Questions we would like answered by Government before the election on 15th January 2008!

Let’s see where this takes us.

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35 responses to “Questions we would like answered by Government before the election on 15th January 2008!

  1. Anonymous

    Where is the money from the sale of Eastry House?
    What is the true cost of:
    a) the new prison
    b) ABC expansion
    c) Refurbishment of Harrison’s Cave
    d) the oil terminal
    e) Kensington Oval
    f) Gems
    g) Airport expansion
    h) New Coast Guard Station.
    I would let others put their questions re: cost of other projects.
    Why was the Hardwood debate hijacked?
    What has become of the housing project promoted by Liz Thompson? (honey bee houses in Westbury Rd)
    Did you not see the need to look at the cost of living b4 this election time?
    Why are some ministers still insisting that their wealth was gained by their sweat when we the electorate know better?

  2. Andrew

    How come The Nation is ordered to stop publishing articles by Peter Wickham??

    Are articles by Albert Branford stopped as well???

    How come Rommell Marshall is allowed to run for the house of assembly after breaking the laws of Barbados??

    Is there one law for the Medes and another for the Persians??

    Why so-called ‘sensible’ ‘educated’ people, can’t see the implications of Owen’s nomination speech??

    More questions later..

  3. when will fathers be able to put women before the courts for child maintenance via the same channels as the mothers?

    when will the bowmanston water facility be upgraded to avoid water outages for the eastern communities?

    when will there be an independent body who acts on behalf of each barbadian citizen to raise concerns to the govt?

  4. John

    Which Physical Development Plan has the GOB been following since 1991?

  5. Anonymous

    TO:Owen See – more/Want -more Arthur

    1.Is it true you were given a condo at Port St Charles by Cow in exchange for tax concessions

    2.How many of your ministers are millionaires and how many billionaires

    3.Why are there so many lesbians and homosexuals in your cabinet

    4.Is the amount of money stashed away at the foreign bank account in Miami – still set at $40 million dollars?

    Speak now or forever hold your piece – Bob Lindquist – the forensic auditor coming for you.

  6. I have no questions for the Government, the time has long past on any number of things that concerned us the people and that their response was either silence, or condemnation for asking, or a response of name calling. It is decision time for the people of Barbados.

    Decision 2008 should be an easy one for the people of Barbados on several fronts.

    Your concerns about illegal immigration : you where told that you are xenophobic, and lazy

    Your concerns about the GoB intent to decrminalize buggery and to place condoms in Glenadairy : You were told that you where homophobic, and too religous

    Your concerns about the high cost of land and land sales to foreigners: You were told that your concerns where unfounded

    Your concerns about high retail prices: met with silence until the last moment and even then the PM called for more studies and information.

  7. Politricks.

    Here’s a question I’d like answered by the BLP rep for my area!

    I moved house middle of the year 2007, after many years at old address. In the run-up to elections, the BLP rep from my area was working my area like he cared for me and my vote.
    “Saw to it” that I was re-registered in my new area
    – had me sign paper en ting, and I feel I ready! – HA!

    Good thing I went to JB’s Supermarket this morning!
    As I walking in, I see the man with the big lotta electoral ledger en ting, so I axe a kreshtun.

    yes, I register – the wife register,too.
    But in the OLD constituency,
    where it mighta well suit the BLP for me to be registered…and vote.

    Wife cruel!
    She smell the BLP plot and phone D.RightBody to find out where to mek the last minute rush to..
    and around 3 p.m. this Monday afternoon, Dec. 31st,2007,
    I find us only NOW getting register for real in the new constituency!

    Had I not gone to JB’s this morning,
    I woulda be One of Dem runnin bout
    lookin for de right place to go and vote!
    Where are YOU registered?
    – you sure?


    Watch yuh see dey try en thief dis one too!

    just like in St.George when de lights went out
    and 2 crucial ballot boxes disappear mysteriously! -Wunnuh remember dat?!

    but de landslide done begin.!
    I talkin to nuff people and not a BOY en confident fuh de bees an dem.
    EVERYbody talking change in dum craw.

    Watch en see.


    Where are the electoral observers?
    When are they scheduled to appear on our local scene.
    ARE THEY scheduled to appear?
    Barbados has now reach de point where we need UN observers on de ground.

    Nuh ‘Bajan Respectability’ nothing.
    Dem days done: dis is NOW – not 1987

    We corrupt just like de rest,now!
    we need international observers.

  8. Any faithful attempted to answer to any of the question posed would be in the form of a promise, since any action to turn around anything must be made law in parliament which is currently at an end. What do they say about promises? and are you a fool?

  9. This fella account is similar to yours but he is a BLP supporter and probably does not share your concern.

    [quote]Jumping to conclusions again as usual, huh, Adrian? I called the BLP office because I am obviously voting BLP. I went to Alexandra School (St Peter Constituency) again this morning and the secretary in front of the principal’s office said no one told her anything about voter registration today. I also went to St. Albans Primary School in St. James North where I live and again found it closed. I then proceeded up the road to the Gardens, St. James where my current representatiive’s office is located. The secretary searched two files looking for the forms without success. Then she made three telephone calls and told be that the St. Albans School should be opening 4:30 – 7P:00 this evening to facilitate registration. Keeping my fingers crossed.[/quote]

  10. Anonymous

    Can I get the shooting range in Waterford close down?

    It is an eternal nuisance to us who live nearby.

  11. Sargeant

    1)Why was the Minister in charge of the prison not called to testify at the inquiry into the cause of the prison fire
    2) Will the PM release the FBI report listing Barbadian public servants with balances in US accounts that bear no relation to their earnings
    3) Will the PM provide the real cost of the ABC highway( Mascoll tripped all over himself when questioned by Tony Marshall on Brasstacks and finally said the PM knew the real figures)
    4) Does the gov’t have a land use policy? Could someone explain it to us
    5) How come your gov’t did not pass any Integrity /conflict of interest legislation in the past 13 years
    6) If your gov’t is so commited to education why has the public library been allowed to fall into disrepair
    7) Is it just bad luck your gov’t signed contracts with two companies for major projects and the principals of one company has been convicted of extortion, bribery and conspirarcy to impede the IRS in relation to activities elsewhere and the principal of the other company is facing a civil suit for fraud in another jurisdiction

  12. Jay

    Unfortunately,since I am in the United States I cannot vote but I’ve always wondered the following.

    1.)Why has there been no national debate with the public concerning the new Constitution if Barbados were to vote on a referendum for Republic status ?

    2.)Why was the Republic referendum that has been promised by the BLP taken so long for an actual vote ?

    3.)Why has the illegal immigration problem not been effectively dealt with under the Arthur administration ?

    4.)Will CSME not add to the illegal immigration problems currently in Barbados & how effectively can the Barbados Immigration department enforce CSME if it currently cannot control the illegal immigration problem ?

    5.)Shouldn’t voting rights only be conferred to Barbadian nationals with Citizenship if there were ever to be a new Constitution ?

    6.)Will there ever be a public dialogue with Barbadian citizens concerning not only the advantages of CSME but also its repercussions in the short & long term ?

    7.)Would the new Constitution base citizenship by descent[jus sanguinis] rather than by birthright[jus soli ] ?

    8.)In the world of globalization,isn’t CSME just a scaled down version of it,& what steps would be carried out so that Caricom nationals would adhere to the immigration laws of Barbados ?

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  14. theNickster

    What was the real reason for favoring “flyovers” over road widening and timely road work?

    What qualifies a minister to be a “minister”?

    Why hasn’t the VAT gone down as promised?

    Why should someone who has never stood somewhere to catch a bus be allowed to design a bus terminal?

    Why install cameras if they are never used?

    Why is it that cheap housing alternatives can be provided to people in other “poorer” nations, but its so difficult here?

    Why is an incinerator such a bad idea versus tonnes of garbage on unstable ground?

    Have pleanty more where those came from.

  15. John

    Why hasn’t the West Coast Sewage Project not started? World Cup is over!!

  16. Anonymous

    What was the real reason for favoring “flyovers” over road widening and timely road work? – cross-directional traffic, which widened roads cannot handle.
    Those going E-W clash with those going N-S.
    Waiting for a break at a roundabout simply doesn’t work when both axes are heavily populated.
    You’ll notice that all modern First World countries eventually acquire spaghetti-junctions: why should we be any different?
    It’s either flyovers, vehicle-population reduction
    or digging tunnels instead, UNDER the roundabouts. Take your pick!

    Why hasn’t the VAT gone down as promised? Now it’s been discovered that the market will bear 15%,
    the likliehood of reduction is miniscule. Get real.
    Pricing in Barbados is all about what the market will bear – you know that – you have shares in B,S&T just like all of us.

    Why is an incinerator such a bad idea versus tonnes of garbage on unstable ground?
    Rising CO2 levels. Simple.
    Turn garbage into Real Estate,instead (win/win)…i.e. land reclamation

  17. Anonymous

    How is Carol Roberts, Government Employee/Building Contractor allowed to promote BLP Political meetings when Rosemary Alleyne from CBC almost got fired for being on a DLP Platform during the last elections?

  18. Bush tea

    January 1, 2008 at 4:09 pm

    A bit simplistic would you not agree? The traffic problem is all over the Island; so is ‘cross directional traffic’. How does the $M260 project address anything but the short stretch on the ABC highway?

    “..the market will now bear 15%” so no VAT change. What happened to the PROMISE?…. oh sorry – that’s a comfort to a fool…

    Why is incineration a bad idea? CO2 levels you say?!? Very convenient – How come that was not a factor in addressing the traffic congestion problem..

    …and while I am on it, Nickster…

    What qualifies a minister to be minister?
    Same thing that qualified the current Prime Minister to be PM.

    …ability to break promises
    …only interested is self and family sometimes
    …has no vision and no standards
    and… wants to be treated as God….common characteristic….can not hold down a real job otherwise…

  19. Jerome Hinds

    Congrats TEAM DLP !

    Your General Election launch was AWESOME , DYNAMIC & ELECTRIFYING !

    Those 32,000 persons who journeyed to Oistins Town……I am sure were left awestruck by your presentation !

    Yep…….32,000 STRONG in the audience !

    What a CHOCK – O – BLOCK crowd it was !

    The Bajans artistes started the LIFT…..LUCIANO finally took the audience to that HIGHER plain !

    My QUESTION for Owen Arthur & the BLP :

    After seeing the clipping on the DLP big screen again……..why was the same words of Owen Arthur REMOVED from BLP TV ?

  20. Nothing more can be said on blp corruption along with impending disaster. come jan.15 we will rejoice, come jan.16th we will
    be rejoicing more when the Dems take over. we will get DAVID and his TEAM to bring back the tax payers money from the band of scamps from their outside banks. Then the band corrupt can rest good at the new hotel in st. phillip.have a good-day.

  21. Jerome Hinds

    “The polls look good, but understand this — the polls are not enough. The only thing that counts is whether or not you show up to caucus,” Obama told a fired-up crowd of young and old packed into a high school gymnasium on Tuesday.

    Obama’s statement should be a wake up call for all DEMS in Barbados !

  22. Jay

    Voting for the DLP does not guarantee that there won’t be any corruption if they were to lead.The real question is whom will be best to lead the island & its people while still keeping as much of their campaign promises.

    However,My questions concerning the immigration problem & the Republic referendum would have to be answered first before any candidate gets my vote.

  23. yes jay,give David and the team a chance to lead the country. we know that we cant stop corruption fully,but we have to send a clear message to those lot, we have to start some where. If one of the others were to do something wrong while holding office send
    he/she to the hotel as well.
    I would never like to see my barbados become a republic,for what we see an know
    B’dos and our people are under dictatorship
    already.let us keep the two or three parties alive.lets keep our custom.

  24. Are we really and truely living in a DEMOCRACY or are we living in a DICTATORSHIP.

    Here we are now hearing that the debate slated for today has been called off because Mr Dale Marshall’s non appearance at C B C today to partake in the debate between he and Michael Lashley.

    Now when the ruling party can be this arrogant and ill caring to the people it serves it is sad day in our political life of our nation.

    It is also my understanding that the likelyhood of the other debates coming off is very unlikely because a letter received yesterday from CBC stating that they were not in agreement with the request to have the two leaders debate each other, so as we have said before the arrogance and callous nature of this gang of crooks is showing more and more,.



  25. Reports now reaching me also state that we are seeing a new form of theft raising its face on the island and these reports are confirmed and centre around the area of the Pine and the items being reported stolen are DLP TEE SHIRTS a lady called today trying to find replacement TEE SHIRTS as she reported that she was some and hung them out to dry and then had then stolen off her clothes line.

    My request to those that want these much wanted shirts is to contact your representative of your area and make your request for your shirt but please do not steal them from your neighbour, because your neighbour is also very much in love with their DLP TEE SHIRTS as well.

  26. Anonymous

    Do you think Owen wants to be asked about the $750,000? Do you think he wants to be asked why are there so many criminals associated with Ministers and Gov’t projects? Do you think he wants to comment on the failure of Edutec? Do you think he wants to be in a position where he has to explain to the people of Barbados how Clyde could be a coleader while Mia his undisputed deputy?

  27. Anonymous

    Do you also want Owen to have to answer as to why three of his Ministers ( Clyde, Mia and Lynette) were not able to reduce the prices of the 26 basket promised?

  28. cherry2enpowered

    If Owen could not speak in parliament after the budget debate but only found his voice after the DLP abdicated, why would you think there would ever be a debate among the two leaders?
    Owen is not going to risk that one again unless there is a change in methods.

  29. frankology

    Reports now reaching me also state that we are seeing a new form of theft raising its face on the island and these reports are confirmed and centre around the area of the Pine and the items being reported stolen are DLP TEE SHIRTS a lady called today trying to find replacement TEE SHIRTS as she reported that she was some and hung them out to dry and then had then stolen off her clothes line.
    Lie, that is lie. Simply a PR stunt. Why will you give one person so many t-shirts instad of spreading them to a wider audience. Will that be the focus of a new DLP government in marginalising wealth?

  30. cherry2enpowered

    Now, now frankology, you are clutching at straws.
    If the lady had 2 tee shirts it would be teeshirts, plural not singular.

    Nothing in the above posts suggest an overwhelming nos of shirts given to her.

    If you want to dealt with marginalising wealth, dealt with a non competitive sector where merchants are allowed to monopolised the retail and distributive sectors in favour of selling in small volumes to attract a higher markup as opposed to selling in large volumes and passing on the savings to the consumers.

  31. GoodMorning Cherry2 epd it is hard to see owen enguage David in any public debate. with so many ?S to ask owen the little man would run from from dey.some yrs ago he said he don’t like debating DAVID because he is a stinging debator.

  32. Anonymous

    On the road to victory

    Do you know that VICTORY really stands for:-


    In favour of four





    You the people of Barbados



  33. Anonymous

    On Saturday my family and I were on our way to the mall for some family fun. But there was a BLP motorcade block the whole road so we could not pass. The bad thing was that on our car there were DLP posters. When they saw us at the back of there motorcade a group of them got of there car and began harassing curse , mind you they were shildren in the car. And the ripped of our poster , one woman was so badly behaved that she held up her dress and showed all her “glory”. They then chased us out the area.
    The behaviour of the people left me shocked I did not know what to they ruined our day of family fun, just because we had on DLP posters. If the behaviour of these people reflected the type of people they want in power, im will not be vote BLP nor will any member of my family.
    we will be voting for a BETTER BARBADOS we will be votin for the DLP.

    we also have video of when they were chasing us if any one wish to see it please email me at

  34. A Family Saturday Gone Sour

    My family and I were on our way to Sheraton Centre on Saturday, 12th January, 2008 when we happened upon a motorcade being conducted by the BLP. Staying safely behind the motorcade in an effect to avoid breaking their congaline possession we were noticed by the last jeep which was driver by a woman whom we did not know. She, feeling threatened by the fact that our family car bore the DLP slogan and a picture of Thompson, she beckoned to the ‘trouble threes’ of the motorcade that we were causing her some discomfort.
    By the time we reach St. Barnabus we had all intension of using the Mapp Hill Roundabout to continue on our journey toward Sheraton, but this was not to be a peaceful decision.
    Some low rate householder decked in a red dress and a pair of white flowered panties left her veranda and came down to our car and started to tear off the DLP stickers, ripped them to threads and threw them into our car. How did I get to know the panties she was wearing? She lifted her dress into the air and showed off herself.
    She was then joined by a number of BLP supporters who had stopped a few feet in front our car leaving all four car doors open and joined the bombastic woman in her verbal abuse of my family.
    I was not surprised that those offended by our presents were women. I must mention however, that one male happened to approach the car after we proceed away from them and parked on the side of the road to replace our damaged posters.
    Forgetting I had my husband’s camera we were only able to capture the women in the background behind us attempting to throw stones at the car.
    Frankly I do not see the scene of the whole fiasco. My seven year old son and my fifteen year old daughter were advised by one of the BLP party supporters not to be idiots like them – their parents.
    Who are the idiots here? The lady at the rare of the motorcade who wanted us to pass some fifteen or so vehicles in breech of the law for overtaking. (2) The woman who was not even apart of the motorcade exposing herself in the road and in front of minors a (3) cursing and carrying on like there was no tomorrow or (4) the lone man who proceeded to follow the car on foot leaving the Hire car with its doors wide opened partly in the middle of a road beyond the major stop.
    Is this still a Democratic country where one can have freedom of movement to reach one’s destination?

  35. frankology

    Please state the exact location this so-called provocation occurred, the house with the so-called gallery, if this happened on the left side or the right side, the time factor, that’s important to reach the speed for someone to tear off party posters. And finally, let the public know what happened after you awoke from your dream. We must ensure that we refrain from empathy during a silly season.