UPDATED: (They Are Faked) German Rihanna Photos – Real or PhotoShop?

UPDATE: Rihanna’s “nude” photos are faked

OK folks… it appears that our good girl is still a good girl. Question: Should we take down this story or leave it up?


Original story…

Ian Bourne at Bajan Reporter has THE PHOTOS and lots of thoughts and comments on their authenticity.

As Ian says, if they aren’t fake, Rihanna’s mother wants a word with her daughter…

Bajan Reporter: Rihanna Allegedly Poses Nude In Germany


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24 responses to “UPDATED: (They Are Faked) German Rihanna Photos – Real or PhotoShop?

  1. Sundowner

    Photoshop for sure!! no tattoos & a little less flesh on the hips! good job though, tastefully done, its not like they’re porn shots.

  2. Hants

    Tabloid journalism creeping in to Bajan blogs????


    BFP says,

    Creeping in? Gosh no, Hants. We’ve been proudly tabloid for two years!

    And the reason is clear two years later. When you type “barbados” and most any other term into Google, Barbados Free Press is usually in the top ten returns… so the world comes to our blog and reads both the tabloid and the serious articles…. because both types of our articles are top-rated by Google.

  3. Thomas

    Who cares?
    She can do what she likes and its tastefully done.
    You don’t see anything so lef de girl alone.

  4. Makaveli

    Its airbrushed all the natural beauty away. 21st century mag covers and photo spreads are as plastic as barbie.

  5. Makaveli

    Ergo a photoshop job and a “real cover” have so much in common anyway.

  6. jodiperry

    Her nails are a different colour in the first and second photo and she is certainly not under her umbrella in the water shot.

    Things to make you go hmmmmmm

  7. Air brushing? Rihanna? De Bajan reporter? ha ha ha ha ha but looka news nuh. ha ha ha ha

  8. Hants

    Tru… I am glad you stepped up to defend the young lady.

    So is Bajan Reporter showing someone’s photoshop skills and prehaps dreaming?

    Thankfully she is an Adult and Naked is legal anyway.

  9. Hants

    What was the motive behind putting FAKE Naked pictures of this young lady on Bajan blogs.

    Isn’t it enough that the Tabloids will lie about her and produce fake photos and stories?

    I guess somebody needed a “fantasy”.

  10. Sundowner

    The motive is to make $$$$$$$$$

  11. Sundowner

    Sorry reading too quick, ignore my comment!!

  12. crossroads

    photoshop my a#%. the good girl gone bad, and i loving it. just because our little caribbean girl growing up, everyone up in arms to defend her from the real world of celebrities

  13. The original point of the item was to ask if it is Photoshop as she conflicted with an earlier statement issued around 6th Dec 2007… Rihanna stated if she went nude that her mother would crucify her – therefore, quo vadis?

  14. Adrian Hinds

    Ian Bourne
    January 31, 2008 at 11:24 am
    The original point of the item was to ask if it is Photoshop as she conflicted with an earlier statement issued around 6th Dec 2007… Rihanna stated if she went nude that her mother would crucify her – therefore, quo vadis?

    …..as she WOULD have been in conflict with……

    the story IS false right?

    BFP can you look into an online TV concept similar to the DLPS’ PNN for Ian Boring? 😀

    I think he is more suited to reading someone else’s story that writing his own. wait i got de same issue too…..so mek dah a TV concept fuh Ian Boring and ME. 😀 😀

  15. Ooh, airbrushing – big deal! I made sure to dispute the source, Deutsche-FHM, from the outset! BFP, whatsoever thou doest is thy will, we all all can do without Aggravated Hatred, alias petty jealousies that we should put be-Hind us, nicht vahr?


    BFP says,

    Aw shucks, we love you both. Can’t we all just get along? (Jack Nicholson in the Martian invasion movie) 😉

  16. Rumplestilskin

    The only issue here is whether Rihanna is properly recompensed for the use of her image, whether partial or whole.

    If partial without her consent, then apology and recompense is appropriate.

    If whole with her consent, that her recompense be in accordance with her contract.

    There is no other issue, it would have been her right to do so, if the picture was real.

    I am not saying that I endorse or disagree with her making such an arrangement, but I am saying that it would be her right and her right alone.

    I acknowledge that I am against illegal drugs for example, and indeed would find great offense if ANY public figure who influenced youngsters promoted those.

    However, in such an instance as this I see sensuality in a different light to many, such as those who condemn such as this, due to this being not damaging but part of living.

    To me, the difference between these issues arises in the distinction of the nature of the matter.

    Illegal drugs by their nature take away self control, contrary to ‘pushed’ propaganda, take away self-awareness. Drink does the same.

    Sensuality is part and parcel of everyone, whether repressed, expressed or otherwise and thus is to be celebrated, not chastised.

    What are we if not living, breathing sensual beings?


    I suggest that those who seek goodness direct energies against real vices such as drugs, crime, violence, hatred, bigotry et cetera.


  17. Rumpelstilskin? I agree with your valiant chase on true vices, but the part on images is a very gray murky area in the sense that I use many images to outline items yet I have had my image abused for political gain (which was fruitless, BTW)

    BFP? Actually Nicholson was quoting Rodney King from the LAPD riots in ’92 – but hey, me nah start it, yet why should I tattoo WELCOME on my forehead?

    The same way you represent yourselves when under fire, so do I – but then I gotta remember, we have our own places and we’re more fortunate than others who tried and failed 😉

  18. Rumplestilskin


    I understand where your own article was coming from re the fake or not issue. And just plain that you also check celeb news, no? And took it as just that.

    No problem. My point may have been tangential, yes, identifying ‘serious’ things that need addressing, so that some would not go a needless attack on the girl, now or later, for such.


  19. Getting BYE

    If naked pictures make you a bad girl…a lot of us have answering to do. Porn is a differnt subject but a picture of the natural human body being bad?
    Lets not be ridiculous

  20. starrr

    i hope no one seriously believes she posed nude for those shots…I saw the original photos on ultimate-rihanna.com and she is more than fully clad…the person who digitally edited those photos did not have a hard job because her clothes were skin tight…in fact she did an interview stating that she declined to pose nude when the German mag asked…dis good girl may have gone bad but she ain gone stupid yall.

  21. cat

    this is crap!!! I like rihanna but this is total disrespectful!

  22. Anonn

    Big Deal.
    the Human Body.

    We are so Victorian!

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