Death Threats In Barbados: Adrian Loveridge Files Written Complaint With Police

Comment by BFP Editor:

The following letter was faxed today from Adrian Loveridge to Police Commissioner Dottin and is the second letter on the subject that we know of. Adrian also wrote to Prime Minister Arthur on December 29, 2007 and that letter can be viewed at BFP’s Barbados Death Threats: Copy Of Letter From Adrian Loveridge To Prime Minister Owen Arthur.

As well as Barbados Free Press and Barbados Underground, we have also seen similar threats against Adrian Loveridge and his wife and business at Keltruth Blog. The editors at Keltruth Blog might be in more of a position to assist the police with IP numbers and such than BFP and BU are – for obvious reasons.

Take it away, Adrian…

Personal attention of the Commissioner of Police

Mr, Darwin Dottin


A few days ago the brother of the Chief Justice, Mr. Peter Simmons, telephoned me at our hotel to voice concern about any possible linkages between himself or brother, and what can only be described as almost daily death threats against myself and wife.

Most of these death threats and similar vows to burn down our hotel have been placed on two very popular blogs: Barbados Free Press and Barbados Underground.

Barbados Free Press recently advised that they have identified at least one of the death threats to IP: timed at 10.39pm (GMT) on 28th December 2007.

I understand that Cable and Wireless are willing to investigate this matter and it is possible to trace the sender (s) of these deeply offensive threats which are often linked to pornographic websites and contain explicit vile comments.

I promise you my full co-operation to track down this person (s).

During the nearly 20 years of residence on Barbados, my wife and I have tried to make a useful contribution to our field of endeavour, tourism.

Of the 106 hotels on Barbados rated by the worlds most visited website, TripAdvisor, Peach and Quiet, is currently ranked #2, which are entirely based on actual guests comments.

I thank you for considering this matter and wish you and your family a healthy and happy 2008.

Adrian Loveridge
2nd January 2008

faxed to: 429 8755 (Administration Office of the Commissioner of Police) at 06.15hrs


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23 responses to “Death Threats In Barbados: Adrian Loveridge Files Written Complaint With Police

  1. Anonymous

    You need to let us know about the response to your letter. I am sure the police monitors this blog and recognises that we the people are very vigilent and are monitoring how they treat with people and their concerns.

    Be careful, it is silly season and certain people are very desparate. I am now very much afraid since the PM has suggested that he will do whatever is required to ensure that the DLP is not returned to office.

  2. De Orginal

    Sorry to hear about your dead threats Adrian but dont expect any assistance from Darwin Dottin as the caption on the BFP page says he only does what the politicians tell him. That should read BLP politicians.

  3. Anonymous

    Today on Down To Brasstacks – those on the panel,particularly clyde mascoll were downright disrespectful to Adrian Loveridge.

    First when Adrian started to ask his question – mascoll responded by saying ‘da is loveridge?’

    Then when the question was asked by adrian – re hotels conversion to condos and its impact – Mascoll rudely said – you answer it ‘ and David ellis and harold hoyte laughed out loud along with mascoll.

    Instead of david ellis treating adrian with respect – he allowed a display of rude behaviour by mascoll – and then without the question being answered – he cut off adrian and turned to another caller.

    I expected better of david ellis as moderator – if that was a BLP politician he would be fawning and scraping all over them.

    Sickening,real sickening.

  4. Hants

    David Ellis and Harold Hoyte have probably put their Journalistic Integrity on hold until after the Election.

    Politricks of Inclusion having its effect on the “crats”.?????

  5. frankology

    I listen to Brass Tacks, I don’t know which one you listened to, but your portrayal of what happened is totally incorrect. I too was surprise that the caller was Mr. Loveridge and Mascoll tried to ensure that it truly was Mr. Loveridge and he asked in bajan vernacular “if it is Mr. Loveridge.I did not hear any displeasure or insinuating remark; and he responded in the affirmative. Secondly, to Mr. Loveridge’s question “re hotels conversion to condos and its impact” The response was simple “you answer it”. Mr. Loveridge immediately answered the question. To me, it seems that Mr. Mascoll was not in receipt of info or he might be using reverse tactic for Adrian to give an answer for him to refute. That is politics my friend, and most of all, it is an election.

    What we as a nation must ascertain, is the truth in all political statements and ignore innuendos due to partisan politics

  6. Brass tacks was on today??????

  7. Adrian Loveridge


    Mr. Mascoll said ‘400 new rooms’ at Needham Point.
    Actually 354, less the 112 plus that were there before, so a net gain of 242 rooms or just about the same number as one of the 27 hotels that have closed over the last 13 years.
    ie: Sam Lords Castle Hotel.

    Mr. Mascoll said that there were NOT 2,000 lost jobs in the tourism sector between 2002 and 2004.
    FACT: Down from 14,200 to 12,200 persons according to published figures by the Ministry of Labour.

    Mr. Mascoll said that there was growth in Condomium Hotels.

    Can anyone name a SINGLE Condominium hotel on Barbados that is open?

    You see, this is the problem we have in tourism.
    Persons, giving the impression that they are knowledgeable and informed about the industry and supposedly representing the Government in
    high office.

    When in fact they are completely misrepresenting the truth!

  8. adrian the advice i can give u is that these persons are very smart and as long as they threat was not direct they can only be charged with reckless endangerment, i speaking to you as an ex police, under the laws of barbados the threat must be made as in I will or i gonna.

    thats why i keep telling you, these people are smart and know what they dealing with but they are not too smart. there are many points to prove under the non fatal offences act and under de area of threatening words, you must prove the threat was made direct, ask any attorney and they will tell you, who tell you otherwise just messing with your head.

    yes you do have a case but if a direct threat was no case of threats will be filed, its only a common sense thing.

    and if u dont have any fear, well no sense pushing bcos thats the main point to prove in the offence.

    just make sure u have all de documents as in emails where the comment came to so you could verify, i dont mean anything u copy and paste, something which cannot be edited, these are things which the accused attorney will try to oppose so make sure you have all you corners cleared, these people are not regulars, they know the law.

    just some guidance, up to you to listen or ignore

  9. Hants

    “Mr. Mascoll said ‘400 new rooms’ at Needham Point.”
    Adrian says “Actually 354”.

    You are probably wrong Adrian. I think you forgot the Kitchens,pantry rooms,supply rooms, storage rooms, swimming pool equipment room,Garden tool room……..

    Politics of inclusion.

    OK… so I won’t make it as a comedian.

  10. anon

    why does this site has so much about adrian loveridge. Does he own the site?


    BFP Comments

    No, Adrian Loveridge has nothing to do with the running of Barbados Free Press. He is, however, an excellent writer and journalist and we are pleased to be able to publish his work. Especially since the corrupt Minister of Tourism had him fired from his part-time job as a columnist with the Barbados Advocate newspaper.

    Adrian has been in the news lately because government agents have been threatening his life, his family and his business in the comments sections of several Bajan blogs including BFP. We – meaning a number of Barbados-based blogs – have now decided to publish the IP numbers of the person(s) threatening Adrian so the police can act. That is why you are seeing his name mentioned so much here and at Barbados Underground.

  11. Rumplestilskin

    Today on the dialogue with Richard Sealy and Hoyte, Mascoll also said that the economy is NOT AN ISSUE at this election!

    Huh? THIS from a ‘potential’ Finance Minister??

    You have GOT to be kidding!

    Thankfully, Richard Sealy, although not the shadow Minister of Finance, at least exhibited enough know-how and plain old commonsense to put him right.

    Good lawd, what WAS he thinking?

    The economy is always an issue and is particularly at this time. If he thinks that the economy is fine, then we are in a worse state managerial-wise than we thought.


  12. Anonymous

    Why do we bother to listen to Mascoll? He cannot be trusted? When is he ever telling the real truth?

  13. Undertaker

    Adrian Loveridge – you have to count in the rooms at Her Majesty Prison Doods. Seriously though you know you stuff so I belive C. Mascoll just let you answer it so he could refute your answer, no big deal anything would happen around this time. Until ……. keep up the good work, oh by the way I think you should start a tourism blog, you have a wealth of knowledge to share, maybe the BTA would read since I see all over the internet that they are practically giving away tickets to come to Barbados (subsidising heavily) an even with that the numbers are still not the best. The people are coming free/cheap and then they don’t have much to spend. They are still pushing at the US market strong, right now which I don’t think they should be because the US is in some financial trouble right now. (I just rent 2 apts so I don’t know much)

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  15. anonymous

    If these threats were made by phone to a individual in the USA than you can file a complaint in the USA. Get yourself a court order and deliver it to Cable & Wireless US headquarters. Than you will see action taken since you have taken decision away locallly.

    When you eventually find out who were these people. Take them to Civil Court for pain, suffering and fear.. In the US you would be well compensated if they have assets there. Less in Barbados but you do have to send a strong message to vulgar people.

  16. Adrian Loveridge


    Thank you for the advice… taken.
    If you were still a serving Police Officer and had attained the rank of Commissioner, how long would you have waited to respond to a citizen who had received multiple death threats?

  17. Anonymous

    To Kadri !!

    Dont know if you went on the Keltruth blog recently but you have been commended highly.
    My advice to you is to be sure that your comments are being interpreted in the way you wanted.
    I just have this sneaky feeling that your words,however insightful, are being used to fill an agenda…….but that is just my feeling.

  18. adrian listen good to me, i dont blame you nor de commissioner in the way constables handle reports, i blame the entire administration, many or any police will say how police handle reports but i can tell you and many other people that few reports in barbados are handled in a very stupid way, some officers do act as tho they work for themselves, i remember going on duty with sergeants and reports came tru the radio and hearing comments like “not me, let de next shift deal with that report”

    many constables get reports and do nothing also ranking officers above, it seems as tho the commissioner only ridicule officers for not making traffic cases and turn a blind eye on crime cases.

    what i can say is that your report may have been handed to a constable or sergeant to investigate following protocol, then the commissioner should follow-up on the case.

    yes police in bim do work and some pussyfoot, i dont know if dottin take orders from politicians but what i can say is, that when he get a report, he handle it via protocol, that man is a man who goes by the book and he even charge officers who fail to fall in line.

    but then again, if personnel administration division run by de govt, and p.a.d is who select who gets a promotion, then it makes you go hmmm as in who becomes commissioner as well, so i guess this answer your question.

    we do have police who do work like i said but then again you dont know who is who, some does work and deal with cases that were never given to them and they get ridicule more than those who does nothing, so its the admin to blame, not admin as in the paper work guys, but the supervisors who run the shifts, stations and divisions.

    my advice is if you get no response, get a lawyer and sue the attorney general, more like michael lashley i would recommend lol, opposition-liability lawyer, you cant want nothing more than him.

  19. adrian when i usta get reports regardless, the only thing that stopped me from dealing with such report is if one of a greater nature arises like a life and death situation.

    a report is a report and all must be dealt with, a simple theft of soap could escalate to a murder in a supermarket.

  20. Johnnie Too Bad

    Adrian, I have the utmost respect for you and what you are trying to do. So on behalf of Bajans thank you very much. (What really gets my goat on all this and to tell you the truth I planning to join the goat party), that we will always leave things to others rather than trying to put our house in order.
    It is all part of an elaborate plan to keep you Adrian from raising your voice. All I can suggest is to watch yourself. I waiting until after the 15th and if OSA should ever win a fourth term, I planning to start my own private security firm.I plan to go to America and recruit only 6′ 8′ ex cons to provide personal security, for we are really going to need it. Keep your nose clean Adrian and let us work to get rid of this vindictive administration. These folks tell so many lies in tourism, they are in constant fear of being exposed, so they are quite prepared to lash out regardless.

  21. Bimbro

    Adrian, good luck with this. What has happened to you is, TOTALLY, unacceptable in BIM, nevermind, anywhere else! Restitution must be sought AND obtained!!!!

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