Nigerian Tourism Minister Sends Tourism Head Packing For Failure To Be Accountable. Meanwhile, In Barbados…


Will Richard Sealy Take Heads In Barbados Tourism – Or Work With The Current Crew?

If the Barbados economy has a lifeblood, it is tourism. Don’t fool yourself: everything else is built upon that foundation. No matter what you do for a living on this island, chances are that it is either directly or indirectly associated with those sunburned tourists walking around in Bridgetown.

Even our offshore banking industry would not continue to flourish without the same pre-conditions that make tourism viable.

A friend of mine who is active in the banking sector told me something that had never occurred to me before. She said that the foreigners who establish offshore companies and bank accounts in Barbados largely choose our country because it is a pleasant place to go on vacation or to visit on business.

I had to think about that one, but then she explained that rich foreign folks can establish companies and bank accounts anywhere they want in the Caribbean or the rest of the world. The many countries that embrace international banking are competitive with Barbados in that they afford much the same financial benefits and tax breaks. So there must be some compelling reason for rich folks to choose Barbados over other countries… and that reason is that we are a great vacation spot when compared with many other banking centers.

Which is all to say that tourism is probably the most important ministry in our government because without a vibrant and healthy tourist industry, everything would suffer.

Richard Sealy Has Quite A Job Ahead Of Him

The previous Minister of Tourism, Noel Lynch, took much well-deserved criticism for the many disasters and deterioration that took place on his watch. And although he proved time and time again that he didn’t have a clue as to the true situation, let alone what to do about it, we have to wonder about the quality of his staff at both the Ministry and the Barbados Tourism Authority.

And we’re not talking just the management. Judging by the performance issues, there must be staff members who deserve to get the boot under the new administration.

Tourism will not be able to reach its full potential unless our Tourism Minister and the industry are provided with accurate data upon which to make decisions.

Will Richard Sealy have the wisdom to get rid of those at the Ministry and the BTA who are beyond redemption?

Answer: He’d better!

Meanwhile, Mr. Sealy could take a lesson from the Nigerian Tourism Minister. Perhaps this story should be pinned up over a few desks at the BTA?

Minister sends tourism corporation boss on compulsory leave

Lagos, Nigeria (eTN) – The Nigerian minister for Tourism, Culture and National Orientation, Mr. Adetokunboh Kayode, last weekend directed the director general of the Nigerian Tourism Development Corporation (NTDC), Olusegun Runsewe, to proceed on compulsory leave. This move comes barely few hours after Chief Runsewe was suspended from office by the minister over alleged insubordination.

…the minister has written thirteen letters to Chief Runsewe requesting for records of financial dealings of the corporation and the number of tourists entering the country, but never got any reply.

Excerpt from eTurboNews (link here)


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69 responses to “Nigerian Tourism Minister Sends Tourism Head Packing For Failure To Be Accountable. Meanwhile, In Barbados…

  1. Littleboy

    Richard Sealy is a competent youngster, however, he must be aware and beware of the few “cut-throats” who do nothing but draw fat salaries. The current CEO is probably one of the exceptions at the top.
    The US, Canadian and UK staff must urgently be reassesed and some heads will have to roll. Many of them are part of an army of occupation whose only interest is SELF!!! They frequent the “cocktail circuit” “perlicksing and perdooping” but do little esle.
    E.g, what excuse do we have for the poor showing of Canadian visitors even with the Canadian dollar showing such strength for quite a while ? Rihard Williams is the VP of the Americas; what do we have to show for that?
    Petra Roach is yet to prove that she has done anything to improve the UK or the European markets.
    What about South America? Is that still on hold because a “small” local company was about to make the breakthrough? Will the BTA still stand in their way?
    Time for a shake-up!!!

  2. reality check

    There is no better advisors ( unpaid ) to Sealey then those who are successful in the tourism business with their own money on the line . The rest will have their hands out.

    It would be financial suicide not to get these people on board.

  3. Tony Hall

    Yes, there is a need for a shake-up and what the Minister has to do is to assess everyone on that team and determine if they can be trusted. There are some obvious allegiances to the last administration which have to be taken into account. Talking about allegiances did anyone read Wednesday’s Nation where former Cultural Ambassador Gabby said that he is awaiting word from the PM as to his status? He has got to be joking. After the way he left the DLP and went over to the BLP David Thompson would have to be a madman to retain him.

  4. rumboy

    Your remarks on the Canadian market are accurate and true. Without a doubt we should have seen a growth but remember that our major competitor is Cuba where the dollar goes much much farther. We have priced ourselves out of the market focusing on the top but we all know that this sector is very fragile and will collapse easily. This sector is from mainly the UK. This Goverment should be looking at replacing certain heads and concentrate on general tourism as such. For example I understand from a very reliable source that Turtle Beach is empty right now today.

  5. rumboy

    Further to my last submission, I forgot to add that it would be beneficial if Mr Sealey could entertain the possibility of including Mr Loveridge in one of his departments as I believe that he has a lot to offer Barbados in terms of advice.

  6. Richie

    Please relieve Peter Odle of chairmanship. Odle like Obrien Trotman is one of these hangers on who no one fires. He has been on BTA board before I was born. His hotels and companies have benefitted immensely as a result. Time for change send Odle home. Give us someone fresh with vision.

  7. Whilst tourism maybe the current leader in the Bajan economy there is absolutely no doubt that as oil prices rise, airfares rise and overall costs rise in the very near future, unless Barbados and the rest of the tourist reliant Caribbean will go down hard and fast!

    Climate change, peak oil (that point when we reach maximum output – like now!) and the deteriorating dollar will have a devastating affect on Barbados (and the rest of the energy dependent world).

    Barbados would be far better off developing its local food and water supplies and ensuring sewage and effluent is kept from the fragile water table.

    Toursism is over!

  8. Hants

    Rumboy the problem with the Canadian market is not competition.

    Canadians visit Bermuda,the Bahamas, Europe and now even Dubai.

    The perception that Canadians only looking for cheap vacations is incorrect.

    The Travel agencies appear to ignore Barbados and Barbados no longer fills the Canadian Newspapers and TV screens with Advertisments.
    This could be part of the problem.

  9. I certainly agree with you rumboy your feeling is one which would get a lot of support around the island.

    Let us hope that he does not pay as much attention to the arrival figures as per the cruise line business as the former minister did and he does more work to convert those flow thru numbers to return to Barbados for the real tourism product, that is to be a long stay guest eating and drinking at our restaurants and bars.

  10. rumboy

    Agreed. Check the frequency of Sandals / Jamaica. We definately need new blood up there if we are to regain that market.

  11. Anonymous X

    There are a number of Boards that were appointed by the BLP Administration that appear to be hanging on with the hope that the DLP Government Ministers embrace them.
    Can you imagine Gabby, who was at the forefront of the BLP Campaign, singing and hugging Owen Arthur when the candidates were presented…now hoping that the Minister of Tourism in a DLP Administration allow him to continue….and can you imagine that he suddenly recognises the leadership ability of David Thompson?

    Gabby is nothing more than a Political Prostitute of the highest order!

  12. Anonymous X

    I really hope that the new PM does not make the mistake and include those BLP yardfowls who have been having such a great time that they find it difficult to leave the boards. Some of them have been calling DLP Ministers with the hope of finding some favour.

  13. Anonymous

    Has anyone seen Royal Rumble? I wonder what their thoughts are in relation to the reasons why the BLP lost.

  14. Jerome Hinds

    January 25, 2008 at 5:04 pm
    Has anyone seen Royal Rumble? I wonder what their thoughts are in relation to the reasons why the BLP lost.


    I just past him down by the Careenage ready to DROWN himself !

    Such is the fate of that BLP……IMBECILE !

  15. PiedPiper

    Hants is absolutely correct about the lack of advertising in Canada for Barbados. You rarely see television ads anymore for Barbados where at one time they had very enticing commercials that were played on a regular basis.
    However, one also has to look at how the cost of flights to Barbados from Canadian cities has increased dramatically and when you couple this with the overall high costs associated with your vacation stay in Barbados, it is rapidly becoming out of the reach of many travelers.
    Cuba is the new hot place to go due to most of their hotels being “all-inclusive” and at prices that don’t hurt the pocketbook.
    Barbados needs to reassess the entire way that it manages tourism i.e., cruiseliners bringing in tourists just for the afternoon who contribute little to the the tourist industry, too few “all-inclusive” venus and what few there are, are on the upper end of the scale dollar wise.

  16. Fishpot

    Richard Sealy has to clean house. Remember we are only as good as those around us. I am sure a lot of great cricketers would not have made runs if someone did not stand and bat with them. Get rid of them because if you sleep with dogs you are gonna get fleas.

  17. 2 Cents


    To: New Minister

    Subject: Tourism Brief

    Stuart Layne aka “A vacation will be known as a Barbados in 5-10 years” should be the first casualty of any shakeup of the BTA.

    His reclusive and incompetent management style has all but destroyed the confidence of BTA, and has resulted in the wastage of more than $80M in tax payer money during the three years that he has been in charge of the BTA.

    He was inserted into the BTA in August 2004 by his hero Owen Arthur who at the time was waging a war of egos with Noel “I got a Plantation and a $1.18M Pension Lynch, and was also out to discredit then chairman Hudson Husbands and the outgoing CEO Oliver Jordan on whom he had ordered a full audit by the auditor generals office.

    Stuart Layne was the architect of the disaster that caused the tax payers $15M and counting, yes the CWC Carnival Cruise Line debacle that was not a loan, but that was borrowed from Scotia Bank. He was the architect of the gamble went wrong that was the Air India Charters.
    Stuart Layne has been running the BTA on the backs of expensive foreign consultants while BTA staff sit idle with nothing to do.

    Stuart Layne was the architect of the World Golf Champison that Lynch got on VOB and said brought 3000 peopple to Barbados when those involve could not even account for 300 persons arriving in Barbados for the expensive. Did I metioned that he paid $3M to the Professional Golf Association for hosting the event and then spent another $5M in consultancy fees, cocktail parties and receptions and other props all over the world for this ill fated event. I could go on and on and on.

    My Layne is using the BTA and the tax payers money to satisfy a very immature and weird personality which are the product of his Closed Brethren upbringing.

  18. reality check

    “I wonder what their thoughts are in relation to the reasons why the BLP lost”

    Judging by some of the posts they really were in a state of denial of where the conscience of the people was, as exemplified by BFP, BU and others,

    Some, if you can believe it, were in a state of shock?

    This disconnection from reality happens when you control everything around you and don’t let in fresh ideas.

    New Ministers should start thinking now about what they will do in 8 years and not attaching themselves to the gravy train.

    While the local newspapers were shoveling the same BLP nonsense ( for a price ), the new air was coming from the blogs. Knowledge is power when you have enough facts or unanswered questions. People can draw their own conclusions.

    When citizens understand that their vote counts, then people are empowered.

    No doubt Royal Rumble and friends are counting their ill gotten gains and deciding when to run for the hills (which will not likely be in Barbados).

    sorry off topic

    back to ideas on how to make Barbados a better tourist destination without bleeding the treasury with another bunch of non performers.

  19. 2 Cents

    Richard Williams has to go! He is a B with fleas if I may borrow a suggestion from Fishpot!

    Also, this tag team that has been waged between himself and his partner at Tourism Global former Chairman of the BTA Hudson Husbands must come to an end. It is time to say that Tourism Global has benefited enought from direct access to BTA $$$$ and the creation of projects which miraculously find they way into Tourism Global’s Bank Account.

    Petra Roach, what can I say, I would need an entire day. Just get rid of here, you can choose which HMS prision you prefer once a full forensic audit is carried out in the UK.

    As for the Board, just get rid of them all.

  20. 2 Cents

    The BTA’s budget is about $$40M in fluff. We need to redirect this money to other areas of the economy or if to retain in tourism then take it out of the hands of the big spenders at the BTA.

    The manner in which the BTA as a public sector organization lives and spends tax payers money is not in keeping with other areas of the Barbados economy. Tourism has adopted the lifestyle of former Minister Lynch i.e it operate above its means, extravagant, wasteful, as the young people say, Hollywood Style.

  21. frankology

    2 Cents, Before you make that suggestion, you should ask what type of Economy is Barbados. We have no resources, but our people, sugar is only producing 34 tons as stated by the head of BSIL recently. That means that we can only operate as a Service Market. If we are a Service Market, we will have to focus on the Tourist Industry. If we focus on the Tourist Industry, it will be impossible to divert funds to another sector. What I can suggest, is to use our Barbados’ born recognise International stars like Rihanna, Allison Hinds and Shauntelle to play an important role in promoting Barbados in the International markets.

    Another area is to focus on Sports Tourism. That means we must have the infrastructure ready to accommodate this addition. Motor Sports is fastest growing spectator sport in the world. It commands a large visitor movement that usually spend lots of money in all sectors. For sure, we are likely to get more dollars from this sector than the Cruise Ships who usually pop in and pop back out , and generating a few dollars to the economy.

  22. 2 Cents


    my point is that we can reduce the BTA’s budget by $40M and realized the same returns from the industry as we do today.

    The level of wastage at the BTA is mind boggling.

    also, the level of subsidies that are paid into various programmes Like Best of Barbados and many private initiatives which end up only putting money into the producers pockets is scandalous at best!

    The BTA’s only purpose over the past four years has been to buy at any cost PR props for Lynch, the Board and CEO at considerable expense to the tax payer.

    The BTA now spends over $100M annually.

  23. You don’t see much advertising on Barbados in Canada. I don’t know how many Canadians go to Bermuda, the Bahamas or Dubai. What I do know is that Canadians expect vlaue for their dollar. The flights to Barbados cost an arm and a leg unless you live in or around Toronto. There are charter flights to Jamaica, Dominican Republic, Cuba, Mexico both the Caribbean side and the Pacific side. Almost all of the above are to all-inclusive hotels. Florida offers cheap accommodations and many Canadians rent or own condos for most of the winter months. California and Arizona are also the destination of choice.
    Barbados needs a new outlook to attract tourists. The younger generation is looking for eco-tourism, hiking, surfing etc.
    Belize, Cayman Islands, Cozumel and others have attracted divers.
    Virgin may be bringing tourists to the all inclusive Sandy Beach Hotel. But if you remember the Hotel and the beach the way it used to be, it’s enough to make you cry.
    Materials left over from re-building has made a mess of what used to be the finest, sandiest clean beach. Garbage from the “guests” littering the sand.
    Are the Hotel owners/managers listening?
    Barbados still has a lot to offer but it has to look for ways to attract the newer generation.

  24. permres

    Here I go again, sorry to be so repetitive and boring!

    My letter to the Nation (still waiting to be published) goes thus:

    Dear Editor,

    There must be many others, far more professional than myself here in Barbados, who have proposed the establishment of a coastal footpath for Barbados. However, I present now my two-cents worth. I came to Barbados as a permanent resident in 1996, and was immediately struck by the often unspoiled beauty of much of its coastline for such a densely populated island. In the UK I was a regular walker (but not a member of the influential Footpath Association), often taking along a cutlass with me to keep clear neglected footpaths. Here in Barbados I needed a stout stick to ward off stray dogs, and a blind eye to the garbage.

    I no longer walk (arthritis has set in), but I have learnt of the many controversies concerning access to our public beaches. It may be a far-fetched dream to think that Barbados could establish an approximately 60 mile long route, but legislation could be put in place to support its eventual realization, which would also address the beach access problems. Recently it has also been suggested to me that the footpath could draw alongside itself a cycle track, which occasionally would have to resort to the public roads to circumvent the already developed stretches. Concerning the footpath, these developed stretches would have to consider providing a route through them or around them, on the sea side of course!
    Such an amenity in Barbados would be a considerable asset to the tourist industry as well as a recreational outlet for residents. I believe the two tracks, walking and cycling, would attract international events alongside surfing and motor sports, for instance. With adequate legislation in place, the physical infrastructure for the tracks could be implemented in sections, quite easily in some places, I think. It may take many years before the final complete circuit connections are made, but what an event that would be! I doubt I would be around for the opening ceremony.

    To further emphasize two aspects of this idea at a more general level, I suggest that we have to diversify our tourism product substantially. There are movements already in this direction, I know, as we open up our gullies, and we are considering the establishment of national parks at Graeme Hall and elsewhere, for instance. The idea of a coastal footpath and cycle track is well in line with the developing interests of worldwide tourism for environmentally friendly and sustainable projects. The second aspect would be the further realization amongst the local population, as well as the tourists, that walking and cycling are becoming more and more popular, and supported by governments and local authorities throughout the developed world. Cycle tracks are now well-established even in densely populated urban areas, as people turn towards a healthier lifestyle, and government and local authorities encourage this. There is also the growing awareness of the seriousness of global warming, and a movement away from the use of fossil fuels for mobility, at least over short distances.

    Yours faithfully,
    (name supplied to the Nation)

  25. uncle harold

    I totally agree with the difficulty in getting to Barbados. from my home in Nova Scotia it is a four and a half drive to the nearest airport ( Halifax)From there you take a 2 1/2 hour flight in the wrong direction to Toronto. The Barbados flight leaves at 0930 and if there is one glitch in the 06h flight out of Halifax, you’ve missed the connection. This means at least one overnight in Toronto going, and if the weather’s bad, another overnight in Halifax. Coming back, you have no choice but to stay overnight as the flight doesn’t arrive in Toronto until 21h at the earliest. Theoretically you could drive home after you land in Halifax, but its late in the afternoon, you never know what the weather’s going to be like, and a vacation is ruined by spending the best part of two days around airports. The real pain is that we did, for some years have a direct flight from Halifax, only 1800 miles and 3h 20 minutes, which had a 80% load factor every time I was on it.Air Canada is far too set in its bureaucratic ways to try new routes, but I would have thought Halifax and/or Calgary once a week would have been quite profitable. YHZ to BGI can be done easily within the crews max. hours. I visit Barbados once a year, but it requires fortitude, and direct flights to Cuba for $1000 including aifare and all-inclusive is hard to beat. You’re right about the lack of advertising and the lack of interest from travel agents. If you don’t know what your doing, you would have to ask the travel agent about Barbados, they’ll never tell you

  26. Planter

    Talking about the Banking sector and offshore companies setting up here, I missed the article that Tony Best wrote a few months ago, which alleges that Barak Obama in his senatorial role as part of the US Banking Committee black listed a few Caribbean islands including Barbados for their role as tax havens for wealthy Americans who set up offshore companies.

    Does anyone know about it? And when was it published?

  27. reality check

    One of the first goals of the new Minister, aside from culling the deadwood, is to call a meeting of the hotel owners and see what room inventory they can contribute each month and at what price.

    Then he needs to go to charter companies in the US UK and Canada Ie West Jet, Ryan Air etc and see what they need to make it economical to deliver vacationers once or twice a week to Barbados.

    Then he needs to make sure that everyone that meets these tourists from customs, bell caps to hotel owners, taxi drivers, police know that these people are our guests and need to be treated as if they will become repeat and long term guests of our country. There needs to be somone at a BTA hotline for a tourist to phone and be helped if a problem arises.Every extra dollar that comes into Barbados has a multiplier affect throughout our country.

    Once he has achieved a 90% occupancy year round he needs to turn his mind to creating new hotel rooms amd answer the question why no new hotels other than government money with the Hilton have been built in Barbados for over 10 years or more.

    permres is right, walking trails where possible need to be started in phases ( with historical booklets ) and promoted vigorously.

    Tourism needs to start with the mantra that for every new dollar of citizens money spent, it will return 10 dollars or more of real tourist spending.

  28. Yardbroom

    I will not shy away from uncomfortable truths.

    Some contributors seem to expect, because there has been a change of Government, the new Prime Minister and Cabinet Ministers can walk in, sack everyone and start anew.

    This is the action often taken by someone running a coconut stall, but alas not a serious attempt to run the affairs of a country.

    Individuals must be chosen who have the ability, expertise and experience in given sectors of employment. In some instances they might have shown allegiance to the previous administration, but with a new Government or Minister setting out a clear policy and expected returns, they can be helpful.

    A new Prime Minister should not set in train a policy of victimization of people, it is his duty to do what is in the best interest of the country and that is often done by using the best talent available.

    As I have said repeatedly before the election, what we need in Barbados is a “culture change” in the way we do things and that will only happen over time. With the best will in the world, a large oil tanker cannot be turned around in a second, but over time it can be done successfully.

    Expectations are high but that is due to the long period of perceived bad governance we had. It is a time to be vigilant of course, but that vigilance must be tempered by common sense and being able to understand, the difficulties the new Government faces.

    I wish the new Government well, for it is in all our interest for it to succeed, to wish or hope otherwise would be vindictive to the extreme. Change means many things but what it must mean in this instance, is the ability and fortitude to do the right things, when one has the “authority and mandate to do them free of vindictiveness.

    We must have change that brings about change in what is deficient in our cultural mindset, because without that, there is no meaningful change at all.

    BFP comments…

    All true, Yardbroom. No one is calling for a general sacking… but will anyone be held accountable for any wrongdoing or incompetence under the last government?

  29. Partial

    I have personal friends from Canada, Florida and U.K. who visit Bdos about every 2 yrs. These are not poor tourists, they are in the middle to upper income class. They pay excess luggage and fill the extra bag with olive oil, frozen meats, cold cuts, good bread (they say you can’t get good bread in Bdos – they phoned up the flour company and found out that the whole wheat is not really whole wheat). Check it out. They bring coffee, honey – whatever they eat, they bring. They walk straight thru customs, buy the rest of foodstuff from the supermarket and prepare their own meals. They say that they simply cannot, WILL not eat out in this island because of the expense. Go visit Scottie’s in St. Lawrence Gap at nights. The food is cheap and so are the drinks. That is where tourists go for dinner. Barbados is pricing itself out of the market. Those responsible for developing the tourist industry need to talk to the fellows who rent chairs on the beach, sell clothes, do watersports. A lot of the hotels are almost empty. Someone earlier mentioned Turtle Beach Hotel. Also at Almond Beach. Some weeks the staff there are working 4 days, some less. This is supposed to be our peak period? Those responsible need to get out and talk to real people, and forget about all the wonderful statistics we’ve been hearing about for the past umpteen years. Sooner rather than later!

  30. Tony

    The Tourism Minister needs to take a look at the Board. Actually the whole board should have already placed their resignations at the disposal of the minister. He then needs to pick the best persons for the said board, persons who have the interests of tourism at heart, not looking at being on it as a cash cow.

  31. Jukecheckedeyskirt

    Mr. Thompson

    I beckon you. Please do the right thing with the right people, for the people of Barbados and the future of Barbados. Provide a basis for a level ‘playing field for all.’

  32. Pat


    You are so right. Whenever I visit from Canada, I do the same – olive oil, frozen meat, boxed cereal, honey (it costs a ransom in Bim), and yoghurt starter to make my own . I dont bring bread, I prefer eclipse, but I would bring bagels, real bagels.

    With regard to the yoghurt, I dont know what is wrong with Bajan milk, but it never sets. Neither whole nor 2% milk. I think it has to be reconstituted powdered milk that they sell in the supermarkets. I make a lovely yoghurt here with 2%. In Barbados all I get is a thin gruel.

  33. Biscuit

    Use a bajan starter yoghurt it works every time heat the milk to 97c for 5 minutes and cool to 37c
    before adding mixing starter
    don’t let custom know you bring in honey its a no no personal import ( they may trace your e-mail back to you . being its not a murder or rape threat !!)

  34. PiedPiper

    Until the present government does something about the rising cost of basic food items and the manufacturing of food products, electricty and gasoline, Barbados will always be an expensive travel destination. Many food items are imported when, if the government gave proper financial incentives (grants and loans) these very same items could be produced right in Barbados by enterprising business people.

  35. killing two birds with one stone

    since the matter of food costs has been brought up and since the PM is looking at trying to lower the cost on staples, how about reduced cost or tax for healthly foods to try an combat the increase in obesity and diabetes in our country.

    This could cut down on health costs.

    This mean that whole wheat rice ( not white rice ), skim milk, fruits and vegetables and fish and poultry would have special exemptions if not subsidies.

    There would be incentives for eating healthy.

  36. nothing will change

    in an ideal world the new ministers would get a broom and sweep out all the corrupt persons appointed during the arthur administration. not just tourism but all the statutory boards etc. then they would replace those parasites, thieves and incompetent fools with educated, capable and skilled people. finally they would prosecute all the arthur era ministers and cronies who raped barbados.

    realistically nothing will happen.

  37. BFP,

    Agreed with every word you said on the tourism article.By the way,came across a blog called *********. any relation?


    BFP Says,

    We operate no other blogs, but the group who threatened to murder Adrian Loveridge and runs the “Exposed” blog has now set up a series of new blogs all networking ultimately to the BLP group. This is being actively promoted from Notes from the Margin.

  38. Bimbro

    Agree that the Bajan, Minister needs to be astute in the performance of his job – however, can’t agree with taking any lesson in anything from a country in a continent which has never appeared to have heard the meaning of the words, truth and honesty! They need to learn, from US!!!!

  39. Rumplestilskin

    Yardbroom, well said, as usual.

    Having noted that, part of the new culture must be accountability, which should if necessary include forensic audit in specific projects or a department as a whole, where the results are suspicious or simply lacking.

    Whether one is a maid in a hotel, supervisor in a department store, mason at a construction site, managing director at a prviate organisation, we are all held accountable for our work.

    So too must those whose responsibility it is to spend our public funds wisely.


  40. Adrian Loveridge

    A broad range of interesting comments on my pet subject.
    Most of which I agree.

    May I suggest that BFP readers SUGGEST a new BTA board?

    If the existing members are not suitable, who would be the ideal candidates?

    Give the new Minister of Tourism some ideas!

  41. Rumboy

    To start Mr Loveridge, any BTA board would do well to include Mr Hamish Watson.

  42. Adrian Loveridge


    Great suggestion. Hamish in my mind is the perfect example of great Hotel Manager.

    I wish we could clone him!

  43. Margaret Knight

    It is not often that I stick my neck out on these blogs, although I read them regularly, but I felt compelled to agree, in writing, with the comments of Rumboy and Adrian Loveridge, concerning Mr. Hamish Watson.

    I was Hamish Watson’s secretary at Cobblers Cove Hotel for a while, and in him I saw a dedicated, hard-working Hotel Manager.

    Cobblers Cove Hotel, a member of the Relais et Chateaux group, is not cheap! Yet, we had repeat guests year after year. Mr. Watson went out of his way to meet and chat with every guest and to make sure they were comfortable.

    I say a big “YES” to the inclusion of Hamish Watson on the BTA board, and the sooner the better.


    Loveridge you should be on BTA board. Your input always thought provoking. I doubt you will be summoned. You maybe seen as controversial.
    Reality check said””””Then he needs to make sure that everyone that meets these tourists from customs, bell caps to hotel owners, taxi drivers, police know that these people are our guests and need to be treated as if they will become repeat and long term guests of our country””””
    I say the NICE project is a massive waste of taxpayers monies. Nothing has changed in the rude and discourteous behaviour you meet in bars and restaurants( the ones operated by whites are the worst), immigration, rental car agencies, gas stations and the lot.

  45. Carmen

    BFP Says,

    “a series of new blogs”


    You seem WORRIED about those new blogs.


    I’ve visited them and they all seem quite cool to me. I loved the article on Errol Barrow’s Mirror Image Speech.


    BFP Says

    Hi Carmen

    (Although we see who you really are)

    We are not “worried” about this new series of blogs. In one way they are a result of our success in being a voice of the ordinary people of Barbados. We merely point out that they are founded by one group – the same group that made the death threats against many people, and that Notes from the Margin has now been revealed to be part of the overall “strategy” of the BLP. (As was suspected by many before.)

    Blogs on all sides and of all stripes will come and go. Who can say if Barbados Free Press or Barbados Underground (or even the Nation News) will be here 10 years from now?

    The one thing that has changed – the genie that will not go back into the bottle – is that the ordinary individual Bajan now has the ability to communicate uncensored political thoughts to the rest of the country and the world. If they are worthy of attention, perhaps tens of thousands of people per week will read those thoughts and be influenced.

    If a blog is not worthy of attention, the blog will die.

    But right now both major political parties in Barbados are seeking to use the internet for narrow and ultimately self-centered reasons. It reminds me of a line in a movie – one that I can’t even remember which character said it… but the phrase that reminds me of the two major parties’ blogs is…

    “Sincerity. Once you can fake that, you’ve got it made!”


  46. 2 Cents

    All that glitters is not gold. How many of us knows someone with an impressive resume, but who has failed to deliver in an effective way in a project or an organisation.

    How many of us knows someone who spends $10 to make $12 or worse who $10 only to make $5.

    The Minister has been judged by the people. The new Minister must deliver the judgement of the people to The board and senior executives of the BTA in particular Stuart Layne.

    Mr. Layne was promised a blank checque by Owen Arthur. Many tourism players can attest to the scandalous levels of debt which the BTA had in the period 2002-2004.
    Mr. Layne came in and did what the Minister could not get done, all the debts paid in months.

    He did not stop there however, and the squandermania has continued unabated.

    Mr. Loveridge would make an excellent member of the BTA’s Board.
    I have givenup trying to find people in this country who when they get these opportunities serve the interest of the people. not what they consider should be the interest of the people. In this regard we need to appoint independent auditor or sme other reporting agency who report to the people, also we need to have freedom of information laws which will allow the release to the public of board minutes after a specified period of time.

  47. Pat


    Thanks for the info. I use probiotic yoghurt to offset disturbances in the digestive tract from medications I take. I searched high and low in Bim and could not find probiotic yoghurt (plain) to use as a starter. Thanks for the info re the honey. I use unpasteurized honey which is probably a high crime, but it tastes so good!

    Re the BTA, I knew the Odle family very well and Peter struct me as dedicated and hard working as a hotelier. Mind you, that is many years ago. I have not followed his stint at the BTA, but I understand he closed and/or let one of his hotels fall into disrepair. Allegations are going around that he is waiting for a big $$$ foreign offer for the beachfront land. Somehow, I doubt it.

  48. Sargeant

    BFP I agree with you re your response on the question of proliferation of new blogs. In a previous post I had predicted that the BLP after seeing the effect that the blogs had on the political scene in B’dos would start to use the blogs to their advantage, but I expected that their supporters would be posting on the two blogs (BFP & BU) which currently seem to have the attention of the bulk of the bajans both resident and non resident. If the BLP or their surrogates choose to start their own blog then good luck to them. As I see it the success of your blog owes much to the fact that although you focused on the issue of corruption and misdeeds of the BLP gov’t , David Thompson and the DLP came in for some harsh criticism from you, much to the chagrin of the DLP supporters. There were many instances where you said that a change in gov’t would not equate to a change in behaviour but more of the same although ultimately you chose to support the DLP in the last election. In a bajan environment blogs that cater to a certain political outlook would quickly become dormant attracting only the most partisan supporters -loopy dog BLP/DLP ites (btw I borrowed this from the southern USA -see yellow dog democrats- and adapted it to a bajan context) Blogs (except for personal diaries) require diversity of content and opinion to stimulate debate not political song sheets where everyone sings the same tune. Ultimately the failure or success of a blog depends on the contributors not the faces behind the blogs.

    BFP you should be proud “Imitation is the highest form of flattery”.

  49. Jammer's ViewPoint


    In response to my enquiry about this new blog wit ha similar name to your. My ‘research’ have inform me that the persons who runs it has nothing to do with the BLP or its affiliates.what do you say to that?


    BFP says, well good for you JVP.

  50. reality check

    Jammer’s ViewPoint

    reduce the medications so your eye hand coordination can connect the obvious dots and links

  51. reality check

    a very commendable and intelligent response >keep it up>

  52. reality check

    Jammer’s ViewPoint

    I believe BFP has already posted the connections for you.

    Do you want them to reveal all their data so the BFPE can change their tactics?

  53. Littleboy

    In 1986, Branford Taitt created a board of 19 that spread across the gamut of the tourism industry. Althogh the number appeared unweildy, the industry experienced a miraculous turn around in a year’s time. Wes Hall came and rode on Branford’s success.
    Believe it or not, Wes actually replaced Richard Stoute with Gabby as the entertainer on the BTA board (that was an error in judgement).
    Richard Sealy must take a leaf out of Taitt’s book and select a board that reflects the successes in the industry.
    WARNING; success must not be judged by dollars alone, but by contribution!!! Therefore, may I suggest that the board must not be overloaded with hoteliers, but must be made up of people from ALL sectors of the tourism industry.
    The ancillary services must be represented…taxi drivers,beach vendors,restaurateurs,water sports operators have all got a success story, and need to be heard in the upper echelons of this all-important industry.
    Let us hope Mr Sealy reads this blog and gets the point I am making!!!

  54. Rumboy

    Littleboy – 7 persons on the board would be more than enough and yes should be chosen from all sections of our society, a senior police officer, doctor, business perhaps a successful shopkeeper and naturally entertainment. Perhaps Gabby could be given another chance to redeem himself after all he wrote one of the best songs to come out of our little island – Emmerton. The full version could in my opinion be in the class of a John and Paul.

  55. Reality Check,

    I believe are anyone is free to set up whatever blogs they want to , as long they observed the laws of dencency.I am not particularly interested in which party set up blogs.It’s within they right to do so.

    I am not interested in the politics of the yardfolw kind.I am not pyschologically attached to no party as I have a very cynical view of politicians.I will engaged into a serious debates about real issues. What I have not time for is tital tatal,pronto.

  56. Bimbro



    Sum ugh dese names does make me wonder!!!!

    Lord!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  57. littleboy

    Yuh never hear that”a little child shall lead them”? or that ..”little David play on your harp…” beat the giant Goliath by licking he down wid a rock stone?
    How yuh like muk???

  58. Bimbro

    ‘Littleboy’, thanks for making me laugh and for helping to improve my Bajanspeke!!!!

    Ugh wonder dough wuh people would make of it if I called myself, ‘Bigboy’!! Laadddddddddddd!! 🙂

  59. Pat


    Why not call yourself “big bamboo”? You seem to be fixated on monikers. However, occasionally your posts make sense. You seem to be doing better here than on your own site.

  60. Littleboy

    Heard the announcement of the Government and opposition Senators last night. An interesting mix!!!
    Government needs to explain the omission of some of the candidates who ran.
    The PM speaks about “possible” jobs for the unsuccesfull, but he seems to be taking a bit long.
    Richard Sealy has been given the task of improving tourism, but can he do so without a parliamentary secretary? It seems a tad near-sighted to expect him to do such a major job without the adequate back-up.
    So too Byer-Suckoo. Yet Sinckler and Lowe have assistance from Ministers of State.
    Let us wait and see.
    At the end of the day, the PM has the power to appoint or disappoint!!!

  61. Bimbro

    Well said, ‘Littleboy’!!

    From: ‘Goliath’!!!! ‘LB’ will understand that one!!!! 🙂

  62. Adrian Loveridge


    A very interesting observation.

    Even with a Parliamentary Secretary the previous Minister of Tourism did not seem to perform too well!

    Now for something radical!

    How about a professional tourism person with a proven track record from the private sector being appointed an independent Senator and then made Parliamentary Secretary in the Ministry of Tourism?

    The PM seems to have a workable team with private and public sector experience.

  63. Littleboy

    Any suggestionsas to who should make up the tourism team? I have a few names that readily come to mind, May Hinds Tim Boyce, Dennis Roach, Austin Husbands(but… he was a candidate last election, so maybe that will disqualify him.)
    I doubt that an “independent senator” would be brave enough to accept an appointment from Government, even though the term “independent senator” is a misnomer.
    Maybe, just maybe, the importance of having a good tourism administrative team will be recognized. For too long, too many of the “leaders” in the tourism seem to concentrate on the “cocktail circuit” moreso than on the business of tourism.

  64. Adrian Loveridge


    Yes! I do have some ideas of the BTA board’s composition but will remain silent until Minister of Tourism, Richard Sealy announces those selected.

  65. frankology

    At the end of the day, the PM has the power to appoint or disappoint!!!
    I believe you mean re-appoint or revoke. To have the power to disappoint, based on your language, would mean he is purposely setting out to disappoint the electorate. But I know that you do not mean that. Simply, the wrong word used.

  66. frankology

    Littleboy: I agree with your statement regarding the work load of Minister Sealy and Minister Byer-Suckoo who do not have a Minister of State to assist them.

  67. Littleboy

    I mean what I wrote!!!
    Please check the meaning of the word disappoint…Erskine Sandiford did not teach pedantic English (smile).
    Most importantly,however,is the fact that we have to ensure that the vital tourism industry receives pride of place with respect to the availability of resources, both pecuniary and human.
    Too much money has been spent on tourism over the years to allow a fall-off to occur now. We invested in plant, a Hospitality Institute, a chair in Tourism at UWI, all because tourism is seen as the lifeblood of our economy.The PM MUST NOT allow tourism to amble along. Mr Sealy needs the best support and he needs it “like yesterday”!!!

  68. frankology

    Please check the meaning of the word disappoint…Erskine Sandiford did not teach pedantic English (smile).
    Possibly a tongue in cheek statement. But others might feel otherwise, like he will thwart, frustrate or baffle or simply ‘disappoint’ us.

  69. i strongly belive Nigeria can improve the tourism secctor