Abortion As Election Issue Heats Up – Follows BLP Candidate And Abortions Manager George Griffith

Abortion In The #1 Killer Of Blacks In America
“Abortion is the number-one killer of blacks in America. We’re losing our people at the rate of 1,452 a day. That’s just pure genocide. There’s no other word for it. (Margaret) Sanger’s influence and the whole mindset that Planned Parenthood has brought into the black community … say it’s okay to destroy your people. We bought into the lie; we bought into the propaganda…

Some blacks have even made abortion “rights” synonymous with civil rights.”
…Rev. John Hunter of LEARN

george-griffith-abortion-barbados.jpg“And for those who feel that women in the 21st century should not terminate a pregnancy if it is unwanted and if they so determined, they would have to ask themselves why are we then saying and talking about fundamental rights and freedoms if we then are going to discriminate against people and condemn that when they exercise that right,” Abortions Manager & BLP Candidate George Griffith quoted in The Nation News

“Dead Weight Of Human Waste Should Be Eliminated” – Founder Of Planned Parenthood, Margaret Sanger
“Organized charity itself is the symptom of a malignant social disease. Those vast, complex, interrelated organizations aiming to control and to diminish the spread of misery and destitution and all the menacing evils that spring out of this sinisterly fertile soil, are the surest sign that our civilization has bred, is breeding and perpetuating constantly increasing numbers of defectives, delinquents and dependents.

It [charity] encourages the healthier and more normal sections of the world to shoulder the burden of unthinking and indiscriminate fecundity of others; which brings with it, as I think the reader must agree, a dead weight of human waste. Instead of decreasing and aiming to eliminate the stocks that are most detrimental to the future of the race and the world, it tends to render them to a menacing degree dominant.”

…Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood (background here)

Will Barbados Elect An Abortions Manager As A Member Of Parliament?
As BLP Candidate and abortions manager George Griffith is finding out, ordinary folks in Barbados aren’t exactly lining up to shake his hand. Oh sure, he has his core support group follow him around looking happy and singing songs – but they look suspiciously like the same people who are committed to Planned Parenthood in a big way.
Will the ordinary Bajan vote for someone who is so committed to ending human life that he made a career out of it?
Even folks who don’t feel strongly one way or another about abortion might not want to see Griffith as their local representative.
How much will abortion be on people’s minds when they hear the name of George Griffith? We found a few recent articles from The Nation News from before the election was called.
There is no doubt that abortion will be a factor in the George Griffith campaign, but no one knows how much of a factor it will be.
What are your thoughts on this, folks?
Here are a few articles from the Nation News…

BFPA taken to task
Published on: 10/15/07.

A BAPTIST PASTOR has rapped the Barbados Family Planning Association’s (BFPA)international prize for safe abortions.Reverend Vincent Wood, the vice-president of the 45-million strong Baptist World Alliance, called the prize disgusting and said that abortion was on par with murder.He was speaking yesterday at the Emmanuel Baptist Church during a service carried on CBC Radio. The cleric preached on the topic Children Are Precious, Don’t Hurt Them.

Wood referred to a Press conference by the BFPA carried in the September 15 edition of the SATURDAY SUN announcing the International Planned Parenthood Federation’s prize and cash award and which quoted president Jefferson Kirton and executive director George Griffith. He also condemned subsequent advertisements by the BFPA reading “pregnant”, “not sure”, “need advice” and inviting the affected party to visit its office.

“The taking of human life . . . is called murder. All those who are destroying human life whether legally or not, that is murder. God does not take lightly to the destruction of life,” he said.He questioned how the BFPA could be asking Government for more subsidy for its life-taking services and queried why a Government minister, also a pastor, had been silent on the matter.

“What is appalling is that many of us have been observing or hearing of things occurring and we are keeping quiet saying; ‘These things don’t affect me, they are not in my house’.We seem not to care. We are prepared to see evil as good and good as evil. We keep quiet when we should be speaking out and speak out when we should be keeping quiet,” he said.

Wood cited St Matthew 18:4 and 5 and 19: and chapters 14 and 15 in which Jesus warned against causing harm to children.Turning his attention to the Child Care Board (CCB), Wood said that statistics suggested that children were being abused an average of two every week. He said it was not good enough for the CCB to say its hands were tied because mothers refused to speak up on their boyfriends.The pastor said the authorities should go after the mothers who were keeping such abuses secret, and suggested they be sent to prison if they refused to tell on the culprits.

Griffith firm on abortion issue
Published on: 10/27/07.

WOMAN should be forced to carry a pregnancy to full term. This is the position of George Griffith, executive director of the Barbados Family Planning Association (BFPA), as he sharply criticised church leaders who disagreed with the association’s stance on abortion.

Responding to an article on Pages 20 and 21 of yesterday’s WEEKEND NATION entitled Ministers Slam Abortion, Griffith told the SATURDAY SUN it was erroneous to believe that women become pregnant simply because abortions were legal. Instead, he pointed to several situations that could result in unwanted pregnancies, including rape and incest.


He added that even in the case of “accidents of passion”, it was unreasonable to expect a woman to carry a child to full term if her education was at stake or if she did not have adequate housing.

Griffith cited the unavailability of financial support as another possible factor. He also pointed to the fact that the Catholic Church disapproved of both contraceptive use and abortion. “What are they leaving women to do?” he asked.Furthermore, he argued that the ministers were taking away the right of women to choose.”Too many men feel they have the right to dictate to women what they should do with their bodies,” he charged.

Griffith further argued that no one, including the church, had been able to say exactly when a foetus became a human being. He indicated that the rights of the woman must take precedence over those of the foetus.

While noting the BFPA performed several other services, he said women must undergo pre-termination counselling before abortions were performed.Griffith added that the association advocated safe abortions because 30 per cent of worldwide maternal deaths were as a result of unsafe terminations.He said the BFPA would have liked if there was no need for abortion, but added that as long as that need existed, the association would continue to perform what they saw as a public health service.


Abortion no, Mr Griffith

Published on: 11/1/07.

I WISH TO RESPOND to Mr George Griffith’s article on Page 9 of the WEEKEND NATION of OCTOBER 19 with the headline Women Have Right To Choose.

Young people, a woman does not have the right to choose! I’m a mother of seven and, believe me, no mother has the right to make the “choice” to destroy her baby. She is called a murderer by society and is punished if she kills her child outside her womb. The only difference here is the child in the womb cannot be seen.

Mr Griffith, do not advocate such immorality to our young people. At conception, a completely separate human person comes into being.This person is entitled to protection and nourishment for nine months by its mother and has the right to be brought to birth, to live the life it is destined and entitled to live, just as you and I.

Young women agree to abortion because they are not fully informed and the counselling they receive is from persons with questionable consciences, with absolutely no respect for unborn life. They are as guilty of the act of taking a life as is the abortionist.

Young women who are given good counselling and are offered emotional and financial support do not abort their babies.In the United States where ultra sound technology is now so perfected, the unborn child is seen for what he or she is, there can be no lies about a “blob of tissue” any more and many babies are being saved. Thank God. The tide is turning!

The following quotation is absolutely clear and I ask those who read this article to meditate on it, for it is the truth.Destruction of the embryo in a mother’s womb (or elsewhere) is a violation of the right to life which God has bestowed upon this nascent life.To raise the question whether we are here concerned already with a human being or not is merely to confuse the issue.

The simple fact is that God certainly intended to create a human being and that this nascent human being had been deliberately deprived of his/her life. And that is nothing but murder. – Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Lutheran pastor and theologian.

Mr Griffith, your lack of compassion for the most defenceless of God’s children is appalling! I am wondering if you have had the inclination or the stomach to view some of the video material now available which shows exactly what goes on in abortion clinics, hospitals and doctors’ offices all over the world – the end product, human beings ending up in incinerators or trash cans. I have!

I have listened to the heartbreaking testimonies of doctors and nurses who have been active in this industry – today their lives are changed. Many remain scarred for life. This cannot be right? Where is your conscience, Mr Griffith?I am not a religious fanatic. This is the reality of abortion. As you said in your article, I have a right to express my views but it is more than that. I have a moral obligation as a Christian to ensure that our young people do not hear only your side of the subject. I am a mother, I have a daughter We do not have the right to choose.I pray God will enlighten you that you will see the folly you preach and teach.



‘Women have right to choose’
Date October 19, 2007

EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR of the Barbados Family Planning Association (BFPA), George Griffith, will not be picking a fight with Reverend Vincent Wood.That’s what he said on Tuesday after noting that the “goodly gentleman has spoken in the absence of good, quality information”.

Speaking with the WEEKEND NATION on Wednesday after attending the official opening of National Blood Bank at Jemmotts Lane, St Michael, Griffith said: “I would not want to fight with him in public; it would be disadvantageous to do that. I wouldn’t want to embarrass him but I think he was speaking as an old-time minister of the Gospel who has not availed himself of the 21st century life.”

On Sunday Wood, vice-president of the Baptist World Alliance, called the BFPA’s International Planned Parenthood Federation’s prize and cash award prize for safe abortions disgusting and said the procedure was on par with murder.

He also criticised the BFPA’s advertisement which read “pregnant”, “not sure”, “need advice” and invites the affected party to visit their Bay Street, St Michael offices.The Baptist minister was not the only person to criticise the BFPA’s prize. A letter writer also did in the Press which was then followed by other letters.

“We are not fazed by that. We think people have a right to express their view. About the award, those competing included the United States, Canada and the entire Western Hemisphere and we were simply advocating and promoting safe terminations.”We were insisting in our proposal and all of our protocols that women who have felt that they needed the termination of pregnancy were exposed to pre-termination counselling and post-termination counselling – something that does not generally happen.

‘Quality service’

“The BFPA allowing women to exercise their right to self-determination and to exercise control over their bodies and their sexuality really and truly is not about dollars and cents. If we had simply received the award and no cash prize that would be fine with us but we are leaders in the area simply because we’re insisting the women be provided with the highest possible quality service and I think we will stand by that.

“And for those who feel that women in the 21st century should not terminate a pregnancy if it is unwanted and if they so determined, they would have to ask themselves why are we then saying and talking about fundamental rights and freedoms if we then are going to discriminate against people and condemn that when they exercise that right,” Griffith said.


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22 responses to “Abortion As Election Issue Heats Up – Follows BLP Candidate And Abortions Manager George Griffith

  1. Anonymous

    DE BUMBLE BEE // January 9, 2008 at 1:59 am

    My BLP colleagues………..

    Kindly do some investigation on what I am about to say .

    Information reaching me indicates that the soon – to – be released Ian Boxill poll have the findings 18 seats to the DEMS. 12 seats to the BEES .

    Unfortunately, Owen got wind of these results after Ian Boxill shared the information with his cousin living in the parish of St. John and other close associates.

    THE RESULT : Owen Arthur has insisted that he REVERSE the results.

    BOXILL RESPONSE : LYING ( TAIWANESE ) Owen Arthur pay me my money…..then you can
    ” doctor the poll results ”


  2. banned

    Forgive, but Parliament has been dissolved. There is now no Prime Minister. Mr. Arthur is intervening in an Industrial dispute (C&W) in his usual manner as the shining knight on the white horse (or whatever). But he no longer the PM. What is happening?

  3. frankology

    What do political candidates, or even govenment have to do with ‘an abortion’. It is a female’s fundamental rights to ‘give life’ or terminate a fetus that she has no plans in bringing into the world. Do you all know the reasons that a female might be going through to make such a decision. We must also deal with societal reasons. The majority of the wealthy will go the route in terminating a fetus carried a daughter to hide ridicule, whilst it is the poor who is unable to raise the fee to terminate a birth. That is reality and the onus lies on the female. If you want to be technical, why don’t we charge the parents who have 16 years and under children that are pregnant and terminate these births.

    As much as the godly preacher is condemning ‘abortions’, if he had a fourteen year old daughter that is pregnant, he would be the first to terminate the pregnancy. It is all right to condemn, but when you are in that predicament, principles are push out the door.


    BFP Comments

    “It is all right to condemn, but when you are in that predicament, principles are push out the door.”

    So true frankology! So true.

    But even if folks might “have to” meet mr Griffiths or one of his staff and the abortion clinic, do they want to bring him home for dinner? You see what I mean, I’m sure.

    The real question is, “How does George Griffith’s association with an abortion clinic impact his electability?”

    Does it help? Does it hurt? No way it is a neutral in his quest to be a Member of Parliament.

    What do you think? How much does his employment help or hurt his chances?

  4. Jerome Hinds

    It is all right to condemn, but when you are in that predicament, principles are push out the door.



    Sounds like this informed your decision to SWITCH in January 2006 !

  5. Georgie Porgie

    Mr Griffith will lose the election in St Philip has he has always done in the past- abortion or no abortion.

    However, I believe that abortions are acts of murder, since fetuses are humans.

  6. YUM YUM I like it!


    This is a rehash of an article you did 3 months ago!

    It was bull-crap then and it is bull-crap now!

    You can do better than this drivel!


    BFP says,

    And we thought it was topical because we are now in an election and the candidate is effectively in charge of abortions on the island. Lots of folks don’t like that. Maybe some see it as a positive, I don’t know.

    But I do know it is a relevant and timely issue.

    Is the reason you don’t like the article because you are a supporter of Griffith, or a supporter of abortion, or one for whom the topic is uncomfortable?

  7. I know some of you men will not like my comment but I know the women will, so I speak up for them and insist not to make abortion an election issue.

    On every continent women abort their pregnancies and it is not to do with race, it is to do with the oppression of women, ultimately, I think by man.

    Women are raped brutalized, forced to have children when not ready, living with absolute poverty, forced to watch their children suffer and die, and you go on with this right wing american religious conservatism.

    Women have a right to choose to have children when they are ready. A man cannot tell a woman you must have a child…that is the earliest form of human subjugation and slavery. Check it out and read, a subjugated woman’s womb is the earliest semi-cuniform symbol for slave, and if you dont understand the philological or historical significance of this then you wont understand feminism and the rights of woman, with regards to man, as a political force.

    So this platform of anti-abortion is an anti-woman ticket.

    If you want me to explain more I’ll give you two examples…your great Bob Marley had so many women that they could have concieved without him knowing it and aborted without his knowledge. Was he a dutiful father? No he wasn’t.
    And could he insist what should his women do with his children. No he was like any man. He has no right to dominate a woman and force her to have his child.

    Listen I have been in this situation before and it was hurtful as a man and i wrote poems about and you can read of it in my book of poetry 44 Love poems. I was even tricked and decieved by a cunning woman.

    But here’s the rub how many of your own mothers had abortions and never told you…do you really know…I’ll tell you one thing my mother had an abortion and had her tubes tied at an early age, and in her life she only ever spoke to me about the abortion once, the tubal ligation yes but the abortion no. And know why? Because no one told her rhesus negative amerindian blood produces anti-bodies to cacausian and negroid rheseus positivi blood. My birth almost killed her, she had a very small waist, and she was in labour for 48 hours with me. She did it out of fear, no one told her of her blood, and i am convinced had she had other children she would not be here today, or i would have a brain damaged brother or sister, like a current friend of mind, with Black Carib blood in her, and a child with cerebral palsy.

    Even with my wife who is diabetic our last child took her to death door, and i told her the next time you get an abortion as i am not prepared to lose you.

    So before you get on with this stupid american nonsense, Griffith is a doctor, leave him to his science, and get off this issue, this sites got to reflect a broader concensus and take the middle group not be hijacked by fringe politics, and i am saying my offer to write a column for you stands, but these type of tiresome issues i will not denigrate to.

    If you want me to reveal your christian american fundamentalism a la George Bush then i will break it down for you in an article and lay all this anti-abortion talk and male chauvinist sentiment to rest.


    BFP Comments,

    Thank you for your input Gary. Now, do you think that Griffith’s association with abortion will make a difference one way or the other in the election? No one seems to be neutral on this subject.

  8. james

    The majority of the population in most countries, including the US despite a strong evangelical opposition, strongly support a woman’s right to choose. I personally find abortion distasteful but would never advocate restricting that choice on any grounds. In this, and other articles, you have made your stance very clear – and fair enough – but I very much doubt that this issue will impact on the electability of Griffith. Planned Parenthood is not some sort of evil organisation dedicated to terminating pregnancies whatever the cost. Its primary remit is actually in the field of education and birth control where it provides essential services to youth and fights such idiocy as “abstinence-only” education. Have a look on Wikipedia. It provides abortions and has been the focus of controversy because of it but what would you propose ? Criminalise abortion and have young girls going to back street clinics with all the risks that it entails ? Without a demand for abortion from women the BFPA would not exist and whilst you may disagree with their position, many people – and probably most people – in Barbados, and that includes churchgoers, understand the necessity of the education and services they provide.


    BFP replies,

    Considering the eugenic roots of Planned Parenthood, and the fact that most of the abortions performed in the USA are upon one minority race – whether you view this as evil or not – Planned Parenthood (and abortion) have a heavy impact upon society in many many ways. PP supporters don’t like to really talk about the impact of the organization in ways that seem so far removed from their original goal of making sure the “lower” races and classes don’t breed too much.

    PP supporters also don’t like to talk about how babies in the womb learn, feel pain, play and show emotion so early in development. I suggest you look up “the silent scream” if you have any doubts.

  9. Rachel Pringle

    The fact that this (abortion) could even be an issue in 2008, for a man who allows women to be in control of their bodies, just supports my feeling that Barbados is still a very patriarchal society.


    BFP replies,

    Hi Rachel,

    You should have a talk with our Shona who is of the opinion that abortion primarily benefits males as it has become a mechanism for males to divorce the natural protective tendencies that develop during mating. Abortion facilitates casual sex and that has become the standard for relationships too. Abortion is about far more than babies, you know.

  10. frankology

    Fantastic submission Gary. No woman should be subjected to give life unless that person had plans in giving life. Another area parents do pressure children to abort pregnancies due to societal embarrassment. What we as a people must do, is deal with the consequences relating to giving live.

    Remember, it is the child who will suffer in the final analysis.

  11. YUM YUM I like it!


    Look back to the last article, I can’t be bothered arguing the same stuff over again.

    Best wishes

    Go DLP

  12. Rachel Pringle

    To BFP: Abortion IS more than about just having babies. It also involves issues of power & control: whether women have ultimate control over their bodies or whether men have that control.

  13. The Devils Advocate

    Abortion makes disposable wombs of women. Abortion torments the woman who has decided to carry it out since she is held up to shame in our society as a ‘murderer’ but the man who told her ‘get rid of it or I will deny its mine’ does not suffer any blame. If she is not strong enough to go it alone she goes through with it. I have a friend who was made to listen to her baby’s heartbeat before it was aborted. The nurse was trying to scare her in to not going through with it. My friend has not been herself since. She never believed in abortion or thought that she would be in a situation that she would need one but she found herself pregnant at 17 and her mother told her ‘I aint raising no babies’ and made the appointment. Her mother left her there and returned to work. She begged her ‘christian’ mother to let her go through with the pregnancy but she refused to hear any alternatives. My friend has been in and out of psychiatric care and she has never forgiven herself even though she has since had three children. She remembers the date and time that it occured even though she is now in her 30’s. She has been hearing that baby’s hearbeat for years and a voice saying ‘murderer’. She said she once woke up screaming “I killed my baby” over and over and had to be sedated.
    Who is the victim here?
    A woman has a right to a choice but any woman who decides to have an abortion should know of stories like this one so that she can make an informed choice and be prepared for the madness that may follow.

  14. Really BFP your argument that abortion facilitates casual sex, and a theory of male dominance is ridiculous.
    For the natural means of abortion was passed on from women to women, in traditional societies, where women regulate their sexual health independently.
    And secondly i thought condoms, which men use, and graphic images of naked women, which men love, are more reponsible for promiscuity. And i dont hear you condemning male masturbation either, which actually getting back to those cuniforms was the original meaning of sin or waste.

    I dont see any appreciation of the feminist movement and feminist philosophy at all in your views.

  15. Avatar Gurl

    That’s why there’s CONTRACEPTION!!!!!!!!!!!

    The pill, the injection, condoms, IUD’s..HELLOOO!!!

    Are we not an EDUCATED society? Can we not learn to PREVENT the sperm and egg from EVER meeting? If life is conceived when sperm meets egg, then anything that prevents the two coming together CANNOT be abortion! Because in THAT case, abstinence is abortion TOO!!!!

    If people would use contraception a lot more often, then abortion would not even be an issue most of the time! (Though, granted, there ARE exceptions!) But hey…if you wanna “avoid” the “uncomfortableness” of contraception, then deal with the “comfortableness” of unplanned pregnancy!

    Some will never learn….

  16. Jinx

    Regardless of his political affiliation, I agree with choice, and a politician who agrees that women should not have children they don’t want is better than one who support people like that reader with (7!) children. Abstinence, faithfulness and marriage are the only way to prevent unwanted pregnancy. Unfortunately Bajans have been and are a promiscuous lot.

  17. Hi Everyone:

    You may be interested to know that over the past 25 years or so, approximately 1 Billion babies have been murdered worldwide. Not because the life of the mother was in jeopardy, or because of rape or incest, but because irresponsible persons have convinced women that they have a right to kill their babies in the womb, if they feel that caring for their babies would inconvenience them.

    In my opinion, abortion for convenience, as a method of birth control, is way beyond wrong – it is evil. Any politician who will actively defend the right of these unborn babies to live will certainly receive my active support.


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