WDKX FM Radio Rochester, New York Features Barbados DLP Integrity Legislation

WKDX FM 103.9 broadcasts out of Rochester, New York in the good old US of A. The station’s founder, Andrew A. Langston, chose the call letters for the station to represent some famous folks that we all owe a debt of gratitude to…

W – Radio Stations East of the Mississippi River start with W.
D – Frederick Douglass
K – Martin Luther King, Jr.
X – Malcolm X

All of which tells you a little bit about the people behind the station and the focus of the programming.

WDKX thinks that the DLP Integrity initiative is important and they have worked up some programming around it.

Owen Arthur and the gang just don’t get the fact that the world pays attention to what goes on in our little island. The BLP continues to act as if everything they do is done in secret instead of on the world stage. A day of reckoning will come, Mr. Arthur. Oh yes, it will come! And what you going to do when they trace down your offshore bank accounts?

You can read what WDKX has to say at their blog…

WDKX – Thompson Promises Integrity In Barbados

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One response to “WDKX FM Radio Rochester, New York Features Barbados DLP Integrity Legislation

  1. Anonymous

    Just checked the blog. It makes one wonder since Barbados likes to think of itself as a leader of or among the smaller islands, how come we have not yet gotten around to it while others have enacted something, however slight. Hmm.