British Parliament Moves To Force British Airways To Carry Surfboards


British Airways is about to receive a reminder that its license to operate in Britain is dependent upon the quality of service that it provides.

Britain’s Parliament will introduce a law forcing BA to carry surfboards and other recreational equipment. The airline recently decided that, after carrying surfboards since the days of BOAC, they were simply too much trouble.

“Wrong-O” said the tourism industry and parliament – far from being an inconvenience, the needs of passengers are the reason that BA exists.

British Airways is supposed to serve the needs of passengers – not the other way around.

This should make Zed Layson and his friends happy. That’s Zed at the top of the story.

Zed (who was looking a tad older than the photos on his website last time I saw him) 🙂 is the the acknowledged “old man” of the south coast where he runs Zed’s Surfing Adventures. We used to have a beer once in a while at Zed’s place long ago before the authorities took away his license (damned neighbours, anyway – we weren’t making THAT much noise, were we?)

We still surf and crab hole at Zed’s once in a while but nothing can equal the heady days of the mid-90’s when nothing else mattered except the wave.

Gotta go now… wife needs some things done around the house. (sigh)

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9 responses to “British Parliament Moves To Force British Airways To Carry Surfboards

  1. Wry Mongoose

    Surfing is a wonderful sport that utilises Barbados’ natural assets – the epitome of healthy, sustainable living.

    In the past, many young Bajans would have watched from the beach. Lack of strong swimming skills and a lifetime of ‘Sea ent got nuh backdoor’ parental warnings would have been a deterrent; however, the Barbados Aquatic Centre schools programme has narrowed the gap and ensured a bright future for this any many other watersports.

    Surfing is by nature an ad hoc sport and has always been overlooked by ‘the Man’. I look forward to the day when the 6 or 7 main breaks in Bim would be afforded some basic facilities such some outdoor showers. Essentially tall standpipes, these would cost GoB all of about $2000/year in total and would be welcomed by the youts and visitors alike…

    Dedicated parking at sites such as Freights Bay and South Point would also be great…

  2. Adrian Loveridge

    Wry Mongoose..

    I am with you a 100% there.

    I sometimes wonder if our tourism policymakers appreciate the economic value of what the windsurfers, board and kitesurfers bring to Barbados.

    We recently had a guest stay with us that was the CEO or a major company in Canada, his parents owned a 300 plus bed hotel in Israel.
    He and his partner could afford to stay anywhere on Barbados, but he chose us due to the proximity of good kite surfing conditions.

    Zed, Brian and Kevin Talma (and others) have done a wonderful job promoting this niche market.

    British Airways just shot itself in the foot and has lost significant market share to Virgin as a result of refusing to carry boards free.
    And please don’t tell me its about fuel costs, because if you weigh the overall amount of luggage the boarders bring, its probably about the same as most ‘normal’ visitors bring in terms of clothing.

  3. BFP: You spoke of Zed’s beer license taken away – doesn’t he own the Ship Inn? I remember me and my Brother-In-Law got in free one nite thru Zed?


    BFP replies,

    Unfortunately, one can no longer sit at Zed’s restaurant by Long Beach and enjoy a beer with the excellent paninis and other offerings.

  4. luggage catastrophe

    British Airways has one of the worst records in the industry for losing luggage and then selling it in 5-6 weeks because they are too lazy and incompetent to find the rightful owners.

    Why is it that they can tag luggage and remove it quckly if someone does not board the plane but can’t transfer luggage from one flight to the next.

    They have too much of a monopoly. God knows what will happen when they open Terminal 5 Heathrow.

    People I know are going into Paris and Amsterdam through Eurostar rather than endure transfers through Heathrow.

    Take Virgin from Europe but avoid BA like the plague.

  5. Surfer Girl

    Before Zed started his surfing school the previous person who was operating there and running a kayak rental service, had a licence and used to have a cafe which included selling beer.

    There was never any ‘problem’ with unruly behavior. Why Flathead Reid, the Egans and a handful of foreigners who own the villas at Point View should want to block Zed – who does a wonderful job of promoting Barbados – is a question I wish someone would answer for us who love the sea and all it has to offer.

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  7. Surfer’s Point and Zed’s is here to serve travelling surfers also travellers who are here to learn to surf. I am baffled at this decision that BA has taken and also happy to see that Virgin Immediately stepped up and offered relief, Barbados has beautiful beaches and also is one of the nicest places for beginner surfers. We have waves all year.

    I appreciate the comments and concern regarding my Licence to serve beers to travellers who want to enjoy the view and watch surfing and i hope to have this resolved some time in the future, But please let us not resort to Name calling etc.. because i am sure they have their reason for whatever reason, I cant imagine what it is, but hey lets not get nasty.
    The neighbours have never once confronted me or asked a question of any kind, so for their sake i hope they dont go around casting judgement willy nilly like that. It very unchristian like.

    Live in Peace and lets enjoy what we have.
    Surfer’s Point is here to stay..

    Zed Layson

    That photo is only three years ago —old man of the south, where did you get that from. I am not that old…..


    BFP says…

    HEY ZED! Howz it hangin’ ?

    “I’m not that old” … I love it. I told Shona and Clive that if I tweeked your nose with that you couldn’t let it slide. 😉

    All the best and see you later.

    (And for those who might wonder, Zed doesn’t have a clue who we are. Could be anyone he’s met in the last ten years.)

  8. I dont own the ship inn, and i have never had anything to do with it, probably knew the bouncer…

  9. BFP

    BFP says…

    HEY ZED! Howz it hangin’ ?

    “I’m not that old” … I love it. I told Shona and Clive that if I tweeked your nose with that you couldn’t let it slide. 😉

    All the best and see you later.

    (And for those who might wonder, Zed doesn’t have a clue who we are. Could be anyone he’s met in the last ten years.)