A Mood Of Quiet Determination, Quite Unlike Any Barbados Election Day We’ve Seen Before…

The country will feel more of a sigh of relief than jubilation if David Thompson and the DLP are successful in forming the next Government of Barbados.

If the electorate has learned anything in the past ten years, it is that we citizens cannot afford to relax our vigilance upon those who govern our nation. We have also learned that our system of government is flawed and that once a group of people are elected, they can act with impunity to pillage the public purse. There are no controls, no laws against the theft of our tax dollars. No laws against politicians using their office to grow rich. There is no oversight, no accountability. The public doesn’t even have the right to examine how the government spends our money.

We saw a Minister of Tourism who became a millionaire virtually overnight. We saw a Minister of Public Works who built a house on land his government expropriated from private ownership. And we saw a Prime Minister who became one of the wealthiest men on the island in less than a decade.

We saw our news media strangled and afraid… handing over tens of thousands of dollars for daring to read a citizen’s letter that asked the question we all want answered: “How did our politicians become millionaires on government salaries?”

Be Vigilant Today At The Polls

Watch for the stranger voting with someone else’s name. Look out for boxes going out the back door at your voting place – after the counting is done. Oh yes… the tricks are done during the counting, but the evidence must be disposed of later.

Keep your eyes on the hands of the voting clerks… especially during the slow times.

Keep those cameras handy and watch that back door. Always watch the back door after the count – even several hours later.

The BLP government cared nothing for the rule of law when in office. It is the truth that if they cannot win this election, they will attempt to steal it.

Be Vigilant! 


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58 responses to “A Mood Of Quiet Determination, Quite Unlike Any Barbados Election Day We’ve Seen Before…

  1. Eyebother

    BFP, I have the utmost respect for the right of the free press to report the truth. But I am a little troubled by the way in which allegations based on hearsay can snowball into ‘facts’. In particular, what is your evidence for the personal wealth of Owen Arthur? The allegation that he has enriched himself massively is of course not implausible given the very odd business deals which have surrounded public works projects and acquisitions, but what evidence do we have? I think of Forbes Burnham in Guyana who we always thought was massively corrupt, but when he died he was actually found out to have lived well at the state’s expense but not actually gotten rich, so that his widow and children were scrunting. We shall see I suppose soon enough…


    BFP Comments,

    Let’s start with his house overlooking the west coast and move on to the heavy divorce settlement with his ex-wife as evidenced by her sudden position as a person of wealth and business. Then let us consider the hundreds of thousands of dollars that have moved through his PERSONAL bank account, by his own admission “a mistake”. Then let us consider the millions of dollars in government acquisitions that Mr. Arthur has directed to his good friend and wedding buddy Hallam Nichols and only through Mr. Nichols.

    Lots of smoke… much fire too… and that is just looking through a peephole.

    No, eyebother, it is Mr. Arthur who needs to explain his wealth – not the citizens who notice it.

  2. 2 Cents

    I just completed my civic duty. Certainly missed the early rush not another person voting at that time.

    The one thing I did not remind myself of this morning was that I needed to leave my cellphone in the car.

    Yes folks, it was only after resting down the contents of my hands, keys and cellphone in the polling both that I realised that I had inadvertantly done the no no for this election. I quickly placed it into to my pocket and got down to business.

    I went to three tables with a total of five persons and no one asked or said anyhing about my cellphone.

    What about workers in the polling stations with celluar phones. On my way out I notice one staffer with a Nokia neatly next to er person.

  3. the $200bds per hour salary owen work for(i suspect more) cannot cover his assets after being a minister for so many years?
    i remember a couple years back the nation had printed the amount ministers work for per hour and the amount that is added for each year they sit as a minister.

    wunna dont remember that?


    BFP Comments,

    So your argument is that Mr. Arthur is not a millionaire, and is not one of the wealthiest men on the island? AND that he was able to pay his ex-wife millions and still have lots left?

    Uh huh…

  4. Adrian Loveridge

    I voted at around 6.30am, having waited inline for about 20 minutes.

    I felt that I wasn’t given an informed choice.

    Several concerning issues had not been properly debated and so many questions remain unanswered regarding good governance and accountabilty.

    Neither main candidate had bothered to solicit my vote in person.

    But I was determined NOT to waste my vote or I would moraly forfeit the right to complain or question whoever takes the next Government.

    I would not even remotely try and influence HOW and who people vote for, but I would implore that the 43% of the eligible electorate that DID NOT vote in the last election, to make the effort this time.

    All we can hope and pray for is tomorrow morning to wake up and learn that we have elected the very best political representatives that are available to us.


    BFP Comments,

    Frankly, Mr. Loveridge is sounding more and more statesmanlike every day. We at BFP hope that a new DLP government would at least take advantage of his four decades in the travel industry to provide guidance to those in government who administer our tourism efforts – even though they have never been on the front lines of the industry.

  5. 2 Cents


    If it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck and smells like a duck, chances are : IT IS A DUCK!

    For every Forbes Burnham type story there are 1000s of real stories where persons in government or positions of power have engaged in currupt practices and all its pherpheral.

    Does your gut not tell you that OJ killed Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman, do you have evidence?

    How many husbands/wives/partners suspected their other half of cheating (correctly so) but had have no proof. Parents who suspect a child of abusing drugs (correctly so) but had no proof, the boss who suspected an employee of stealing (correctly so) but had no proof.

    Everyday Eyebother you like most of us make judgements about people, situations and things I am sure (I have no proof, but I am sure) and you have no proof.

    Why do you seek to dilute the expression of citizen scepticism in respect of the wealth generation of the Owen Arthur?

  6. Bimbro

    Well BFP, Barbadians could n’t have obtained a better calling to go and vote plus warning of the needs to be vigilant than those which you’ve dispensed above. Now, it’s for them all to do their duty!

    However, this, quoted from above ” … handing over tens of thousands of dollars for daring to read a citizen’s letter that asked the question we all want answered: “How did our politicians become millionaires on government salaries?”, sounds too, amazing, to be true, yet, I’m sure that it actually, did, happen!!!!

    Incredible, amazing – that’s all I can say! A fine for asking a question????

    Well, what next!!!!


    BFP Comments,

    Yes it is true, Bimbro. See for yourself…

    Cowardly Voice Of Barbados Radio Promises To Never Again Ask How Politicians Become Overnight Millionaires

  7. Sceptic

    I once walk into a room in an office after hours, found two males one completely naked and the other partially naked.

    When I reported the act, the person accountable to the office denied that it was true.

    I was told that it was his word against mine and that I had no evidence.

    You sleep on that Eyebother, truth or semantics??

  8. You know what

    Today at 6:00 am January 15th, 2008, I was motivated in a special way with the determination NOT to vote for the BLP; may be never again. You see I voted for the BLP in every election since I was eligible to vote. There were times in the past when I might have voted against them, but today I was motivated in a special way. I was motivated when I considered that: here was a political party that promised so much, but failed to deliver;
    a prime minister who in his first 6 years of office had the makings of a truly great leader, but somehow lost it along the way and had become oppressive and dictatorial; and finally a government that time and again in the last few years demonstrated beyond a shadow of doubt that its priorities in the management and governance of Barbados were misplaced in an extraordinary way.


    BFP Comments

    So true about Owen Arthur’s first four or five years. He had good intentions but like all who have no controls and oversight over their actions, he succumbed to the temptation… and how! That is why integrity legislation is so important, and why Owen Arthur and the BLP have not implemented this for the past 14 years.

  9. Voter

    When the date of elections started, I was going to vote for the party I had voted for in last three elections; but as I got more involved in the issues and learnt more information I changed my mind, I decided that I needed to take a stand with my “X”.

    There were too many unanswered questions, too much ducking and hiding and big living from members of that party. After readingthe fulltext of “the bombshell speech” If I had any doubts remaining there were erased.

    I will execute my hard fought democratic priviledge to ensure that I secure a better future for my children, I will not be swayed as I have in the past by handouts or gimmicks on the eve of an election which have no staying power.

  10. 2 Cents

    Utopia Mr. Loveridge??

    Certainly pen to paper or even a visit to your constituency candidates offices in a manner consistent with your persistent nature may have offered some satisfaction.



    BFP briefly comments,

    Considering that the Owen Arthur ran away from all direct debate with Mr. Thompson, Adrian has a point that the public was cheated of information that it should have had to make its decision.

  11. frankology

    Since it is more likely that the Dems might win the Government. How about the the compilation of the cabinet.
    David Thompson – Prime Minister
    Richard Sealy – Minister of Health
    Michael Lashley – Minister of Housing
    Ronald Jones – Minister of Sports
    David Estwick – Minister of Finance
    Denis Kellman – Minister of Agriculture
    Esther Byer-Suckoo Minister of Education
    Adrian Loveridge – Minister of Tourism
    Freudel Stuart – Attorney General

    I await the real elimination from this line-up or the new victors from the final list. How about it.

  12. EVE

    I too was never visited by either party but I did what was best for Barbados not because I was wooed or given gifts. I cannot be bought.

    What concerned me at the polling station was this: I have not lived in the area where I am registered for years. I was overseas when elections were called and could not change my location because when I returned I was told it was too late; so I had to drive a fair distance to vote. No problem.

    Perhaps negligent on my behalf but nevertheless, I was not aware of the parties to whom the names on the ballot belonged except for the incumbent. I was aghast

    I asked the Officers to please inform me what parties the different persons on the ballot represented. They refused to tell me. I can’t believe this. Why are the political parties of the persons that one presumes to vote for not listed on the ballot? And since they are not what in heavens name is wrong with telling a person if they don’t know.

    Therefore, the only person on the ballot that was clearly delineated was the person in the ruling party.

    How many persons such as myself, because of extenuating circumstances may not know but wanted to vote for a certain party and perhaps misvoted because of this?

    Thankfully, by the grace of God, I was able to discern the right person. How many were not able? Also, once you have reached that far in the process you can’t say excuse me but I need to go outside and ask someone.

    This is preposterous in my opinion and could affect the outcome of an election where every vote counts.

  13. so the people know who vote for who according to some?

    same process as years past, cross out line and stamp voting stub, nothing more.

  14. Bimbro

    Thank you for the reply and the link, BFP. It’s the first time that I’ve read the story, properly. It still sounds an almost, incredible occurrence. I can only assume that VOB must have, ‘more money than sense’ or that the situ in Bim is much more worrying than we all realised!

    Whatever the reason, such a state of affairs CANNOT BE ALLOWED TO CONTINUE!

    A great, Primeminister, Arthur may or may not have been, but, I’m sorry, but, for his information and the reassurance of all Barbadians, “WE PRIZE TRUE DEMOCRACY, OVER AND ABOVE, ANY GIVEN INDIVIDUAL”!!!!


  15. Eyebother

    Look nuh, we have no evidence he is “one of the wealthiest men in Barbados”. None.

    Possible benign explanations, all of which might indicate –at worst– an exchanging of favours of a fairly petty kind, not Mobutu style pocket filling
    : (1) house overlooking the west coast : over a decade at a high salary with the state meeting his real living expenses, plus banks willing to lend big mortgages on preferential interest terms (2) heavy divorce settlement : help from friends in settling that
    (3) hundreds of thousands of dollars that have moved through his PERSONAL bank account: even if that was true, that wouldn’t make him a very rich man in Barbados today.
    (4) until we know if Hallam Nichols has provided gifts of cash to OA then we can’t correlate his admittedly shady relationship to teh government with the personal corruption of OA.

    2 cents– I hold no brief for the BLP, but would just like us not to be have like some hysterical lynch mob which moves from rumour to allegations of criminal conduct on the part of others.

    Fair and measured, that is the Bajan way.


    BFP Comments,

    Hey… you’re entitled to be willfully blind if you so choose!

    And we’re entitled to ask for an explanation of the obvious wealth if we so choose.

    Under current law, Owen Arthur doesn’t have to account for a penny of either his wealth, or the public money that he spends.

  16. 2 Cents


    Where is the Minister of Integrity, Freedom of Information and Public Accountability???

  17. i dont believe in this integrity legislation B.S., do you think a govt will provide documents with all that they own, who is ta say that owen int got condos in a foreign country? and mia, and thompy, and liz, should i go on?

    dont be blind people, the same way they can trick us with estimates then later reveal higher estimates, is the same way they can lie about their assets and withhold documents, anything that can be thought of, already done or can be done.

    we all know ministers can have businesses bcos they all are civil servants, but we little people who work for de govt cannot in this day even have a second job, so we will remain poor and they will get rich.

    why dont we fight for our own rights to have more than one job as long as there are no conflicts between the two?

    you know wa is working for $200.00 bds plus per hour and have other businesses, and who are we to say that they dont have shares in sagicor or the bl&p or maybe on a foreign stock market.


    BFP Comments,

    So like Owen Arthur has demonstrated, Mr. Kadri does not believe in integrity legislation. But Mr. Kadri’s reasons seem to be that such laws are of no use – that the dishonest politicians will “trick us”.

    Laws are not the end all and be all, Mr. Kadri – but the absence of laws means no limits on the thefts and that is what we have now.

    It would surprise me if Mr. Kadri votes today.

  18. 2 Cents

    Just received a call indicating that a former MP in St. Michael NW has been arrested in that cvonstituency for some infraction involving Barbados Identification Cards!

    Cannot substantiate this, but it is important enough to put out there!


    BFP Comments

    What party? What MP? We understand it is only a rumour at this point, but what are you hearing?

  19. frankology


    Where is the Minister of Integrity, Freedom of Information and Public Accountability???
    We have to wait. Firstly, for 100 days to see if it will become law. Secondly, to see which area will be removed from the draft so that it might not trap politicians who make money through professional practices, and keep that knowledge of additional money from spouses, family and friends.

  20. 2 Cents

    Mark Williams for issuing false Barbados IDs!

  21. Are any of you praying?

  22. lol i wont be voting today like i said before, politicians will always find a way to trick the system as always. i do believe in laws yes, but i dont believe the integrity legislation will make any sense in this case, unless there is an independant body investigating and monitoring, who will no way be affiliated with the politrickians and their doings.

    i am still demanding for regular town hall meetings with the politicians and the people of barbados, that yet i have not seen and we need to speak out.

    what sense having a govt who only hear views from us behind closed doors. nothing can be proved that we raised our concerns and they will have the advantage to fool us like before

    we need townhall meetings with the media present too, thats what is missing from our system, i now see why owen run from the debate

  23. Jay

    Latest news from St. Andrew….George Payne is facing defeat!

  24. Anonymous


    I did not see a Co-Leader, don’t be frighten for that position yuh know. I don’t think noone would take three bites out of you for naming that person

  25. reality check

    “Therefore, the only person on the ballot that was clearly delineated was the person in the ruling party. ”

    This is vote rigging—plain and simple

  26. 2 Cents


    You are spot on!

    For many voters, today will be like going into the Common Entrance, CXC or some professional exam!

    Big, small, man, woman, tough or soft, you will experience nerveousness, doubt and maybe even a mental block

    I read my ballot several times, just to be sure. Can you imagine what some folks must be expeiencing today!

    We do need to pray!

    My ID card photo was never compared with my person this morning!

  27. Jay
    January 15, 2008 at 6:30 pm
    Latest news from St. Andrew….George Payne is facing defeat

    How is this the latest news? what is the source? Is Barbados now doing exit polling? wouldn’t this activity run afoul of the law?

  28. Warrior


    what about the Co-Leader, I am sure you can mention that here with out having to get ready to rumble. No one would take three bites out of you for that

  29. crossroads

    “Watch for the stranger voting with someone else’s name”

    If he/she is a stranger to me, how do i know they are using someone else’s name???

    sometimes you all are a pack of jokers!!!

    Happy Election Day Everyone


    BFP comments…

    Because you don’t recognize the stranger… but you recognize the name he is using… perhaps as a passed away neighbour.

    You JOker yourself!

  30. Warrior

    BFP Comments,

    So your argument is that Mr. Arthur is not a millionaire, and is not one of the wealthiest men on the island? AND that he was able to pay his ex-wife millions and still have lots left?

    Uh huh…


    As well as pay a hefty sum to help out CWC 2007.


    BFP Comments,

    We had forgotten! It was 100,000? let me see if I can find it!

    GOT IT!

    Prime Minister Owen Arthur Personally Donates US$150,000 In After Tax Income To Cricket Legends Of Barbados!

  31. GlamBaje

    Change is Good Change is Great!

  32. Makaveli

    I got shaky in the booth, well it wasn’t quite a booth it was much smaller than usual…but anyway i got nervous, I can’t believe it, even though I had decided…never before have I felt voting like that. One more for the Dems in St.Michael NW.

  33. Ronald smith

    I am not a barbadian,don’t even live in Barbados
    but I do read newspapers , and the BFP on line.
    I must say your blinkered views of this election
    are evident of which political party you support , a more considered approach would be of more interest to those on the outside looking in and admire your beautiful island.


    BFP Comments…

    Yes, we are not to mention that the judges in Barbados issue pre-signed blank search warrants to police officers. We are not to mention that the Director of Public Prosecutions uses the police to do midnight raids on tenants who are behind in the rent… to drag women off in the night to be strip searched, have their vagina searched at the police station FOR UNPAID BACK RENT.

    We are not to mention that the government and the newspapers cover it up even though the documents are posted online.

    We are not to mention it when our newspapers cover up a story of a government bridge contractor being involved in a multi-million dollar kickback to politicians on his last job.

    We are not to mention it when our Tourism Minister goes from rags to being a millionaire in only 3 years of government service.

    We are not to mention is when our Minister of Public Works builds a 2nd house for his mistress on land his government expropriated for “public housing”.

    We are not to mention when government threatens to withhold government advertising from a newspaper unless a certain journalist is fired (and fired he was!)

    We are not to mention when the Attorney General and Senior Government Cabinet Minister is defending the government against lawsuits one day – and then the next time we look is the Chief Justice in charge of delivering justice on those same law suits!

    OH NO…. we will just keep our mouths shut like good little black boys who know their place!

  34. crossroads

    hhmm, I wonder what the odds are?

  35. crossroads

    oh yea, 1 in 235475

  36. Warrior

    January 15, 2008 at 7:03 pm

    I got shaky in the booth, well it wasn’t quite a booth it was much smaller than usual…but anyway i got nervous, I can’t believe it, even though I had decided…never before have I felt voting like that. One more for the Dems in St.Michael NW.

    I got shaky too, my mind flashed to Saddam Hussein’s Iraq, but then pulled up my boot straps and voted consciously and for Democracy.

  37. EVE

    Ronald Smith:

    If you are not a Barbadian and don’t even live in Barbados do you really think that you are sufficiently informed to make a comment such as what you made above?

    We who are Barbadians would like our island to resume being just, honest and many other such values. Beauty is but skin deep.

    I grew up accustomed to being able to trust what I read in the newspapers and heard on the radio.

    We as patriots are doing our best to return Barbados to its former glory. I compliment this website on what it has done.

    If you don’t agree you are free to take your readership to another more suited to your opinions.

  38. 2 Cents

    BFP Team,

    Have you voted as yet? Any observations! Comments??

  39. De Orginal

    I am suprised that Frankology is speaking on the behalf of the DLP . Interesting turn around….I look on expecting more in great interest..smile

  40. The desperations leaves me concerned still. Let’s keep praying and encouraging our friends to get out there and vote. Take them if you have to. Demoracy is at stake!!

    Word I heard today was UWI students are refusing to vote.

  41. Concerned

    Anyone a bit concerned about the fact that we were given pencils to cast our vote ?? Can’t pencil be erased/changed/altered? I checked with someone I know in Canada and they use permenant marker.

    How about having your ID # Written on your Ballot??Would that not be completely undemocratic?

    Anyone hearing word of this type of situation or had a similar experience while voting today?

    It almost happened to me, luckly I had a pen!

  42. Not Sure

    If you used a pen with ink, is your ballot not void?

    As far as I thought that is the same as if your X touches the lines of the ballot box.

    Does anyone know for sure?

  43. 2 Cents

    I assumed that the pencil was to permit a voter who had made a mistake to make a change. Now to think of it, did the pencil have an eraser?

    I had three pens in my pocket, thought for a brief moment of using one then said to myself, this one must count! So I used the pencil provided.

    While I know that the system is not foolproof, I am sure that representatives from all sides are presents with boxes and ballots until the completion of the counting process. Could be wrong!

  44. Representatives will be there but if they leave the room to go to the bathroom anything can happen.

    They have to wait to be releved by a visiting rep before leaving the room.

  45. Hants

    BFP says sarcastically….
    “OH NO…. we will just keep our mouths shut like good little black boys who know their place!”

    The fool attacking BFP should understand that Barbados is no longer a colony and Black Bajans people have character and will not cower in hedges in silence while their country is pillaged.

  46. Sundowner

    I heard this morning of a man who received two polling letters, one to his old address, one to his new………he moved about 18 months ago, also of an elderly gentleman who received one for his deceased wife of ten years.
    I was asked about my cell phone when I voted this morning, they wouldn’t even let me take my wallet into the booth, all I was carrying, had to leave it on the desk.

  47. Pandey

    More info on Mark Williams issuing false ideas and being arrested please!

  48. frankology

    I am suprised that Frankology is speaking on the behalf of the DLP . Interesting turn around….I look on expecting more in great interest..smile
    You fail to realise that I am speaking on neutral ground, with the possibility of seeing what comments think of the compilatiion of a DLP cabinet. I am neither Bee or Dee.

  49. TheTruthTheWholeTruth

    Polls closed…now we wait.
    I heard some shady deals went down today…initiated by both sides.

  50. Anonymous

    “A mood of quiet determination,
    quite unlike any Barbados Election Day we’ve seen before…

    The country will feel more of a sigh of relief than jubilation
    if David Thompson and the DLP are successful in forming the next Government of Barbados.”

    Very well put,sir!

    We await the outcome with eager anticipation!
    Any and all discrepancies
    should be honestly and truthful,accurately reported
    via this BFP medium.
    NO exaggerations please. be factual!
    Thank you.

  51. Yardbroom

    It will be a long night before the dawn, but whatever the result, we are Barbadians, let us caress the dignity we hold dear, and seek guidance in dealing with those, whose hopes will be dashed.

  52. Johnnie Too Bad

    BFP, this whole OSA thing ’bout how much he got is quite simple. It is a matter of public records how much OSA earned since he has been in the house, less his tax, then we have disposal income. since he does not pay for anything, lets put it all in the bank at the going interest over the years,

    On the expenditure side we know the value of the house on the west coast, we can find out how much he paid for that. It is or should be a matter of public record what his divorce settlement has been. If OSA then has extra money then we need to know whether he made shrewd investments and again these must be declared so that he should be taxed on the income. If there are no investments, which could be construed as a conflict of interests, especially if the PM or his office is involved, then clearly we are entitled to ask a legitimate question, where does Owen get his wealth from.

    So eyecatcher stop hogging the space and get real. A thief is a thief is a thief. As was said before if it quacks, walks and shits like a duck, then chances are, its a duck. So stop yuh racket man/woman.

  53. Lady Anon

    How about having your ID # Written on your Ballot??Would that not be completely undemocratic?


    Clarification…the ID# was not written on the ballot. It was written on a sheet of paper and given to the officer who then gave you a blank ballot paper. This is supposed to be a matter of checks and balances.

    The ID# should therefore only turn up once.

    I too had a concern about the pencils…but I can understand if the nervous people made a mistake they may want to change :-)…anybody check to see if the pencil had an eraser?

  54. Lady Anon

    Mark Williams for issuing false Barbados IDs!
    Heard absolutely nothing about this…is this true or just rumour? Heard nothing on CBC and obviously will see nothing in the newspaper. Can anyone clarify?

  55. Sicko

    It is time to clean up this web site or take it down.
    Rumour, scandal and gossip. When the DLP wins will you all be as caustic…I wait to see…


    BFP Comments

    Do you view the photos of the Queen Elizabeth Patient Washroom as “rumour”?

    If the DLP fail to deliver their promised integrity legislation within 100 days… you just watch us!

  56. Hard driver

    Sicko .. when the DLP wins this election, it will have been in some small measure because of this site and the Barbados Underground .. We have a lot to be thankful for to these sites and may they continue to provide a free and unencumbered outlet for citizens like you and me to express themselves without fear of victimization.

  57. Maat

    Now for the lighter side of things from George Payne;

    Heard he was telling people on one of his platforms that Irene only has one suit.

    A friend of mine shouted that she was voting for Irene as George was passing in his car. George stopped, backed up looked at her and said ‘It’s OK I just wanted to mark your face’

    George was overheard bragging that he has so much money that not even God could break him.
    A buddy told me he asked George for a $100. George replied; ‘Go ask Irene’

    Election morning George’s car ran off the road into one of the concrete rain gutters on Belleplaine main road. The local youth were quick to help lift the car out and remarked; ‘If you did get them to put down side walks, you wouldn’t have end up in there!!’

    True rumour


  58. Jammer's ViewPoint

    Congratulations are in order for democracy Barbados as am I sure the elections were free and fair . Despite the reports of ’emotional scurmishes’ it could be said that is was a peaceful. Barbados has always had orderly trainsition of government despite which political party wins the election.May that tradition long continue.This speaks of the political maturity of Barbadian electorate its political system..

    I hope the new government of Barbados will serve to the best of its ability and serve all its people. Despite the rethorical salvos thrown during the campaign I am sure the interests of Barbados will come first.

    Reports from the out going goevernment is that the economy is in ‘good’ shape’, foreign reseveres are reportly ‘up’ and unemployment is in single digits.If all this is true then I am sure the new government will continue to build a better Barbados.If not it have to design new policies and ideas to put Barbados on a better footing. I don’t care who controls the government as long good governance is the order of the day.I am not party political and is only interested that Barbados move foward.I consider myself ‘political neutral’.

    I hope your website will continue call the government of the day into account. On another note I have notice that my last contribution was not published on the website. I was just wondering as I not sure about the context in which you publish comments.


    BFP Comments

    Hi JVP,

    We looked for your comment and rescued it from the spam bin. Please read the tab at the top about spam and why your comment may not be published or might “disappear”. If you have a comment disappear we can usually find it within a day or two. You have to understand that we receive upwards of TWO THOUSAND SPAM COMMENTS A DAY!!!

    We can’t possibly look through each one to ensure that none of the good stuff found its way in with the viagra adverts… but if you tell us, we can search on your name or IP and find it.

    With certain exceptions we believe in free speech and we don’t censor comments for political views.

    Please don’t be so quick to assume the worst. Read the tab about comments. Like your computer tutor always told you… “RTFM” 🙂

    all the best,

    Robert for BFP