Was Kenrick Hutson Murdered …or Assassinated?

From Webster’s


“the crime of unlawfully killing a person especially with malice aforethought”


“to murder (a usually prominent person) by sudden or secret attack often for political reasons”

They buried former Immigration Chief Kenrick Hutson at Christ Church Cemetary after a service at Abundant Life Assembly in Bank Hall, St Michael.

Barbados Media Silent About Kenrick Hutson

Kenrick Hutson was gunned down at his home on Friday, December 28, 2007.

The murder of a former Chief Immigration Officer raises all kinds of concerns and questions. Obviously a man of Hutson’s experience and service would have made some enemies in a post where he was in charge of Immigration processing, investigations, charges and deportations.

As we mentioned in a past article, Mr. Hutson’s murder was carried in the print edition of the Nation News, but not on the internet edition. His funeral was mentioned on the internet edition today.

So what’s the story folks? 74 year old men are not usually gunned down in front of their families in Barbados. Do any of our readers have further information?

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19 responses to “Was Kenrick Hutson Murdered …or Assassinated?

  1. lol when ya say A ya gotta say B, how many articles in the nation appear on the actual website again?

    i int backing up de newspaper, but i am a very big critic when it comes to de entire script the nation publishing uses, the graphics and the content, dem dont put half of de articles on de site, furthermore serious issues that affect we as a nation.

    like i always say, its either the web masters are incompetent or thats just the nation policy and i would hate to believe its the latter.

    with the issue of the case now, its the police who fail to investigate, yesterday morning i had to call one of my former collegues and ask about my case as well, since i heard of the apprehension of the persons who robbed sir haynes and others and you wont believe that he told me these guys are not them because they drive in cars and only target big houses, i had to laugh to myself before i tell he off.

    i did 5 years as a pc as well and only a poppit would believe that criminals stick to one modus, especially in bim, when a criminal wanna rob he will rob regardless who or what. he trying to tell me that because the target houses with safes which mean they dont rob walkers on de road.

    as a former officer i can testify some police do work, but most of em especially the detectives are scheduled to work a shift and spend 3/4 of the shift drunk or getting drunk, its a fact. well so much for my heated discussion with him too.

    i dont support the media in covering and giving details in every crime bcos sometimes it gives the criminals ideas to free themselves from being caught, look at the wanted marine in the usa now, if the media would not reveal that the marine was spotted in the texas area, maybe he would have been caught.

    all in all, the media plays a vital and destructive role in cases.

  2. De Orginal

    To Kadri,

    I hope your bitterness toward the police does not expose that your period of service was as you discribed above. I say to you that statement “as a former officer i can testify some police do work, but most of em especially the detectives are scheduled to work a shift and spend 3/4 of the shift drunk or getting drunk, its a fact.” is a major mistruth the only person who I have seen been so dishonest in recent times have been Owen Arthur in his quest to get reelected. I can see how you would have behaved during your five years as a police officer…… not wonder you had to leave. I know and have known several police officers and had close interaction with them over the last 20yrs and what you speak of is almost non exsitent within the Royal Barbados Police Force. You need to stay more up to date with what currently exsist in law enforcement.

  3. Tony

    To Kadri,
    You seem to have a dislike for the RBPF. It is persons like you who are dangerous to society. Saying that detectives are drunk for 3/4 of a shift is so untrue. I have been following your comments for sometime now and I can imagine how you exhibited “esprit de core” whilst in the force. The moral in the force is not that high now. Please don’t lower it anymore with these constant negative comments. If you don’t have anything good to say about the force it is better not to comment at all.

  4. police squabbles

    lets forget the inter police politics.

    Does anyone have any information that would help solve this murder or shed some light on the life of this retired immigation officer?

    Woud anyone step forward if a reward was given for information that led to an arrest or that would give the public an oversight of this mans life? e mail BFP and see if they will pay for a lead or a good story?

  5. reading comments like these, wunna sound like some people who believe that bcos a parent raise a child right in wunna eyes and turn out bad it has nothing to do with parenting, all in all, u only knows what happen behind closed doors if you are behind them.

    i never said all police are bad or lazy, i know what i am speaking of because i was there, wunna have no proof bcos of a few ppl wunna know who in there, like i will say again, it does happen and its not every police officer. because people dont tell wunna or wunna dont see meaning it does not happen?

    and now implying how i behaved whilst doing service lol, dude any police who know me can tell ya, one of the most well behaved and disciplined you can ever come across, also one of the few who never seen inside of the office of professional responsibility.

    if u talking about the officers who doing less than 5 years those are excluded from my list, i am speaking of the more seasoned one who are doing 7 years and more, if you have not walked the walk, dont talk the talk.

    its only a matter of time before a few people here sue the crown because of negligence from the rbpf.

    dont misquote me, i never said all.

  6. Anonymous

    To Kadri…

    i know what i am speaking of because i was there, wunna have no proof bcos of a few ppl wunna know who in there….

    You starting to sound like the over ambitious officer Neil (Hinds I think his name was…could be wrong).

    How do we know you are being truthful?

    I have been monitoring your posts for a while now and my conclusion is that you would do or say anything for attention,regardless of how reckless your statements are.

  7. Anonymous


    I know a lot of the detectives and funny enough…….most of them dont even drink!!

  8. Anonymous
    lol you can say wa u want skippa, i dont seek attention neither am i hinds. like i said b4, when u int afraid to use ur real name then u can step to my plate.
    plus i dont have to lie about being in the force either, people like you claim to know everything and has nothing to back up your comments.
    say no more, say no more, let it die here.
    and about reckless comments, i comment as i see it and i do not care whom it may hurt or not.
    people lie and it hurts in the end, so i really dont care if the truth hurts or not.
    i come here and comment just like you and i use my real name, is that what u call seeking attention?
    hmmm, maybe you have something to hide that you are anonymous

  9. i just hoping that if de dlp win this election, some real change can come about throughout the entire administration within govt departments, especially the same police force.

    its no doubt about it, most pussyfooting on the job is within the govt dept not the private sector, if u wanna believe otherwise, u need to wake up and face reality

  10. De Orginal

    To Kadri,

    I will know if you really served as a police officer just answer this question name three roads at the RPTC also give the rank structure at the Training school also who filled those roles whilst you were there looking forward to hearing from u.

  11. De Orginal


    Fair & Balance

    i am a blp supporter also, but dont you think that the medai can print or show what they feel regerdless the amount when it come to political campaigns

    if u wanna talk bout fair, fairness begins with being free to act as the press.

    so if all the entertainers endorse the dlp and celebrities alike would you say its not fair too?

    its a choice not an obligation”
    had to be the way he went after the police typical Owen Arthur style…..lol

  12. De Orginal
    January 15, 2008 at 7:58 pm

    To Kadri,

    I will know if you really served as a police officer just answer this question name three roads at the RPTC also give the rank structure at the Training school also who filled those roles whilst you were there looking forward to hearing from u.
    since u wanna know if i was there, make it your business and find out, dont you think i know police too, i can ask for names like vincent road or whatever, but that dont mean i was really there, seek the truth urself bossman.

    i am surprised to hear u say it was owen style when many here believe he is a dictator, dictators dont give no choice buddy, thats the meaning of dictatorship. i believe the press can print or publish whatever they want, i dont see BFP saying anything good about the blp and i dont get on dem horses, why? bcos they are free to publish wa dem want, just like what i have on my blog and website or wa u see on any other blog or website.

  13. De Orginal

    You have been exposed as a fraud. Happy blogging others have seen through you. You in here hiding and pretending. You only spent two years as a police officer and had to run and leave tell us why? Also my reference to you being an Owen Arthur supporter only went as far as you were bashing the police with out bringing proof. Looking forward to your response and please this time answer the questions asked. Put up or shut up.

  14. lol who ever your source is for that information is just like you, people like you i call fools

    dont know nothing about who is behind the ethernet cable and modem and casting assumptions. like i said, when u know anything about me with facts back them up sonny, 2 years? i now am convinced you are really a fool.

    i have nothing to prove to you little man, if u really want to know my business go and find out on your own dude. i dont boast nor brag but u seem to have alot so do ya homework and come and reveal ur answers, let me see who de fool is.

  15. De Orginal

    In signing off from conversation with one of your obvious ability I say good luck to you and your party in the election tally.

  16. A Good Horse

    To Kadri,

    It is clear Walcott that you have a beef to settle with th RBPF, you should be carefull what you talk about especially if you did not stick around long enough to learn how to take a simple assault report. The fact that you put unfounded comments out in the open and claim not to care bares testiment who de real fool is.

  17. De Orginal

    well said I tried to warn him but he would not take advice . Apparently we speak about the same person.

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