Should The New DLP Government Offer Amnesty To Crooked BLP Politicians & Associates?

“You’ve Got To Be Joking… Throw The Crooks In Jail!”

That was our first reaction to Keltruth Blog’s article about giving amnesty to the BLP crooks who have been raping Barbados for 14 long years… AND ESPECIALLY AFTER THOMPSON’S BRILLIANT EXPOSE LAST NIGHT.

The DLP shark smells blood in the water and the party is honing in relentlessly on a wounded BLP.

“No mercy!” I thought.

But then I read the article at Keltruth Blog and now I’m not so sure that throwing the guilty Owen Arthur and others in jail would be the proper way to handle things. Assuming that the evidence is there (heck, there should be enough to convict Arthur a dozen times) perhaps we should allow the Prime Minister to pay back what he stole while in office.

After reading Keltruth Blog, I just don’t know what we should do with these crooks.

What do you think, folks?

Keltruth Blog – Barbados Elections: Should the DLP offer amnesty to corrupt politicians?


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31 responses to “Should The New DLP Government Offer Amnesty To Crooked BLP Politicians & Associates?

  1. Idealist

    Are these then to be Marjorie Knox’s tactics regarding the Kingsland case ?

    You admit it, I’ll forgive and forget because I would not like to see an outflow of corrupt talent from Barbados.

    Confirming the acceptance of double standards in our justice system.

    Does Kathy really believe that this slap on the wrist will convert these shameless hardbacks from sinners to saints?


    BFP Comments…

    I don’t understand, Idealist. How has amnesty got anything to do with the Kingsland case?

  2. BFP

    BFP Comments…

    I don’t understand, Idealist. How has amnesty got anything to do with the Kingsland case?

  3. Anonymous

    Barbadians are watching carefully to see what David Thompson will do to Arthur and his gang.

    All over the world incoming administrations have successfully persued criminal action and a return to the treasury of stolen taxpayers money by former politicians – both at the same time.

    Taxpayers in Barbados are expecting a tough message sent to the government – that THIS CORRUPT BEHAVIOUR MUST END.

    Surely if right next door in Trinidad – Manning could do it – where Panday in his 70s spent time in Jail and is now out on bail,while Panday’s former Works minister spent years in Jail,and his other ministers await trial.

    Remember Mr Manning is an avowed christian and has the perception of ‘being soft’ – yet he took firm action and said let the chips fall where they may.
    David Thompson doesnot have to deal with that perception – and anyway he shouldnot care.

    All this political rhetoric at meetings – must not be just that – ‘rhetoric’- but must lead to some strong action.

  4. Idealist


    I don’t understand, Idealist. How has amnesty got anything to do with the Kingsland case?

    By applying Keltruth’s logic for amnesty to the corruption in the Nelson Barbados case.


    BFP comments,

    I’m afraid you’ve lost me, Idealist. Perhaps I’m a little slow – I hate night shift and I’m stuck here until 7am!

  5. The Naked Truth !

    The Naked Truth ! // January 10, 2008 at 6:34 am

    Hey folks just found these postings on the BLP blog !


    Gline Clarke // January 10, 2008 at 10:26 am


    Source: Nation News

    Published on: 1/10/08.

    by Chris Gollop

    DEMOCRATIC LABOUR PARTY (DLP) Leader David Thompson last night said he would provide “empirical evidence” to show a more than 100 per cent increase in the yet-to-be-completed ABC Highway Expansion project.

    Moments before mounting the platform at the Emancipation Roundabout, Haggatt hall, St Michael, where the DLP held its meeting to “reveal some of the ammunition I have in storage”, Thompson showed the DAILY NATION copies of a confidential Ministry of Public Works and Transport document, entitled: Barbados Road Network Infrastructure Improvement Project, which he said contained “disastrous information for future generations of taxpayers”.

    The DLP leader insisted that a DLP Administration would convene a Royal Commission of Inquiry into the handling of this matter and would at the same time institute measures to effect an immediate review of the project “before another cent is spent”.

    Describing the projected cost overrun on the ABC Highway project as “shameful and scandalous”, Thompson said he would show how the original projected cost of the widening and flyover project had moved from $119 750 000 to $262, 022 162.42 with more than half of the anticipated work still to be completed.

    He said he intended to tell the crowd assembled to hear promised bombshells for the Campaign Eye-Opener One rally that on the instruction of the Cabinet of Barbados, the project was started and millions of dollars were disbursed, and up to December 2007, no formal contract had been signed between Government and the main contractor.

    Furthermore, he said there were to date no official drawings, no bill of quantities and no specifications on the work to be undertaken.

    “In other words, hundreds of millions of hard-earned taxpayers dollars are being committed in a manner where there is no recourse in case something goes wrong.


    “I am a lawyer and I am telling you the taxpayers of this country are seriously exposed. We have absolutely no refuge in law if anything goes wrong with this current arrangement,” Thompson said in an interview.

    The danger of proceeding with such a project in the absence of professionally approved drawings, he explained, was that structurally there could be problems down the road and the people of Barbados had absolutely no recourse, once the contracting firm of 3S had left the country.

    “What exacerbates this already incredible situation is that this project is being built consistent with a BOLT (Build, Operate, Lease, Transfer) arrangement, where the main contractor was supposed to source and provide the funding.

    “The real scandal here,” he told the DAILY NATION, “is that the Government bypassed the two local road builders, went to this foreign unknown company and ended up having to borrow the money from our own National Bank.

    “So in essence, the Owen Arthur Administration went outside of Barbados to find a contractor who comes in, borrows local money and uses local contractors to undertake a project. This is economic madness,” Thompson declared.

    “We in the Democratic Labour Party are not persuaded that we need any six or eight flyovers. The engineers on our side insist that if we build any at all we should build a maximum of two at the Norman Niles and Warrens roundabouts.

    “So immediately I can see where we will save the taxpayers of Barbados very close to $100 million. Furthermore, a DLP Government will not be paying any $11.7 million for a kilometre of road,”
    Thompson insisted.


    DE BUMBLE BEE // January 10, 2008 at 10:29 am

    Gline Clarke……..thank goodness you are not like JAY , ROYALRUMBLE , Such Stupid Comments and others in the BLP CAMP……. …….etc !



  6. As far as I am concerned, a thief is a thief is a thief; and that applies whether he is a serf or the king. I think that should answer BFP’s question.

  7. Anonymous

    The Naked Truth ! // January 10, 2008 at 8:42 am

    Not all the BLP supporters are BLIND !


    DE BUMBLE BEE // January 10, 2008 at 12:34 pm

    My dear BLP colleagues on this BLOG…….I told you all that Clyde Mascoll is still a DEM !

    ** On 4th DECEMBER 2004…..Clyde Mascoll on the floor of Parliament before the TV cameras told the DEMS……leave out HARDWOOD Inc. and INVESTIGATE the ABC FLYOVER project !

    ** On 2nd January 2008…..Clyde Mascoll at WE BLP meeting told the BLP faithful to VOTE for the Democratic Labour Party !

    ** Now answer this…….who is the person that gave David Thompson that CONFIDENTIAL ABC FLYOVER REPORT – 2007 ????


  8. musseagovmentoperative

    “Assuming that the evidence is there”

    as you always do anyway….

  9. Jerome Hinds

    Jerome Hinds // January 10, 2008 at 8:52 am

    degap // January 10, 2008 at 8:43 am

    “David Thompson QC?”

    What does putting on a second rate dog and pony show have to do with leadership? Who exactly was the alleged smoking gun cheque from and how did the DLP get their hands on it? Exactly what campaign finance laws were broken? Questions, questions, questions…


    Here are the ANSWERS to your questions :

    1. The FIRST rate DOG ( Owen Arthur ) was exposed with the DOG BONE
    ( $ 75,000.00 ) in his MOUTH !

    2. In presenting the FACTS….the Hon. David Thompson demonstrated exceptional LEADERSHIP !

    3. The CHEQUE came from one of Owen
    ” De DOG ” Arthur many SHADY friends !

    4. The DLP got it because Owen ” De DOG ” Arthur…..CANNOT buy every citizen in BARBADOS !

    5. Owen ” De DOG ” Arthur……..REFUSED to implement CAMPAIGN FINANCE LAWS… that you & he can TIEF some more !

    The DEMS …….changing that…Integrity Legislation coming….!

    DEGAP……we gine STOP….DE CRAP !

  10. Jerome Hinds

    Jerome Hinds // January 10, 2008 at 9:06 am

    B F P E // January 10, 2008 at 8:56 am

    Green Monkey,

    Sorry boh…. I can’t talk much becaw I ent SEEING or HEARING nutten tuh talk bout!

    All I seeing is BARE BLP-TV!!!!

    Good luck tuh you muh brudda. Get yuh tail offa dah sinking ship and try tuh put yuh vote fuh Owen Arthur and de BLP bright an early Tuesday morning, yuh hear!

    Wait…. de DLP manifesto come yet?

    I gone long tuh wuk, boh. Wunna ent saying uh pang.

    B F P E

    Jerome Hinds….writes :

    Barbados First Prison Express…….B.F.P.E !

    May you BLP CROOKS have a safe journey to DODDS PRISON on the EXPRESS !

    Good riddance !

  11. reality check

    “The DLP leader insisted that a DLP Administration would convene a Royal Commission of Inquiry into the handling of this matter and would at the same time institute measures to effect an immediate review of the project “before another cent is spent”.

    Barbados doesn’t need another do nothing hearing, rather a determined forensic auditor with international court orders.

    Sorry Keltruth but if there is no accountability to massive “tiefing” then you are condoning it.

  12. Anonymous

    Reality Check


    I don’t want to hear anything about another comission of inquiry – that is a damn cop -out Thompson,we want a forensic audit immediately,with criminal charges to follow.

    Enough of the pussy footing with long,drawn out inquiries.

  13. I cat agree with Keltruth on this one. If someone stole they should be punished.

    If it was some prickly haired fella that went into supercentre an tief two cans of corn beef and some sardines we would be throwing the lawbook (amongst other things) at him. The same should go for the elite.

    I dont like the concept that because i can hire the biggest lawyers an i got money i should be given a free pass business cause when you think about it the harm done by an alledged stealing of funds at that level is a hell of alot more damaging to everyone in the country than the man that steal two bottles of cockspur and a christmas turkey and if he can get possibly a few weeks in jail and fined too the big boy should get some jail time and a big fine.

  14. YUM YUM I like it!

    On this matter we must ask ourselves what is more important, getting the money back OR punishing those responsible.

    The spectre of jail (or no jail) ought to scare them into declaring their financial wrong-doings!

    Public ridicule and impending poverty may be punishment enough for these scoundrels.

    After all, successive generations of politicians have failed to implement proper transparency in government.

    Can we really punish the donkey for grabbing the carrot when it had hung there for so long, so nice and juicy!!!!

  15. baje


  16. goodafternopon,anonymous i agree no comission inquiry, team dlp get the Forensic Auditor fast,also hold those passports quick some people may try to escape to a country that don’t extradite.we need this money back from these embezzlers to help save this country from impending disaster,this money was stolen in monsterous proportions,then send them to the new cost overrun prison in ST.PHILIP.

  17. Anonymous

    I believe that the country should rise up in protest if the DLP don’t start criminal investigations against Owen and those who stole our money.

    Let them know that we the people are serious about this.

    So every time you see a DLP politician let him or her know you expect jail time for owen and his cronies,and don’t expect any other answer.

  18. La De Da

    Let us assume that there are 270,000 people in BARBADOS.–They are 30 people in the Parliament.–What the other 269,970 of us had better understand now, is that “PARLIAMENT IS A ‘CLUB’ TO WHICH WE DO NOT BELONG”, and the members are basically all friends. This game of politics is just like a cricket match–You bowl and I bat, and then I bat and you bowl.–This call for Royal commissions of enquiry may sound good now , but I have been around from “Duffus to Glendairy Burning Down” and nothing has ever come out of them except more expense to the taxpayers. Bajans are extremely intelligent people, and all that is needed is for them to access their various candidates and place their X where they conclude that it will best suit their future. Coming soon enough is going to be some “system” bred out of the information age that will make politicians more accountable, (in real time) to the people who put them there. These blogs are a good first step, but we must refrain from calling people crooks etc. when it is only our opinion and no proof exists…You cannot do it in the newspaper or call in program, do not do it here.

  19. reality check

    “Can we really punish the donkey for grabbing the carrot when it had hung there for so long, so nice and juicy!!!!”

    Absolutely yes.

    The donkey was elected by the citizens in a trust position guarding the carrots.

    Put the donkey and his other abusive four legged friends in jail, otherwise the next set of donkeys will be doing the same thing.

  20. Andrew

    The Advocate gave a more comprehenisve report of Haggatt Hall meet than the Nation:

  21. Sargeant

    Sometimes this stuff is funny but the joke is on us. Last night at a political meeting the PM said that that Barbados is such a great place that the Chiarman of Coca Cola bought a house there and Tony Blair wants to purchase a house there. Well whoop de do!!! How much does the Chairman of Coca Cola make? How much does Tony Blair make? They can live anywhere, they don’t have to worry about cost of living but their maids do, their gardeners and security guards do. And for the record they also vacation in other locations. Perhaps an economist can advise me of the trickle down benefits that are derived from these investments after the initial house purchase is completed. Once a foreign investor purchases a property or builds a home the resulting valuation places it out of the reach of the average bajan hands forever ( perhaps not the average politician). BTW Tony Blair just joined JP Morgan as an adviser -more corporate income.

    I am all for tourism but we should not sell our birthright for the sake of a few dollars.

    The attached is an example of how the rich & famous are treated here.

  22. Brutus

    I don’t buy the Advocate very often, but whenever I do I find that they give in their reporting a lot more facts, a lot more detail, and a lot more exact quotes, than the Nation.

  23. Bush Tea

    …a word to the wise

    There are spiritual laws that supersede all our human logic and feelings. These politicians who betrayed the trust placed in them by the people of this country WILL pay the appropriate price… believe me. HOWEVER what is now even more critical is the ATTITUDE and RESPONSE of the people of this country to this scandalous behavior.

    If we collectively condone this behavior then we are just as guilty as the politicians and we too will pay an appropriate price. An upright and christian people would condemn these behaviors – and punish the guilty.

    2008+ will be very challenging in Barbados anyway. However it will be much more so should we show ourselves to be lacking in morals, justice, and uprightness, and fall victim of the inevitable spiritual consequences.

    Encouragement of; justification for; and defense of such behaviors speaks volumes about a people. It suggest that for many of us, given the same opportunities of the guilty, we would do the very same thing….

    This election will be a time of reckoning in more ways than one…

    …and people always get exactly what they deserve…

  24. PiedPiper

    What I would like everyone to consider is the that the “commissions/kickbacks” taken by Mr. Arthur and others within the BLP who lack integrity, are just the tip of the iceberg.
    Does anyone out there really believe that this was the one and only time that Mr. Arthur took advantage of his position to further his personal financial gain?
    If the BLP lose this election then an example must be made to all those who aspire to the highest position of power in Barbados regardless of political affiliation.
    I would strongly urge David Thompson, if, god willing, he is the next PM of Barbados to hold a public inquiry/financial audit into all diversions of public funds since the BLP came to power.

  25. Bimbro

    To be honest, BFP, I’m surprised that you’ve even asked the question!!!!

    As you know, government is n’t a game!!!! Need I say more!!!!

  26. Adrian Hinds

    No way no way, fuh once leh Kid site have something say “DOESN’T HAPPEN BOUT HEY”


  27. Bob

    I picked up your link to Keltruth and left 2 replies there where in the second reply, the Fraud Case in todays Nation Papers brought against Mr. Pooler & Mr. Ward for the $8,00,000.00 plus in Insurance monies is to be tried and i’d sugested the question of what they would consider offering Amnisty to these two if found they were guilty…
    Most of your readers see that punishment is an absolute requirment… Some of us see that Truth, Justice, Honesty & Integrity in our society are paramount to the monies unaccounted for and that though Keltruth’s apparent suggestion to grant amnisty to few in order to have them turn over others sort of to “Sing” or to “Whistle” in other words… “turn in their associates” is understandable, but to give them Amnisty… NEVER. Reduced Sentences .. Yes, whereas you through the book at the Un-Confessed ones… DEFINITELY.

    The Witch Hunt is Very Necessary which serves to tell all of our honest and decent citizens that have worked hard and struggled over the years keeping the good faith that their toils WERE NOT IN VAIN.

    It is very hard for small business persons to see so much apparent success from some people arround them with little or no effort while they toil against all odds to make ends meet then to discover that those successfull persons were not playing by the same rules that he was expected to maintain

  28. Johnnie Too Bad

    I have been raising this issue since the day the elections were called .I want to know what are the intentions of the DLP under David Thompson when they form the new government. I resent that VAT will have to go up,the dollar devalued as well as income tax, indirect taxes and senior citizens have to make do with 4 or 5 dollars increases when the cost over-runs on projects have reached more than one billion dollars . Why should poor people have to pay twice for the same piece of real estate. IF THE DLP IS NOT GOING TO PROSECUTE THESE CROOKS, then there is no point voting for the DLP.
    Nothing would convince me more than such action to prove that class interest of the political elites is far more important than the interests of the people.BFP, like the integrity legislation, we need to pin slippery David down that he will prosecute OSA and his cronies. The system demands it, the people want it and it is the right thing to do to halt the moral and social decay of the fabric of this society. How else can we convince our young people that it is wrong to steal from the public purse.Let this be a warning to slippery David, the genie is not prepared to go back into the bottle. Our eyes have been opened, and we can never forget what we have seen with our own eyes. OSA and everyone of his cronies must be prosecuted. Come on David, let’s hear what you have to say on this issue.

  29. Andrew

    I was just thinking…. how can a supposedly God-fearing man, like the Reverend Joseph Atherley, sit among this den of crooks and say nothing. Isn’t he supposed to be the spiritual anchor of the Government?

    Has this man of the cloth no principles? no morals? Isn’t he accountable to his congregation and responsible for its spiritual health?

    That is the problem I have with some ‘Christians’: The Bible’s principles apply to everyone but themselves.’

    In The Reverend’s case,

    Thou shalt not steal (taxpayers money) doesn’t apply to his government, but a clerical officer will be hustled to Dodds for much less.

    I pray for a National cleansing come Tuesday 15Th.


  30. Johnnie Too Bad

    But Andrew, man you mekking bare mocksport, Is dis reverend man not the same one that said there were no Chinese without work permits in Barbados, I might have been dreaming but is there not some kinda bassa- bassa ’bout dis pregnant woman in the right reverend vicinity. Do you not feel say he know ’bout any kickbacks or cost over runs too. The man ain’t blind, he can see and know what is going on. Personally I believe the maxim, if you not part of the solution, then you must be part of the problerm, Andrew you make the call. I rest my case .

  31. Hard driver

    This issue goes a lot deeper then most of us are thinking … Whilst I would agree that putting thieves and crooked politicians in jail would send the right message, I worry for the stability of our nation as there are many thousands out there who think of Owen as a god. How would they react to seeing him and his cronies the same way we all saw Saddam in court behind bars … Getting back the money would be the most important thing for me. The embarrassment and indignity of it all would be enough punishment.