Where Is Your Polling Station?


1/ Use the link (touch the above photo) to access the government portal. Fill in your National Registration Number to find your Polling Station.

2/ Remember to VOTE!

3/ While you are voting, keep your eyes and ears open for any unusual occurrences.



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18 responses to “Where Is Your Polling Station?

  1. Yardbroom

    I have rarely felt as elated asI do, now that there is victory in sight for David Thompson and the Democratic Labour Party. Of course this can only be achieved by voting.

    Some weeks ago, I said that DLP officials should make sure that there are torch lights available for their officials at the ballot stations – preparation is everything. It is also prudent to ensure there is constant cover of observation, therefore during “comfort breaks” there is another observer available.

    In slack times, and there often are at specific times of the day, it is easy to engage in idle chat to what appears to be a cordial conversation – this is fine – but be concious of the purpose you serve, and why you are there – to observe.

    If there are incidents and they can be trival in nature, but diverting, make sure that your focus is not diverted. The areas of responsibility for officers, should be clearly defined, there should “never” be be a question of I thought you were doing this or that. Areas of responsibility should be allocated, before commencement of duties, hit the ground running – organisation is the key.

    In every situation have a fall back plan, if plan “A” does not, or cannot work, plan “B” should be employed, but this can only happen when officers know what plan “B” is. Officers should know, they are able to report immediately back to the main coordinator through a chain, if something important is observed.

    There must be someone with the authority, to make snap decisions, and he/she should be in communication with officers on the ground.

    Information should be logged immediately, as it hapens with the persons involved and the nature of the activity. It is necessary to have writing instruments and paper available to carry out this task.

    It is from simple things, thought out before hand that ensures the freedom of a people.

    The issues are already known, our dreams can only be realised by our votes.

    The people of Barbados should keep their “eyes and ears” open this is their election.

    May God bless Barbados, and give its citizens the courage they need . It is time for a change.

  2. Anonymous

    I have never voted in my life but this time I feel the need for change.Having put in my registration #,it says …number not found.Can someone please tell me what to do so I can exercise my right to vote.

  3. Lady Anon

    Thanks, BFP. Have not yet received the notice from the Electoral office, so good to know.

  4. Anonymous

    I checked the site and a different polling station is listed to the one I saw on the list at one of the centres.
    Also I heard a man on Tell It Like It Is saying that the website in not secure. Actually I believe him even though I do not know much about these things. I put in my Nat Reg # and my name and address came up and I thought to myself that anybody can do that randomly and that was not necessarily a good thing. Still, everything in Barbados is a shrug and that was evidenced by the way Farley handled it in his usual flippant way.

  5. Anonymous

    My anonymous friend, the same thing happened to me at first, but you can go to one of your candidates’ office and have them check for you. The post office had a spokesman on the radio last nigh who said they would be working assiduously this weekend to make sure everyone gets their notices.

  6. Bob




  7. reality check

    the democratic process allows for secret ballot and absolutely no one should be obliged to say who they vote for nor should they feel ashamed whether they voted DLP or BLP.

    Under the present circumstances, however, for those willing to say who they voted for a list of names and addresses should be taken outside the polling station as a double check on what the minimum number of votes for each party (excluding those who wish to keep their vote private ) was actually given. This is one way to smell the rats and trap them.

    More importantly, thank everyone for coming to vote regardless of which party.

    Believe it or not this is called democracy!

  8. TheTruthTheWholeTruth

    Please encourage younger persons to check to see if their name is on the voters list. I thought that once a person is 18 years of age they should be on the list but I have heard of some 20 year olds who on inquiry arenot on the list and cannot vote. I would not put it past some desperate people to cheat their way back into power.

  9. Anonymous

    How can one get his or her name on the voters list in the short time remaining?

    Someone please help with this as we are first time voters but names are not listed.

  10. Lady Anon

    First of all, once turning 18 it is not automatic. You have to go to the electoral office and register to vote.

    Secondly, December 31, 2007 was the last day for non-registered voters to vote, and for existing voters to change their address if necessary.

    For all voters (new and not so new), please take your National ID card with you (along with a pen).

  11. Lady Anon

    Sorry…December 31 was the last day for non-registered voters to register…

  12. Goodmorning to all calling a snap election so quick would have put first time voters in trouble.it is simpley to confuse the electorate,we need to get rid of this demond come 15jan.all voters come out an vote,listen when NELSON MANDELLA cast his vote in SOUTH AFRICA in 1994,standing over the ballot box,with ballot in hand,at age 76yrs he said “voting for the first time make feel a complete man”so go out in your numbers,we have to counter those big ups that vote b’s,that ya don’t see at polling stations, we have to counter those who may want to vote illegally. so my friends put ya x,don’t touch the lines,walk with ya pens.

  13. arthur:tried—-esaf—-drunk. thrusted—-lies lies & more lies,proven—-found wanting, leadership —-disgraceful,distasteful,disrespectful & disasrous.

  14. REB PLASTIC BAG now singing for the BEES

    I heard it on an announcement last night and thought that my ears had deceived me.

    But TODAY when I opened by Sunday Sun, on the inside of the BACK PAGE, is an advertisement for the BARBADOS LABOUR PARTY free concert starting at 4:00 pm at Wotton Playing Field in Christ Church, and there among the long list of singers it appears:


    On the eve of a general election in Barbados, how come this particular Bajan calypso legend and fierce political commentator is now SINGING WITH THE BEES?

  15. Jammer's ViewPoint

    Having peruse the pages of this website on a several ocassions I have drawn a few conclusions and observations . 1.It is an arm of the oppostion DLP. 2.The administratiors of this site seem to have personal vendettas against the ‘out going’ BLP administration and is using this website to infleunce its demise.3. Most of the comments which reply to the pro DLP captions[and they do dominate] are in turn pro opposition. 4.There seems to be little comments that are pro BLP. or nuetral for that matter.Is it the case that most contributors are pro DLP or is the case that comments that are pro BLP are ‘frozen out’ by the administrators of this website? Could it be that less pro BLP comments are contributed towards this website or is it a comfort zone for pro DLP supporters or symphatisers? Or is this website a graveyard for pro BLP supporters and non- partisan contributors?

    The fact that most contributors are agreeing with each other makes the nature of the ‘debates’ quite monotilnous and one dimensional. This does not argue well for a healthy and engaging discussion.

    There is a certain quirk in everyone agreeing with each other, so if someone’s argument is descending into chaotic bile and is clasping, the others will still ‘pat them on the back’. There is a danger that this could lead to ‘collective intellectual brain failure’ as ideas and opinion are not allowed to be objectively develop or sustain in a balance way .Then ‘dictatorial thinking’ ensues as only one opinion really matters.

    Either way which ever party wins the 2008 general elections in Barbados , the government will still be in power. I am only interested in the good goverance of Barbados irrespective of which party wins . The party governs after January 15th should be call to account for its stewardship.

    Despite my reservations about this website , I will continue to have a regular peruse.

  16. Lady Anon

    Don’t think nothing of it…if you realise, money sharing. Everybody who is anybody in entertainment at Wotton. I guess when KFyah refused to take the money offered not to play at the DLP function the BLP had to use another tatic.

    So much for a bashment society, huh?

  17. Lady curious

    Who is this pencil erasing person/persons that we are so afraid of? Should I have considered the possibility that the change being spoken of was a call for those trusted fellow Barbadians, who we give the responsibility to supervise our elections, and count our ballots to now fall from grace. Let righteousness, peace and right thinking be established. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

  18. well i went to the polling station with pen in hand,when i got the ballot paper the lady told me they have pencils there,i told her “my pen will do the job thank you”.