, personnel and equipment in place to cope with their tasks.

    Having said that, I would suggest that the former is a result of our ‘power and class’ system and thus those who are not ‘in’ with the authorities, whether rich, poor, white or black, will be reticent to proceed if they think that they will not be treated fairly.

    I would also suggest that the only way to address the ‘whole’ issue is to direct adequate resources to the administration and dispensation of justice, in order to facilitate speedy and fair process.

    Having said that, money and equipment alone will not correct an imperfect system.

    An independent study should be performed prior to implementation in order to ensure that controls are inherent in the process and subsequent and regular ‘audits’ of the process, for example, every two years, or peer review of cases by an independent panel on a regular basis would augment the implementation.

    I do wish to say however, that this ‘thing’ goes much deeper than just the few cases mentioned.

    How about the drugs situation?

    Do you not think that after so many years, at least one drug baron would have been arrested?

    BIG money is needed to channel the drug distribution.

    The persons charged, aside from a few, are small fry.

    After so many years, surely investigations could have identified and successfully prosecuted at least one major ‘big boy’?

    But, not one has been charged. Coincidence? Not enough evidence? Give me a break. Money can be traced, people do not get rich ‘just so’.

    We have many ‘rats in de kitchen’. Many of which I believe come from foreign cultures and associations, bringing their poison to our shores, aided by a few despicables in our nation.

    Let us hope that the new administration directs adequate resources to this ‘thing’ and also where necessary is not afraid nor ashamed to ask for help from overseas experts where necessary.

    We do NOT want to get like Jamaica and T&T, where criminals rule the roost.

    We MUST take a stand and protect what has been bequeathed by our great forebears.

    A just and peaceful Barbados.


  26. Kathy

    Of course criminal charges should be pursued in criminal cases. For instance, who would want rapists who are rich enough to pay off or terrorize their victims into silence to be left out roaming the streets in pursuit of future victims?

    Out-of-court settlement is not appropriate in criminal cases, only in civil. When a criminal is a danger to society, no amount of money should leave him or her out on the street.

  27. crossroads

    david like he can’t count. 97 days gone long time ago.


    BFP says,


    Shona darlin’… how about it? Can you make David count?

  28. John

    …. noname has a point.

    The loss of a file in the judicial system cannot be acceptable.

    Two parties agreeing to make the case go away may be acceptable, but losing a file stinks.


    BFP says,

    John, two parties agreeing to make a criminal case go away is never acceptable when it is done secretly, or with payment to the victim. There are often subtle and not so subtle threats made against the victim to have the charges dropped or to not testify or to change their evidence.

    Taking that power away from the victim actually frees the victim. In many jurisdictions, wives who have charged their husbands with assault cannot drop the charges. They put the woman in jail if she fails to testify.

    When that law was introduced there was loud screaming, but overnight two things happened… the number of actual domestic assaults went down because men knew that if charges were laid, there was no getting out of going to court.

    The second thing that happened was that there was a drop in the number of women who filed false or exaggerated charges of abuse against men.

    I will try to find the sources for the above, but I recall it distinctly from my women’s studies course a few years back. (Yes, they made me take it!)


  29. Sargeant

    The statement by Mr. Know about Police Prosecutors is interesting and my questions are. What training do they receive? Who decides that Policeman X can now prosecute? Do they ever lose cases? The judiciary and the police are probably fairly intertwined. Going back to Police prosecutors I remember that many years ago my grandmother was an avid Perry Mason fan and would read all the Earl Stanley Gardner novels. However we could never build a collection because a well known police prosecutor would borrow the books to get tips/ideas on how to interrogate the accused.

    Only in Barbados.

  30. Bajan Daddy

    I noticed that that one with Ruel Ward not getting any coverage neither. Not even on this blog. Hmmmn……..interesting!


    BFP says…

    Now that you have mentioned Ruel Ward, the story is being covered! That’s part of the beauty of blogs.

    How about writing us a short 3 paragraphs on your views and posting them here or mailing them to us at

  31. Get In The Action

    Not to mention the Inland Revenue fraud case against Randolph Sandiford. That dropped off the radar as well.

  32. Mr. Know

    I’ve always advocated that every Bajan should be compelled to sit in court and get an understanding of the court system. Aftr seeing Bajan Daddy’s Blog I confirm that many still do not know how the system works.
    The preliminary inquiry has not even started yet in the Ruel Ward case so how can we get more coverage. You do not report evidence in a preliminary enquiry before a magistrates’court in a matter that is indictable that will go up to the high court. After hearing the preliminary Inquiry the magistrate decides if there is enough evidence to send it up to the high court or dismiss it. Most magistrate’s play it safe and send 99 per cent of cases to the high court for juries to decide.
    Bajan Daddy this is what I talk about when I say the system needs speeding up. Then again in money cases such as this the injured party tries to negotiate with the accused thief in an effort to recover the money or most of the money. You and I know if yuh thief over a million dollars most of that spend so I want to see how ruel goin’pay them back.
    In the Randolph case there was also more in the mortar than the pestl. There was some kind of mix-up at Inland rev or the department that mattered.

  33. Anonymous

    Bajan Daddy says:

    I noticed that that one with Ruel Ward not getting any coverage neither. Not even on this blog. Hmmmn……..interesting!

    What do you expect?You are lucky that this one even got to court.

    Then you wonder what role Lodges play in this country……..I say nothing but corruption!

    How about the Elias guy who was caught with all that powder?
    Never heard of that case after the initial charges.

  34. What about when the Jambuster had just started and a white man had it out with a black female customs officer, pelt way her mobile and hurled all kinds of racial slurs – there were many who said there was more in the mortar than the pestle and it dropped off the map… In fact, I was told to leave it alone when I was at CBC – not only that item but the two Muslim sisters who did not want arranged weddings and a lawyer arranged for them to “disappear” for their own safety?

  35. Wee Wee

    I hope this administration will bring justice to unjust and rule back to the unruly. However though we have a new piper more than likely we might just be hearing the same tune. Let us hope things will be different. Time will tell.

  36. Bimbro

    What has always surprised me is that, as a member of a jury, you’re not allowed to question the defendant or witnesses, at all!!

    Can’t understand why not!!!! The Plaintiff’s representative can’t, necessarily, think of everything!!

    I think I’d find jury-service, very frustrating, indeed!!!! It’s therefore, hardly, a wonder that people try to avoid it, at all costs!!!!

  37. Morning bfp ,hope you all fine,an in good health. can you all shed any light of a agentleman,who was involve in an incident at one of our secondary school about 3-4 yrs ago.he was a teacher,i think his name is Lindsey Bellhouse,i also think his native home land is Australia,thank you.

  38. Partial

    My nephew, at 18 years old, got arrested as he was coming from the drug dealer’s house, with a $5 bag of weed about 5 yrs ago. He had to spend the night in the holding cell at Central and has a criminal record, which has affected him in his working life, and will continue to affect him in future. The drug dealer he bought the weed from is still operating. Dealers who used to sell drugs 40 years ago when I was going to school are still dealing. Please don’t tell me or anyone else that the police don’t know who these drug dealers are. Other people are committing major crimes, hurting innocent victims, stealing large sums of money and getting off scott free – no criminal record, no jail time not even a fine or even a slap on the wrist. No wonder the youth have no respect for the lawmen or justice in this country. No examples are being set. I hope I’m not being too pessimistic, but I fear that things will only get worse.

  39. anonlegal

    Bimbro said:

    What has always surprised me is that, as a member of a jury, you’re not allowed to question the defendant or witnesses, at all!!

    Can’t understand why not!!!! The Plaintiff’s representative can’t, necessarily, think of everything!!


    Not every question can be asked in court. The questions that a prosecutor is allowed to ask are governed by the rules of evidence. That is to say, a prosecutor can not ask a question that is irrelevant to matter at hand nor can he ask a question that would unfairly prejudice the accused.

    The prosecutors are trained to know what questions are allowed and what questions are not. Jury members are not trained in the same way and would be likely to breach the rules of evidence if allowed to question the witnesses.

    Secondly, it could be argued that everyone in the court has a role to play. It is the attorney’s role to solicit relevant and reliable evidence/testimony from the witnesses. It is the jury’s role decide what evidence is to be believed. If had the same role in court it may lead to chaos and and may cause trials to be more lengthly than they are already.

  40. anonlegal

    BFP stated:

    “The paper’s last article was published on October 19, 2006 just a few days after the charges were laid”

    Just a follow up on one of my earlier posts. the last story published on the Goodridge case was June 15 2007. That story reported that the charges were dropped.

    I remind BFP again Just because you havent seen the story does not mean that the media sought to hide it.


    BFP Comments

    We remind anonlegal that when the newspapers give coverage to a major story and then allow that story to die without questions being raised, they are complicit in the corruption.

    And then there are the major stories that they don’t touch… 3S President’s fraud case, Chief Justice Simmons’ Canadian land fraud case, Ronja Juman etc etc etc

    As to the June 15, 2007 Gooderich story that you talk about, yes, we and thousands of others must have missed that. Where did they publish it… as one line in the middle of a lonely hearts advert? Nothing on the internet and certainly no story examining how the case was taken care of. So Gooderich bought his way out of the gun charge, did he? or did he not?

    This was a major case with racial overtones and the public deserved better from the newsmedia.

    Was there a reporter covering the case in court when the charges were dropped? Did the Gooderich father and son even have to attend court or was it done in the backroom on a Wednesday evening over some neat scotch?


    Justice demands that the PUBLIC INTEREST BE SERVED. The “public interest” is seldom on the plate of those involved in the judicial system… especially if the accused is rich enough to buy his way out.

  41. Bimbro

    Thank you, for the reply, ‘anonlegal’!! For once, somebody’s actually, had the manners to reply to a question asked or suggestion made!

    What, I wonder, are the chances of other Bajans following suit?!!!!

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  43. anonlegal

    BFP, You incorrectly stated that the last article published in relation to the goodridge case was on October 19, 2006.

    you made a statement that was not true and I sought to correct you.

    You seem to be suggesting that the newpaper should have done more. You are entitled to your opinion.

    But you made an accusation that the newpaper was hiding a court case based on a false belief that october 2006 was the last time anything was published relating to the case. Is it possible to just admit you were wrong once?
    (in the same way you were wrong about the meaning of inbred, you wrong in relation to the date)


    BFP Says,

    How is it that you “remember” when the Nation printed the last article? It doesn’t appear in their online archives, and no one else seems to remember seeing such an article in the print edition. Perhaps you could scan the print edition article and email it to us. We’d be happy to print the correction for all to see.

    How about it?

  44. Nut Cracker – Bellhouse was not 3 to 4 yrs ago, it was late 90’s, he was acquitted but left country, pressure was too much, taught at QC and apparently brilliant at Chess, was accused of interfering with boys but in fact was very much intrigued with younger lasses but not of school age – jealousies arose and rumours were spread…

  45. Anonymous

    “So Gooderich bought his way out of the gun charge, did he? or did he not?”


    There is one angle you are forgetting in this case. Do you think the 15 year old was entirely innocent (not that I condone the vigilante justice of Mr Goodridge)

    Perhaps the “victim” was quite happy as well to “settle”

    Do you believe Mr Goodridge, a well known and respected individual just randomly picked up a black 15 year old for beating??

    Think about it. As Mr Know, there was more in the mortar than the pestle


    BFP says,

    Thank you for again proving our point…. without a responsible press actually reporting major cases – other than rumours, how can anyone know what backroom deal was reached or what the true circumstances were?

    The current system of backroom deals totally ignores the larger societal impact. Secret deals in the justice system undermine the deterrence of laws.

  46. Bimbro

    Think about it. As Mr Know, there was more in the mortar than the pestle


    However, much, ‘mortar there was than the pestle’, I think the Barbadian public deserve to know all the facts, including the outcome!!!!

  47. TMS

    “Secret deals in the justice system undermine the deterrence of laws”

    No it did not prove any point

    We dont know what happened so we cant know. More to the point, there was not necessarily a secret deal in the justice system but perhaps a secret deal outside the system and the police would have nothing further to go on.

    While perhaps the media could have investigated and reported on it again if both sides clammed up, not much the media can do either?


    BFP … What do you mean “there is not much the media can do either”…

    Oh… yes, I forgot that you don’t think the media should publish any stories other than what the government approves.

    Give your silly head a shake.

  48. Hants

    If the father of the 15 year old black boy was to beat the …. out of Goodrich and fire a shot into the air just to frighten him,would the boy’s father get 7 years or 14 years in jail?

    The poor get jail and the rich get bail.

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  50. TMS

    “However, much, ‘mortar there was than the pestle’, I think the Barbadian public deserve to know all the facts, including the outcome!!!!”


    strictly speaking you are correct because crimes were committed. This is a case of vigilante justice gone wrong and the parties have backed down.

    Can you really point the blame at the police or the news media if the parties wont cooperate?

    was it the fault of the police or the news media that this case “dissappeared”?


    BFP Replies,

    You don’t understand at all about justice, TMS. You don’t understand about the wider interests of society and you have an attitude that endemic corruption can never be addressed.

    Not that you realize that we have endemic corruption in our justice system.

  51. TMS

    no i guess I dont understand

  52. TMS

    perhaps you should send your ronja juman files to the new attorney general after all they “prove what happened”

    if he does not act, we need to know (wider interest of society!) and you can let us know right here on your blog

    Just a suggestion

  53. Bimbro

    January 30, 2008 at 5:18 pm
    “The simple fact is, BFP is NOT a news organisation. You depend largely on what the Nation publishes, otherwise you would not be providing links to their articles so often.”

    Someone needs to go look up blog in Wikipedia.

    “Your loud mouthings about the media in Barbados is simply a shallow and futile attempt to divert attention from the fact that BFP really has very little to offer Barbadians in terms of REAL NEWS.”

    Have you been reading BFP long? In fact, have you seen the local news media recently?

    I suddenly had this image of a ostrich with its butt feathers streaming in a fierce wind, an its head below ground.


    Sun ‘goddess’, since when and how, did u become an authority on Barbados???? Get back to wineing-up your batty at carnival and attend to your young son and leave Barbados to Barbadians to attend to, thank you!!!!


    February 2, 2008 at 5:22 am
    no i guess I dont understand


    TMS, the addage, ‘let justice be done and BE SEEN to be done’ should point u in the right direction!!!!

  54. LMAO

    The goodridge gun charge should not be hard to buy your way out of….it is a $5.00 fine if he was found guilty.

    BFP….i think you should do your research though. Rather than criticizing the Nation for their lack of research. We already know the media in Barbados is lacking…you dont have to point it out to make yourself seem valuable. We already know your value.

  55. Getting BYE

    Hi same IP but LMAO is my boyfriend’s handle.


    Are you being facetious or funny?
    I heard that the 15th year old youth was arrested last year for beating a girl or someting at the Polytechnic and possession of weapons? I guess he is no longer a minor so somebody with investigative talent (BFP?) could find that out. All that money from the apparent settlement should mean he would be free, right hants? Or did i misunderstand your statement.

  56. TMS


    I was been sarcastic.

    Of course justice must be seen to be done, but not every case is given prominence in the media. While BFP may see this as corruption, it can also be part of commercial reality that the case lacks coverage.

    The more critical part of the discussion is the central contention of this post, that the cases have dissappeared and the dissappearance is a result of the corruption and/or complacency of the police and news media. (BFP correct me if I have misunderstood this to be your claim)

    My essential rebuttal was that is this particular case, neither party being innocent, chose not cooperate further and IN THIS PARTICULAR case it was perhaps not fair to blame the police or media. In fact the media did report as recently as June of 2007 that the charges were dropped so they can hardly be accused of hiding the case.

    Of course once you challenge a claim of BFP you immediately subject yourself to being called an idiot (lack of understanding) or a fascist (apparently I think only the government should approve articles)- see above for the attacks.

    When you made a serious claim like corruption or criminal bribery and you certain cases as examples, I believe those cases should offer strong evidence of the claims not merely suggest it was plausible.

    the newspaper cannot possible publish a charge of criminal bribery if they have no evidence or if they have no cooperation from the parties. Of course BFO does not see it that way. They happily charge Mr Goodridge who has no means to defend the charges in a court. (yes BFP I know the courts are corrupts and until such time blah blah blah ronja juman, blah blah)

    It was plausible the boy was paid off, but if you look at all the facts, the fact the boy would be subject to criminal charges himself, you can realise a more plausible reason (but granted not necessarily the correct one) the case “dissappeared”

    BFP find us the evidence the boy was paid off ! do the job the media wont do.


    BFP Says

    Show us the evidence that the case disposition was recounted in the media.

  57. Getting BYE

    No name….
    I second that. All these “missing” files what does the magistrate say to the police on that account?

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  59. Bimbro

    February 2, 2008 at 4:06 pm

    I was been sarcastic.

    Of course justice must be seen to be done, but not every case is given prominence in the media. While BFP may see this as corruption, it can also be part of commercial reality that the case lacks coverage.


    ‘T’, please doan raise my pressure!!!! Just last night I was recalling how Arthur made a fool of ME!!! And this is how it happened!!!!

    Two to three years ago, there was a discussion prog. on one of the black tv channels over here in which one of the presenters referred to, ‘corruption in caribbean politics’!! He was Jamaican and the second presenter was an african!! Well, at that time, THANKS TO THE SILENCE OF THE BAJAN PRESS, I was of the honest opinion that all was well in Bim and that my homeland was a model of moral and political, virtue, so I jumped on the phone, called up this programme and asked the presenter to ‘prove there was any political corruption in my country – perhaps in his – but if he could n’t prove it then he should ‘shut e ****side’!!!!

    Imagine, then, when a couple of years later, I read the BFP & BU and discovered about all of these dreadful things which have been occuring in Bim but not been publicised!! I was horrified, and felt I’d been made a fool of by Arthur, the BLP and the Bim media!!

    And, ‘T’, I don’t appreciate anybody, making a fool of me!!!! I suspect, neither does the Bajan electorate, which is why they lost the election!!!!

    Bro, it is completely, unsatisfactory that court cases/papers should EVER, disappear!! Regard for the law and its just implementation is too, important for that!!!! Heads should roll!!!!

  60. Goodmorning, thanks IAN for the information,look how fast time fly,once again thanks.

  61. shotta

    I remain pissed over Goodridge racist case. No official explanation was given why the case was dropped and Goodridge and his son walk away free men. This case marks a dark day on Barbados’ judiciary and democracy.

  62. Hants


    2 sides to our country in todays

    1. Sir Cliff pops in at garden party

    2. In the line of fire

  63. Hants

    Then there is this to make you feel proud yo be a Bajan.

    “It is the third team in Ireland which Rouse, a product of the Barbados Defence Force’s football programme, will be playing for, following a two-year stint with Sligo Rovers when they won the Irish First Division Championship in 2005.

    Rouse joins a list of Barbadian footballers such as Luther Watson, Eric Lavine, and Ryan Lucas who have all represented Galway United.

    Well done BDF.

  64. Hants

    And then there is this nonsense again in the

    Inclusion a good model
    Published on: 2/2/08.

  65. Getting BYE


    I don’t like to write too much on anyone topic next thing BFP thinks you “involved” in it somewhich way …gotta love BFP for al their efforts though sometimes misdirected in my opinion. 🙂

    But I must ask you Shotta -how can you know for sure if the man was guilty? I dont believe he could be because it would only be obvious the police would have arrested him on the spot. I think Barbados got real issues but in no way I believe the police would have found the boy so badly beaten and be so callous as to not arrest goodridge.

    Although I only know the man from a distance everybody I ask that knows goodrige says they dont believe he would ever do that and says that he and his family are not racial people.

    Which leaves me wondering what really happened?

    To this end I hope the new Prime Minister would seek to overhall the justice system. It is a dangerous thing when we not have a reliable justice system. This whole weekend I been on the phone trying to find out if it is true that the DPP and the police force are constantly losing files. So far the asnwer is a resounding YES. How can I feel safe with that? An then I ask- what happens when this material goes missing? I am expecting an answer but all I get is a belly laugh and people tell me I been living overseas too long and I forget how Barbados is.

  66. Goodafternoon, Shotta i totally agree with you,but i herd through the grapevine the case was bought.but what hurt me most to see both dad & son picture in paper,dad with a big smirk on his face, while the son has an expression on his face,if you can call it that leaves you to wonder.

  67. tstt

    K. so the Goodridge case was settled out of court.
    K. The white man who beat up the nation photograpgher in Porters last year was also allowed to be settled out of court.
    It seems that most if not all of the cases that you mentioned in this blog were settled out of court. Was the Roy Morris case settled out of court also?

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  69. silly rabbit

    I don’t think it’s only the media responsible. what happen’s when cases get remand until…..the courts have no good evidence against the accused and the accused sometimes don’t have the money for the representation hense we have people lost away or should I say locked away in the system.what is there for the average man to do?

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  71. i was just wondering if there was going 2 be another hurricane e-mail me.

    your #1 fan
    lucy parker
    p.s read this on television please or else i will stock u

  72. J

    Would you stop mentioning Ronja Juman.

    If Ms. Juman would pay her rent in full and on time maybe the landlord’s agents would not have to come to her door.



    bfp say,

    so it is ok if the police use blank, pre-signed search warrants to collect back rent for the Director of Public Prosectutions?

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  74. Michael

    Whoever is the creator and publisher of this most disgusting blog, is the most disgraceful piece of androgynous mammoth on this planet who has nothing better to do than to write these scandalous pieces. Why don’t you come publicly and express these things so people can see who you are!!! you are a coward.

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  80. A.N.

    Okay, the system is definitely too slow. I know this because a couple of my friends have been currently on remand and it has been over 2 1/2 years now. They have not even been sentenced and let’s hope not.

    The lower court was done with back in March and was told that the high court would be within 2 months or so but this has been over 2 months already.

    All I want is for my friends to be released – without any conviction that they didn’t even do.

    I was telling some people that the system is corrupted but they shut me off saying it is not and so on.

  81. In the matters mentioned above the Police have nothing to do with the victim and complainant making settlements among themselves and the victim offers no evidence as in the cases you mentioned above. In america and england the prosecutor dop cases where the evidence is clear. in those countries there is one law for whites and another for blacks who face the severest penalty

  82. Unbelievable

    Ruel Ward is a liar, a theif and criminal why is he still a free man? Why is that?

  83. Don’t do the crime if you cannot do the time ‘ Baretta TV detective (he also was accused of killing his wife ) Think he is in jail !
    As for that case ‘Goodridge’ I believe he had the right even though he was accused of inciting violence a Law only in Barbados that is abused ! Dreamt up to get back of RED men Insultings Black men calling them the N word etc..I See and hear Black men shouting RED man and White man and other things like Honkey or racial slurs all my life , Wonder what the Precedent is for their convictions ???!!HHmmm.FREEDOM OF SPEECH ! THEY WERE ON HIS PROPERTY TEEFING!!!!!!!!OR TRESPASSING ! Know of a guy that cuss the wrong high brown a TV personality that accused him of reversing into her car ,but there was no damage , he then gets charged with ‘Inciting Violence SHITE!’ Loses his Job /Wife and Car etc… IS That JUSTICE ! VERY easy to defend as the word NIGGARD is in the Dictionary!

  84. AND it good that Barbados cases disappear cause maybe there is NOT any EVIDENCE of a CRIME and IF settled then thats good too . Barbados has some very STUPID Laws The Camouflage one the pellet gun and toy gun one UNLESS USED IN A CRIME that is !!!!!!!!! WUT!!!!!!!!!

  85. Adela


  86. Adela


  87. Adela