Ezra Alleyne Sings The Fidel Castro – Mia Mottley Tune “Blogs Virulent Threat To Democracy”

Old Ezra Is Still Apoplectic Over BLP Slaughter

“Two disturbing features of the campaign require mention. Bank confidentiality may have been a casualty of the desire to get power, for manager’s cheques issued in the accustomed manner for campaign contributions were pulled, copied and bandied about in the Press and on campaign screens…

…The other matter is the anonymous peddling of smear and innuendo and sometimes downright lies aimed at politicians on the Internet blogs. Given the deep penetration of the Internet in this country, such blogs allow a politician’s character and good name to be assassinated in circumstances in which he or she has no recourse to the law courts.

That is a virulent threat to democracy and the DLP has been a major beneficiary of this misuse in the campaign and in the recent run-up there to.”

… Ezra Alleyne is beside himself in The Nation News (link here)

A BLP Elite Cries “It Wasn’t Fair That Voters Could Receive Uncensored Information That Wasn’t Favourable To The BLP”

Were I a DLP strategist, I would hope that the now-Opposition BLP would keep listening to Ezra Alleyne – because aside from the issues of Ezra’s hypocrisy and sense of royal privilege that we will address in this article – Ezra Alleyne Just Doesn’t Get It.

The world has changed.

The elites of media, government and business no longer have the ability to censor information from the public. No longer can they control the discussion by ignoring issues and preventing them from being discussed in a public forum. No longer can they make court cases and other news “disappear” from the public record when it suits their purpose.

Poor old Ezra is upset that he can no longer preach from the pulpit of the Nation News, safe and secure in the knowledge that the newspaper will severely limit the ability of ordinary citizens to communicate their ideas to the same readership.

Ezra Alleyne has confused the past ability of the elites to censor information from the public – with some sort of god-given right to do so.

The indignation and contempt for citizens’ free speech that oozes from Ezra in his current Nation News article is evidence of one of the prime reasons that the BLP fell from favour and lost the election.

The whole article reeks of the elitist attitudes and arguments that most citizens now regard with the same disdain that they exhibit upon finding a dog turd on the sidewalk.

Hypocrisy? Thuggery? Thy Name Is Ezra Alleyne and the BLP…

Old Ezra is concerned about “the anonymous peddling of smear and innuendo and sometimes downright lies aimed at politicians on the Internet blogs” and the fact that “bank confidentiality” was perhaps violated when “manager’s cheques issued in the accustomed manner for campaign contributions were (revealed)”


Click on the image to see a full size photo of Owen Arthur’s $75,000 PERSONAL cheque! Click here to read all about it at Barbados Underground.

Consider the actions and attitudes of the Barbados Labour Party, and of Mr. Alleyne himself. Mr. Alleyne is not at all concerned that huge campaign donations are given in secret – undermining citizens’ democracy. He is not at all concerned that his former Prime Minister Owen Arthur got caught red-handed depositing a so-called “campaign donation” to his personal bank account. Oh no… Ezra is concerned that the public found out about this piece of corruption.

We’ve got news for you, Mr. Alleyne – in every civilized democracy “campaign donations” go into “campaign bank accounts” and are accounted for. Cheques that go into the personal accounts of government officials and candidates are called “bribes” or “kickbacks” or “payoffs for favours, past and future”.

Cheques into that go into personal bank accounts of politicians are only called “campaign donations” by the corrupt.

Now let’s talk about “confidential information” being posted on those foul blogs – not just embarrassing cheques made out to Owen Arthur. Let’s start with Mr. Alleyne’s Barbados Labour Party blog and the tab at the top called “Damaging Documents” where the BLP posted confidential documents taken from government records when it suited their purpose.

Let’s talk about the confidential criminal intelligence reports of the Royal Barbados Police Force that the BLP sent to Barbados Underground and other blogs this past election because the reports mentioned the name of a DLP candidate.

Mr. Alleyne reserves his indignation only for the release of information that is unfavourable to the BLP.

Old Ezra, Mia Mottley & Fidel Castro say “Blogs are a virulent threat to democracy”

Like his fallen BLP government, Ezra Alleyne doesn’t know the first thing about transparency and democracy. Like Castro, the BLP and their leader Owen Arthur feared open debate – so they canceled the election debates in a show of raw control over the media and contempt for voters. Typical thug-like behaviour.

We are reminded of then Tourism Minister Noel Lynch refusing to be in the same radio studio as citizen-journalist Adrian Loveridge – after his government had Adrian fired from the Barbados Advocate under threat of removing government advertising from that newspaper. Thugs.

We are reminded of then Tourism Minister Noel Lynch running like a frightened cat from a simple question by radio host David Ellis – only to return to threaten and extort money because a journalist dared to ask a Pampered Prince of the Government how it is that he became a millionaire on a government salary! Thugs.

We are reminded of Mia Mottley declaring that blogs and talk-shows “marginalize Parliament” and that they need controlling by government. Thugs.

We are reminded of Ezra Alleyne using the government’s lapdog, the Nation News, to ridicule citizen journalist Adrian Loveridge for his very reasonable article on the blogs. Alleyne said regarding Loveridge…

“Now I do not, and so far as I am able, will I ever try, to breathe the same air as this minor innkeeper who dabbles sometimes in the difficult art of self-expression in writing…”

… when Alleyne and his thug friends made sure that Adrian Loveridge would never be able to respond on the same Nation News. Thugs

We are reminded that under the BLP government, the police and internet supplier Cable & Wireless refused to investigate the internet death threats against citizen journalists Adrian Loveridge and Ian Bourne and their families when any fool knows that they would have known who the criminals were within 5 minutes of examining Cable & Wireless customer records. But it suited the BLP government to have their critics living in fear. Thugs

We are reminded that under the BLP government, the police and internet supplier Cable & Wireless refused to investigate the internet death threats against Marjorie Knox – an old lady who is a witness in a fraud trial where Owen Arthur and Chief Justice David Simmons are defendants. Thugs.

Once again, the BLP government, the police and Cable & Wireless could have known who the criminals were within 5 minutes of examining Cable & Wireless customer records. But it suited the BLP government to have Mrs. Knox and her family living in fear. Thugs

The Barbados media stand charged with being cowardly co-conspirators with Ezra Alleyne and his BLP government – but guess what?

Ezra and his friends at the Nation News and throughout the old Barbados news media don’t yet realize it, but on election day they were as big a bunch of losers as their masters in the BLP government.


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  1. Northpoint

    Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes to every word of this article.

    Well done BFP

  2. Kathy

    Great article! Mr. Alleyne’s apparent ignorance of the basic tenets of freedom and democracy is frightening.

    FYI, Mr. Alleyne, democratically elected governments are not required to censor the media and cover up their own corruption! When dissenting voices arise, and the powers that be deem it imperative to silence them, that is not democracy.

    Blogs are a threat to dictatorship, not democracy.

  3. Jammer's ViewPoint

    In relation to Owen Arthur cheuque displayed on your blog .Cheuque waving is not new to Barbadian politics, Tom Adams then leader of the BLP did it in 1976 ,the anals of history has reveal. What it does say is that money is a very alluring attraction in politics.

    I do not know where the law of Barbados stands on Owen Arthur situation regarding the cheque. I am sure if constitution shows committed any wrong doing,thhe present government will pursue the matter with full gusto .

    In terms of the media (BFP included) should give a balance critique of both government and the oppostion .Editors has a duty to be partial and well reasoned when dealing with issues of day.The media houses the right to employ whom they wish,Bee or Dee or non-popular.They are private enterprise.Government of either political persausion always get incredibly uncomfortable when criticise by the media.

    The Nation newspaper was not in my view very critical of the out going BLP administration .Yet Owen Arthur didn’t seem to think so .Let us see how it relates to the new DLP administration.Some felt that the Advocate newspaper also ‘soft’ on the government.Other mention the Voice of Barbados radio .I believe in the freedom of the press and media but that does mean freedom from responsibilty.

  4. Donald Duck, Esq


    Ask the members of the dlp government to confirm how many campaign donations went into their own bank account!!


    BFP Replies,

    Yup… we think that is a great idea for all concerned… full disclosure of campaign donations over a minimum amount… say $1000 PLUS rules that limit the amount of funding from corporations and wealthy individuals. Return democracy to the people.

    We need campaign financing reform.

  5. Wishing in Vain

    Antonio Arthur (Barbados) wrote
    at 8:58am on January 17th, 2008
    The failure of the Barbados Labour Party to recognise the impact of blogs and forums on the electorate has cost them dearly. BarbadosFreePress and other blogs attacked the government constantly without any VISIBLE response from the BLP. This played a huge roll in swaying the 18-35 demographic, which is known to make up a large percentage of the undecided voters (I don’t think I need to remind anyone of the importance of this group). Never underestimate the power of the Internet.

  6. Anonymous

    “….such blogs allow a politician’s character and good name to be assassinated in circumstances in which he or she has no recourse to the law courts.”

    Does BFP support that persons mentioned (accused) in blogs should not have recourse to the law courts?


    BFP says,

    OF COURSE the crooked politicians should have “full recourse” to the law courts. We hope they have the best defense lawyers that their Swiss bank accounts can provide!

    You must not forget that if anyone disagrees with what we say about them, we always allow anyone to write an article and have it posted on BFP to reach the same audience that saw the original article.

    For instance, when we accused Minister or Public Works Gline Clarke of building a home on land that his government expropriated, Dr. Duguid replied extensively and publicly to BFP. Unfortunately, the dear doctor totally ignored the allegations that the home was built on expropriated land, and that Clarke had built it, and that his actions were unethical.

    All the doctor said was that the woman who lived there was Clarke’s mistress and that it was really none of anyone’s business.

    The public notices, and are entitled to notice, when serious allegations are made (complete with photos in the case of Gline Clarke) and the subject fails to respond.

    Now let’s talk Ronja Juman and the pre-signed blank search warrant that is posted on this blog, along with other documents showing that the Director of Public Prosecutions used the police and courts as his personal collection agency to collect back rent. Let’s talk about the fact that at Ronja Juman’s trial, the Director of Public Prosecutions acted as both a private witness and in his official capacity.

    Let’s talk about the fact that a woman was dragged from her home in the middle of the night, taken to the police station and strip searched and had her vagina search OVER BACK RENT that the Director of Public Prosecutions said she owed.

    YEs…. let’s talk about all those things in court…

    But not in a court run by a man who was a Cabinet Minister and Attorney General one day, and shortly thereafter accepted the position of Chief Justice – in charge of cases that he once took sides on while Attorney General.

    Oh yes… lets take all that before the court of the people. the court of world opinion.

  7. Anonymous

    BFP, should they have full recourse to defend the claims made against them by the blogs to which Mr Alleyne referred? Is this what you support?

    I understand you support their rights in law to defend themselves against criminal action, but more salient to Mr Alleyne’s point do you support their right to defend the claims made against them by blogs in a court of law?


    BFP Says,

    Under a corrupt libel law where the truth is not a defense? Under a system where the very news media that is supposed to be one of the checks on unethical behaviour hides like a cowardly dog when the government barks? Under a system where the police beat and arrest news reporters for taking photos of an accident scene?

    Have the Chief Justice – David Simmons – who unethically interviewed a witness in a case (Ronja Juman) resign. Hold the Director of Public Prosecutions accountable for his abuse of position and power. Hold the police accountable for using a blank search warrant to strip search a woman for back rent.

    Do all those things and then speak about “before the courts”.

    No doubt there will be changes under the new government. Let’s see if the rule of law returns to Barbados.

  8. Jerome Hinds


    You have time to waste with that harbour mouth crook……EZRA ALLEYNE !

    Ezra Alleyne spent the best part of life using CRACK COCAINE…..and TIEFING people money !

    In that regard……he should know about the lack of recourse to the LAW COURTS !


    BFP asks…

    Jerome… how do you know that Ezra Alleyne was or is a cocaine user? That is a serious allegation that deserves more evidence than just your say so. Is there any historical background that you can provide?

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  10. Anonymous

    “the court of the people”, “the court of world opinion” ?

    so can I assume you do NOT support the right of people accused by blogs to challenge the claims in a court of law in Barbados. (these other “courts” being sufficient?). Is this your view?

    I do understand that you provide a forum for people to respond to claims. However, this is your forum and Barbadians are entitled to challenge claims in a different forum if they so choose. That forum is the law courts. I do strongly support this right.

    You have challenged Mr Alleyne’s article but I am not clear that his support for those accused to have the right to challenge the claims made against them in court is anything but a valid point.

    I believe your point about the chief justice is weak and not relevant. My point is more general. Does your concerns with the chief justice justify not having the right to bring action in a court?

    what of the next election? after 5 years in power, do you feel that BLP blogs will not make spurious claims against the Government. Should the DLP ministers not be able to challenge each and every one of those claims in the the most appropriate forum, the law courts of Barbados.

    I support this right, but BFP appears somewhat equivocal in supporting this right. Perhaps I have misunderstood you.

  11. Cancerman

    Folks – with their demise they are trying to find out why and like most people we cannot see the fault within ourselves so we blame others.

    We the people of Barbados know what is right and wrong and the newly elected Government stated clearly that they will correct some of the issues being faced with Integrity legislation and even the Libel law.

    Whilst the BLP takes their time coming to the realization that they can no longer control the flow of information then the better it will be for them. I hope that it is also something that the DLP is mindful of.

    I am a Barbadian first, second and third and party support is based on who is best for Barbados. I know there are some who would not have recognised the suffering that was going on for the working class but I hope that they have been saving for a rainy day since “massa day dun”.

  12. Anonymous

    According to BFP, if I understand them correctly, we have

    – a corrupt libel law
    – a corrupt new media
    – a corrupt chief justice
    – a corrupt DPP
    – a corrupt police force

    The above may or may not be true, but I fail to see how anyone, because of any of the above, should think persons accused by blogs should NOT have a right of recourse to challenge the very claims made against them in a court of law.


    BFP Says

    Hey… the great thing about this freedom of speech is that you are free to have your opinions and we’re free to have ours.

    Looking forward to hearing what you have to say about Ronja Juman having her day in a fair court in front of the people. Looking forward to what you have to say about whether there should be an official investigation of the Director of Public Prosecutions based upon the documents published here.

    What do you think the American, British or Canadian news media would have done had such documents been published online concerning one of their Directors of Public Prosecutions?

  13. Jerome Hinds

    BFP asks…

    Jerome… how do you know that Ezra Alleyne was or is a cocaine user? That is a serious allegation that deserves more evidence than just your say so. Is there any historical background that you can provide?

    I am surprised this one missed your researched data !

    Check out the records at the Psychiatric Hospital of Barbados .


    BFP says,

    Now Jerome, how can we get such confidential medical records?

    Put up more than that or please retract.

  14. Wishing in Vain

    Barbados elections: A sweeping change

    Newly elected prime minister and Democratic Labour Party leader David Thompson (Photo: dlpbarbados.org)
    BRIDGETOWN, Barbados, January 16, 2008 – The Democratic Labour Party (DLP) has wrested the reins of power from the Barbados Labour Party (BLP) to become the new governing administration of Barbados following that island’s January 15 general election.

    Decisive win

    The DLP’s decisive win of 20 out of the 30 House of Assembly seats put an end to the historic attempt by the BLP to become the first party in Barbados’ political history to rule for four consecutive terms of office.

    Despite succeeding where his party failed, a visibly shaken former Prime Minister Owen Arthur expressed uncertainty about his political future as the poll results unfolded just after midnight Tuesday.

    “I will discuss that matter with my colleagues before I speak to the public about it,” he said from the steps of his alma mater, the Coleridge & Parry School, following his comfortable win of 3 708 to 1 785 over his cousin, Haynesley Benn in their St Peter constituency.

    Acknowledging that his party’s defeat was an example of “democracy in action”, Arthur also extended congratulations to the succeeding DLP government.

    Throughout the election both parties traded accusations that the other had succumbed to bribery and influence in one form or the other.

    The BLP injected an element of diplomatic intrigue when it accused the DLP of backdoor dealings with rogue state Taiwan, but that failed to resonate with the public in the same way as the home grown issues reiterated by the DLP.

    DLP campaign

    Prime Minister-elect David Thompson said in an interview just after midnight Tuesday that he put the success of the DLP’s campaign down to its hammering home three messages that resonated most with the Barbadian people:

    the cost of living,
    affordable housing,
    and the status of the state-run Queen Elizabeth Hospital.
    He promised to address the cost of living in the budget, which he said would be delivered “shortly”.

    BLP campaign

    The BLP ran a campaign largely on the strength of its stewardship over the last 14 years, especially Barbados’ buoyant economic standing and respected international stature.

    Thompson and his DLP candidates sought to poke holes in the BLP record with charges of mismanagement of public funds totalling over $700 million in cost overruns on various government projects over that tenure.

    Thompson told the media in his interview that one of the DLP’s first tasks as the new government would be to bring forensic auditing to bear on a number of government projects and statutory corporations that had been questioned by his team when they were in opposition.

    “The idea of long commissions of enquiry that do not solve anything are not my style. Forensic audits are more clinical, they are more superior in terms of clarity,” Thompson said as he set the tone for his administration.

    The attorney also extended the olive branch to those in the electorate who voted for the BLP. “Let us let the election subside and get through the process of building a new Barbados in which everybody can play a role regardless of who you supported in this election. We really want to focus on getting our work done and we will need the cooperation of all Barbadians to advance that,” he said.

    Shock defeat for high profile BLP party members

    The BLP’s loss saw the shock defeat of some of its more high profile politicians, including at least two who had been tipped to be future leaders of the party at one time or the other – former minister of housing Reginald Farley and former minister of state in the Prime Minister’s office in the ruling BLP, Clyde Mascoll. Mascoll himself made history in 2007 when he became the first leader of a political party in Barbados to cross the floor after a very public falling out with the DLP in which he accused new leader David Thompson and others in the party of sabotaging his political career.

    Mascoll’s St Michael North West battle was one of the most closely watched of this election as the pundits and public alike waited to see if voters in that district would pick personality over party this time around. In the end, party allegiance won out and DLP general secretary and trade specialist Chris Sinckler pipped the former University of the West Indies economics lecturer to take that urban seat for the DLP.

    CADRES poll confirmed by results

    The DLP’s win confirmed the predictions of the Caribbean Development Research Services (CADRES) published in the local Press last Friday that there would be a swing against the ruling BLP Government.

    This, said CADRES director Peter Wickham at the time, could guarantee the DLP at least 20 seats this time around. Despite attempts by the BLP to discredit the poll after its results were released, and conflicting results from a Cave Hill Associates Polling Organisation (CHAPO) poll that predicted the BLP winning through seizing between 16 and 20 seats, the CADRES results were conclusively borne out by the voters.

    This ballot also sees the Barbadian electorate join a regional momentum that has seen four incumbent political parties within CARICOM fail hold on to power for another term within the last 13 months.

    The first to fall was the Kenny Anthony-led St Lucia Labour Party, which lost in its bid for a third term to the United Workers Party on December 11, 2006.

    The next defeat came in the Bahamas general election in May 2007 when Perry Christie’s Progressive Liberal Party went under to the Hubert Ingraham-led Free National Movement after only one term in office.


    The last power shift came in Jamaica in September 2007 when the ruling People’s National Party fell to the Jamaica Labour Party in its attempt to earn an unprecedented fifth term in power

  15. Wishing in Vain


    Another incumbent political party bites the dust

    By Peter Ischyrion
    BRIDGETOWN, Barbados, January 16, 2008 – The winds that swept out the incumbent governments in St. Lucia, Bahamas, Jamaica and the British Virgin Islands in the past 13 months returned with a vengeance on Tuesday and upended the administration of Prime Minister Owen Arthur in this small Eastern Caribbean island.

    Arthur had sought to follow in the footsteps of Patrick Manning, his counterpart in Trinidad and Tobago, who last November appeared to be the exception to the rule by leading his ruling People’s National Movement back into the corridors of power.

    Most importantly, Arthur, a 58-year-old economist, had sought to secure a spot in Barbados’ political history as the first prime minister to win a fourth consecutive term in office. He failed, and perhaps now more than ever, he will understand the phrase “those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it”.

    In the end, the electorate not only condemned his Barbados Labour Party (BLP) to the opposition benches, but also possibly signaled the end of his political career in the island.

    Insisting that he was not about to engage in an “instant judgment” regarding his future, Arthur, who led the government since 1994 for “13 exhilarating years”, said he would seek to ensure that the 69-year-old BLP “remains one of the premier political institutions in the region”.

    “I have not left a party that is politically bankrupt. ‘The party can cope beyond me’ is the assurance that I give the party. It has people in it who can qualify to be leaders in any institution in the world,” he added.

    Arthur had entered the general election on Tuesday hoping to achieve a feat that had proved beyond many prominent politicians here, including Errol Barrow, who led the island to political independence from Britain in 1966 and is considered the founding father of the nation.

    But Arthur’s Barbados Labour Party (BLP) was trounced by the DLP, led by David Thompson.

    Arthur said that his BLP had conducted a “good campaign” for control of the 30-seat Parliament, but acknowledged that the electorate’s desire for change proved insurmountable, resulting in the DLP reversing a 24-6 BLP majority in the last parliament to 20-10 in its favour.

    “Change is a natural human instinct and I fully respect it. I want to merely say that I thank the people of Barbados for the opportunity to be prime minister. I tried my very best for the country and I leave office with no rancour,” Arthur said in his concession speech.

    The 2007 Human Development Report issued by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) supports Arthur’s contention that his tenure had brought relative prosperity to the island.

    The UNDP ranked Barbados, which is mainly dependent on tourism and international business services for its revenue, at 31 out of 177 countries with respect to its human development index, “which looks beyond GDP (Gross Domestic Product) to a broader definition of well-being”.

    In fact, the U.N. body ranked Barbados at the very top among 108 developing countries regarding its human poverty index, which measures the proportion of people below an income threshold but which also includes “living a long and healthy life, having access to education and a decent standard of living”.

    The opposition DLP, however, found traction with its platform to transform “the nation to meet the real needs of the people”.

    “My vision of Barbados is centered around the idea of our people enjoying a significant improvement in living standards,” said David Thompson, the 49-year-old prime minister-elect, who was successful on his third attempt at winning the government.

    “I have a vision of Barbados in which our arts, architecture, industrial policy, economic policy and social policy promote the concept of island living that is socially empowering, highly productive and allows us to meet both our internal and external obligations,” said Thompson, an attorney.

    The change of government is not expected to result in a drastic change in the island’s foreign policy, although one of the main controversies of the campaign was Arthur’s allegation that Taiwan had contributed to the DLP’s campaign in return for a switch in allegiance away from China.

    Bridgetown and Beijing established diplomatic relations 30 years ago, and while Thompson and Taipei publicly rebuked Arthur’s claims, the outgoing prime minister contended that an allegedly similar strategy had been followed in the case of St. Lucia, where the ruling United Workers Party had severed ties with Beijing in favour of Taiwan after a 10-year period.

    In its manifesto for the election, the DLP said that Barbados would “continue its longstanding policy to be friends of all and satellites of none”.

    “It will continue to defend the interests of its citizens at home and abroad. We will respect those treaties entered into by predecessor governments and seek new alliances conducive to the achievement of our goals,” it said.

    As lead prime minister within the Caribbean Community (Caricom), Arthur had played a high-profile role in the quest by regional states to create a single market and economy (CSME) by 2015 that includes the free movement of goods, skills, workers and services.

    But while saying he would “work towards the realisation” of the CSME, Thompson has already signalled that a new DLP administration would also embark on a major public education programme to sensitise Barbadians to the “challenges and opportunities that free movement of labour, goods and services will bring”.

    “It will then prepare Barbadians for taking a leading role in the development of the wider Caribbean Community,” the DLP said.

    Another concern for the new administration will be the recently negotiated Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) that Caribbean countries reached with Europe at the end of last year.

    The full details of the accord have not been published in the region despite numerous calls from civil society groups, even as regional leaders are preparing to sign the trade deal on Mar. 15.

    DLP general secretary Chris Sinckler, the executive director of the Caribbean Policy Development Centre, had been critical of the accord and now, as a front-line member of the new government, could be in a position to agitate much more successfully for a review of the agreement. (IPS)

  16. Wishing in Vain

    We know him to be a dishonest person and to have stolen monies from various client accounts and to be a user of drugs but I was not aware that he has had to be admitted to the mental as a result of his drug use.


    BFP Says,,

    Nope… need something more WIV. Do you have a name of a client who complained (or didn’t complain)?

    And where does the drugs thing come from? Rumour upon rumour?

    Come on guys… come up with something or we’re going to erase this thread about the man and drugs.

  17. Sargeant

    BFP how can we go about issuing a similar note for B’dos?

    See attached story:

  18. Remaining Focused

    I must say all the ‘citizens’ whom have enjoyed their many benefits under the BLP administration seem to have them heads in cloud.

    Let me spell is out for you guys “THE BLP IS NO LONGER THE GOVERNMENT.”

    The people made their choice and thats what we have to live with.

    If Mr. Alleyne is blaming the use of the Internet blogs for the failed campaign of the BLP and their defeat he is must stop using the said things that have his head up in that ‘cloud.’

    There are several non-political issues posted and discussed here on the blogs. However because the BLP blanket and carpet have been removed from the BLP elite every one cry fowl now and blaming the blogs.

    All writers and contributors continue to write what is on your mind… free education is not be wasted on silence…. Talk ya talk people.

  19. Green Monkey

    You think it is only in Bim and in overt “dictatorships” that the press acts as obedient puppy dogs when their corporate/political masters go “woof, woof”and tell them to “hush dem mout”?

    In that case, check out the case of the FBI whistleblower Sibel Edmonds who has been trying for years to get action taken by the authorities against state department officials and US politicians who she discovered (while working as an FBI translator in the aftermath of 911) were being bribed to assist and provide cover for spy rings operating in the US which were stealing nuclear technology and secrets for resale to rogue states and terrorist groups. There is evidence that some of these sales went to Pakistan and assisted Pakistan in developing a nuke.

    She had a gag order slapped on her by the US government forbidding her to reveal most of what she knows about what amounts to not just run of the mill criminality but outright treason on the part of some pretty high up officials and politicians. The US press has pretty well ignored her.

    She finally became so desperate to get her information into the public domain in order to force the authorities to act that she made an offer to the US media that she would spill the beans on what she knew if they granter he an unedited interview. She was willing to risk a jail sentence for breaking her gag order to do this. Although she did have an interview several years ago on CBS 60 Minutes that superficially covered the details of her case, there was no follow up by CBS and there were no US media operations that expressed the slightest interest in investigating and reporting on her allegations or granting her the interview she had requested. However, the UK media has been following her story and recently the Sunday Times of London has put out a couple of articles indicating that they have evidence her allegations are valid, but still nothing from the US “lamestream” media (unless you count the sound of crickets chirping).

    See the two Sunday Times stories on whistleblower Sibel Edmonds here:
    also see http://www.bradblog.com/?p=5582

    Now an editor at The Guardian has written an op-ed chiding the US media for ignoring this major scandal and not reporting on it to their readership and audiences even after details confirming Edmonds’ allegations have appeared in the UK press.

    UK media slams US media on Sibel Edmonds Case

    by Luke Ryland

    The UK’s Guardian is running a piece, “US journalists ignore Sunday Times scoop on FBI nuclear scandal,” criticizing the US media for not picking up on the latest revelations by their competitor, the UK’s Times, in the case of former FBI translator Sibel Edmonds.

    The author of the piece is the Guardian’s media commentator, Roy Greenslade, a Professor of Journalism and former Managing Editor of the Times. He writes:

    It looks to me as though the Sunday Times has landed a genuine world exclusive that should surely have been broken ages ago by US-based reporters.

    I agree entirely. Consider what any journalist in the US has known, or should have known, for years.

    Sibel’s case broke as an espionage story in June 2002 in the Washington Post and an October 2002 CBS’ 60 Minutes segment (youtube) where we learnt that foreign operatives had spies working for them in both the Pentagon and the State Department.

    Simply following the names and associations of the people known to be involved, any journalist should have been able to piece together the broad outlines of the story simply from public sources.


    So far in the US it looks like the only print media which is covering the latest revelations on the Sibel Edmond’s story is The American Conservative

    Found in Translation

    FBI whistleblower Sibel Edmonds spills her secrets.

    by Philip Giraldi

    Most Americans have never heard of Sibel Edmonds, and if the U.S. government has its way, they never will. The former FBI translator turned whistleblower tells a chilling story of corruption at Washington’s highest levels—sale of nuclear secrets, shielding of terrorist suspects, illegal arms transfers, narcotics trafficking, money laundering, espionage. She may be a first-rate fabulist, but Edmonds’s account is full of dates, places, and names. And if she is to be believed, a treasonous plot to embed moles in American military and nuclear installations and pass sensitive intelligence to Israeli, Pakistani, and Turkish sources was facilitated by figures in the upper echelons of the State and Defense Departments. Her charges could be easily confirmed or dismissed if classified government documents were made available to investigators.

    But Congress has refused to act, and the Justice Department has shrouded Edmonds’s case in the state-secrets privilege, a rarely used measure so sweeping that it precludes even a closed hearing attended only by officials with top-secret security clearances. According to the Department of Justice, such an investigation “could reasonably be expected to cause serious damage to the foreign policy and national security of the United States.”


    But from CNN, FOX, Washington Post, NY Times etc. Nada!

    Sibel Edmonds maintains a web site at http://www.justacitizen.org and if you just google the terms “Sibel Edmonds spy ring nuclear sales” you’ll get lots of interesting information on the web that you would never see if you relied for news and information solely on the mainstream press or the US TV news channels (but on the plus side they will keep you fully informed on important stuff about the latest white woman who went missing, what Obama said to Hillary in the last debate and which Hollywood celebrity is pregnant etc.)

  20. iisnoone

    An important point is being made here. Freedom of the press is an ideal. In every country there are forces that control the press.

    So far the Web has been the unregulated wild west, where businesses, serious journalists and cranks thrive. Web authors become credible when they publish documentation and establish reputations over time.

    I no longer subscribe to any newspapers because I am tired of seeing my own money used to print propaganda.

  21. Happy To Say

    Who in Barbados does not know what Ezra Alleyne is all about? The fact that he was one of the staunchest defenders of the BLP says a lot… Looking around his intelectual brilliance Ezra is not someone who could be promoted as a role model for anyone. Kim (Y) I pity you but then again Frank (B) must be (is) laughing all the way to the bank. Who laughs last is surely laughing the loudest. Ezra’s penultimate resting place must surely be on the northern side of the treasury building. God bless his tormented soul.

  22. John

    I’ll point out two disturbing anomalies in the cheque, its date, May 2003 and its value, $75,000!!

    I watched David Thompson nail Owen Arthur on TV in the wind up of the last budget debate when Owen used his tactic of the personal attack only to find David Thompson throwing back the existence of a cheque.

    I did not hear a value mentioned. I did hear David Thompson say it was banked to Owen’s personal account in Speightstown.

    I don’t recall the bank David Thompson mentioned but I do recall it was linked to CLICO!!

    Now if this is the cheque to which David Thompson referred, and the date makes it possible that it could have been, then at least this blog allowed somebody to inflate the value of $75,000 by a factor of 10 with no proof.

    $75,000 became $750,000!!!

    Owen Arthur was not done an injustice however because $75,000 is a value which bears explanation and rather than be forthright he was evasive. I watched him sit down and sweat.

    He could have scotched the cheque innuendo right there and then on National Television.

    David Thompson did no wrong because he never said Owen Arthur banked a $750,000 cheque to his personal account, he just said Owen Arthur banked a cheque to his personal account.

    Owen didn’t make the matter right, and he could have. Perhaps he wasn’t sure which cheque David had and did not want to put his foot in it!!

    Poor Ezra has a point, but the law court was not the place to deal with this, National Television was if there was nothing to hide.

    Owen Arthur got caught out by David Thompson just like Erroll Barrow got caught out by Tom Adams 30 years earlier!!

    I remember it like now. I was young and it determined my thinking for two decades where the two parties were concerned ….. before I grew up.

    Was justice served?

    I think yes, …… but I see where poor Ezra is coming from and why he is in a pickle.

    I put it down to the old Bajan proverb, “Tief Tief from Tief mek God laugh.”

    The moral of the story for any politician is, don’t get caught banking a cheque to your personal account, ….. especially if you are going to say the cheque isn’t yours!!!!

    In the end, Ezra needs to realise that all’s well that ends well!!

    ….. and we need to be more vigilant of alleged facts thrown into the public domain.

    I remember asking the question where did the $750,000 value come from!!! I never got an answer.

    …. but that’s water under the bridge now.

    …… So, … anyone remember what was the date of the 2003 elections and can put the May 7th date into context??

    …. Ezra, are you there?


    BFP Comments

    Hi John,

    The great thing about blogs are that many folks can have input to correct something that needs fixing… as you just did. And also anyone can disagree publicly with what is written: like Dr. Duguid did when we talked about Gline Clarke’s building a house for his mistress on expropriated lands. (Duguid didn’t explain the allegations, but he had the chance.)

    Maybe Ezra or Owen will come and explain the cheques!

    As to the amount, maybe it had to do with the fact that $755,000 of cheques THAT WE KNOW OF were written by Browne to Owen and the gang within a few days. You can go ahead an see the bank record by clicking on the Barbados Underground link below the cheque.

  23. Adrian Hinds

    John I think the 750,000 is the total amount of money paid out by the same Bank to the BLP it’s advertising agency and Owen.


    BFP Comments

    Hey Adrian, How’s the weather where you are? 🙂 (tee hee)

    Please check out the cheque list at Barbados Underground (link here)

    Note the $400,000 paid on May 19, 2003 to “Bowie Cross Advertising”. This is very unusual for a “donation” to be paid directly to the supplier. It should go through the campaign office so as to be accounted for. I bet you that there wasn’t $400,000 worth of advertising done! Now where do you suppose the “leftover” money was refunded to?

    Everyting be arranged so the trace routes are sooooo hard to follow.

    What a bunch a crooks these people were when in power!

  24. Adrian Hinds

    When are we going to speculate on who will the remainder government senator position and who will get the two assigned to the opposition? Will Mia demonstrate that love for Clyde that was evident on the political platform and make him a senator? will we see the GG use the independent senator position to stack more BLP symphatizers?

  25. passin thru

    At least give Mia Mottley credit for realizing early on that the blogs would expose the corruption and injustices of her government.

    Corrupt, yes. But perceptive!

  26. Sargeant

    When I knew Ezra he wore those thick glasses so you must forgive him perhaps he is myopic. The election is over and instead of looking back he should be looking forward after all if the blogs were partially responsible for the BLPs’ defeat perhaps they can be used to vanquish their opponent. To quote an old Chinese proverb “”It is good to strike the serpent’s head with your enemy’s hand.” Mia has certainly recognized the power of the blogs and has promised to use “other media” to attack the new gov’t, her surrogates are feverishly using the blogs to attack the DLP, I won’t call names but I’ve noticed that since the election a certain Disney character has been all over the blogs with frequent reminders of DLP promises. Mia should invite Ezra to the next meeting of the party brass to explain the new tactics.

    The DLP is aware of the power of the blogs and used this medium to communicate to the public notably the promised “Integrity “legislation. They will also try to keep in good graces with the blogs and bloggers knowing that if they screw up they wont get 14 years as the blogs will be their worst enemy -what is that old bajan saying again? “What sweeten goat mout……….”

    Now that the blogs have the attention of both parties knowing that any missteps will be exposed to all and sundry perhaps we will achieve nirvana i.e. good government.

  27. Ezra Alleyne Leaves A Comment On A Blog!


    I am a Barbadian trained in the law, both of which are relevant to my feelings on this issue, for the legal principles teach the values of restraint by the individual who is attacked in deference to the law. However, in the culture of my country Barbados, an insult to a man about his mother, or indeed any derogatory statement made about a man’s mother is the surest and shortest direct path to a good beating.

    And therefore, like many thousands of Barbadians, I am completely at ease with Zidane’s aggressive response on the field; for the game is not bigger than a player’s family, the prime martrarch of which is the player’s mother. I also agreed with the approach off the field. Zidane was right to apologise to the fans and to the adoring children, but like Edith Piaf and Zidane, I too regret nothing that the great man did last Sunday.

    In some other cultures, where mothers are also adored and respected, he might be chided for not having gone far enough.

    Ezra E Alleyne, Bridgetown, Barbados

  28. De Orginal

    My fellow bloggers Ezra Alleyne’s statements and suggestions should not be a surprise or a cause for bother as on BFP we discuss Integrity.Ezra has none,Accountability as a member of the BLP obviously none (that is why they are unemployed), Transparency(this man would not last as long as a snow ball in hell if held up to scrutiny). So let us concern ourselves not with Ezra’s petty mumblings…he nor his people are ina position to effect the control he desires. To Ezra Alleyne when you live in a glass house dont throw stones.

    Long live blogs and Barbados Free Press. Integrity, Accountability and Transparency in Barbados to the end.

  29. akabozik

    Ezra is Concerned about campaign finances being made public.

    In my opinion all contributions should be made public so huge companies and rich individuals won’t be able to secretly buy a politician like they bought Owen Arthur and his crew.

  30. Pablo

    After reading Ezra Alleyne’s blog on timesonline, I would like to know where was Ezra Alleyne all through the years when some very nasty, as well as some prominent people,were insulting David Thompson and his Mother (Especially his Mother) on a daily basis? where was his “outrage” then? bajan Hyprocricy must break all world records.

  31. Johnnie Too Bad

    Hi friends at BFP, can we get off Ezra, the man ain’t worth s*** now, the fact of the matter is that his party lost fair and square. By rights, left to me I would run Ezra out of town for good, the man is nothing more than an empty bag of three days old wind. If the blogs were responsible for the BLP defeat, then why were they not using blogs too? For the past decade or so when the nation gave him a platform to attack the DLP with all his bile and s***, I did not hear anyone crying foul, so to Ezra , I say to the victors the spoils and the vanquished don’t get a damn thing, so shut up and go away Ezra, you little apology for a man.

    Now I want to get down to when are we going to see an investigation over the role of the police in the strip search for rent money on a blank warrant.

    Slippery David, these 100 days are running out, The Commissioner of police should be told that his days are numbered and his pension forthcoming. Under the OSA legislation, since he ain’t 70 he should only get part pension. Do us all a favour and save us bajan taxpayers a few dollars.

    While we are at it why is the head of the Central Bank still sitting pretty. How about all these permanent secretaries like my friend Lionel, why are they still here? Why is the Chief Planner still around? And the CEO of the QEH? I am getting really frustrated with slippery David, I always hear that you start as you mean to carry on.

    While we are at it when are going to see the back of the Board at Grantley Adams that Poorboy turn richman Lynch permitted to cause us so much trouble. I hope that we will look closely at the criteria used to secure the services of many contractors and consultants to make sure they are never engaged again by the government of Barbados.

    I am beginning to think that the only person slippery David can deal with asap is Kellman. The man may not be a team player, but it is up to the PM to show his leadership skills to bring the man into the fold. Let us not see a repeat of 1994 when Wes et al walked. We could well do without any cracks appearing within the DLP. So come on David be the bigger man. And while you are at it lets see some work on the roads in St.Lucy immediately. So much to do and so very little time.



    Auntie Moses says,


    My oh my, you be wantin’ all ’bout hey be gone. Take more den a day. You watch out! Tings be fine ’bout hey be it a week or a month. All gonna be dealt with fairly.

    Auntie Moses

  32. Tony Hall

    To all and sundry I want you to realise that Ezra Alleyne is a sick individual. Forget about his fanatical affiliation to the BLP. Look at the nonsense he just wrote. That says it all.

  33. Adrian Hinds

    January 23, 2008 at 11:43 am
    After reading Ezra Alleyne’s blog on timesonline, I would like to know where was Ezra Alleyne all through the years when some very nasty, as well as some prominent people,were insulting David Thompson and his Mother (Especially his Mother) on a daily basis? where was his “outrage” then? bajan Hyprocricy must break all world records.

    As Mia Mottley would say…..”and i go further” Where was Ezra when Rommell “lil ceazar” Marshall cuss Mascoll on the floor of parliament? How is this for hypocrisy, ….During the election Mascoll said he would never forgive his cousin Derrick Alleyne for not attending his mother’s funeral, but has seemly forgiven Rommell since there are now BLP losers together.

    So Ezra isn’t quite correct when he said “in the culture of my country Barbados, an insult to a man about his mother, or indeed any derogatory statement made about a man’s mother is the surest and shortest direct path to a good beating.”

    But then again under the BLP one didn’t have to stretch the imagination to much to lay the case that parliament then was not in Barbados, indeed it could have been argured that it was not of this earth. 😀

  34. John

    The more I see of blogs the better I like them.

  35. Johnnie Too Bad

    So folks why we still wasting time with Ezra? Surely we need to get our act together. And for the purposes of Auntie Moses, I dont plan to get rid of everybody, only the wicked, tiefing collaborators of the BLP like Ezra and all the other yardfowls. While we are at it Dr. George Belle and his lot should be long gone too. Mark my words, what happened to those 14 buses is just another way of yardfowls trying to cause headaches for the Dems. Don’t get rid of all these people I mentioned previously and things going to get real hot ’bout hey. Do not trust these jumped up big up yardfowls of the BLP.

  36. Wishing in Vain


    Judge refuses to delay Kott’s date to report for prison term
    TERM BEGINS THURSDAY: Judge says ex-lawmaker had time to get his affairs in order.

    Daily News staff and wire reports

    Published: January 16th, 2008 03:06 AM
    Last Modified: January 16th, 2008 10:03 AM

    Former state House Speaker Pete Kott must begin his six-year prison term on Thursday.

    Kott, convicted of three public corruption charges, had asked to delay reporting to prison until Feb. 1 so he could be around for the birth of his grandchild. The baby is due next week.

    But U.S. District Court Judge John Sedwick on Tuesday denied Kott’s request. He is scheduled to report to a federal prison in Sheridan, Ore.

    A federal jury in September convicted Kott of bribery, conspiracy and extortion.

    Over the objection of prosecutors, he wasn’t taken into custody immediately.

    Prosecutors also objected to any further delay, saying in a court filing that “it is simply time for Kott to face the consequences of his actions.”

    Sedwick agreed. Kott’s crimes were serious, he’s had time to put his affairs in order, and he already got special permission to travel outside Alaska for family and personal matters before going to prison, the judge wrote.

    Sedwick also said there’s no assurance the child will arrive by the due date Monday.

    Kott, a Republican, represented Eagle River in the state House for 14 years.

  37. young one

    i glad to ready what i’m see here…

    BFP i’m goin to email you some cheques and see what you do with them…

  38. Wishing in Vain

    Mabey Bridge Scandal Continues to Grow
    Wednesday, January 16 2008 @ 07:28 AM EST
    Contributed by: Don Winner
    Views: 264
    By Mónica Palm and Rafael Pérez for La Prensa – The bridge manufacturer Mabey, of the company Mabey & Johnson Limited, at the moment involved in a corruption scandal in Great Britain, paid more than $5.2 million dollars in “commissions” to a Panamanian company supposedly controlled by Rogelio Dumanoir, who was a Minister of Public Works during the years of the military dictatorship. The payments were made between 30 September 1997 and 19 August 1999 to the company José Hidalgo, S.A., which, according to Mabey – is controlled by Dumanoir. As well, the money was sent to an account in the name of United Management Services in the Royal Bank of Canada in the Bahamas. Dumanoir told La Prensa he does not handle banking accounts in the Bahamas and that he does not have any relationship with the company. (more) (Photo Credit: LA PRENSA/Gabriel Rodríguez)

    Editor’s Comment: If you have not heard about this scandal, here’s what’s going on. Back in 1996 ex Panamanian President Ernesto Perez Balladares apparently decided to buy 17 bridges from Mabey & Johnson Limited, a company from England. At that time the sales representative in Panama for Mabey & Johnson Limited was an English expat named Johathan Danos. In the intervening ten years Danos now no longer works for Mabey and has set out on his own. Apparently Danos kept his files on the deals from the Balladares years, and the genesis of this conflict has to do more with a business conflict between Danos and his former employer than an attempt to “whistle blow” against corruption in Panama. This scandal is gaining steam in the UK press and local officials in Panama are just now starting to wake up to the possibility of a crime having been committed in Panama. Anyway, that’s what’s going on, and there will be more about this in the future, to be sure. Apparently, the bridges are sitting on the ground, rusting.

    Political Side Note: Remember, there are two strong wings within the PRD. The “old school” wing is controlled by Ernesto “El Toro” Perez Balladares, and the “new school” is controlled by the Secretary General of the PRD, Panamanian President Martin Torrijos. There are a series of party elections coming up soon, the first on 20 January 2008 to elect party delegates. Then there will be an internal election to determine the party’s National Executive Committee (CEN), and then finally a national primary election to determine the one candidate who will run for President in the 2009 national general elections. The entire political strategy of the “Team Martin” wing of the PRD revolves around maintaining control of the party and keeping the “Toro Wing” out of power.

    Opportune Political Scandal in England: This scandal in England came about because two businesses are fighting amongst themselves. It would seem obvious that the current administration could take advantage of the fistfight to start their own investigation into corruption in the Balladares administration. As it was recently explained to me by Panama’s Vice President Samuel Lewis Navarro – “Zero Corruption” is an impossible goal in a real and practical world. There will always be some elements of corruption. But obviously starting an investigation into the “Mabey Bridges” scandal here in Panama would probably generate a few dozen headlines pointing towards allegations of corruption in the administration of Ernesto Perez Balladares.

    (Article Continues)

    He admits having received commissions from Mabey, but for $750,000 and not for $5.2 million as alleged by Mabey.

    The money – according to Mabey – corresponds to a 15% commission the company Jose Hidalgo, S.A. received for the purchase of 17 Mabey bridges by the Government of Panama in 1997, as a result of the tour made by then Panamanian President Ernesto Perez Balladares to London the previous year.

    The “coordinator” of this transaction was then Panamanian Vice President Tomás Gabriel Altamirano Duque.

    Later, in October of 1998, Mabey paid another commission to the same company (Jose Hidalgo, S.A.) this time for $13,570 as a commission for a sale worth $150,000 dollars.

    The 15% commission paid to Jose’ Hidalgo, S.A. was higher than the normal 10% commission the company usually pays to its sales agents.

    These details are reflected in a legal complaint filed by Mabey against their prior sales manager, Johathan Danos, in London.

    A source within the Public Ministry said they are following the case to determine if there it merits the opening of a criminal investigation.

  39. Wishing in Vain


  40. Wishing in Vain


    The former manager, Jonathan Danos, says that large secret payments of “commissions” to middlemen were artificially split to make them look smaller, and thus avoid official scrutiny.
    In all three countries, there was no competitive bidding for contracts, profits were alleged by him to be exceptionally high, and the money had to be borrowed from commercial banks, adding to the heavy debts of poor countries.

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