How Do You Like The Sound Of “Prime Minister Clyde Mascoll” ?

The following article was sent to BFP anonymously – probably by the DLP campaign team (or not – that’s just our guess).

Never no mind the source – it makes some good points so we’ll run with it…

BLP Leadership: Unity or Collective Greed?

The launch of the BLP campaign was a well orchestrated affair. I only found two obvious flaws in the proceedings and they were related to Clyde Mascoll.

The first was Mr Mascoll’s cry to “re-elect the Democratic Labour Party” during his address. I was astounded! I wondered whether it was a Freudian slip or a case of divine intervention; similar to the biblical tale of Lord speaking through Balaam’s donkey. Either way, at best it made it clear that Mr Mascoll is seriously confused.

The second was the deafening silence on the matter of Mr Mascoll being ‘anointed’ as the ‘co-leader’ of the BLP. Please don’t tell me that this is yet another case of the Nation and Advocate newspapers both inaccurately recording yet another statement by Mr Arthur.

Barbados can you imagine it! Mr Arthur ‘anointed’ Clyde Mascoll to be ‘co-leader’ of the BLP. This means if he wins the next election look for PM Mascoll in the near future.

People, forget Reggie, forget Mia, forget Liz, forget Billie; Mr Arthur has gone for “Malik wid teet”, to use a term of endearment coined by one of his Cabinet colleagues.

And what of Mr Arthur, you ask? You think him foolish? He is going to be President! You say this is a conspiracy theory? Did you hear Mr Arthur last night? The only leader he could find to compare himself to, was Fidel Castro.

And imagine not a word on the ‘co-leader’ Wednesday night at the BLP meeting! It was like a TV episode of the “Twilight Zone” (under 40s will have to do a Google search on this to get the analogy). And what should we make of the silence, is this a united front? I suggest that it is a blatant case of collective greed!

Much was made of Mr Thompson’s reported comments, that if you are on the football field and a decision was made and you did not like it, then you should walk off, to explain the reason for his walk out of the House. The BLP vehemently objected to this comment and we now know why….

The BLP’s objection is not based on principle but on the fact, as demonstrated in the anointing of Mr Mascoll, they cannot walk off; and Mr Arthur knows it. It is the most obvious case of “i f you’ve got them by the balls, their hearts and minds will follow”.

Mr Arthur knows that those of his parliamentary team who don’t want money, want power and he knows that he is their meal ticket. Mr Arthur also knows that despite their obvious contempt for him, the ‘negrocrats’ in his party need this “poor boy from Rose Hill” to win back government. And he is rubbing it in their face.

In his quest to rid Barbados’ political landscape of ‘negrocrats’ Mr Mascoll has become Mr Arthur’s comrade in arms. His heir apparent! While this social engineering agenda is commendable in principle, what does it tell us about the leadership of the BLP, especially when we are told “leadership matters most” in this election?

Mr Arthur, in foisting his ‘co-leader’ onto the BLP, has demonstrated that the spirit of greed as captured in the1985 calypso by John King, “I want a Plantation” is alive and well in his Party. Mr Arthur gambled on his colleagues’ desire, at any cost, for the people of Barbados to continue to call them ‘master’, call them ‘boss’ and their common commitment never to be poor again.

Mr Arthur has exposed that the leadership of the Barbados Labour Party is not united by philosophy, or vision, or love but by collective greed.

In 1994, when Mr Sandiford’s authoritarianism loomed large, four DLP backbenchers joined with the BLP in a vote of no-confidence against him. These men of morals and conscience, these great sons of Barbados knew that it was better that they should die for the people, than the whole nation should perish. These were God fearing, decent men who put their country before party.

Can the members of the BLP, after the ‘Hardwood’ scandal which demonstrated Mr Mascoll’s incompetence, put Mr Arthur’s personal political agenda to anoint Mr Mascoll ahead of Barbados? The evidence suggests that the answer is a clear ‘yes’.

It is ironic, that in such a short period of time Mr Mascoll could create such political confusion in the BLP. Finally, they understand that many of the problems that Mr Thompson faced over the years were not of his making but, even then, the consequence of the actions of Mr Arthur’s political marionette, Clyde Mascoll. But he is now their problem to deal with. I wish them well.

Mr Arthur, the Dees didn’t want Mr Mascoll, the Bees don’t want Mr Mascoll. Who are you to anoint him as the de facto leader of Barbados? This is not Camelot and you are no king to impose him on us!

It is obvious that the collective greed of the BLP candidates outweighs any sense of personal ethics, loyalty to party and most damningly, commitment to this country. The BLP team of political ‘paros’ is unable to say ‘no’ to Mr Arthur’s power fix.

In this election, I agree that leadership matters most. The BLP has shown it doesn’t have a team with the honesty and integrity to challenge Mr Arthur’s leadership vision for Barbados which is “Malik wid teet”.

We must depend on Mr Thompson to once and for all rid us of this political parasite.

To the BLP all we can say is: Goodbye, Farewell, Amen.

John Q Public


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25 responses to “How Do You Like The Sound Of “Prime Minister Clyde Mascoll” ?

  1. Rumplestilskin

    Oh my, very nicely written and an incisive bit of thought.

    Very true. Funny, your thoughts on hearing Mascoll’s ‘slip’ mirror mine. Whether something had intervened to ensure that ‘truth will out’.

    Having said that, you have now put the association of Mascoll with Balaam’s donkey forever in my mind.

    Maybe quite apt.


  2. Rumplestilskin

    Actually, when I think about it further, what makes for a very worrying situation is when one person i.e. Owen, is so blatantly and cheerfully playing marionnettes with his colleagues, at will.

    I guess in their view leadership does matter, but in my view a strong and capable team willing to voice their views and hold to conscience also matters.

    What his game of marionnettes shows is that he alone holds the power, he alone ‘dictates’ the rules.

    The only conclusion is what is drawn above, that the rest are willing to do anything to get what they want, even be willing to let him play his little game.

  3. Sentinel

    Does Thompson “know” something that others are not perceiving? As the BU has stated in an article, entitled “Is Thompson Suffering From Obama Sickness?”, “Thompson can take encouragement from the victory by Obama last night in the Iowa Caucus. This is a significant victory against the background that Obama has trailed Hillary Clinton in the nomination race to represent the Democrats in the upcoming Presidential Election.” If this victory by Obama is a “sickness”, “Oh! What A Sickness/Feeling!”
    “Obama Sickness” seems to be sweet!

  4. cherry2enpowered

    Why the sly remark of ‘ probably by the DLP campaign team ‘. Why not a DLP supporter or nothing at all?. If you are supposed to protect your writers {and viewers} leave out the sly remarks at the beginning of the articles[s].

    The Prime Minister announcement of Mascoll as co-leader is a desperate attempt for votes for the party since Mia popularity as an emerging Prime Minister has since waned considerably.

    If the BLP returned to power would this attempt still played out or would Mascoll fade in the background and Mia returned to second in command?

    Since Macoll said he is not being used, can we assume then Maccoll is here to stay? and if he is being used and doesn’t known it, how would that affect his image afterwards? and if this manoeuvring actually costs them votes since die-hard supporters have not embrace Mascoll, and may swithced allegiance, can they look back and say, ‘this is what cost us the elections?.

    Mia is playing the game well!!!.

  5. cherry2enpowered

    I am being the devil advocate here.

    Owen proclaim Mascoll as co-leader.

    Suppose Owen could not for one reason or another performs the duties of leader of the current party.

    That would leave Mascoll in charge – from co-leader to leader.

    Would the current members leave their future political careers in the hands of a newcomer?


    So can we then expect a power struggle or a coup d’ etat in the present party to secure their furure.

    lol. Food for thought.

  6. God Bless David (Not Thompson or Commissiong!)

    “Mr Arthur has exposed that the leadership of the Barbados Labour Party is not united by philosophy, or vision, or love but by collective greed.”

    At least the BLP united by something! LOL….

  7. Jerome Hinds

    The HALLMARKS of a creeping DICTATORSHIP !

    Owen Arthur has thrown all his money & support behind Clyde Mascoll…..leaving out the true BLP supporters !

    Owen Arthur is hellbent on creating a HIGHER DICTATORSHIP in Barbados !

    The several visits to this country by FIDEL CASTRO at the invitation of Owen Arthur…..was a strategic ploy by Owen Arthur to pursue CASTRO’s model of governance !

    That is…….do not respond to the concerns of your CITIZENS !

    Hence :

    Cost of living !

    Cost overruns !

    QEH !

    Languished at the…..wayside !

    The REPUBLIC will be complete with Owen’s 4th term !

  8. Sargeant

    You folks don’t give Arthur credit for being a master strategist. You thought that he was luring those DLP members to the BLP under the “Politics of Inclusion”. Actually he was implementing his succession plan, he didn’t think there was leadership material in his cabinet so he did the next best thing …. recruit from the DLP. First start at the bottom with minor members like Hammie La then work up through Kerrie and the others until Voila!!!! he lands the big fish. Having landed the big fish he showers him with praise ( he does so much of my work that I feel ” reinvigorated”, he bestows titles upon him (co-leader) and annouces how important he is to the campaign. Meanwhile Mia the prospective heir apparent doesn’t know which way is up. First she is promoted, then demoted, then showered with praise ( Best Deputy PM anywhere) and Clydie in the wings says you have nothing to be afraid of, I am here to be used. If I can offer any advice it is “look over your shoulder”, the pat on your back may not be an empty hand.
    I thought that Arthur was Machiavelli now I’m thinking Sun Tzu

  9. Anonymous

    I find this uncharactaristicly strange, especially so high up. In Barbados we have often have issues in government concerning supercession- it is a big sore point in business.

    This is not the correct way for highest governance in the land to proceed. Something wrong. Have to call the union to look into it.

  10. Johnnie Too Bad

    Please do not call the trade union, to do so is to miss the whole point of what Arthur is about. Arthur is about pure Anancy politics. With nothing much to do, he is hellbent on showing folks who is the boss in his party.Remember the people he had to succeed him, Billie, Reggie, Mia, Liz et al. And at each turn he has shown that where he is concerned, he make them and he can break them. Mascoll is only the next in line to believe Owen’s hype. But then again, Mascoll is an idiot and he will believe anything. So my friends it ain’t no surprise that Malik wid teet is the latest to be used and abused. Why the surprise.

  11. Anonymous

    If you wondering whether or not Arthur was/is a dictator you now have all the evidence. I am sure Mia and all the others were taken for a big surprise when he announced ( was he sober?) Clyde as coleader.
    The BLP is in sambles and is not the party to lead this country. Arther has been able to brainwash some brainless people into thinking he is a little god.

    What sort of leader would allow George Payne only to attend 4 meetings in Parliament within a year?

  12. cherry2enpowered

    Let’s go a little further shall we?. What kind of leader can absent himself from parliament for such a long period of time, when he is duly elected to speak on behalf of his constituents and in his capacity as Prime Minister for the country, all becos he can give heat [remember Irene Sandiford?] but can’t take any?.

    If memory serves me correctly [and I stand corrected] the statement was never refuted!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

    This election is the battle of the KINGS.

    King Arthur and King David. There is no Mention of a King Mascoll in History.

    He had to be moved out of the way.

    He was recuited by King Arthur, being promised the rank of second in command from being a foot solider over seasoned battle scars soliders.

    Now that he is in the enemy’s camp, the weaker of the two armies was able to regroup and rebuilt [ever notice that after his crossing all the furoe die down and realisation set in that Eswick was not the troublemaker] and now after two battles, King David have a realistic chance of restoring pride back to an the army backed by a united troop and go forth and engaged in a head on battle with King Arthur and his army.

    Again this is the battle of the Kings.

    And the Father will determine the final outcome.

  13. Sargeant

    I only have the online version of the Nation so I don’t know if I am missing part of the story however in the story the PM states that if a vote of confidence should be moved against any one for helping the “small man” it should be him and not Clyde Mascoll because he made a phone call to a banker to try to save the business of Neville Rowe some years ago. May I suggest that making a phone call to a banker is a far different proposition from taking 2 million of the tax payers dollars to fund an ill conceived venture. A venture so far where the funds have not been accounted for. The PM and government were elected to help all Barbadians and they go on with this tripe “helping the poor black man” and helping the “small man”. I suggest that they should be doing everything for the benefits of all bajans everyday.
    The PM also states that they helped Richard Sealy and his brother secure a contract to refurbish the National stadium a few years ago even though they were not the lowest bidder. That raises all sorts of questions e.g what criteria does the gov’t use in awarding contracts to any bidder? I also want to know why the PM chooses to disclose personal information that he receives in his capacity as a government member on the political platform when it has absolutely nothing to do with the election.

  14. Sargeant

    In relation to my previous post ’tis the season for releasing personal information so I look forward to another meeting and hearing about the cheque. The cheque which was deposited to the account by”mistake”.

  15. John

    …. he miss and took it.

    It thus became a mistake.

  16. Georgie Porgie

    great pun John

    …. he miss and took it.

    It thus became a mistake.

    thats pure class! I enjoyed that stroke!
    through the covers!

  17. Johnnie Too Bad

    It is great that we now have a DLP manifesto, but please David can you get real. You know how a number of people are thiefing the taxpayers money via sham consultancies, bent private companies, various kickbacks and a general atmosphere of corruption all over the place. My point toReudon, Branford, David, Chris, what are you people planning to do about it? The money can easily be traced and we need to know that Owen and some of his buddies could spend some time at Dodds. Unless you are prepared to do something about it, please David give it a rest. God knows we need a change of government but if we are going to change for the sake of change and nothing more, then better the devil you know. With all the stuff you got on the BLP, why in god’s name are you a pussycat. Have you no balls man. I guess that the powers that be will not publish this comment but hey, more fool the administrators.

  18. Johnnie Too Bad

    Sargeant, you hit the nail firmly on the head, the fact of the matter is that something very dangerous is taking place in Barbados, we are seeing a new breed of politician, the emergence of a professional political class whose first priority is to enrich themselves, and feed fat upon the backs of ordinary bajans.
    Just how many of our politicians today are conviction politicians with specific views on solving the problems that face us today?
    We are beset with these parasites living off the people, and treating us with mere contempt. I am therefore not surprise to hear someone like Owen talking about helping the poor black man.
    If the likes of Owen knew their history or knew where they were coming from, he would know that one of his task would be to increase the base of local bajans owning and running most of the businesses in our local economy, but alas these piss poor apologies for leaders are more interested in international travel for them and their escorts than representing the ordinary people in the country.
    Has anyone ever stop to think that these useless parasites study law, economics etc, but never do well in the jobs they have been trained for, instead a very complex job of leading and running the country, they expect to hit the ground running with no training. Are they any different to the robbers, drug dealers or petty criminals? I think not. In any case if the leaders can thief, why are we locking up ordinary people trying to make a living. The fish stinks from the head down

  19. Johnno

    Wow Loss!!!! Things heating up bad in this island. Anyhow…”Malik Wid Teet” being PM is academic…the Dems got this election in the bag..if the BLP win we can look for snow in BIM…and that will not happen.I just want PM Thompson to lock them all up fuh real!!!

  20. De Orginal

    You know stranger things have happened Owen Arthur became PM in in 1994………………lol

  21. John

    I haven’t seen anything from the Chief Town Planner reported in the press which relates to the illegal erection of bill boards, and misuse of private property.

    I was looking through the Nation Archives and came across this article about the illegal use of utility poles, the private property of BL&P and I could only smile.

    I wonder if the parties are all in breach of the law!!

    Dangers posed from signs fixed on poles

    Date July 18, 2005
    Brief Dangers posed from signs fixed on poles
    A manager of the Barbados Light & Power Company (BL &P), Stephen Worme, has drawn the attention of Barbadians to the dangers posed when posters and signs are affixed to utility poles. It is common place to find post

    A MANAGER of the Barbados Light & amp; Power Company (BL & amp;P), Stephen Worme, has drawn the attention of Barbadians to the dangers posed when posters and signs are affixed to utility poles. It is common place to find posters announcing upcoming fetes or signs pointing directions to some place of importance in the neighbourhood affixed to utility poles. It has been going on for years and it is certain that most Barbadians would not have given thought to the possibility that any such posters or signs created problems for BL & amp;P workmen.

    What gives food for thought is Worme’s observation that “from a safety perspective”, workmen climb the poles and it becomes difficult when they try to get their spurs into the poles and cannot” because of staples or nails or some other solid means of sticking things into the poles”. He also said that even when the signs were removed what was used to affix them often posed a problem for the company’s crewmen.

    BL & amp;P is one of the companies in the country that receives kudos for its operation and it is known that compared with other power companies in the region its rating is very high. Part of that efficiency is linked to its ability to respond quickly in most cases to customer complaints and more often than not the work required entails crewmen climbing poles to repair overhead wires and so on.

    For no other reason it can be appreciated that nothing should be done to place these workers in any danger, especially in circumstances and through actions that can be easily avoided.

    Worme stressed that it was also against the law to affix signs and posters to the company’s 30 000 poles and noted that much of the signage affixed to the poles was advertising, which was forbidden in such circumstances under the Town and Country Planning Act.

    Worme made the point that it was necessary to draw the attention of the public to the situations from the point of view of the law and as it applied to the safety of the company’s workers. He was gracious in claiming that the action complained of was mainly the result of ignorance on the part of the perpetrators.

    We accept that ignorance can be a contributory factor but it is certain that when the signage or posters used are placed on the poles to alert the public of money-making events, it is done to benefit from free advertising. What the perpetrators might not have known is that it is against the law but they would have known that they intended to advertise their functions.

    It is the same type of thinking that encourages people to advertise their fetes, dances and whatever on the STOP signs on side roads leading into major roads. These posters often cover the word STOP and those unfamiliar with the road are as a result not alerted since the traffic sign is more often than not covered by the poster. The consequences of this action can be the loss of life.

    Whatever the law might say about breaches where the situations and actions mentioned are concerned, consideration for others should be enough to encourage citizens to refrain from the type of behaviour that can place others at risk of their lives.

  22. John

    Nope, The billboards are still up. Saw them this morning.

    But isn’t Owen the Minister responsible for Town Planning?

    Truth is, this is the silly season and anything goes!!

  23. PoliticiansneedtheLORD

    These political parties in Bim needs praying for,they are too corrupt. The BEES have shown so much arrogance and lots and lots of greed.The DEES seem to look positive but as soon as they get into power it is the same thing as the BEES,David Comissiong and his three candidates are speakin out on some pressing issues but what the 4 of those could do?Comissiong needs to be more positive about leading this country.

    So i am voting for my one and only leader and that is JESUS CHRIST,i wish you would do the same.

  24. Anonymous

    As the Minister in charge of Town Planning ArthuR was able change from zone one to zone two ….so if he wanted to he could have the billboards removed if he wanted one way or the other.

    The Bees are on the run. How else can you explain the cancellation of the debates. They are shielding Clyde who is the co leader. I am sure however that they will put some spin on this. This is by far the most aggressive and nasty political campaign to date.

  25. Johnnie Too Bad

    Malik wid teet I hear now having second thoughts about what he gine do fuh work when the 16th come. It is understood that he has sent emissaries to sound out DLP folks. He want to be allowed to work should he lose his seat. Personally I think the traitor ought to be put down, but then again I am one tough sod.